Pugwash NS Shufflers Relocate to Oxford NS. Report by David Rushton!!

David Rushton 2014 09 03

David Rushton sends along this report!  This spring we started out in Pugwash, which is where we started as you know, but our membership had kind of gone down hill from the last year. Our rent at the Pugwash Curling club was really prohibitive with the membership declining. Also most of our members were from Oxford area, or Amherst, which is quite a drive from Pugwash.  I approached the Cumberland County Exhibition and was able to rent the Industrial Bldg. in Oxford, at half the rent of Pugwash. Also they wish to keep us there so the board said if our membership declines our rent will decline with our numbers. We moved to our new facility on 14th of July.  I also approached the Board about painting the courts on the concrete floor in lieu of roll out courts. They have agreed we could paint them on the floor so I think we can get about 18 courts in the area we have allotted. We will also have access to the kitchen facilities for our end of the year potluck. I have purchased the template from Dom Sports in Toronto, but we will not paint the courts until next spring. I am going to approach the Regional High School in Oxford to see if we could put our roll out courts in the High School Gym, for the winter and have some of our Seniors teach Shuffleboard during the winter at the school. I’m nor sure how that will come out but I will keep you informed. Frank LeBlanc and I have set up a home and home tournament between NB & NS (CCSC), for the Trophy which was originally between NB and Cole Harbour when Dartmouth was involved in Shuffleboard. We took 12 Shufflers to Dieppe on the 19 Aug for the first part of the Tournament and NS is now 2 games to the good. We had to shut down our Courts for the Oxford Exhibition which is a week long and ended on Labour day weekend, but it takes about 2 weeks to get all of the buildings cleaned after the Ex. Then 12 Shufflers from Dieppe will come to us for the second half of the tournament for the bragging rights to the Trophy. We can not use the Industrial Building during the winter because they rent our storage space for RV’s, Boats, vintage cars, etc.. They move them by the last Sunday in April so we can start Shuffleboard again until the last Sunday in October. Works out well for the Snowbirds. As soon as I get word we can start again, we will send out the challenge to Frank and company for the completion of our first Tournament. Will let you know who is the new holder of the Trophy. I will take some pictures at the Tournament and forward them to you for the website. Good to hear from you Stan, I am sending your Shuffleboard 101 out to our members and told them to subscribe to your blog so you may have a number of new subscribers coming your way.  David Rushton. 

Stan speaks:  When one considers the determination demonstrated by David (Rushton); by Louise Turbide of Meteghan, and add to that the favourable results of the Earles**, I think we can say that Shuffleboard is in Good Hands in Nova Scotia. 

** I expect that David, Louise and the Earles would be the first to point out that they have had good support in their endeavours!!  Glenna Earle in her capacity as 2nd Vice President of the CNSA, is “first on call” in Nova Scotia for anything related to Shuffleboard, from the local Sackville group to David’s Oxford group, to the Canada 55+ Games and finally the NS 55+ Games.  A Big Thank You goes out to all in Nova Scotia who “extend their Shuffleboard Career into the Summer Months!!”

To give our new readers some additional information to demonstrate David’s motivation, in part, I give you an additional article to browse:  Pugwash Shuffleboard Demonstration

Stan McCormack.  2014 09 03.

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Canadian National Shuffleboard Association – Association Canadienne Nationale du Shuffleboard

 CNSA LOGO NEW BY GARY 2013 09 104th Inter-Provincial Shuffleboard Tournament

Goderich, ON       July 20 – 24, 2015

 The Canadian National Shuffleboard Association (CNSA) is pleased to extend an invitation to all provinces to select teams to compete at the 2015 Inter-Provincial Shuffleboard Tournament. Each team will consist of four men or four women. 

                                    In 2009, Coldwater, ON hosted the 1st Inter-Provincial.

                                    In 2011, Innisfail, AB hosted the 2nd Inter-Provincial.

                                    In 2013, Dieppe, NB hosted the 3rd Inter-Provincial.

Each time that we have held an IP Tournament it has grown bigger and better. We are hoping to have the most successful one yet in Goderich at the Maitland Memorial Arena at 180 McDonald Street, Goderich, ON. 

Planned events so far are:

July 20       Meet & Greet, 7 to 8:30 pm, upstairs at 180 McDonald Street

 July 22     Country corn roast, entertainment included. Buses provided.

July 24      CNSA  AGM – 3 pm, 180 McDonald  Street

                                             Happy hour – 5 – 6 pm

      Awards banquet – 6 pm, dance and entertainment with bar after banquet.

For the first time ever the CNSA annual general meeting will be held during the Inter-Provincial, allowing more CNSA members to attend and have a voice in the decision making process.

The primary purpose of this early notification is to allow all provinces to start spreading the word amongst their shufflers and to start thinking about the team selection process.

As plans and costs firm up, information will be posted on the CNSA website ‘theshufflers.news.wordpress.com’ and emailed to your provincial contact.

For further information, please feel free to contact me, Al Weeks, 436 Warren St., Goderich, ON N7A 4M7 or email aweeks55@hotmail.com. My telephone number is 519-524-1632

Mark July 20 – 24, 2015 on your calendar for the IP Tournament in Goderich, ON.

I am looking forward to seeing you in Goderich in 2015.

Al Weeks, Chairperson, Inter-Provincial, Goderich

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Nova Scotia has a new Shuffleboard Club in Meteghan!!

IMG-20140819-01035 IMG-20140819-01025 IMG-20140819-01033Louise Turbide shares this Good News !

Our shuffling is doing quite well;  we have 6 courts altogether. We’re at the Meteghan Curling Center in south west Nova Scotia. We started at the beginning of June, and we have almost 30 members signed up, but some nights are busier than others. 

We play on Tue., Wed. & Thu. nights at 7 p.m.; sometimes we’re 12 players sometimes more and sometimes less. We had an interruption of about 3 weeks in July, during which we could not  play as the Curling Center has an annual Bonspiel at the end of July so that means they have to prepare one week prior to the Bonspiel to get the ice ready.  (And then it takes time after to thaw the ice and get it ready for our Club to put things in order for shuffling.)
We will have to stop playing at the end of September as the Curling will start preparing for their seasonsoon after.
Yes you can surely let people know we’re an active Club.
There’s another group that started in the Clare region; they’re playing at the Legion and they’re playing on the floor.  This group went with the Municipality since the Municipality took the Legion over; they painted the shufflebord design on the floor.

Louise speaking to Glenna: We would certainly like you to come over and play with us , you are certainly welcome.

Just a bit about Louise and her group: We are a group of Snowbirds from our area of Clare of ” South West Nova Scotia” who spend our winters in Bradenton Florida.  As we enjoyed the game so much, we decided to introduce it to our region. We applied for a grant through the New Horizons Senior Program ,  (Federal Government of Canada) and we were approved.
We received our funding in the Spring of 2014. We had an agreement with the local Curling Center that we could use their premises in the Spring and Summer when they were not using their arena. We have a group of players of 30 members; we play 3 nights a week, people seem to enjoy it a lot, and I find it’s a game that couples can participate in and derive a good deal of enjoyment together. 

Bye for now;  Louise Turbide. 

Stan McCormack. 2014 09 03 09:40:

Thanks to people like Louise, Shuffleboard is doing well in NS!!


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Renfrew, Ontario: Champlain Seniors Shuffleboard Club


Every Tuesday beginning at 13:00 hours, shufflers show up at 164 Argyle St. in Renfrew, ON, north-west of Ottawa.  The name of the Club is the Champlain Seniors and on Tuesday afternoons, both card players and shufflers fill the former arena.  On a normal Tuesday we fill 6 courts and play 4 games of 75 points or 8 frames.  Many of the shufflers either winter in Florida, or did so at one time.  Our Club President is Mary Leduc; shuffling is a year round activity and Roll Out Courts are utilized.  Membership is $5.00 annually and we pay $2.00 each week, one half   is returned to us in prize money.     

Many Ontario readers will recall that it was in this very building on Sep 11, 2001, during a National Tournament that the world changed forever!!  Lois and I were shuffling in the tournament.  To read a story I wrote about the “experience”, some 10 years later, click:  911 Most of Us Can Remember Where We Were When This Happened  In the article I list the winners of the event.  See who you know who was present!!!!! 

For the record, I will be submitting a photo complete with a story, not about “911” this year, but rather to extoll the benefits of Shuffleboard, to the local newspaper, The Renfrew Mercury.  I encourage you to do a similar thing!! 

Let’s share the game we Love So Much!!   Stan McCormack.  2014 09 03


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US Nat. LogoThis was the first of three annual National tournaments this season. It was a Singles M/L, 9/1-2/2014, with 23 men and 19 ladies participating. The results were:

Men’s Main: 1st Bill Marshall (FL) , 2nd Wally Thyssen (FL), 3rd Dave Wenger (NC), 4th Mickey Henson (FL). Consolation: 1st Red Rudolph (TX), 2nd Joe Cote (FL), 3rd Stan Quinn (TX), 4th Rosaire Cote (FL).

Ladies’ Main: 1st Sandi Quinn (TX), 2nd Joyce Smith (FL), 3rd Ellen Hensley (NC), 4th Betty Loveland (NC). Consolation: 1st Alice Enos (FL), 2nd Nancy Andrews (NC), 3rd Wilma Rudolph (TX), 4th Jan Cote (FL). T.D. Glenn Monroe.

            Oh my, what a hot and humid couple of days here in Hendersonville! It was wonderful to have so many participate in this tournament, some from TX and OH and many from FL. We are very happy to have Glenn Monroe with us again this year to direct the National tournaments. Congratulations to Bill Marshall for earning his National pin! Two long, hot days of good times, good friends and very tough competition. The National Dbs. M/L will begin Thurs. morning, 9/4 . . you still have time to get here!!                                                      

            God Bless & Happy Shuffling, Sandi

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Summer Shuffling in the Long Sault; South Eastern ON

cnsa-logo-new-by-gary-2013-09-10Myrna Houston Speaks: We shuffle twice a week Monday and Thursday at 1pm  3 games 16 frames there are usually 4 courts busy , we have 7 courts available at the Long Sault  Arena in Long Sault. We shuffle on concrete; the lines are painted on. Since they insulated the roof it’s never to hot or cold and rain doesn’t bother us. Most of us winter in Fl.  Those that don’t used to;, that’s where they were introduced to shuffling . We would like more members but no one advertises . It’s $40.00 for the season, $20.00 if you only want to shuffle one day a week. If there is a holiday Monday we shuffle Tuesday a the same time. There I think I have covered it all.  Myrna Houston.

Myrna recently organized and hosted an “end of season” shuffleboard event at their home.  Unfortunately Shuffleboard was not an option for entertainment?  I now give you a couple of pix Myrna sent along of the wind up get together.

photo 2photo (2)Myrna Houston sent

If you had a similar “wind-up” get together, please tell us about it!!  And, if you can, please include pix!  Thanks so much Myrna for sharing the happy event with your fellow shufflers. 

Stan McCormack.  2014 09 02


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PEI and Moncton shuffle clubs: Report by Fred Vaerewyck of PEI

corrected shuffleboardHi Stan!  Eastern PEI Shuffleboard had their last game of the season on Aug 27 2014.  It was a very successful season.  We had 45 paid members; we had an average of 5 courts full on Wednesday  nights.  We playSyntekExifImageTitle in Montague at the Cavendish wellness center Wednesdays at 7:00 

Click on promo on left.  Pic is of Fred and wife Isabell.  Click to expand. 

The Dieppe Shuffleboard Club came and spent an afternoon with us.  We play 4 games of mingle-singles and everyone had a great time.  After the games we had pizza and snacks.  We are going over to Dieppe on Sep 16th to play at their club.

DSC00844 DSC00845 DSC00846



Fred Vaerewyck.  PEI Shuffleboard Organizer.

Congratulations on your most successful launch of Shuffleboard in PEI!  We hope to see a “good team” from PEI at the IP (Inter Provincial) Tournament in Goderich, ON in 2015.   We enjoyed your brief visit to the Dieppe IP in 2013.  Stan McCormack.  2014 09 02.


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