Are You “Up to Speed” as to What Is Happening With Your Sport???

Not just sure who or when, the phrase “Thinking Outside the Box” was Coined?? 

However; if we need examples of same, just click on these links and read the article below!!

St Petersburg Shuffleboard Club

Expanded hours at the club!

If you’ve been to the club on a Friday night in the past 6 months, you may have noticed we have outgrown being open only one night a week. We couldn’t be more excited about this “problem” — more and more people want to be part of our shuffleboard revolution!In addition to Fridays, we are now open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-9 pm, and Saturdays from 10 am-1 pm. Free for members, $5 for non-members (children are free). Fridays are still free and open to the public.

The more we grow, the more the club can be open. We’re looking forward to bringing you more special events, more league nights, and more opportunities for our members to gather at the club. Club members, what would you like to see at the club? Movie nights? More game nights? Tournaments? Are there any members that would like for us to be open on weekdays during the days? Send us an email at and let us know.

 Some, perhaps many, of you will have read the announcements above.   I think it is to our Shuffleboard Benefit to be aware of what is happening elsewhere!!   I think WE, the traditional shuffleboard world, should salute Ashley and Jonathan; Christine and her entire Board, and support their efforts; support their Success!!     

Stan McCormack.  2014 07 04 00:04.


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F USA-NSA%20Logo5-Revised[1]The sixth tournament of the season, 6/30-7/1, was our first annual Club Championship Singles w/only 14 men and 10 ladies competing. The results were:

Men’s Main – 1st Dave Wenger, 2nd Warren King, 3rd Jay Fitzpatrick, 4th Asa Lett

Men’s Con – 1st Stan Quinn, 2nd Bud Wilber, 3rd Harold Thorne, 4th Charlie Gleason

Ladies’ Main – 1st Sandi Quinn, 2nd Pat Knapp, 3rd Carol Adams, 4th Ellen Hensley

Ladies’ Con – 1st Lynda King, 2nd Dorie Baker, 3rd Jan Thyssen, 4th Alandra Schuurman

            We sincerely hope the numbers will grow in the future for our new Club Championship tournaments. The Club Championship Dbls. is being completed as I write this and it’s numbers were very disappointing. But, I must say, in this Singles tournament, the battles in the semis and the finals were some of the closest and toughest I’ve seen. The heat and humidity was unusually threatening, which made it even tougher. I, and others, got over-heated in the finals and were not quite up for the competition on the next day in the Club Championship Dbls. But hey, even so, we have a ball at this Club and enjoy each other’s company so much . . the laughter and good times never end, even through heat and exhaustion! The new plaques for this tournament were provided Ellen Hensley and Richard Bueche’. We all thank you both for your generosity and dedication to our Club for so many years!  

God Bless & Happy Shuffling, Sandi (posted on 2014 07 3)

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The World Cup of Soccer; FIFA, has Nothing on Shuffleboard!!!

1 Sugar Loaf Sunset, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Hi Shufflers!!  Each of us has been watching, to a greater or less extent, the FIFA Soccer World Tournament taking place in Rio, Brazil!!  Not all readers will be aware that we too, i.e. the Shufflers of the World, also held their “FIFA” in Rio, well, at least in an immediate suburb, Niteroi, Brazil!!  That is correct readers.  In 2005 we held the 24th ISA in Niteroi, Brazil!! 

We experienced all of the “high spots” of Rio, had a WONDERFUL TIME doing so, and are waiting with baited breath to return!!  We even visited the Football Stadium!!   One thing we had, that the Football Fans have not had, is scantily clad females performing for us!!!  To see what I am talking about, click here:     ((That is Sugar Loaf in the pic at the top of this page!! We visited; we went to the top!!  I offer you Sugar Loaf to provide some balance to the “scantily clad females”!!)) 

The world was during this period, 2005, talking about the World Cup!!  Michael joined the conversation, and I now give you one of his “Statements to the Press”  > the Press being the Shuffler: Michael Talks Soccer!!

Stan McCormack.  2014 07 03.  Want to read a bit more about that Brazil, 2005 Event??  ENTER THE WORD NITEROI into the search rectangle, top of page, on right, and hit search!!  ((Lots of reading!!))  Those same articles give you access to some great “pix” >> even if I do say so myself!! lol Just in case you want to check one album, click:


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Shuffleboard “101”; No 3; Follow Some Simple Fundamentals to Enhance Your Enjoyment!!

sit promo shuffle“Shuffleboard Is Not A Matter Of Life And Death;   It’s More Important Than That!” A4 C1 Charles Griffin 1997      Charlie Griffin: (to your right**)  

This presentation is designed to:

  • assist Shufflers to achieve increased enjoyment as they play the Game of Shuffleboard. Forget your “status” for now; it will take care of itself!!

  • We hope to reduce any frustrations you may experience by:

  • giving you suggestions to reduce such frustrations;

  • making you aware of fundamentals intended to enhance your enjoyment!!!

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Shuffleboard May be “Retro” > But it Sure Continues to be Successful at The Royal Palms in NY!!!

Weber Bob New YOrkThis video has been sent along by Bob Weber.  We thank him.

The Video clearly demonstrates  that Royal Palms 36 Jonathan & AshleyManagers, Jonathan and Ashley, who by the way will both be in Midland for the 33rd ISA,  are on the “right track”!!


Stan McCormack.  2014 07 02.

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Shuffleboard Instruction “101” ; No. 2; Designed to Enhance Your Enjoyment!!

for lessonLet’s Get Our SIMPLER SERIES going by talking about: Etiquette > It is A Key Ingredient of the Game; without it, we each lessen our self-worth!! 

There are a few acts of courtesy followed by all polite shufflers. I suggest that the etiquette guidelines to follow are of greater significance for INTER PARK SHUFFLING. Having said that, it is important to establish good habits from the beginning!!     

    • When play is to begin, shake hands with your opponent and offer an encouraging remark such as “Have A Good Game”. When the game is completed, again extend your hand and offer a positive remark.

    • While your opponent is shooting, stand back and to the side, out of his/her way and hold your cue upright, shooting end in the air, other end on the surface.

    • When play is at the opposite end (that is, not at your end) of the court, you are expected/required to be seated.

  • It is the custom for the player shooting the black discs to signal the score for each disc AND at the end of the frame to call out the score GIVING THE TOTAL FOR YELLOW first, followed by the TOTAL FOR BLACK.

  • It is discourteous to “thank” your opponent when his/her shot helps you more than him/her!!

  • Unless necessary, DO NOT WALK ON THE COURTS.

Politely offered by Stan McCormack!! 2014 07 02

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Passing of a Kind, Gracious and Sincere Friend of Shuffleboard; Margaret O’Neal.

Margaret  O'Neal 2006 12 09 (2)Lorraine Pollock Speaks: I received an email from Florida telling me that Margaret O’Neal left us on June 10th, 2014.  Margaret was a special lady in many ways. She was always the first to help anyone who had problems. She was there for Wally (Davis) when his wife Carolyn died; she would take food, or whatever she thought would help.  She was the same with Shirley Wright when Shirley needed assistance. She had us for dinner when we lost our house**. She sent food back with us for lunch and offered to store anything we wanted her to because we could not rent space anywhere. It is too bad that no one could help her with her problem.  Lorraine & Bill Pollock.  

**Hurricane Charlie completely destroyed Lorraine and Bill’s Winter Home in Frostproof, FL, 2004.

Stan speaks:  I would like to strongly endorse the remarks offered by Lorraine. No shuffler of the Central District of Florida can forget the significant role played by Margaret in the preparation and presentation of the 2006 CD Reiny Masters. This hugely successful and oh so happy event, was made that much more so because of Margaret’s significant contribution!! Her kindness, her happiness permeated every one of us.


Stan & Lois McCormack. 2014 07 01.

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