Stan and Lois Report on their Cruise from Montreal to Boston!!

2015 09 07 CRUISE TO BOSTON  This link takes you to “our story” vis-à-vis our activity on Monday!! Do hope you enjoy.

Stan and Lois 2015 09 08 09:30

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Wilma Rudolph; Player Extraordinaire!! “The First Lady of the US Nationals”

1st USNAT. NC Ellen Hensley & WilmaWilma Rudolph has won 32 national championships, including four so far this year, as of 2015 09 02.  She won the ladies’ national singles in Texas for the second year in a row  and won all three national events (singles, doubles and mixed) in Ohio this past July.

In the pic above we have Wilma on the right with partner Ellen Hunsley.  Event: Ladies Doubles Trophy for the US Nationals at Hendersonville in 2014.  Wilma and Ellen will partner again in 2015.  

Red Rudolph speaks: When we first went down to Texas for the winter, I became involved in shuffleboard right away because my dad was the shuffleboard chairperson at the RV park where we first lived.  Wilma was more enthusiastic about pool and had joined a ladies’ pool league that played on Tuesday mornings.  I started playing in the RGVSA men’s doubles tournaments with a fellow from the park.  However, most of our Texas tournaments are mixed doubles and the amateur division plays on Tuesdays.  So, Wilma was unwilling to give up her pool to play mixed with me.  Finally, at the end of the 1995-1996 season, I saw on the schedule that a non-trophy tournament was going to be held on a Wednesday.  This tournament is held each year and is open to amateurs who have never won a trophy.  So, I persuaded her to go and we ended up winning the second-place trophy.  That got her more enthused about shuffleboard.  She gave up her pool league the following season and started playing with me early in the season.  She was still working afternoons for a CPA firm during tax season at that time, so she could only play November, December and the first part of January.  That went on for two seasons and we won a couple of trophies, but nothing spectacular.

I found out about the Ohio tournaments in 1997 and we started playing there in the summer of 1998, where she made instant expert.  After playing all summer, we got off to a great start in Texas, winning the first four amateur mixed doubles that season.  Wilma got permission from her boss to take Tuesday afternoons off and work Saturdays to make up the time, so we got to play all season in 1998-1999.  Wilma placed in the final four of the Texas Masters that year as an amateur and earned more than enough points to move up to expert the following season.

The rest, as they say, is history.  Wilma has earned more points than any other player in the history of Ohio shuffleboard (1,206) or Texas shuffleboard (2,242).  She has served on the TSSA Board of Directors for six years and was RGVSA President for two terms.  She has been the Texas National Delegate for several years.  She started the Texas shuffleboard web site in 2000 and has served as webmaster for a total of ten years.  She helped Jim Clayton start the Ohio shuffleboard web site in 2001 and has served as webmaster for a total of eight years.  She also served on the OSSA Board of Directors for two terms.  Wilma has served as webmaster for the National Shuffleboard Association for several years as well.  

Together, we started the Western Valley Shuffleboard Association and she has run WVSA tournaments every week during the Texas shuffleboard season for the past eight years.  We also started a similar organization for the Eastern Valley in Texas three years ago.  Wilma does web sites for both of those organizations.  As you know, she also started the RGV Shuffleboard Facebook group, which has been very popular among the Texas players.  She also started a similar group for the USA NSA and the WVSA.  She has also served as ISA Treasurer for more than two years.

So, you can see that I think she is pretty special – a very talented player and an extremely intelligent, hard-worker all in one package.

Sent along by Red Rudolph at my request:  2015 09 04.  You may wish to go here to see the number of “National” points Wilma has accumulated!  An astounding 618.

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Mary Button in Hospital with a Hip Replacement!!

3rd OPEN CH. Mary Button & Henry StrongFrom Henry Strong, CNSA President: “Mary Button is in the hospital after falling at her home in Chatham and had a hip replacement, she will be there for one week.
Please keep her in your prayers and we all wish her a speedy recovery,she will be missed at the Thames Horizon Shuffle Club.”

Henry Strong.  2015 09 06.

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The Sunday Report From Stan and Lois Enroute to Boston!!

CLICK to read Sunday Report: Quebec City 2015 09 06.

Tomorrow, Monday, 2015 09 07, we will not be in port to gain access to the internet.  Accordingly; I send you my Sunday message, late in the afternoon, and tell you that my next message will not be until some time on Tuesday.

Timing is not bad in that Harold will possibly have US National Results from Hendersonville about that time.

Stan and Lois.  2015 09 06 15:15

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We have Arrived; Now Avons Arrive; in Quebec City!! (Showing off my French; lol

We are now, 2025 09 06 08:30, arriving in the Port of Quebec.  I don’t have to tell many of you that Quebec is one of North America’s Oldest City. Although we have been here several times before, we are very much looking forward to to-day’s visit.

I now give you a pdf file which gives you an overview of yesterday’s travel, that would be Saturday:   Cruise Sat. 2015 09 05

Stan and Lois  2015 09 06 08:30


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Our Cruise Begins in Downtown Montreal, Quebec. 2015 09 04.

To-day, 2015 09 04, Lois and I begin a Holiday from Montreal PQ to Boston MA.  We will be on the Cruise Ship MAASDAM , stopping at Quebec City, Charlottetown, PEI; Sydney, NS; Halifax, NS; Bar Harbor, Maine and finally Boston, MA.  We return to Toronto, ON via Bus.

However; we will begin our story as our Bus drops us off at our hotel in Montreal.   The hotel was completely adequate, save and except satisfactory internet service>????  From my perspective, HOTELS just don’t get it.  Patrons wanting to use the internet are frustrated and more likely to give a bad rating for the hotel in question. Let’s drop the subject for now.

IMG_6788 IMG_6790IMG_6787We are travelling with Shuffleboard Friends Harry and Donna Parrott.  We dined this evening at an outdoor café on St Catherine’s, Montreal’s main St.  It reminded Lois and I of some of the outdoor cafes in Italy. However; there were even more people on St Catherine’s  than either of us could remember experiencing in Italy. We were very fortunate to get a seat with minimal waiting.  Line-ups began as soon as we were seated and only got longer.  Harry and I left for a moment; I to get my camera, and Harry to “watch” some younger people cutting up.  When we returned, Lois and Donna told us THE OWNER had paid them a visit; and offered his personal assistance on the Menu and anything else.  He returned later and we determined that his parents were Italian which may explain in part the outdoor aspect of his restaurant.  Safe to say “The Four of us Had a Most Enjoyable Dinner”!

After some explanation from staff, we “had a beer”, a “wine” and a most enjoyable dinner!!  Now back in our hotel. Time now: 23:02 (2015 09 04) Stan McCormack.  Click on pix to expand. (Lois and Donna in first pic)


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Tournament Results North Carolina State Doubles M/L; Hendersonville NC

Sponsored By: Flat Rock Wood Room and Jack in the Box Restaurant

Main Event – Men:

1.Jay Fitzpatrick – Dave Wenger 20150904_111451_resized

2.Bob Smith – Warren King

3.Richie Burrell – Stan Quinn

4.Charlie Adams – Wally Thyssen

Consolation – Men:

1.Joe Garcia – Bud Wilber

2.John Knapp – Ray Lawson

3.Jeff Luneau – Harold Thorne

4.Asa Lett – Tom Eastman

Main Event – Ladies:

  1. Joyce Smith – Lynda King20150904_115542_resized
  2. Doris Hanke – Sharon Upson
  3. Carol Adams – Betty Loveland
  4. Carolyn Burrell – Kathy Heckman

Consolation – Ladies:

  1. Katy Walker – Cathy Lawson
  2. Margaret Pearson – Lois Feldman
  3. Gail Chase – Sandie Morton
  4. Ellen Hensley – Sandi Quinn

Sent along by Harold Thorne with thanks!!  Click on pix to expand.

Stan McCormack.  2015 09 04

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