State Tournament P15A at St Cloud. Women Only At This Time.

FSA_Logo[1]We give you the results, Ladies only at this time, of P15A, St Cloud.  

Ladies P15A  St. Cloud  –  Jan. 12-13/15

Main Event
1st Sharon Upson 1961 Hawthorne  NOR   Arlene Guerrinni 2929 ` Clearwater WCD
2nd Jane Moore 4659 Leesburg NOR Doris Hanke820HawthorneNOR
3rd Charlotte Steadman 3892 Lakeland CTL Glenda Brake4920ZSCCTL
4th Wanda Tipton 1925 Lakeland CTL Marlene Corbeil3989CarefreeCTL
Consolation Event
1st Carol Adams 004 Hawthorne NOR Sharon Johnson4282Holiday TRNOR
2nd Barbara Fournier 4128 St. Cloud CTL Barbara Preston3611St. Cloud CTL
3rd Lorraine Dawson 3687 Lakeland CTL Nancy MacLean4653Lakeland CTL
4th Carla Calandra 5667 Buttonwood CTL BarbHoward4726SebringCTL
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The “Trumps” Go Shuffling at the Royal Palms!!

Ivanka Trump

Shufflers: That is Ivanka Trump at, where else, THE ROYAL PALMS!! 

Ivanka is the daughter of  Donald Trump!!  The entrepreneur shared a couple of images from their evening out on the town, one of which shows her looking incredibly focused on the game in hand – while dressed casually in a pair of black jeans and a knitted jumper.  The 33-year-old heiress and her husband enjoyed a rare night off from parenting duties in order to celebrate Jared’s birthday at the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club in Brooklyn, New York. 

Article sent along by Bob Weber with thanks!!!  2015 01 13.  



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FSA_Logo[1]THE FLORIDA SHUFFLEBOARD HALL OF FAME was inaugurated in 1960, through the efforts of Jack McNulty, assisted by Mark Brashares, a top team of doubles champions for a number of years, to reward those players whose long record of playing and whose’ outstanding record of winnings made their names synonymous with shuffleboard. It was also to reward those who have served the game so well by their long and outstanding performances, by dedicating their time and services to the Improvement of the great game of Shuffleboard in Florida and a willingness to give back to it a little of the wealth of talent they possess and some of the wisdom they have gained through years of  association with the game and its problems.

The names of some of these illustrious mem­bers were in the shuffleboard headlines 40 or more years ago when shuffleboard was an In­fant with growing pains and badly needed guiding hands to nurse it successfully In the growing years. Some whose names were so prominent at that time are now deceased— Florence Spink outstanding as a player, a fine lady and a great sport— Dwight Hubbard, Grover Flint, Archibald Fraser, Joseph Heiser, to name a few. Their records are too long to detail at length in this article, but I might mention one or two illustrations.
Joseph Heiser, a charter member of the Orlando Club in 1929. President of the club 2 years; President of the Northern District for 2 separate terms; 6 years as Delegate to State, Delegate to National Association; 1st Vice President State Association; served State Board of Governors for 10 years; published “The Shuffler” for the Orlando Club and the Northern District till his death in Janu­ary, 1960. Of those living whose record of service goes back so many years, the name of Pierce Gahan comes to mind. He was Recreation Director for the city of St. Petersburg for many years; was acting chairman of the group gathered to consider formation of the State Shuffleboard Association in 1928, at St. Petersburg Club; 1st Tournament Director of State Association, a position he held till 1962. Chairman of State and National Rules Committees for many years; elected President of National Association in 1931, holding the office until he requested retirement In 1958. These are examples of service that have been repeated by other members of The Hall of Fame, whose records have been outstanding over the years.

One of the great assets of the Association is the Florida Shuffleboard “Preview.” This is your magazine, a magazine that has meant so much to the shufflers and to the State Associa­tion since its first publication in 1952. This is the brainchild of I. McKay Pinkney, another Hall of Fame member We are greatly indebted to him for it. It was during his administration as State President that this publication was started, and’ it has continued to grow from that first publication of 24 pages to its present 112-page edition, through the efforts of so many State Officers.

 The Florida Shuffleboard Hall of Fame can be looked upon as a sort of Shuffleboard Mem­ory Lane where those interested may find the names of players and officers of the Florida Shuffleboard Association whose records will re­main as a challenge to others to excel in play and service in future years.

ERNEST E. CARTER, Past President;      Florida Shuffleboard Association          

“WE SALUTE these men and women for being the first members of the Florida Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame.” 

They were chosen by a Hall of Fame Committee at Sebring, Florida, October 31, 1959, and presented to the Association at a Banquet during our State Meeting in Little River, February 3, 1960.   I am now going to give you 2 stories written during the 100th Anniversary.  Both are worth a read!!  Here is part I:  WEAR YOUR ANNIVERSARY T    and here is the part II: MORE ON LITTLE RIVER 

Grover Flint *; Olive McArthur *; Florence Spink *;   Pierce Gahan *;  Dwight Hubbard *”   Unfortunately we do not have pix of these Shufflers.  Should you have same, please let me know.  

Stan McCormack ; 2015 01 13.

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Is Shuffleboard slipping among baby boomers

Hemet CA Roland Schneider

Roland Schneider, 80, watches as shuffleboard teams practice in the deluxe shuffleboard hall at Golden Village Ponds RV Resort in Hemet Jan. 6, 2015. Despite the babyboomer retirees preference for beach volleyball, pickleball and Zumba.The Golden Village Ponds RV Resort built a $1 million shuffleboard hall.

The generation gap appears to be reaching seniors Golden Village Palms RV Resort in Hemet. No where is that more evident than on the shuffleboard court.

About a dozen players on the resort’s District 7 league team were intently having a good time practicing in their deluxe – but lightly used – indoor, eight-lane facility with bleacher seating for 350. The players mostly were in their 70s or older.

Outdoors at the senior park – refurbished in the 1990s into an opulent vacation resort – many more younger retirees were at play. Lounge chairs around two pools were filled. Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Down on the Corner” played in the resort’s classic rock mix coming from pool-side speakers.

To the north of the pools, sand volleyball courts were in full use. Over behind the shuffleboard hall, mountain bikes were parked by the busy pickleball courts, a newly popular tennis-like sport.

Events coordinator Tracie Rodgers was on patrol with a keg of Shock Top beer in the back of a golf cart, handing cups to pleasantly surprised guests.

It’s a party every day at Golden Village Palms, but the zest for activities does not extend to the first-rate shuffleboard hall.

While it still remains a popular game – particularly in the San Jacinto Valley – it doesn’t draw so well among new baby boomer retirees, some say. Players note there has been a dropoff in the number of teams in their leagues.

The resort used to have three teams. It now has one.

The league has seen a similar dropoff, according to a District 7 past president Helen Bell.

Bell, an 80-year-old avid shuffleboard player, said the area’s District 7 league had more than 2,000 players when she moved to Golden Village in the 1990s. It now has less than 800, still a respectable number.

“We have more baby boomers retiring with their big motor homes,” said Hall. “This is not their game.”

Rodgers agreed that most guests favor trendier activities like Zumba dance, senior boot camp and golf.

During the 1990s renovation, the resort replaced a rickety, plywood-sided shuffleboard hall with a beautiful facility, costing more than $1 million. It has air conditioning, smoothly finished courts, perfect lighting and a sound system.

Rodgers said Golden Village officials expected to attract lots of RV guests for big tournaments. While up to four tournaments are held at the park annually, visiting players tend to stay in hotels instead of RVs.

Only about 18 serious Golden Village players use the big hall for practice and their home matches.

Article by Bob Pratte, Columnist for the Hemet/San Jacinto Valley.  

Article sent along by Bob Weber with thanks.  Stan McCormack.  2015 01 13

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In the early days, back in the last century, the point system was a product of the St. Petersburg Evening Independent. To find out where one stood on the points list, it was necessary to obtain a copy of Monday’s edition of the Evening Independent and locate the Shuffleboard column edited by Dorothy Farewell. That column, intensely popular to all competitive shufflers, contained the points list and a synopsis of the past weeks tournament and often times photos. I might mention that back in those days, the points list was small compared to today’s lengthy list.

Later, in the 1970s, the point system was taken over by the Florida Shuffleboard Association (FSA) and points became significant for three reasons: 


Points were the basic qualification to be nominated as a candidate for induction into the State HOF (Hall of Fame). A candidate had to have a total of 200 pro points, and have played at least 10 years. With these basic qualifications, an officer of the Association could nominate one candidate for consideration for membership into the HOF. Candidates so nominated were voted on at a regular meeting of the FSA.   A maximum of two candidates could be approved for induction into the HOF. Some names were submitted several times before receiving enough votes to be entered. In recent years the schedules have been changed to permit split tournaments. This has created a situation whereby more players become eligible because there are more winners and more points were being distributed. With a limit of 2 players admitted per year, a back log built up, and changes to the rules were required. The time limit and the voting process were eliminated and the only requirement now is to accumulate 200 pro points. This is a difficult feat given to-day’s highly talented field of Pro players.


The top 8 Men and the top 8 Women received gold medals and the next 7 Men and Women received silver medals. The medals were presented by a member of the St. Petersburg Evening Independent newspaper at the annual banquet. Medal winners were invited to the banquet and were allowed to bring one guest. It was Shuffleboard’s Gala Event of the Season. The Awards Banquet during this period was held at the Kapok Inn, Clearwater, FL >> a wonderful establishment with great food. The medal system prevails today but without the “hoopla”. The top 24 Men and Women are presented with medals before the Lakeland State Tournament held in December. The first 8 receive gold; the next 8 silver and the next 8 receive bronze.


Mr. Dunbar was a key person for many years in the management of Norton Abrasives. His wife Beulah was an opera singer and the Dunbars were a lovely couple that enjoyed watching and being involved with class shuffleboard. Beulah Dunbar always kept score on T8 where she had a ring side seat to watch the quality of play and in so doing became thoroughly acquainted with the players.

There were no special seating arrangements for the Masters. THIS PERIOD WAS THE “GLORY DAYS OF SHUFFLEBOARD!!

While the Masters was in progress, if you left your seat for just a minute, it was taken up immediately by someone else. Crowds gathered to watch the play especially when Mae Hall, Lou Tansky, Bob Litts, Web Smith, Bill Folberth and other great players were on the courts.

Beulah (Mrs. Dunbar) became so enthused and involved with the Masters that when she died, she left $100,000. in a trust fund for the continuation of the Masters at the St. Petersburg Courts. The Dunbars sponsored the Florida Masters tournament for many years held at the St. Petersburg Courts.   The format for the Masters which is 8 men and 8 women was established because the 8 tournament courts in the front of the grandstand could accommodate all the matches with great seating privileges.  

Bob Pearson, Hall of Fame Member and shuffleboard player since 1949 has supplied the historical information.  (Bob is now deceased) BOB PEARSON LEAVES US 2007 10 08. – Copy

Stan McCormack and Earl Ball of THE SHUFFLER have “put the story together”.     

THE SHUFFLER:  Originally posted in 2007 01 05 .  Reposted 2015 01 12  

The 2015 FSA Banquet I/c HOF Inductions, will take place on 2015 01 19 at the Rodeway Inn, 2440 West State Road 84,  Fort Lauderdale, FL. (17:30)





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Important Information for CANADIANS!!!! Be Careful What You Read!!

cnsa-logo-new-by-gary-2013-09-10I was not in Florida when the CSA (Canadian Snow Bird Association) made their presentation s during the winter of 2014.  Accordingly, I cannot comment on the information given to those of you who attended these sessions. 

However; I would recommend to each of you that during the 2015 Snow Bird Extravangas,   you inquire with regard to what I am now going  to post. 

FIRST I am going to give you a link to a pdf file which is essential reading to fully comprehend this topic: IRS FORM 8440 FILE BY JUNE 1st  NOW, I am going to give you an e-mail from the CSA to Gary Pipher on the subject. E-mail was received to-day, 2015 01 12. I strongly recommend you also read the article in Macleans Magazine:  Here is the e-mail to Gary Pipher:  Hello Mr. Pipher,

“Despite what has been outlined in the attached article,  ((that is the article titled IRS FORM 8440 ABOVE)) the joint entry/exit initiative is not at present fully operational. The regulations and legislation which are required, have not yet been approved by the Canadian government.

You may find the following article of interest,

It should be noted that his information sharing, if and when it becomes fully operational, will have no impact on the current policies which Canadian citizens are currently subject to.

Best regards, Evan Rachkovsky; Director of Research and Communications, Canadian Snowbird Association. 

My personal recommendation is that you “pay close attention” to this matter. 

Stan McCormack.  2015 01 12

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Recently I was asked about the significance of the various color jackets. If you have been around for a while you don’t even think about it because you know. But it’s easy to understand that newer players don’t know.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJoan in LL Ledger (from Stan)The Green jacket; there are only two, are rarely seen but they signify a player who has scored 1000 points in Florida Shuffleboard Association State Tournaments.

The White Jacket is worn by the best players in the game if they say Florida 20120428_4 (2)Shuffleboard Association “Masters” over the left breast. I say the best because to get one you need to finish a season in the top 8 men or women and play in the “Masters”. The best players in the game winter in Florida to get a chance to test their skills against the other top players.

Brown_PresidentThe Red Jacket is earned by the players in the FSA Central District that qualify for the Central District “Hall of Fame”. It takes 100 points earned in the largest district and for the most part in draw tournaments which is more difficult than any other type of tournament. Some are also worn by people who have received a Special Award for their extraordinary contributions.

IMG_5434 (2)The International Shuffleboard Association awards White Jackets with red trim to members of their Hall of Fame earned as a player or as a Special Award. International teams have team jackets of various colors.

However, the most creative jacket and most IMG_0332important I’ve seen is the Lee County White Jacket with the silk screened Shuffleboard down the sleeve. It is worn by current and past Officers of the Club. Needless to say they have no problem getting officers in their Club.

Earl Ball > Writer for The Shuffler.  2015 01 11.  Click on pix to expand. 

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