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Pro  Only Draw Doubles. Both Begin 2014 12 04.   



Pic above by Stan McCormack taken on 2011 11 17, just 4 months shy of Joe’s 90th Birthday.  On December 4th be sure and pay a visit to the Central District Hall of Fame where this pic was taken.  Quite possibly the Reiny Trophy will be on display in the main auditorium > perhaps on the stage.  IF NOT, you will find It in the HOF adjacent the main auditorium.  Joe was a man who was “quietly proud” of his accomplishment, a man who was willing to share his experience in the best interest of SHUFFLEBORD.  

Click here to read the names of all Reiny Winners!! 

Stan McCormack.  2014 12 02.    



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Are These People Really Practising Their Delivery?? Enjoying Our Winter in Florida!

IMG_4620 IMG_4621 IMG_4622

The Reeds, Bob and Linda, and the McCormacks, Stan and Lois,  paid a visit to Downtown Disney in Orlando on Nov 21st, 2014.  We were so taken by the many many people who posed, doing their best to mimic the attractive young women, that we thought for sure that our best Shuffleboard Delivery would make an attractive, life long photo!!   I think you will agree that we got part of it correct!!

We had a great day!!  If you have a similar “serious pic”, send it along!!  I just may be able to post it!!

Stan, Lois, Linda and Bob.   2014 12 01


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Bussert, Tetu capture shuffleboard crowns! From the Lakeland Ledger, of April 23, 1981.

 joe bussert in lakeland 1981

LAKELAND — Joe Bussert, 3rd from your left, of Winter Haven and Connie Tetu of Nalcrest captured divisional champion­ships here Wednesday in the final round of the Champion of Champions Tournament sponsored by the Lakeland Shuffleboard Club.  Apr 23, 1981. 

Placing second behind Bussert in the Men’s Division was Lakeland’s PaulOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Jones. Ron McGinnis of Haines City’ finished third, while Leigh Wilcox of Lakeland placed fourth.  (Pic of Ron and Erma McGinnis by Stan)

Audrey & Vince Lafferty, Deceased (2)Rounding out the Men’s Division were: Fifth — Harold Pridham, Lakeland; sixth — Vince Lafferty, Lakeland; seventh — Woody De Boer, Lakeland; eighth — Russ Garrison, Lakeland. Pic of Audrey and Vince Lafferty by Stan.  (Click on pix to expand)

Connie 1984Tetu outlasted Nell Walters of Lakeland for the Women’s Division championship. Placing third was Helen Blanford of Lakeland, while Marty Fellers of Winter Haven finished fourth.  (Tetu on the left with some of her trophies. )  

Other top finishers in the Women’s Division were: Fifth — Martha Hamilton, St. Cloud; sixth — Esther De Boer, Lakeland; seventh — Elsie Meyers, Nalcrest; eighth ­Ruth Stutzman, Nalcrest.

Approximately 200 shuffleboarders competed in the three-day, annual tournament, which began at the Lake­land City Courts Monday morning. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJoe Bussert and Connie Tetu were the very first winners of the Central District Reiny District Masters.  That is Joe and Yours Truly to your left.

(Put together from articles in the Lakeland Ledger of April 23, 1981. )  

Stan McCormack.  2014 12 01. 

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Davis Memorial Annual Tournament! Sponsored by Dick Davis!!

IMG_4654 Davis Memorial 2014  (16)

The Davis Memorial takes place at Avon Park and is open to all!!  It takes place on Black Friday each year.  That is Ralph Day on the extreme left.  Next we have the Amateur Winners beginning with Moe Vermeulen who won each of his 6 games; Keith Morton, Vicki Clow, Dick Davis, sponsor; Vern Phenix and Gabby Gabbard.   

IMG_4654 Davis Memorial 2014  (17)

And now to the “Pro” Winners.  From left to right: Martine Vermeire, 1st; Sonny Patterson, 2nd;  Ross Pipher, 3rd; missing from the pic, Stan McCormack, 4th; Dick Davis, Sponsor; Bob Hoskins, 6th place; and Joan Mondry 5th.

Ralph (Day) and Lorraine (Pollock) once again gave of their time.  The IMG_4654 Davis Memorial 2014  (13)courts were full; the Club House was full and each and everyone was more than pleased with the DAY >> especially the Great Lunch!!!  Those who placed were surprised and pleased with the magnitude of the prize money!!  Click on pic to expand.

A BIG THANKS to Dick Davis who hosts this event in memory of his Father and Mother who were both long time members of the Avon Park Club.  To read just a bit about Dick, enter Dick Davis into the search rectangle and hit search.


Stan McCormack.  2014 11 30. (Info sent along by Lorraine Pollock with thanks.)


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How shuffleboard helped shape Leesburg in the 20th Century


The eighth and final panel of the Leesburg Bicentennial Mural depicts recreational endeavors of Leesburg’s residents and guests. It’s only fitting the mural, which portrayed 120 years of Leesburg history, includes scenes of kids playing baseball, fishing for bass, hunting, playing tennis and shuffleboard, bowling and sailing.  

Last week, I began looking at bowling. My research has bogged down, and I ask anyone who played a line or two or remembers the days of the Bowldrome on Third and what is now Market Street to get in touch with me.

In the meantime, I’m returning to our topic of a couple weeks ago — shuffleboard.

I was given a file on the history of the Leesburg Community, Tourist and Shuffleboard Club that was compiled in 1968 by Lucile Boring, the club’s historian.  It was a gift to the Leesburg Heritage Society by Robert Cauthen.

“The foundation for the Leesburg Community, Tourist and Shuffleboard Club we know today had its beginning back in the days before there were many winter visitors or trailers,” began Boring in her history. “It was laid by a few men and women who were dedicated to the idea of making everyone who came to Leesburg as a tourist feel welcome, enjoy their stay and want to return another time.”

I never imagined what a big role shuffleboard had in Leesburg’s history.

Before the creation of Venetian Gardens, the city maintained a few small rentals for tourists on the grounds and on Second Street, according to Boring.

“They also started City Trailer Park to accommodate the ‘Tin Can Tourists,’ as they were called,” wrote Boring. “At that time a small building called the ‘Hut Sut’ stood on Dixie Avenue, marking the entrance to the park, (if one could call it that in those early days).”

It’s helpful to remember Venetian Gardens got its start in the mid-1920s when the sawgrass swamp that filled the lagoon was turned into a usable waterway. The Leesburg Kiwanis Club decided that Leesburg needed a swimming pool, which was completed and opened in 1929. So the park was beginning to take shape.

“Old Timers say that the only high ground in the park was where the fine live oaks stood, and still stand, on Dixie Avenue around the present Community Building,” wrote Boring. “There was nothing but swamp and backwater down to the lake until the days of the W.P.A.”

Her next paragraph puts the time frame in the mid-1930s, when plans for Venetian Gardens were being drawn up. While not called Venetian Gardens, the preliminary work was started 10 years earlier and there was clear water in the lagoon area all the way to Lake Harris.

“Then the ‘Hut-Sut’ was enlarged to take in the drive-through entrance and connect it to another small building to the West,” wrote Boring.

Could anyone tell me how that building got its name? It was a very important small building. I would also welcome any photos of it.

“This building was headquarters for the recreational activities of the City of Leesburg, working with children in the summer and tourists in the winter,” wrote Boring.

Rationing of gasoline during World War II curtailed winter visitors in Florida but after the war was over they once again found their way to the Hut, wrote Boring. “Previously they had their meetings in an upstairs room in the Lassiter-Ware Building on Sixth Street,” she wrote.

Today, the Lassiter-Ware Building is home to the Leesburg Heritage Society and Historical Museum. It began its life in the early 1920s as the meeting place of the Leesburg Woman’s Club.

In the early days of the tourist club, there weren’t many social events like dinners, according to Boring.

“But the woman secretary of the Chamber of Commerce arranged to take tourists on a lovely free boat trip on Lake Griffin and served them a lunch on board the big boat,” wrote Boring. “Later the tourists gathered in a room on the second floor of the Stoer Building on Fifth Street, but climbing the long stairs proved to be a hardship for many, and news of the enlarging of the ‘Hut’ was indeed most welcome.”

Finally, the Tourist Club had a home. And they used it.

“They now had weekly suppers and a place to meet for visiting and entertainment,” wrote Boring. “In those days there was no piano in the ‘Hut,’ but folks enjoyed singing a capella at their get-togethers. And there were no paid programs—just the joy of good fellowship in the land of Sunshine, and impromptu entertainment seemed to be enough.

“The building was overcrowded (about 80 was the capacity) but it mattered not to the good-natured crowd, that when the supper tables were set up across the doors, keeping them from being opened, some had to crawl through the windows to get in. Your historian did it several times.”

Those days are gone forever as building codes would not allow doors to be blocked. But it was a simpler and maybe sweeter time.

Rick Reed is a columnist who lives in Mount Dora.

Article sent along by Bob Weber > WITH THANKS!!    Want to see more Murals??

Stan McCormack.  2014 11 28


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Historical Look at the Early Roll of Champions by Bob Pearson!!


The top 8 Men and the top 8 Women received gold medals and the next 8 Men and Women received silver medals. The medals were presented by a member of the St. Petersburg Evening Independent newspaper at the annual banquet. Medal winners were invited to the banquet and were allowed to bring one guest. It was Shuffleboard’s Gala Event of the Season. The Awards Banquet during this period was held at the Kapok Tree Inn, (Pic at top) Clearwater, FL >> a wonderful establishment with great food. 

Dinner at the Kapok Tree  Inn wasn’t about the food, although the food was good. It was about the décor, the ambience, the completely over-the-top elegance of the place. When you brought someone to the Kapok Tree, you were saying, “You are special to me”, but equally, “I enjoy the finer things in life.”   Do you think possibly Shuffleboard would benefit to-day, from just a little of this approach????

The medal system prevails today but without the “hoopla”. The top 24 Men and Women are presented with medals before the Lakeland State Tournament held in December. The first 8 receive gold; the next 8 silver and the next 8 receive bronze.  

To see who will be receiving the Medals in 2014 12 08, click: 

Stan McCormack.  2014 11 28.


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Thanksgiving; Something to Think About. Do Enjoy The Day!!

Thanksgiving!!  Giving Thanks!!  Do WE, WE who have so much; take the time to pause, and to think of the millions who do not have the very fundamentals, fundamentals that WE take for granted???   SHOULD WE?? 

To read previous articles I have posted with regard to Thanksgiving, click:   AND AFTER THAT, enter the word Thanksgiving into the search rectangle and hit search.

Stan McCormack.  2014 11 26


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