Closer Connections Result From the 33rd ISA in Midland.

The International tournament in Midland was more than an International 
Tournament for both the Coldwater and Midland cnsa-logo-new-by-gary-2013-09-10Shuffleboard Clubs.

While in Midland I was able to meet many of the Midland shuffleboard players and while I had the opportunity I extended an invitation to have them visit the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club . Today Tue Aug 19 we had our first visit from the Midland Shuffleboard Club President David Herring and 1st VP Peter McCloud.
After 3 great games and an invitation to join in the apre shuffle coffee and
cake, Coldwater President George O’Reilly discussed  with Herring, different
ways to bring the two clubs closer together by having games between the two clubs on a regular basis.
Having the Midland SBC President in Coldwater also made him aware of  other opportunities for his Midland players such as the Ontario Shuffleboard
Tournaments as well as the CNSA tournaments which are held throughout the summer months. Many of the Midland players would like to take part these events, but like so many others around Ontario ; the are not aware of the tournaments available to them.  Many seniors do not have or operate
computers and they miss out on all the postings and information regarding
shuffleboard as a result.
David went back to Midland a winner, both in his game as well as the share 
the wealth draw.
Coldwater Club extends a welcome to all shuffleboard players to drop by and have a game.  The club is open @ 12:30 on Tue and Thur. Games start at 13:00 hrs. and are usually over by 15:30

Gary Pipher, Past President of the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club. 2014 08 19. 


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33rd ISA: Lifetime Achievement Award to Roy Norman.


Only 5 People in the history of ISA Shuffleboard, 1979 to 2014, have been awarded this most prestigious award, the Lifetime Achievement Award!! 

On 2014 08 15, Mr. Roy Norman, 2nd from the left, receives the “Oscar” from President Michael.  Roy’s wife Doreen,  always at the side of Roy, is “on side” to help in this most joyous occasion for both.  Yours truly, to the right of Doreen, offered the Remarks in support of the Lifetime Achievement Award.   It was an honour for me to do so!!

To read the Supporting Remarks: click: Life Time Ach. Roy Norman in pdf  If you would like to read more about Roy, enter the words Roy Norman into the search rectangle and hit search.

Slide Show:    

Stan McCormack.  2014 08 19


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33rd ISA: These Very Special People Received Gifts!!


From the top: Tournament Director Lorraine Pollock; Tournament Director’s Assistant, Barbara Pipher; Court Caller and Bead Applicator, Bill Pollock; Caterer, Larry Lalonde; Water dispenser, Leo Fowler; “Assistant TD” Gerry  Van Ginkel; and finally CNSA Treasurer, Murray Burnett.

Stan McCormack.  2014 08 18 20:51

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33rd ISA: We Thank Lenore Holder; Designer of the Table Centerpieces!

IMG_3843It takes many people to make an event like the 33rd ISA Tournament successful.  Today we are going to honour Lenore Holder for her beautiful artistic work on the table centrepieces for the HOF banquet on Aug 13th evening and the awards banquet on the evening of Aug 15th.

Lenore created lovely big red bows to be combined with the greenery that she collected near her home in Fergus, Ontario. She tastefully arranged the National flags and mini lights for the final touch. With every table having one of Lenore’s creations, it allowed everyone a closer look at her decorating talent.

Lenore; your work was very much appreciated.

Myrna Bilton. 2014 08 18.


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Midland Recreation Centre Manager Bryan Peter, expresses his view with regard to the 33rd ISA


Bryan Peter, Director of Parks and Recreation Sends Along His Appreciation!

“It was our pleasure to have our facility used for the 2014 competition Gary.  Please extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to the entire organizing committee for the excellent work you did in a friendly cooperative manner! Midland would be honoured and pleased to host this event when it returns to Canada in the future.”

Bryan Peter.


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33rd ISA: We Give You The Gold Medalists, Men’s Team


The Canadian Men’s Team East, Captained by Henry Strong, takes GOLD in the 33rd ISA World Championship.

From left to right: Bill Bryan, Peter Berg, Ralph Webb, Roy Babcock, Rendall Bilton and Captain Henry Strong.  Congratulations to each!!  Well Done!!!

I think the Team would acknowledge the “win” was anything but a piece of cake.  Nipping at their heals Totals End of Day 4throughout were just about every other team; see the chart at the right, results as of the end of Day 4, to see just what I mean!!  (Click on chart to expand)

I must remind all, that while “every other team was nipping;” UN Team 2, ended up in 2nd place, very close to “biting”!!    

Stan McCormack.  2014 08 18 06:55.


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33rd ISA: We Give You The Gold Medalists Women’s Team!!



From left to right: Marlene Corbeil, Doris Bumstead, Nancy MacLean, Rose Irwin, Marlene Cowling and team Captain Jane McWillie.

If not a surprise to Team Members, I think it would be fair to say it was a surprise to other Canadian Players at least!!  Each team member performed with the needed consistency to come out in the number one position!!  Congratulations to each!! Job Well Done!!

Stan McCormack.  2014 08 18 06:54.   I now give you a link to  a Slide Show of the Hall of Fame Banquet (the Wednesday Night Banquet) Pix are by Gary Pipher > with thanks. 


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