The Sauerwines, Marion and Paul Have Served With Distinction!!

Marion & Paul Sauerwine

Paul Sauerwine has been President of the Lakeland Shuffleboard Club for 5 Years!!  During that period, his closest, most consistent supporter has been his wife Marion.   During the 5 year period, I have commented favourably on their performance as leaders of one of Florida’s largest and most used Shuffleboard facilities.   The Senior Games, The Central District Masters, The Roll of Champions are just some of the special events which come to Lakeland, that is over and above their share of State and District Tournaments and normal Club Activities.

IMG_1576** Never have I heard a word of complaint as the two of them seem to float from one task to another > always with a smile on their face!!  The Central District, the State of Florida and the Membership of the Lakeland Club extend to Paul and Marian a sincere vote of thanks for their dedication to shuffleboard!!  Paul and Marion leave office on 2014 03 26.

** In the pic above, taken at the FL CD Reiny Masters Tournament, we have Betty Vantillsberg, Marion, Paul and Lillian Paul.  All were helping to serve the lunch during the two day event.  (click on pic to expand)

Stan McCormack.  2014 03 21

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Reiny Schleier Central District Masters!! We Have Results and Pix!! We Begin With the District Ams.

Reiny S.The colloquial term for the Central District Masters has, over the years, been called the Reiny Masters. Technically the Reiny label applies only to the District Amateur Men and Women.  If you are interested in HOW and WHY the Reiny began, enter the words Reiny Masters into the search rectangle, top right of the page, and hit search.  Reiny with pipe.

The Reiny contestants, i.e. the Top 8 Men and Top 8 Women based on the number of wins during the season, compete by playing Non Walking Singles, 12 Frame Games.  They play each of the other 7 players in the Top 8.  (The State Am and the Pros play the same format.)   This makes for two full days, two very heavy days of shuffleboard!!  If you click here: you will be taken to the names, c/w pix of each and every competitor in each of the 3 Divisions!!  To-day, 2014 03 21, we had a number of positive comments about Gary’s framed pic sitting on the table at the Courts, the pic of All of Us with the Zephyrhills Water Sign.   When the window opens, (link above) CLICK ONCE ON THAT GREAT PIC!!  It brings it up so clear that you can almost see the colour of our eyes!!!!!  (Well, Almost!!! lol >> try it)

And I will now insert a pic of the 6 Female Reiny Players, far left, not in order of finish.

IMG_1602IMG_1604IMG_1603Center pic is of Barbara Wright, 2nd, (in blue) and Katy Walker, 1st, (in white) holding her plaque. President Bob is presenting the Reiny Trophy in the center pic.  (Remember to click on pix once to expand)

IMG_1608 IMG_1609 Reiny DA Men (also ran)

On the extreme left we have the Reiny Di Am Champion JohnHoughtaling  receiving the Plaque from President Bob.  In the pic in the center we have John and the 2nd place competitor Ed Dodson.  The pic on your right is of the remainder of the players in the Reiny Di Am group.

I am now going to provide you a link to a Slide Show.  I will add the State Am and Pro Pix as I write those postings.  That will be tomorrow.  Here is the link:  Do Come Back!! 

Stan McCormack.  2014 03 21

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CD Reiny, State Am and Pro Masters. Lakeland Courts! 2014 03 20 and 21.

CD 1 Reiny ALL
DiAm Men 2014 03 20Reiny Schleier Di Am Men: Back row LTO R Gabby Gabbard , John Houghtaling ,  Richard Johnson  , Ed Dodson , Moe Vermeulen
Front row L to R  Tom Clayton , Ken Worden ,  Lyle Walker , Richard Lacourse. Click on pix to expandALL PIX BY GARY PIPHER.  A must do!!  Click on top pic!!!

CD Reiny DiAm Women 2014 03 20Reiny Schleier Di Am Women
Back Row L to R    Pat  MacDonald , Denise Lamer , Edith Taylor , Marti Noble ,  Teresa  Vermeulen
Front Row L to R    Katy Walker,  Barbara Wright , Linda DeVries , Catherine Renwick
CD StAm Women 2014 03 20CD State Am Women:
Back row L to R   Betty Hutchins  ,Pat Hartford ,  Barbara Howard ,
Front row L to R   Lou Faulkner , Mary Hodson , Linda Read
CD StAm Men 2014 03 20CD State Am Men
Back Row  L to R
Ray Miller , Charles Hodson , Paul Lusky , Dwayne Renwick , Ed Sterling  (alternate)
Front Row L to R   William Starace , Jerry Deren , Bob Smith ,  Eric Brown
CD Pro Women 2014 03 20CD Pro Women, Masters:
Back Row L to R   Sue Krynak , Barbara Fournier , Cathie Hurst ,  Nancy MacLean , Pat Stockman
Front Row L to R  Glenda Brake (alternate) Glenna Earl, Linda Marshman  , Diana Morrison
CD Pro Men, MASTERS  2014 03 20CD Pro Men, Masters:
Back row L to R  Lowell Jones, Michael Seyfer , Dean Myklejord , Steve  Barnett, Earl Ball (alternate)
Front row L to R Don Rohman , Harold Cunningham , David Earl , Max Tate.
Posted by Stan McCormack.  Pix by Gary Pipher!   2014 03 20 21:10.
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Austin McDonald Turns 93!! Happy Birthday!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPic is of Austin on his visit to the District in 2012.  From all of us Austin; Do hope you had a wonderful 93rd birthday.  Stan 2014 03 20.

Irene McDonald speaks:  Hi Stan,  My Dad is doing well. His 93rd birthday is tomorrow(Mar.19). He didn’t come to FLORIDA this year because he wanted to stay closer to home. His younger brother passed away this winter and that upset him alot. He is definitely feeling his age but still enjoys hearing about shuffleboard. I pass along any articles you post that he might be interested in reading. He still talks of many experiences that he bad during his winters down here. Peter and I are also fine, enjoying our golf games and showing the “Tbird” at local car shows. It has won over a dozen trophies down here!!!! Enjoy the rest of your winter… Irene

Thanks so very much Irene for sharing the birthday with us!!  You may wish to direct Austin’s attention here:   Stan 2014 03 20.

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We Will Have 6 Shufflers Finish in 1st Place!! Show Up at the Lakeland Courts!! 820 E. Robson St., Lakeland.

Shufflers: It is that time of the year when we in Central District, determine who will have “bragging rights” for their division.  The 6 divisions are: Pro Men and Pro Women;  State Am Men and State Am Women; AND District Am Men and District Am Women.   As regular readers will understand, the District Am Event is properly called the Reiny Schleier Masters!!  All players are to be at the Courts by 08:30 on Thursday, March 20 in order to have their pix taken.  Play will continue until placements are determined, sometime on Friday.

Why not come down and watch some great shuffling!!  It does not get any better in the Central District!!!  Lunch is available, in fact I am now going to give you a link to the Lunch Menu!!  AND NOW, here are the names of Reiny Masters Competitors! 001those who have earned the honour of competing in the “Central District Masters”!!!  Click on file to read.

Examine the list of those who will be playing; make your “call” and turn out tomorrow to check your judgment!!

Stan McCormack.  2014 03 19 18:00 local.


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Some History Re the CD Pro Masters!! We give you an article from The Shuffler written in 2006 by Yours Truly!

05 03 19 Austin & Winnie . Avon Park 028

The Central District TOP 8 Pro Tournament. Winnifred and Austin McDonald, Our Sponsors!  From the archives of The Shuffler.

The Central District Pro Masters tournament was conceived by Bill Smith, tournament director for Central District.  During a meeting in 1987, Smith proposed the idea.  After some discussion, the question was asked “who would sponsor and promote such an event?”

Austin & Winnifred McDonald, members & players at Georgetown, volunteered to sponsor the tournament for two years to see if would take off, and take off it did.  The first Top 8 Central District tournament was hosted by Woodall Mobile Home Park in Lakeland in March 1988 and it was a great success.  The second year, 1989, it was held at GeorgetownMobileHomePark, Lakeland ~~ another success and the event has continued every year since.

S2 05 02 Maureen & Cliff Sanders HOF CDAfter 1989 the tournament was sponsored by Cliff & Maureen Sanders of Zephyr Hills for a number of  HS 1 Deceased Harriet Smithyears and they deserve a lot of credit.  (Click on pix to expand.)  It was sponsored by Harriet Smith in 2004 and there may be other sponsors.  As a player I enjoyed winning this tournament three times and I am glad to be a sponsor in 2006.  Austin D. McDonald

SHUFFLER’S NOTE: Information given by Austin to Stan McCormack (2006 01 24) in the form of a personal letter which had been requested by Stan.  THE SHUFFLER believes the best way to express our appreciation for this generous act, is to quote from Larry Brown’s Remarks on the occasion of the McDonalds induction into the Central District Hall of Fame: “The McDonalds have not restricted their shuffling activities to FL. They have competed in both National and International tournaments in Florida and other American States, in Japan and in Canada.  Austin served on the Board of the CNSA (Canadian National Shuffleboard Association) and he was inducted into the OSA (Ontario Shuffleboard Association) Hall of Fame in the year 1995.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the record of the McDonalds is a record of contribution to our sport, a record they can be proud of, a record that we have benefited from. We collectively express our appreciation and welcome them to the Central District Hall of Fame. Larry Brown, 1st VP Central District; 2005 03 19. Posted originally to THE SHUFFLER, REPORTERS PAGE on 2006 03 10.

Here is Cliff and Maureen Sanders induction into the CD HOF by Earl Ball: S3 (inclusive) Cliff&Maureen Sanders  Here is Harriet Smith’s induction into the CD HOF by Earl Ball:  8 SA HARRIET SMITH

Central District Members, let us not forget our past!  Those who have gone before us have “done a great job”!!  We can, we must, build on their legacy!!

Stan McCormack writing in Lakeland, FL 2014 03 18.

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John and Irene Bushee Celebrate 60 Years of Marriage!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn March 20th, 2014 John and Irene Bushee of Sebring will celebrate 60 years of marriage.  (Click on pic to expand) In 2010 at the time of their wedding anniversary, the Sebring Shuffleboard Club  held an appreciation day for the two of them.  Are you ready for this???   126 people showed up to honour the two of them!!  Here is the link to a great story, the story of a couple who have given SO MUCH TO SHUFFLEBORD!!  JOHN BUSHEE Appr. Day

NOTE: This file, and all Anniversary Files, will be posted in the Category SPECIAL EVENTS.  Stan McCormack 2014 03 18.

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