John' New Crosss by Ron Howard Southwest Coast District Open Masters at Trailer Estates March 25-28 was classic in spirit and determination. Each player gave his or her all, which made for spectator interest as well.

     Placing first in the Ladies Division was Terri Smith who has been playing outstanding competitive shuffle all season and traveling all over the state as well as the district. In a three way tie for first with 12 wins of 21 games, Terri had103 skill shot points to settle the tie. Congratulations, Terri.

     Second place was Alice Barlow with 92 skill shot points. Alice and her husband Wally ran a dairy in Maine for many years, and she works equally hard at shuffleboard while maintaining a great sense of humor. Alice appreciates her many shuffling friends and finds Florida winters a great improvement over Maine weather.

     Margaret Hartzler took third, also with 12 wins and 71 skill shot points. Serving the district today as both Treasurer and Secretary Margaret is a retired teacher and a counselor who has traveled extensively helping people understand personality theory. Her husband Gary also shuffles when motivated.

     Letha DeVries of Golf Lakes placed fourth with 11 wins and 131 skill shot points. A perennial contender in the district Masters, she and Charlie profess to be chasing friendships nowadays more than chasing points.   They are experienced and skilled at both.

     Erika Berg placed fifth with 11 wins and 100 skill shot points. Canadian immigrants from Germany, she and Peter first shuffled on their honeymoon in St. Petersburg, FL in 1961. They worked together to start a new shuffle club in Nobel, Ontario, where they will host a province-wide tournament this Summer. They winter in Imperial Lakes.

     Nancy Sclafani placed sixth with 11 wins and 78 skill shot points. Retiring from retail management in 2003, Nancy first shuffled in the Central District before coming to the Southwest Coast, where she now serves as Keeper of Records and plays out of Bradenton Shuffle Club. Her red hair and New York accents both highlight her presence here.

   Bonnie Walker of Ellenton Gardens placed 7th. Bonnie, a retired Occupational Therapist from Boyne City, MI misses her family there, but her shuffleboard family makes up for it. She agrees with the sign at Lee County Shuffle Club, “When you shuffle here, you’re family”

      Pam Nurnberger placed eighth and she thanks all the host clubs for work put into each tournament. Pam was secretary to a high school principal in Michigan for 25 years . Currently “first lady” of the Southwest Coast District, she also won the Masters last year and won her District Amateur Masters in 2013. She is eligible for the Florida Masters this week.

     Arlene McCague faithfully served each day as Alternate. A snowbird with her husband Roger in Palmetto since 2002, she won her District Amateur Masters in 2009, played in 2013 and served as Alternate in 2014.

     First place in the Men’s Division was Dave Kudro, usually bare-headed with shorts and an orange tee shirt. Winning 13 hard-fought games out of 21, Dave is also eligible for the Florida Masters currently playing at Lee County.    

     Second place goes to Peter Berg with 12 wins (a four way tie) and 134 skill shot points. Born in Germany in 1940, his family came to Canada in 1955. Peter learned tool and die, then worked in Michigan until starting his own p0lastic injection mold business in Winsor, ONT, from which he retired in 2000. Playing on his own backyard court since 1980, his first tournament was in1983 in Tilbury ONT, where the Tournament Director was Glen Peltier. Peter serves today as web master of the SWCD.

     Third place was Jerry Stannard of Golf Lakes, wo came from the Central District a few years ago so his father, Gib, now 100, could play every day at Golf Lakes. The Stannards have shuffleboard in their back yard in Connecticut. Jerry is now our State Delegate and Chair of the Hall of Fame for SWCD.

     District President Ron Nurnberger placed fourth with 12 wins and 94 skill shot points. Ron was a school superintendent in Michigan prior to retirement, so he possesses administrative skill. Ron and Pam travel weekly and make friends everywhere.

     Jim Miller placed 5th with 12 wins and 80 skill shot points. Living in Pinecraft with Tournament Director Jo Miller, Jim plays out of Bradenton where he cares for courts and discs quite well. Bradenton Shuffle Club owes Jim and Jo for many improvements in recent times. Jim has fixed more courts than the rest of us combined.

   Ed Leonard of Tropic Isles placed sixth with 10 wins. A frequent partner of Charlie DeVries and spouse of Dianne Leonard, herself an excellent player, Ed stays busy on the courts, but is a man of few words, never complaining. Rising to New England district Manager for F. W. Woolworth, now operator of Thompson Lake Marine in Casco, Maine with Dianne, he enjoys travel, boating and shuffling.

     Charlie DeVries placed 7th. Playing out of Golf Lakes in recent years, Charlie is very deliberate in shooting. When it is very cold, he covers up with overalls, and keeps on playing. He and Letha play well together and enjoy the sport as well as any.

     Dwayne Cross placed eighth this year. Having married his high school sweetheart, Judy, to whom he has been married 50 years, having raised 4 children while working for General Motors 37 years. He and Judy can now concentrate on shuffleboard. Dwayne is very thankful for all his partners and serves as a shining example of friendship and faith.

     Nelson Kellogg, a Past President of Golf Lakes Shuffle Club served as a ready and faithful Alternate. Always the consummate competitor, good sport, and eager friend, his presence was appreciated.


   Four placed in the Tournament of Champions at Clearwater last week, from Southwest Coast District. Ladies Consolation: 1. Nancy Sclafani, 4 Pam Nurnberger. Men Non-Walking Main: 1. Jerry Stannard. Men Walking Consolation: 3. John L. Brown.


     Today is the second day of FL P-27 Masters at Lee County. Eligible at deadline from SWCD: Jim Miller, Jerry Stannard, Dave Kudro, Ron Nurnberger, Alternate, Judy Taylor, Terri Smith, Nancy Sclafani and Pam Nurnberger.


.     Sue Daidone (941) 722-4967 advises that Bradenton Shuffle Club offers Yellow and Black M-W-F 8:30 a.m. from May 4 to September 30. Three 25¢ games, Members only. Summer Yellow and Black membership only for $5.00 is available.

.     No player solved the riddle to win the book. Published March 3, the contest ends with no winner. The two auctioneers are Don Sprague of Iowa and Lincoln Arms and Steve Slaughterbeck of Ohio and Trailer Estates. Let us all keep making new friends

Happy Shuffling.





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2015 FSA Masters; End of Day 1 Summary. Thanks to All!!



photo 1

Top Pic: Chairman of the event is Bob Smith, co-chairperson is Joyce Smith, (front row, top pic) Joan Buck (on your left, back row) is in charge of our awards luncheon, Dick Widdis is in charge of publicity and does anything else we need him to do, and Colleen Austin (on your right, back row) made our programs/names for players chairs/name tags for players & volunteers, etc.

I want to thank Glen Monroe, our Tournament Director, for sending the standings at the end of rounds.  Glen does such a great job.

photo 2I will just take a minute now to thank our volunteers who have worked so hard to make this event successful.
The next photo is of our referees who worked all day today photo 1 (2)and most will work all week.  And now to our scorekeepers!!

photo 2 (1)Last we have our court crew:  Clarence Bry, Joe Cote, our crew leader, and Chuck Wilson.  These guys were at the courts at 7:00 this morning preparing them for play.  They swept and re beaded courts all day as needed.

Thank you volunteers.  Because of you, our players are really enjoying their Masters. 

Pix and remarks sent along by Joyce Smith > with thanks.

Stan McCormack.  2015 04 06 22:25  Click on pix to expand.


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On Going Report on the 2015 FSA Pro Masters!! Pix of Men’s and Women’s Teams

We now give you the results at the end of Round 2; as sent along by TD Glenn Monroe. 

Pro Men – Round 2     Pro Ladies – Round 2   We also have pix of both the Ladies and the Gentlemen participating in the 2015 Pro Masters Event!! Stan McCormack. 2014 04 06 18:08.



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Our Thanks to State Tournament Director Glenn Monroe for Sending Along the FSA Masters Results for Round 1.

Glenn Monroe (2)

Glenn Monroe, the FSA State Tournament Director, is directing the 2015 Masters in North Fort Myers.  Glenn Monroe has found time in his busy schedule, to send to us the results at the end of Round 1.  Thanks so much Glenn, very much appreciated.

Pro Ladies – Round 1    Pro Men – Round 1

Stan McCormack.  2015 04 06 14:27


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We Give You the Men’s Division of the 2015 FSA Pro Masters!!

2015 Masters Brochure 2 - back

2015 Masters Brochure 1 - inside (2)

Click on files to make more readable.  (file sent along by Colleen Austin)

You may wish to reviews the 2014 Results, Men and Women, by clicking:  http://theshuffler.net/2014/04/03/2014-fsa-masters-final-results-2014-04-03-congratulations-to-all/

Stan McCormack.  2015 04 06.

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We Give You a Section of the Pamphlet; 2015 04 06 FSA Masters!!

2015 Masters Brochure 2 - inside

Thanks to Colleen Austin for sending this along, and no doubt, putting it together!!  Joyce and Bob Smith, Colleen, Joan Buck and Dick Widdis are members of the Masters Committee.  Big Thank You to this Committee!   (Click on file to make it more readable.)

Stan McCormack, 2015 04 06.

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The 55th FSA Pro Masters is Underway!! 2015 04 06.

2015 Masters Brochure 1 - front

Shufflers; the event is now underway!!  See above by Colleen Austin!!  Be sure to follow the event on a daily basis, if NOT AT THE LOCATION, at TheShuffler.net More Details, below, also by Colleen!!   2015 Masters Brochure 1 - back

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