HISTORY OF THE FSA POINT SYSTEM by Earl Ball. (Updated 2015 05 06)

When the FSA took over in 1974/75 they established the point system like this. State sponsored, Statewide and National Singles were 10-8-7-5 and State sponsored and National Doubles were 8-6-5-3 and statewide doubles were 5-4-3-2 and there were no points awarded in consolation. Things stayed that way until 1991/92 when one point was awarded for first in Consolation. In 1992/93 the system was changed to two points for first in Consolation and one point for 2nd and 3rd. The system remained that way until 1998/99 when the consolation points in Singles were raised to 4-3-2-0.

In 2001/02 the system was changed to reduce points. State sponsored singles were reduced to the same as State sponsored doubles at 8-6-5-3 and consolation became 2-1-1-0. Statewide and National Singles became the same as statewide doubles at 5-4-3-2 and consolation at 2-1-1-0.

So when you hear Glen Peltier say players from earlier eras received more points you know he was right. Glen started playing in the 80’s, so he was able to get in on some of the higher point seasons, at least higher than these days. Glen also says a ton of points are given away in consolation; compared to the earlier years that is certainly true.

I’ll write a story about the all-time point leaders, but think about this. Glen Peltier has won 93 tournaments in his career to score over 1300 points. The player he over took at about 1250 points won 52. The other two players with a 1000 points won 69 and 11. Further proof that Glen is right when he says; the point system had some funny wrinkles in the early years. Jay Snoody, sixth all-time in points won the third most tournaments with 68. I’m fifth in points with over 830 and have won more tournaments than anyone with 95.

Earl Ball.  Revised May 2015

Stan speaks: I suggest you may wish to also read this article: http://theshuffler.net/2012/11/17/did-you-know-that-no-11/   2015 05 06.

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We Give You News Re the London, ON Club!! Drop In If you live in the area!!


London Shuffleboard Club, 50 Sycamore St., London, Ontario.

Schedule.  We play, we have fun, on Tuesday’s from  12:30 pm to 4:00 pm. Friday’s were not very well attended, thus we went to Tuesday ONLY. May through August.
Memberships are only $25.00!!  One of the better investments one can make!! Out of town members pay $30.00. Call 519-661-5525
Our President is Bobbie Edmison  519-455-5991 email reedbiter@rogers.com (why not record it in your address book??)
London Shuffleboard Club will have 2 Mingle/Singles Club Tournaments. June 16th and July 14th. All shufflers welcome. Registration 8:30 am . Please bring lunch. Entry $5.00′ all money goes for the top  6 amateurs and top 6 Experts.
Hope to see many fellow Shufflers out for a great day of fun shuffling.

Thanks so very much to Jim Corbeil for sending this information along!! 

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Norwich Open We Hear, once again, from the Burnetts, Muriel and Murrray!!

Muriel Burnett Speaks: Satisfied that everyone we met in Thirst and York now knows about shuffleboard, it was time to move on. Our ancestry trail, and the time spent in the city of York and surrounding villages was very successful.  York is a beautiful city.  We took the on/off bus and heard about its history.
This morning Amanda, I will no longer call her our landlady, as she has become a friend, prepared an early breakfast for us and drove us to the station.  We got off at York to change trains to Oxford. 

5th M&MAt the last minute we were told our platform changed from 5a to 9.  Rushed, but we made it.  A few minutes after we took off, the conductor came to punch our tickets.  Murray kiddingly said that he hoped we are on the right train.  “No, sir, you are headed north to Edinburgh, Scotland”. 

5th M&M (2) 5tth M&MWe were able to get off at Darlington.  They were so kind, and easy going.  They exchanged our tickets for an express to Oxford. 
Here we sit enjoying the beautiful countryside with wifi on the train.  We will be in Oxford in about one hour.  Then, off to a side trip to the historic Bampton, and to see Highclere Castle, the town and countryside where Downton Abbey is filmed.  In Topcliffe, we saw Queen Mary’s School, where the real-life Lord Grantham lived.  Maybe we can have them put a Shuffleboard Game into the next series!  Muriel Burnett

Thanks for that Muriel!!  2015 05 06 17:23 local

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CNSA 2: More About the CNSA National at Woodstock, and my Segue, The Trailer!! (lol)

cnsa-logo-new-by-gary-2013-09-10I promised you in CNSA 1 that I would spend a good deal of time on the National, and I will!!  I am now going to windup the “story” with regard to the OSA Trailer.  Go here for that winduphttp://theshuffler.net/2014/06/13/thanks-to-gary-pipher-the-osa-has-a-new-trailer/

If Woodstock is in your plans, also go here:  http://theshuffler.net/2015/04/16/call-it-woodstock-call-it-the-cnsa-any-doubles-call-it-what-you-wish-jim-corbeil-has-ensured-it-will-be-a-success/ 

This is going to be a Great National!!  Better soon book your accommodation, IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY DONE SO!!  Stan McCormack.  2015 05 06.  (I will repeat the information on the recommended Accommodations.)


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Coldwater Club Opens To-day by Gary Pipher!! (Tell us when your Club Opens!!)

DSC_0279 Today at 9:48 PM Gary Pipher speaks: 

Shuffleboard Clubs are now opening their doors for another season and Coldwater is just one of those many Clubs. The opening day, to-day saw 67 players come out to play and sign up for the summer season. The rates had to be increase this year by $5.00 and are now $25.00 per person to help offset the increase in Arena rent and insurance. The total of the two combined is close to $5,000.00 for the 38 day summer season. Of course the number of members times their $25.00 membership will not cover this cost , so the Club will have to dig into their bank account to cover the shortfall.

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Norwich Open: Report from Ireland by Glenna and David, traveling with the Marshmans!

Gl Galway Bay (must stan)Glenna Earle Speaks:  Hi all! It has been another exhausting day! Thankfully we are soon going home or I think we might just run out of steam.
Headed off to the bus station this AM in a light rain which lasted a couple of hours while we rode comfortably in a bus to Galway. When we reached that city the sun came out and the rest of the day was lovely. We purchased another “Hop On/Off” pass and were given a guided tour of the city. The driver suggested we jump off at Salt Hill at Galway Bay (pic above of Galway Bay) so we could experience the little village and get a nice view of the Bay and the Sea. It was sunny, but windy and quite cool. But we felt lucky to have escaped a whole day of rain. Think it does that a lot around here!

Gl Seawall at Salt HillGL even Bob bouth somethingFrom there we hopped on the bus the next time it came around and toured back into Galway City where we walked along the docks and then the shopping district. (EVEN BOB BOUGHT!! see the sexy bag)Very interesting town with a lot of history too, like so many cities here. By 3 PM the bus came along again to take us back to Dublin, a 2 1/2 hr ride. Near the city it began to rain again but by the time we stepped down from the bus it had stopped. Are we blessed or what!!!!

Had a nice pizza dinner and then walked to a great little gelato stand where they sold amazingly tasty treats, like crepes and waffles with fillings and gelato, as well as in cones or cups.
Finally came back to our rooms and have been sitting with our feet up since about 7:30 PM.

Gl Interesting bldg.One more day in this gorgeous country before heading home and then I will give you a rest from my reporting.

Click on any pic to expand.  To gain access to all article flowing from the Norwich Open, enter the word Norwich into the search rectangle and hit search.  Thanks so very much Glenna!  WE are enjoying your remarks!!  Stan McCormack. 2015 05 05 17:25 local   

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Norwich Open: We hear from Maureen and Bill Bryan in SCOTLAND!!

May 1st Bill & Maureen 14s thinkMaureen Bryan Speaks:  Made the trip to Isle of Skye to see the Eilean Donan Castle. Long trip, cloudy and rain from noon on. Not having the weather Glenna is having!

Rain tomorrow expected when we see the sheepdogs working in Kincraig up in the Speyside area, and off to Perthshire to a whisky distillery. Should sleep well tomorrow after drinking that stuff! Bill and Maureen.

Thanks Maureen; your weather can only get better!!  Good to hear from you.  Stan McCormack, 2015 05 05 16:50 local  To read the other article from Maureen, while in Scotland, click here: http://theshuffler.net/2015/05/03/norwich-open-we-continue-to-follow-the-travelers-this-time-it-is-the-bryans-maureen-and-bill-in-Scotland/

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