Never A Dull Moment In Cottage Country > in ON Canada!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPeter Berg Speaks:  Hi every one.  Today (2014 09 23) around 4PM Erika and I heard some noise that sounded like some one was demolishing a building. We looked at each other and figured Kent, our only neighbor here, was doing a major cleaning job. Erika said “he is chopping wood,” I said “no that would sound different”. So we left it at that. 

About one hour later I happened to look out the back door and I knew right away where the noise came from. The outhouse door (our winter standby and garbage storage) was wide open. Both moldings on either side of the door were ripped off and garbage scattered all over. We called Kent our neighbor and warned him about the guest we are observing. Luckily he had a bear banger, he activated it and the bear ran for his life.Click Me!  

Never a dull moment at the cottage, Peter and Erika (Berg)

Here is another “Bear Story”, this time by Stan and Lois: click: BEAR ATTACK CALABOGIE IS IN THE OTTAWA VALLEY   To read more about Erika and Peter, enter Erika and Peter into the search rectangle, and hit search!! 

Stan McCormack.  2014 09 23.

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With Regret we share with you that Wilbur Horne Leaves Us!

Wilbur Horn US Nat HOF

It was announced to-day during shuffling, that Wilbur Horne has “passed on”.  If my math is correct, Wilbur would have been 87.  The article to follow was published in The Shuffler on 2009 02 01, Feb 01st 2009.  Stan McCormack 2014 09 23

Wilbur Horn is undoubtedly one of the best shufflers in the West Coast District in which he has been a member since he started playing shuffleboard in the early 80’s.

Wilbur has a long list of impressive shuffleboard achievements. He won 2 National Doubles; placed in the National Doubles 7 consecutive times with partner Mickey Henson; and won 4 National tournaments in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

Wilbur won Florida State Non Walking Singles; Florida State Mixed Doubles; Florida State Tournament of Champions, and numerous other State Tournaments.

Wilbur not only shuffles in Florida but is also heavily involved with summer shuffling in Hendersonville, North Carolina. He was Chairman of the committee responsible for having the Roof Over of the Hendersonville courts installed; he accomplished the installation of all the electrical wiring and light fixtures on the courts, and helped to paint and lines the courts. Additionally, he was responsible for the Hendersonville shuffleboard schedule for 5 years.

At 82 years of age, Wilbur is still an avid shuffler and has not lost his touch to kitchen from any spot on the court!!

Congratulations Wilbur!! The West Coast District is proud of your accomplishments and induction into the US National Hall of Fame.

Congratulations from all Shufflers on this recognition of your significant contribution to the sport!!  THE SHUFFLER. 2009 02 01.

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When Gas Pumps were like this > gasoloine cost 39 cents a gallon!! I seldom put in more than $2.00 worth!!

IMG_4376 (2)

No, this pic is not from Disney World > but indeed they have a similar set of pumps!!  This pic was taken by yours truly in Lindsay, ON on 2014 09 18.   Pumps and Sign are for sale. 

Gasoline cost 39 cents a gallon >> not a  litre, most of us did not know what a litre was??  Not sure about you but I normally put in $2.00 worth AND as I recall, that lasted me for about a week!!   

IMG_4375The same gentleman had this Adams Motor Grader for sale.  They too have changed > just a little!! (click on pic to explode!)   Stan McCormack.  2014 09 20

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walt and ruth Furze

The Couple on the left are Walt and Ruth Furze!  Walt has been called to St John, NB to have his long anticipated heart operation!!  Ruth announced it this way: “Hi everyone, just wanted to pass on the word that Walt has finally gotten his call from the hospital in St. John and he will be admitted on Wednesday the 24 th, with surgery at 8:am. on Thursday the 25 th. (2014 09 25) It has been such a long wait and he is happy that it is finally going to happen. We are sure he will be feeling so much better when his heart is working normally again.  I will be staying in St. John for the duration which could be anywhere from 5 days to 2 weeks they tell me. Thank you for your concern and your prayers. Ruth. 2014 09 19. 

The pic above is of the Newfoundland Shuffleboard Team in Canada’s Inter Provincial Tournament of 2013! The two “Newfoundlanders” on the left are Walt and Ruth doing what they love to do >> Play Shuffleboard!! No, the Furzes are not from Newfoundland >> BUT there is a “connection” > Ruth’s Mother was born in Newfoundland!

All Shufflers wish Walt a speedy recovery and I am confident that the organizers of the Newfoundland 2015 IP (Inter Provincial) Team will be in contact with you to ensure you sign up for the Goderich, ON IP beginning July 20th, 2015!!   

Stan McCormack 2014 09 19. 

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Coldwater Shufflebord Club Winds Up the 2014 Season in Style!!


Coldwater Shuffleboard wrapped up another great summer season today Sept 18 2014, and will start up again with winter shuffleboard on Oct 14 2014 in the auditorium of the Coldwater Community Center . The final day of the summer season features an AGM with election of officers for the ensuing year before the afternoon games begin.

While the players are out on the courts enjoying their last games of the season ,  their are a few others who begin to set up the tables for the dinner banquet .  Barb Pipher is always in charge of the banquet and each year it seems to run that much smoother.

Larry Lalonde is the caterer of choice for the Coldwater Club and has been since the club began , and his meals are always delicious.. Tonight he served roast pork / roast beef and all the trimmings .  As a special treat to the Coldwater club from ELM Catering and staff , they had a large cake decorated in the form of shuffleboard courts. See pic at top.

 If you have a peak at the pictures you will see Larry and his crew posing behind the cake. (link below)

I have attached several photos taken before the dinner while the players are anxiously waiting the announcement of the dinner bell.

Look at the players and the next time you will see many of them will be in Florida .

Tell them you saw their picture on Stan’s Blog .

Sent along by Gary Pipher with thanks!! 

To view the Slide Show of the 2014 Coldwater end of Season Event:

Stan 2014 09 19

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Shuffling in a Hay Barn sent along by Bob Weber!!

Shuffling in a Hay Barn

Posted 21 hours ago

Good eyes, good speed, good strategy. Nothing to it.

“Not far enough,” says one man.

“Knock it out, knock it out,” shouts another.

“Be careful,” says a third.

Baseball? Football? Hockey? Nope. It’s the Show Me Shufflers, as in shuffleboard, playing in a converted hay barn four miles west of Springfield, Missouri. The barn is at the home of the group’s founder, 82-year old Glenn Ramsey, a former house builder and retired line worker at a food processing plant.

“It started as something to keep him busy during our winters in Harlingen, Texas, and then it became an obsession,” says his wife, 80-year old Janet. “When he started, experienced shufflers said it would take up to four years for him to get good enough to play in tournaments. In two years he was competing and later started winning trophies.”

At Fun-N-Sun RV Resort where Janet and Glenn spend winters, Glenn watched as men shuffled and he thought there was nothing to it. A shuffler invited him to take lessons. “I soon learned there was a lot more to it than just shoving a puck down a narrow court; there’s a lot of strategy,” says Glenn. On returning from Texas, he cleaned out his barn, which he used only for storage, and had a yard sale. He brought in twelve loads of rocks for the floor, covered them with concrete, and set up rollout plastic mats with printed shooting lanes and scoring zones. He and his friends played shuffleboard on the plastic until Glenn put in raised concrete playing surfaces with painted markings.

“Players are challenged because every surface is slightly different in construction,” says 68-year old Duane Reed of Willard, Missouri, a Show Me member and retired station manager for the U.S. Postal Service. “It’s the nature of building anything.”

He and Glenn met at a campsite at Stockton Lake, Missouri. “Glenn walked by wearing a cap with the words ‘Rio Grande Valley.’ I asked if he went to South Texas in the wintertime and he said yes. I asked whether he played shuffleboard and he said yes.”

Duane built a shuffleboard court in a pole barn on his Willard property. Show Me members and friends alternate weekly play at the Reed and Ramsey courts. An annual couples’ tournament at the courts in May draws players from Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, and Kansas. No prizes, only bragging rights.

Duane and his wife Patricia, who is 69, spend winters in Snow to Sun RV Resort, Weslaco, Texas, approximately twenty minutes from Harlingen. Hundreds of winter residents from more than forty trailer parks in the Weslaco-Harlingen area participate in shuffleboard tournaments held at a different park each week. Duane has fifty shuffleboard trophies, including six for placing first.

Glenn has entered a national shuffleboard tournament in Harlingen every year since 2004 and won third place twice. In 2006, he won shooting right-handed. After shoulder surgery in 2012, he couldn’t use his right arm and won left-handed in 2013. Nothing to it.

Article sent along by Bob Weber with Thanks !!

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Al Wilson Speaks Regarding His Present Health Situation.

Wilson Al & Barb

Al (Wilson) sent out a message to his shuffleboard partners, announcing that he and Barb will NOT be able to winter in FL this season, 2014-=2015. His e-mail read in part: 

I have stomach cancer and starting next week, I will have three rounds of 3 week chemo treatments from an intravenous pump 24/7.  At the end of the three rounds, I get a month to build my system back up and then surgery.  

I believe there is more chemo to follow the surgery.  We have a state of the art facility right here in Newmarket where we live and I have top doctors.

I was perfectly healthy as far as normal activities until the last two weeks of May when I got increased heart rate and shortness of breath just cutting the lawn.  My routine physical in June showed a huge drop in hemoglobin count and a subsequent gastroscopy found the tumor. 

Best advice to everybody our age – when you have a routine colonoscopy, ask for a gastroscopy as well.  They put you out and you feel nothing.  Al Wilson 

Al asked his Shuffleboard Partners to “pencil him in for the 2015-2016 Season”

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