Canada 55 Plus Day 1 Results Shuffleboard from Alan Hennigar

55 + logoThanks so much to Alan and Glenna for sending along this update (Day 1) of the Canada 55 + Shuffleboard  Games taking place in Alberta. Alan is partnering with Bill Ellis at the Games.  Click this link to see who is on each team:

Everyone had fun today, as far as I could tell. Here are the wins/losses for the

55+ teams:
AB1  3W
AB2  1W, 2L
AB3  2W, 1L
QC   2W
YT1  2L
YT2  3L and
NS   1W, 1L.

Standings for the 70+ teams are:
AB1  1W, 2L
AB2  1W, 2L
AB3  1W, 2L
MB1  3W
MB2  2W, 1L
MB3  2W, 1L
NB1  2W, 1L
ON1  2W, 1L
ON2  1W, 2L and
YT   3L.

Thas all for today.   Alan

Stan McCormack.  2014 08 29.

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33rd ISA: “Luv Those Caps Guys”!!! And a Great Slide Show near the end!!!

IMG_3988 Mattie & Bob Noble IMG_4008 Love the Cap Shuffler

One thing you can be sure of, IF YOU WEAR The IMG_4050 Trumpeter Bob with Cap!Shuffler Cap, Stan is going to give you maximum coverage!! 

On top we have Mattie and Bob Nobel who were visiting the 33rd.  Mattie was one of the first women to purchase a Shuffler Cap!!

On the left we have Ernie Lane, also visiting with us; wife Pat and Ernie attended both Banquets.  Pat and Ernie winter in AZ  and summer in Grand Bend, ON.  They are both heavily involved in AZ Shuffleboard; both were on the Organization Team for the 2007 ISA. 

And next we have “Trumpeter Bob Reid” (to the right, above) who was helping in conjunction withOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA his visit!!  Bob and Linda live in Woodbrook Estates in Lakeland, as do Lois and I.  My favourite pic of Bob is a shot of he and Glenna Earle (to your right) performing on a cruise we took on Canada’s First IP (Inter Provincial) Tournament held in Coldwater, ON in 2009.    We cruised on Georgian Bay.  What Great Performers!!  What Great Entertainment!!  Bob played Trumpet with some of Canada’s finest bands.

Shufflers; it is memories such as these that make Shuffleboard the Adventure that it is!!  Thanks Bob; Thanks Glenna!! It brought back so many happy memories for me that I am now going to give you a link to the Slide Show of the Performance on the Cruise!!  Merv, the band leader for our Monday (ISA) Corn Roast is on fiddle; Alan Pipher is on the harmonica; Alan also performed at the Corn Roast!!  Not to be overlooked is David Earle on guitar. You will see them all on the Slide Show!!!!  Now all I have to do is to select the right music.  

Stan McCormack.  2014 08 29.

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33rd ISA: We Give You The Captains of the First Place, (Gold Medal) Teams!

IMG_4139 Two Proud Canucks

Jane McWillie, Captain of Canada West Women’s Team accepted the 1st place finish of her team graciously Anyone who had read her bio would not be surprised that as Captain, Jane had motivated her team to achieve this significant victory.  I give you her bio: Played shuffleboard since 1993. Captain of a team in Desert Holiday RV Park for 15 years.  Executive Director for District 3 of the Arizona Shuffleboard Association for 5 years. Served as a director for the Saskatchewan Shuffleboard Association for 3 years; Treasurer for 2 years.  For the past 5 years she has resided at Sun Vista RV Resort (Yuma, AZ) and assists in teaching beginners in shuffleboard. She also, assists the Head Referee for District 3 in teaching the rules and how a referee conducts himself during a game.  Jane played for Canada’s International Team in Germany and in Seattle. She has qualified for the 33rd International and will be playing at Midland.  Jane played on Alberta’s Host Team in the Inter Provincials in 2011, finishing 1stJane will be receiving a Hall of Fame award (player’s category) from the Arizona Shuffleboard Association in the fall of 2014.”  ((To read how Shuffleboard brought Stan (Prime) and Jane together, click: It Is Not Often That I Get To Write A Love Story ))

Henry Strong: Captain of Canada East, in his acknowledgment to the win,  stressed that when he faltered, his team came on the strongest, and this turned the tide in their favour!!  As I did for Jane, I will now give you Henry’s bio:  “I have qualified for the FSA masters seven years in a row; won the Florida singles in 2008 and won two national doubles in Florida and two world team championships. I have been inducted into the Central District, FL and the ISA halls of fame. Even with all these accomplishments the greatest satisfaction I can hold close to my heart, is all the fine people I have met through the years from around the world. I owe all my success to a very fine shuffler and a finer person in Earl Ball; he has promoted me and set me up with the best players in the world which gave me the opportunity to advance rapidly. I owe a lot to many players and one very special person in my wife, for supporting me and accepting the many days of me playing shuffleboard.”

The gentleman in the center is President Michael:

Stan McCormack,  2014 08 29



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33rd ISA: We give you some pix of the Japanese Team!!

IMG_4093 Japan all (Great pix)IMG_3617IMG_3766

The Japanese Team demonstrate the finest of team spirit wherever we take their picture.  Pictured at the top is their table at the Awards Banquet on Friday evening, 2014 08 15.

The next photo was taken during the MeetNgreet, 2014 08 10,  and it is quite evident they are enjoying themselves!!   

The bottom photo was taken at our Corn Roast on Monday evening > 2014 08 11.  And some of us thought the Japanese people did not like corn???  Just goes to show you how wrong we can be??  lol  Great pix “guys” and “gals”!!

The Japanese have been following the BLOG in record numbers!!  I receive a daily count and for the last few days, Japanese hits have about equaled those from the USA!!! A FIRST AND MOST UNUSUAL!!  Thanks Japan!!

This posting will be the 98th I have made with respect to the 33rd ISA. THE VERY BEST WAY TO review, and to read those of interest, is to click on “August 2014 beneath the word Archives > and then scroll down. 

Stan McCormack.  2014 08 28.




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Midland Shuffleboard Club Travels to Coldwater to Shuffle!!

CNSA LOGO NEW BY GARY 2013 09 10After getting to know some of the members of the Midland shuffleboard club, all the result of the International Tournament recently held in their home town.
Word about the International Tournament became known to many of the Midland players through the local news papers TV and Radio , otherwise they may never have known it was all being held in their home town.
As we all know its very difficult to get the word out  to everyone, specially to the many seniors who play shuffleboard and do not have or use a computer.
As a result of the contact made at the International the Midland Club were invited to an inter club challenge on Tue in Coldwater. They do not have a large club in Midland but they did manage to round close to a dozen keen players to travel down to Coldwater (a distance of 15 miles).  The players packed a brown bag lunch while Coldwater supplied the beverage and of course Tim Horton Donuts. President George O’Reilly says plans are already underway for inter club games for next year. George says he would also like to schedule a few games with the Wellington Center Club as well as the Nobel Club. With all the tournaments there are scheduled throughout Ontario for next year it should be a busy season.  George also announced the last day of summer shuffle in Coldwater will be Sept 18.
At which time there will be the AGM and the very popular banquet catered to by “The Little Drummer Boy ” Larry Lalonde of ELM Catering. The banquet cost is being subsidized for the members by the Shuffleboard Club.
There are discussions by the Curling Club management ( and at this time only discussions) they might paint the floor of the Arena White to reduce the need of adding white color to the ice for curling. It is always extra work to clean the floor when the ice melts away in the spring , and for that reason the Shuffleboard purchased a floor scrubbing machine with a grant from the Ont Govt.  If that should ever happen that they decide to paint the arena floor it will put an end to the Shuffleboard Club since their court lines are painted white and directly on the concrete surface. Only time will tell, and of course the Curling Arena could no longer be considered a recreational facility  if limited to winter activity only.

Submitted by Gary Pipher, Past President of the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club.  2014 08 28.
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33rd ISA: We Give You The Message From the USA NSA President, Sandi Quinn, at it appears in Memories of Midland.

F USA-NSA%20Logo5-Revised[1]Greetings from Hendersonville, NC,

I have not had the privilege of visiting Midland or playing shuffleboard there, but I have heard and read many wonderful accounts of both. Regrettably, I am unable to be at this ISA event, however; I am happy and confident to be represented by our 2nd Vice President, Rich Phifer. Thank you Rich!

I congratulate the town of Midland for hosting another ISA event and thank everyone of Midland for their time, dedication and hard work that went into hosting both events.

 Thank you Myrna, Stan, Murray, Gary and every one of the CNSA for your dedication, time and work to help organize this ISA event, and for supporting shuffleboard in Canada and the ISA.

Thank you Michael for your help, understanding and support to me in the months leading up to this ISA event, and thank you, along with the entire ISA, for your time, dedication and never-ending work in promoting, organizing and supporting shuffleboard world-wide.

And, most importantly, thank you Players from the US and every other country, TD and assistants, Captains of all teams and every other person who will be working to make this ISA event successful. My thoughts and best wishes will be with each and every one of you during this week.

God Bless and Happy Shuffling,

Sandi Quinn, USANSA President

Posted by Stan McCormack. 2014 08 28.

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Saltwater NS Club Winds up a Most Successful Season!!

cnsa-logo-new-by-gary-2013-09-10The message below is from Glenna Earle of the Saltwater Shuffleboard Club, Nova Scotia.

Yesterday, 2014 08 26, the Saltwater Shuffleboard Club finished our very successful season in Sackville, with a pot luck party still to come,  next week.  David and I will once again be hosting the season-end luncheon at our house. We always have some fresh mussels which Jim Irwin brings from the south shore area (Liverpool). Think there are a number of folks who want to get out for a boat ride too, so we will try to oblige. Just hope the weather stays as good as it has been for the past few weeks.  Glenna.  CA David & Glenna send
Stan speaks: The Earles have the perfect spot for such a gathering!!  Lois and I visited them in 2009 and had a wonderful lobster feed on their dock at the Head of St Margarets Bay.  Had Glenna mentioned Lobster on the menu, we just might have driven down!!  lol (a 15 hour drive!!)
We had over 40 members register with us this season, the largest group so far. What a fun group it is,  with some absolutely brand new players this season. One of those  beginners was the big winner in our final Singles/Mingles tournament . Her name is Jean Gosse, and her husband, Mel, came 4th. Not bad for people who had never held a cue prior to June.  Click to be taken to a Slide Show of the Winners:
We are hopeful that this may be a sign of great things to come for shuffleboard in NS.
Thought you might like to know that we now officially have a new club which has begun in the Meteghan area of NS. This group has been working on getting started for a couple of years and was successful in getting a grant to help that become a reality.
Sincerely, Glenna.
Stan speaks: We will have more on this “new club” in a day or two!!  2014 08 28
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