45 Years For Murray and Muriel Burnett, the “M&M” of Canadian Shuffleboard!! We Congratulate Them!!!

Murray & Muriel BurnettThe M&M of Canadian Shuffleboard Speak: Thank you Stan for remembering our special day, June 13th.  

We have already had “our trip to remember” this year.  We were very fortunate to take part in the Norwich Shuffleboard Inaugural in April, and of course the wonderful part of that is Murray winning the tournament!  

We spent an extra week travelling by train to see England and Wales.  That has been on our bucket list for a very long time.  We enjoyed our trip very much, and visited a friend who moved to Wales, which was special.  We have known each other since Sunday School days.

Our family is small as we have no grandchildren, but we look forward to dinner tomorrow evening at our favourite restaurant.  Our son and daughter will join us, for they are truly a blessing to us.

Muriel and Murray Burnett writing on the occasion of their 45th Wedding Anniversary.  From ALL SHUFFLERS; Happy Anniversary!!!  Thanks for your many contributions to Shuffleboard!!! 

Stan McCormack. 2015 06 12

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Ontario 55+ District 9, Holds Their District Playoffs!!

2 A Woodbrook ShufflersOn 2015 06 11, the 9th District of the Ontario Senior Games 55+ held their event to determine who will represent their District on August 12 at Kingston where all the Districts will compete in the various events.

Lois and I decided to drive to Brockville (from Calabogie) to take in the activity and of course to capture some pix! (Just under 200 km. one way). We did so because a number of the competitors, (see pic top of page) reside in Woodbrook Estates, Lakeland FL, the same park as Lois and I. WE were not disappointed; we had a great visit and a “nice” lunch, served by the host, the Legion, note I said “served”, not provided.  

3 Courts on Tile VG (2) 7 Arnold Mueller 1st VP Di 9Mary and Arnold Mueller competed as well as being a part of the organization team. Arnold is the 1st VP of the District, pic on left. The floor of the Legion was laid out specifically for 4 Shuffleboard Courts; see the design in pic to the left. Tiles had been shaped to ensure a proper court. This had been installed years and years ago!! All activities, dances, parties, etc., take place on the floor, apparently with little negative impact. Discs ran very similar to “FL type courts”. Players were using Tampa and St Petes, AND HIDING SUCCESSFULLY! Discs ran smoothly, and no beads were added during the day.  (Click on pic once to expand.)

5 Merrill as RefereeNOTE the pic to the left of Merril Arcand, giving a “thumbs up”. The Club, carrying on a tradition, employs Referees on every court on a regular basis. No one seemed to know the history of this practice. (I am not even sure AZ still employs Referees?) If you were not playing; remember, only 4 courts; you were either referring or scorekeeping!!  Here is a link to the Slide Show: http://photopeach.com/album/eswli6


SAM_1880SAM_1874SAM_1876IN First place: George Landon & Jane Parish of Brockville; far left.  In Second place: Ron Harrison & Mary Willows, also from Brockville, center pic.  In third place on the right, we have Clarence and Joyce Closs of Smiths Falls.  Click on any pic to expand.  Congratulations to all participants!! Kudos to those in the pix above!!  Thanks to Mary Mueller for sending along pix of the winners, above. Other pix by Stan.  

Stan McCormack.  2015 06 12.

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Shuffleboard returns to High River, AB.

Ken WardleyBy Kelci Nicodemus, MULTIMEDIA JOURNALIST. Sent along by Bob Weber with thanks.

The Foothills Shuffleboard Association has been re-established in town and will be up and running again in July, according to Ken Wardley, president of the club.  Wardley said members are happy to be back in action and are looking forward to once again using the curling rink located at the Bob Snodgrass Recreation Complex as the club’s venue.

The shuffleboard club ceased operation after the Highwood curling club in High River, from which the shufflers used to sublet from in the spring and summer months, increased rent by 800 per cent in 2014.  Previously, the shuffleboard club had paid approximately $1,000 per year and rent was set to increase to $5,000 from May to August of that year.

Wardley said the group couldn’t afford the increase in rent costs and decided to sell their newly purchased equipment, bought after the flood of June 2013, and disband for the time being.  “At that point we had all the new equipment sitting there and so we were charged with the responsibility of doing (something),” he said.

The club had returned seed money from the Town of High River — totaling $7,500 — as a result of the club having to close its doors. Now, the club has asked for the money back to go towards the re-establishment of the group.  “With the seed money coming back to us now, we were able to order new equipment and that equipment should be here by the end of June,” he said.

This time around the shuffleboard club will be working directly with the Town of High River for the next four months, instead of the curling club.  After that, the club hopes to have a lease with the town over the next five years, Wardley said.

There are many benefits to participating in shuffleboard, especially for seniors, Wardley noted. “It’s another venue, it’s another avenue for people to partake in, particularly seniors,” he said. “Our club would like to work with the community…and try and get the young people involved.” Prior to the hiatus, the club worked with Highwood High School, Wardley added.

Over the summer the shuffleboard association will be hosting a local tournament in High River and hopes to one day host an international shuffleboard tournament in the future, Wardley said.

“That would bring people into High River from all over the world,” he said. “Prior to the flood we had great aspirations about doing that, but of course the flood changed everything and we just had to drop all of that thinking.”

This summer’s tournament will be a mixed doubles tournament held on August 5 to 8.

On June 15, the shuffleboard association will host an organizational meeting. Wardley invites all residents interested in shuffling to attend.

“What we’re expecting to have is people in the community show interest in the fact that we will be back shuffling at the curling rink in July,” he said. “We are looking for new members and we would like to have a full complement of people.”  The meeting begins at 7 p.m. in the curling rink lounge at the Bob Snodgrass Recreation Complex.

Once the club resumes in July, it will operate on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9:30 a.m. and Thursdays at 7 p.m.

NOTE BY STAN: HATs OFF to Ken and all who are assisting in this project.  With regard to hosting an International Event, your timing is right on!! The ISA is looking for a host OTHER THAN ONTARIO AND FLORIDA!!   Share your desire with the CNSA President > Henry Strong and Henry will pass it along to the ISA President and 1st Vice President Myrna Bilton.  The ISA will make the decision with regard to the location of the 2017 ISA World Championship at their Board Meeting in Clearwater, FL this October. 

To read more about High River, enter High River into the search rectangle, and hit search.

Stan McCormack. 2015 06 12.


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The Opening of Cumberland County Shuffleboard Club in Oxford N.S.

Rushton David & Dini  NSDavid Rushton of Nova Scotia Speaks: Hi Stan; Well we finally got our club up and running after many problems from too much snow to get the vehicles out of the rink to the valves for water froze up over the winter and had to be replaced. However we are now in business. We cleaned the whole curling rink first then washed and Nella sealed our roll out courts. Our first day of shuffling was on the 10 June. We had 17 members show up for the first day, we are on a drive for new members now, and unfortunately our local paper “THE OXFORD JOURNAL”  closed down this last winter so now I have to go after a contact in Amherst for coverage. These things are just sent to make us stronger I guess. But everyone had a great time on the first day and we are going back today for some more action. Everyone really enjoys the game and we will be having our annual meeting soon will let you know how it goes as time goes on. Wish us luck. Here are some pictures I took on the first day, you can use which ever ones you wish. We had a funeral to attend on Tues 9 of June, one of our avid Shufflers passed away, a lovely lady by the name of Marilyn Mitchell, she will be greatly missed by everyone. Bye for now Stan and thanks for all you do for Shuffleboard. I think of you every 1st of May.  Pic at top is of David and wife DiniClick here for Slide Show of Opening Day as described by David: http://photopeach.com/album/jw4qsl   

David (Rushton) 2015 06 12   Posted by Stan McCormack.  2015 06 12. 

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Wayne and Ruth Hugen BOTH Promote and Participate!!

Wayne & Ruth Hugen with GrandchildrenI am attaching an article on Wayne & Ruth Hugen.  They have contributed a great deal of their time and energy promoting and participating in playing shuffleboard in senior games at the state and national levels.

Article on Wayne & Ruth Hugen

Pic above of Wayne and Ruth AND their Future Shufflers >> read Grandchildren!!! A GREAT PICTURE!! 

Article sent along by Rob Robinson. Rob is the 1st VP of the US NSA, and is extensively involved in Senior Events as well!!  Pic sent along by Sheila Monday!  Thanks to Sheila and Rob. 

Stan McCormack.  2015 06 11.   

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An Example of “The Love of Shuffleboard”!! by Gary Pipher with Thanks!

Severn-20150611-00278When a shuffler has been at the game for 30 years it becomes a long summer when there is no shuffleboard in his home town. That is the case with Ted Gowlinski .

Ted lives in North Bay, ON and  as there is nothing there in the way of
shuffleboard in North Bay, Ted contacted Gary Pipher and  was invited to drop in and
play in Coldwater, ON.  It’s a 2 1/2 hr. + drive to Coldwater from North Bay , but
Ted did not seam to mind the long journey, just as long as there was shuffleboard when he arrived!!

Ted did not just arrive!!! He was very competitive and managed to win a few games .  He is no stranger to playing in Arenas and has played in Goderich , Chatham and several other well known places around Ontario.  Ted spends his winters in Jamaica Bay in the Fort Meyers area of Florida and I am sure many of the players from that district will recognize Ted.

Ted stayed after the games for cake and coffee and said he will be back again next week!!
“Now that’s the love of shuffleboard.”

Sent along by Gary Pipher with thanks!!   2015 06 11. Ted is on the left in pic above.

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The Wedel 24th Annual Tournament. MI USA

i1035 FW1.1

i1035 FW1.1

i1035 FW1.1

i1035 FW1.1

Results   Wedel 24th annual tournament; Battle Creek MI USA; 28 Teams.

Our Thanks to Jerry Deren  for sending this along.
1  Marti Noble and Dan Noble
2 Bernie Fox and Gary McGaffey
3  Jim Miller and Clarence Gingerich
4  George Rosema and Charles Busscher
1 Vern Curtis and Walt Wedel
2 Ray Miller and Joann Miller
3 Clark Bennett and Max Munk
4 Marty McKendry and Ruby Flickinger

Ann Wedel was the TD. Event sponsored by the Wedels, Ann and Walt, see pic at top, and Dr. McCullough and wife Missy. See pic to your left. Also in pic is Jerry Deren and the father of Dr. McCullough.   Click on pix to expand.

Stan McCormack.  2015 06 10.

i1035 FW1.1

i1035 FW1.1

i1035 FW1.1

i1035 FW1.1

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