Walt Furze’s Operation a Success!!! Watch For Him on the Courts Soon!!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARuth Furze Speaks:  Hi, everyone.
Walt has had his surgery. Very successful ,they were able to repair his valve through his ribs. Has lots of tubes connected to many monitors but is looking great. They even had him walking today. Day 2. Hard to believe what they can do these days. We expect to take him home possibly as early as Tuesday. They have been giving me instructions on monitoring him with a computer set up they will send us home with to monitor him for the first 7 days at home.
Both Linda and Nancy have been here in Saint John with me and I sure appreciate everything they have done keeping all the family informed on their phones. They sure have been taking good care of me as well. Thank heaven for children. Thanks for all of your prayers.

Thanks so very much for the update Ruth!!  If you would like to read the reason for Walt’s hospitalization: enter Walt Furze into the search rectangle and hit search!! 

Stan McCormack.  2014 09 27 > Expect to see you back in FL > SOON!

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The Royal Palms Will Host a Tribute to the St Petes Club!!

The Royal Palms Will Host a Tribute to the St Petes Club!!

36 Jonathan & AshleyRegular readers will know that Jonathan and Ashley credit the St Petersburg Club for the germination of their idea to create a similar Shuffleboard Club in Gowanus New York City!! 

Probably the very best way to understand how this INSPIRATION came about is to view this video.  http://www.tampabay.com/things-to-do/food/spirits/st-petersburg-inspires-hip-new-york-shuffleboard-club/2162082     NOTE: Should the video not open > conduct a search, top right, using the word Shuffleboard.  Now look for the title: “St. Petersburg inspires hip New York shuffleboard club” (Should be item 6)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis week-end, 2014 09 26 and 27, the Royal Palms will host a Tribute to the St Pete Club!!  ST Petersburg Club President Christine Page arrives this evening > 2014 09 26 and Jim and Beth Allen will also be present. Jim and Beth will be accompanied by Beth’s Mother and Step Father as well as two of Beth’s sisters. Saturday Night will be “Party Night at the Royal Palms” 

Although the Tribute is to the St Petes Club, I can think of no better representatives than Christine and the Allens!! They led the organization, the revitalization of the St Petes Club; they led the presentation of the 33rd ISA (The St Petes) ISA Event, without a doubt one of the most successful ISA Events Ever!!

I have invited Jim to send along Stories and Pix as time permits! Pending their arrival, from all Shufflers, DO HAVE A SUCCESSFUL WEEKEND!! 

Stan McCormack. 2014 09 26.  To read more about the Royal Palms, enter the words “Royal Palms” into the search rectangle and hit search!!



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Thames Horizon Shuffle Club Ends Summer Season.

IMG_1216 (4)Thames Horizon Shuffle Club completed the summer shuffle season on Sept 25/14 with a barbeque for members and spouses.

We played 17 league play days and 4 Mingles/Singles all very well attended and very well liked.

Played Hoss Collar in the afternoon; it also went well.{ 41 players average } We have 61 signed up members.

Had a good season again at the very good facility at the Mackness farm.{8regular courts}

Looking forward to the next season.

Submitted by Hubert Van Eerd.  To read additional articles about the Thames Horizon Club, enter Thames Horizon into the search rectangle and hit search.  Stan 2014 09 26

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Report of the CNSA Meeting Regarding their By-Laws.

cnsa-logo-new-by-gary-2013-09-10You will recall that the CNSA called an “Emergency Meeting” to correct a shortfall in their By-lays.  http://theshuffler.net/2014/09/07/cnsa-emergency-meeting-st-marys-on-2014-09-22/  To read the details as posted: click on the link above.

To read the Report of the Emergency Meeting, click on this link:    CNSA Emergency Meeting Minutes, Sept 22, 2014

Thanks to the CNSA Secretary, Linda McRae for sending along the information.  2014 09 26.

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Igor Rocks!! (Russian Shuffleboard President!) See the Article Below!!


__________ (1)Michael Zellner Speaks: Igor has just participated in the International Investment Forum held last week in Sochi-Russia where he was featured in their book (click on pic, above left) that everyone in attendance received.  Igor had the opportunity to talk on stage for about for 5 minutes to financial leaders of various nations. Thousands were in the audience.

He openly challenged big investors to sponsor him with courts, equipment and a training facility to help physically challenged men and women of all ages in Russia and around the world. He told me that he referred to and quoted parts of the speech I gave as ISA President on my trip last year to the Para-Olympic Officials with over 200 physically challenged in the audience but this time it was presented to the people with the money and looking for good causes to invest in.
Igor continues to demonstrate courage and determination in his quest to promote shuffleboard!!!  “Hats Off” to Igor!!  And a big pat on the back from all  Shufflers.
He is excited now and feels he will get some financial support for this cause.   Igor Rocks!

Michael Robert Zellner,   ISA President.

I encourage you to follow the promotional actions taken by President Igor to date!!  To do so, enter “Igor Ekert” into the search rectangle, and hit search.   You may also wish to insert “Michael Russia” into the search rectangle, and hit search.  (You will get some duplication.)

Stan McCormack.  2014 09 23. 

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Never A Dull Moment In Cottage Country > in ON Canada!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPeter Berg Speaks:  Hi every one.  Today (2014 09 23) around 4PM Erika and I heard some noise that sounded like some one was demolishing a building. We looked at each other and figured Kent, our only neighbor here, was doing a major cleaning job. Erika said “he is chopping wood,” I said “no that would sound different”. So we left it at that. 

About one hour later I happened to look out the back door and I knew right away where the noise came from. The outhouse door (our winter standby and garbage storage) was wide open. Both moldings on either side of the door were ripped off and garbage scattered all over. We called Kent our neighbor and warned him about the guest we are observing. Luckily he had a bear banger, he activated it and the bear ran for his life.Click Me!  

Never a dull moment at the cottage, Peter and Erika (Berg)

Here is another “Bear Story”, this time by Stan and Lois: click: BEAR ATTACK CALABOGIE IS IN THE OTTAWA VALLEY   To read more about Erika and Peter, enter Erika and Peter into the search rectangle, and hit search!! 

Stan McCormack.  2014 09 23.

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With Regret we share with you that Wilbur Horne Leaves Us!

Wilbur Horn US Nat HOF

It was announced to-day during shuffling, that Wilbur Horne has “passed on”.  If my math is correct, Wilbur would have been 87.  The article to follow was published in The Shuffler on 2009 02 01, Feb 01st 2009.  Stan McCormack 2014 09 23

Wilbur Horn is undoubtedly one of the best shufflers in the West Coast District in which he has been a member since he started playing shuffleboard in the early 80’s.

Wilbur has a long list of impressive shuffleboard achievements. He won 2 National Doubles; placed in the National Doubles 7 consecutive times with partner Mickey Henson; and won 4 National tournaments in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

Wilbur won Florida State Non Walking Singles; Florida State Mixed Doubles; Florida State Tournament of Champions, and numerous other State Tournaments.

Wilbur not only shuffles in Florida but is also heavily involved with summer shuffling in Hendersonville, North Carolina. He was Chairman of the committee responsible for having the Roof Over of the Hendersonville courts installed; he accomplished the installation of all the electrical wiring and light fixtures on the courts, and helped to paint and lines the courts. Additionally, he was responsible for the Hendersonville shuffleboard schedule for 5 years.

At 82 years of age, Wilbur is still an avid shuffler and has not lost his touch to kitchen from any spot on the court!!

Congratulations Wilbur!! The West Coast District is proud of your accomplishments and induction into the US National Hall of Fame.

Congratulations from all Shufflers on this recognition of your significant contribution to the sport!!  THE SHUFFLER. 2009 02 01.

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