34th ISA: 1st VP Myrna Bilton Reflects on the “Wonderful week at Clearwater”!!

Day 4_128What a wonderful week at Clearwater!!!

Many thanks go to the Clearwater Shuffleboard Club and their committees for hosting an outstanding world class event. The volunteers and the tournament directors did a tremendous job of making the 34th ISA World Championship Tournament a huge success – I appreciate and thank all of you.

I sincerely thank ISA President Michael Zellner for nominating me with his kind words, to the International Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame. Thanks to Dr. Luiz Pimental, chairman of the HOF and the National Presidents for giving me this honour of being inducted into the ISA HOF.

Day 4_132I am happy and honored to be sharing the 2015 HOF induction into the ISA with my dear friends Glenna Earle, Wilma Rudolph and Pam Hill. (Click on pic)

Congratulations to Peter and Lesley Davis for formingDay 4_097 Lesley and Peter Davis UK the new ISA member nation – United Kingdom.

Day 6_34 Bob & Alice with CuesCongratulations to Allie Enos and Bob Jones Jr for winning first place and taking home the golden cues. Congratulations to all the men and women who took part in this memorable event. “We are all Winners” as the ISA tournaments are a wonderful way of making friends from around the world. These friendships and memories will last a lifetime.

Shuffleboard has given me opportunities that I will never forget. No matter what language we speak or what country we are from, we all know what a smile, laughter and a hug means!!

I have been blessed with wonderful friends who have supported and joined me on my “SHUFFLEBOARD JOURNEY”. My heart is full of love and gratitude for all of you.

Thanks for the memories,

Until we meet again.  Myrna Bilton    ISA 1st Vice President


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Canada’s New Prime Minister. More Importantly, Canada’s New Cabinet.

CABINET of Justin TRUDEAUCanada’s new Cabinet, sworn in to-day, 2015 11 04, has Gender Balance.  That is correct, one half of the cabinet appointees by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are females; one half are male. To the best of my knowledge the only other country in the world that MAY have gender balance in their cabinet is NORWAY!!

Today in Norway, the government still reflects gender parity. And the move to equal rights did not stop there. Norwegian women are by law 40% of corporate board rooms both in government-run enterprises and in the private sector.

American Shufflers may remember Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.  The current Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is the son of Pierre Trudeau.

Stan’s NOTE: This is not a political statement, it is a statement with regard to the equality of the sexes!!  Before male readers become critical, I recommend you make it your business to determine the qualifications of each of the appointees.

Stan McCormack.  2015 11 04


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Marylin Barnett, wife of Past President John Barnett, joins us at the 34th ISA for the Awards Dinner

IMG_0159 Lois, Marcia, Marilyn & Sam

Standing beside Sam Allen is Marylin Barnett. Sam’s wife Marcia and my wife Lois are next.  The Barnetts have, and continue to provide significant support to the ISA and NSA Halls of Fame.  John Barnett, our 7th President, served from 1996 to 2000.  The Barnetts, and all Past Presidents, had received a Special Invitation from President Michael.

It was such an honor to have Marylin in attendance at the closing awards dinner.  Her photos and posted history at the individual Halls of Fame are invaluable.  We are missing her husband John, as he fights his personal health battles and wish he could have been with us in person.   We are hopeful Marylin can convey the growth of his dream of the ISA and let him know that he was with us all in spirit.  His contributions to the ISA have been huge.

Marylin Barnett was inducted into the ISA HOF in Hendersonville, NC in 1997.  ISA Tournaments took both John and Marylin to Las Vegas Nevada, Mesa Arizona, Canada, Zimbabwe, Japan, Brazil, England, Ireland and even Scandinavia for the Denmark Inaugural.

Stan McCormack with input from Jim and Beth Allen.  2015 11 04.


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34th ISA: Is There Anyone Left in Norway???

Day 2_092 Norway (2) VG standing

What a great representative group from NORWAY!!  I count 16 enthusiastic shufflers ready to compete; ready to have a good time!!

Fridtjof Gjelset ended up on the Top 10 List and we salute him.   Kristin Gjelset placed 5th on the Top 10 for the Ladies, and we salute her!! We do not need to tell you that when their names were announced during the Awards Dinner, the audience erupted with applause!!  You will find their pix here: http://theshuffler.net/2015/11/01/34th-isa-we-present-and-name-the-top-10-female-participants-and-the-top-10-male-participants/

As I did not participate in the 34th event, I do not have personal stories.  However; here is something from the 2012 Seattle, WA (31st ISA ) event.

Day 6_40This same young man, Perfect Record by Young Norwegian 31st ISA Fridtjof Gjelseth of Norway, played 9 games and won 9 games in Seattle in 2012. Fridtjof was a member of the United Nations Youth Team during the 31st ISA World Championships. 2012 08 06 to 2012 08 10.  No other player, man or woman, went the entire tournament without losing a game. Our congratulations to Fridtjof for both his 10th place finish at the 34th and his .  Pic is of Fridtjof accepting congratulations from President Michael at the 34th ISA Awards Dinner.  Pix by Bob Breckenridge.

Stan McCormack.  2015 11 04..



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34th ISA: Letter from President Michael to

 DATE: 3 November 2015EM ISA Logo 300dpi

SUBJECT: All quiet on the Eastern Front 

Dear International Community, 

Yesterday, in the early afternoon, I drove to the Clearwater Shuffleboard Club as I had done for the entire past week. Outside courts and benches were empty with a light wind blowing some new fallen leaves. Not a soul could be seen anywhere. Birds singing in the trees broke the utter silence. The parking lot appeared much larger in the absence of vehicles and the contracted trolley shuttle was now a thing of the past.

Only a week earlier, at this very location, I walked among the 113 international competitors and received nodding heads, pats on the back, words of greeting in various languages, smiles and great big hugs. Gone are shufflers walking about with cues in one hand a game schedule in the other. How time flew. In reality, I feel nothing for the games lost or won but I miss terribly the sounds of laughter, banging of disks and gentle chatter in many different languages. Planning has already begun for next year’s tournament but 365 days seems like so long to be in your presence once again.

Until we meet again, I’ll just hold on to each and every memory.  

Sincerely, Michael Robert Zellner, ISA President

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McCormacks Attend the 34th on Friday, Oct 30th!

IMG_1790 IMG_1792

 Shuffleboard has its comedic type individuals >> and that is good!! 

Pauline with MountiePauline with brazilianPauline Hoare of Australia is such an individual.  Here she is in Midland, ON cutting up with the Mountie we had on board!! And here she is posing with another “cutup”, Brazilian  Shuffler Paulo Pavao!!  Take particular note of the “sexy tie” Paulo is sporting.  WELL, at Clearwater during the Friday Banquet, Pauline presented me the same style Silk Australian Tie!!

I don’t think I have to explain > but that is my bride of 60 years on the left, and Pauline on the right!! The piece of paper she is introducing me to,  was not unexpectedly, information about Australia!!   Glenna Earle, always quick to capture “the moment” was “on top of the situation”!!  (Thanks Glenna for the pix)

Day 1_107We, Stan and Lois, have a close relationship with the other two “Aussies” who participated, two Aussies that never seem to miss an event!!!  We had breakfast with Ian Reiher and Marj Govett on Saturday morning, and enjoyed it immensely. Pic on left by Bob Breckenridge.

Stan McCormack. 2015 11 03.

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34th ISA: Day 6, 2015 10 30, Slide Show. Pix by Bob Breckenridge WITH THANKS!!

IMG_0197 Bob BreckenridgeDay 6, Friday, 2015 10 30, Slide Show.  Pictures by Bob Breckenridge. Great Pix Folks!

Here is the link:  http://photopeach.com/album/1255ar1  I am confident you will enjoy!

Stan McCormack.  2015 11 03.


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