We Give You Article #15 by John Brown. 2016 01 19.

   IMG_0014FSA Banquet Pic, from left to right: Earl Ball, John Brown and Kenny Offenther. John offered the invocation.                               


     On Thursday, January 14, at Golf Lakes at the Opening Ceremonies of SWCD D-12, Bet Pitts of Ontario and Golf Lakes was inducted into the SWCD Hall of Fame.  Bet reportedly placed in a tournament for the first time on December 18, 1993.  Her first time to win first place was February 8, 1994.  She now has more than the 200 points to qualify for induction.  Bet has over the years spent much time and effort encouraging novices to learn to play better. Bet and her husband, the late John Pitts were regulars in district tournaments for many years and this column salutes Bet as having worked hard to earn the honors.  Bet’s comment, “I had good partners”.


     FL P-15B at Lee County, M/L Open Doubles, 75 point games.  Ladies Main: 1. Nancy Sclafani, 2. Judy Taylor-Pam Nurnberger.  Consolation: 1. Terri Smith, 3. Patty Howell-Flo Kowalewski, 4. Cheryl Putnam-Shirley McCullough.  Men Main: 1. Jim Miller-Dwayne Cross, 2. Mel Erb-Jerry Everett, 4. Nelson Kellogg-Gene McCullough.  Consolation: 1. Lowell Williams, 3. Larry Taylor, 4. Ron Nurnberger-Bob Kendall.

     Thursday, January 14 at Golf Lakes SWCD D-12, M/L Draw Doubles, Restricted to State Ams and Pros, 16 frames or 75 points.  Men Main: 1. Jim Miller-Bob Comford, 2. Bill Jenkins-David Welsh, 3. John Mickle-Ron Nurnberger, 4. Paul Knepper-Phil Booher.  Consolation: 1. Charlie DeVries-Del Schram, 2. Jerry Stannard-Jean Wilson, Jr., 3. John Roberson-Don Gray, 4. Larry Taylor-Phil Krick.  Ladies Main: 1. Arlene McCague-Letha DeVries, 2. Terri Smith-Adriana Cramton, 3. Jill DeBruyne-Siggy Gudzus, 4. Shirley Bootsma-Erika Berg.  Consolation: 1. Claudia Kellogg-Marie Hunter, 2. Judy Cross-Ruby Flickinger, 3. Heather Godson-Shirley McCullough, 4. Jane Schram-Cheryl Putnam.

     Friday, January 15 at Golf Lakes, SWCD A-9, Any Amateurs/Any Draw Doubles, 16 frames or 75 points. (No points for State Ams, no 2 State Ams on a team).  Main: 1. Arnie Congdon-Cindy Slaughterbeck, 2. Janice O’Sullivan-Steve Slaughterbeck, Jim Clark-Gary Lindsay, 4. Larry Belsley-Jane Baldwin.  Consolation: 1. Cheri Wargo-Doris Mularz, 2 Bill Bierema-Ken Mather, 3. Linda Irwin-Rick Hall, 4. Frank Marderosian-Ned Fogarty.


     Tuesday, January 19 is the second day of FL P-16,, M/L State-Sponsored Singles at Ft. Pierce.  Also the second day of FL A-14 at Avon Park and A-14B at Bradenton Tropical Palms, Any Ams/Any Doubles.

     Thursday, January 21 at Trailer Estates, SWCD D-13 Draw Doubles, Restricted to State Ams and Pros, M/L, 16 frames or 75 points.  Notice this is a change in venue from Tri-Par due to closure of some courts at Tri-Par.

     Friday, January 22, SWCD A-10, Any Ams/Any Doubles at Trailer Estates, Draw Doubles, 16 frames or 75 points.  No move-up points for State Ams, only one State Am per team.  Again Notice: Change of venue from Tri-Par due to court problems.

     Next Monday, January 25, FL P-17 at Trailer Estates, National Open Doubles, M/L, 75 points.  Also January 25, FL A-15A at Riverwoods Plantation in the Southern District, and A-15B at Zephyrhills Shuffle Club, Any Ams/Any Doubles, 75 points.


.     Word is received of the death of Russ Goeman of Michigan and Golf Lakes, and Mel Yoder of Ohio and Pinecraft, both long-time players in District and State Tournaments.  Mel was the longest-surviving heart transplant recipient of the Pittsburg Transplant Center.

.     Reminder:  Come to Trailer Estates on January 21 and 22 for SWCD D-13 and A-10, not Tri-Par as originally published.

.     Due to cold weather, no Petticoat League games last week.  Current standings are: Mt. Vernon-59, Paradise Bay-49, Trailer Estates-43, Village on the Green-41.

Happy Shuffling

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P2 Former ISA President John Barnett Leaves Us. 2016 01 19.

JIM ALLEN SPEAKS: I spoke with Marylin Barnett tonight – she is doing well and at ease now that John is no longer in pain.  (2016 01 19) She mentioned that at this time there are no plans for a memorial in Florida, but in the spring there will be something planned for friends and family in their home city in Ohio.
Marylin has requested that in lieu of flowers that friends can make a donation to the Hall of Fame fund that John was so passionate about. 
Checks should be made out to The Clearwater Shuffleboard Club, and mailed to:
Jim and Beth Allen
6595 Seminole Blvd
Seminole, Fl 33772
Beth will maintain the records and record all donations, and in turn Marylin will have a copy of this record to acknowledge each gift.  At the appropriate time the funds will be turned over to the Clearwater Shuffleboard Club, who then will turn over 50% to the USA Hall of Fame Fund, and 50% to the ISA Hall of Fame Fund.
As John Barnett was instrumental in getting this Hall of Fame Building established in Clearwater it is only fitting that the shuffleboard community fulfil Marylin’s wishes and support this venue that was such a huge part of John Barnett’s life.  Regards, Jim Allen.  
You  may also wish to read comments posted below the original posting:  http://theshuffler.net/2016/01/19/former-isa-president-john-barnett-leaves-us/
Stan McCormack.  2016 01 19 22:25


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Former ISA President John Barnett Leaves Us.

John in Japan
Left to Right: Nubuo and Yuko Kitamura, Marylin and John Barnett. Yoshio Kosai. President JNSA Site of the 1999 Tournament, Tokyo. Japan
Richard e Dehlinger has reported to The Shuffler that John Barnett “left us”  on 2016 01 18:  May he Rest in Peace.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Marylin and their family. 
I am going to provide you a link to John’s Lifetime Achievement Award of2013.  http://theshuffler.net/2013/10/29/32nd-isa-john-barnett-jr-receives-the-lifetime-achievement-award/ 
Barnetts John Marylynn
JIM ALLEN SPEAKS: John Barnett was one of the Founding Fathers of the ISA, and his importance to the sport of shuffleboard can never be overstated.
He had a strong determination of excellence in any task John took on.  The adjectives to describe John go on and on….caring father, devoted husband, successful farmer, loyal friend, and tenacious in shuffleboard. But Pioneer sums up everything — if John tackled a project, he was a Pioneer in not only the methods used, but the results were always good!
John’s contribution to the sport of shuffleboard continues to this day.  He was the catalyst – and a major contributor as well — to raise funds for the Hall of Fame Building in Clearwater for both the ISA and USA National Shuffleboard Hall of Fame venues.
As his legacy with the Hall of Fame continues, Marylin Barnett has requested in lieu of flowers that contributions can be made to the Hall of Fame foundation.   Details on this will follow shortly.
Our sincere condolence is extended to Marylin, and the entire Barnett family.  While we feel like we have lost a member of our own family, we take comfort knowing that John is at peace after fighting such a long and courageous battle.
Regards, Sam, Marcia, Jim, Beth Allen
Stan McCormack.  2016 01 19.
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P2 We Give You The Fashion Report of the FSA HOF Banquet by Glenna Earle and Geraldine Strong. 2016 01 18.

 IMG_0251 Geraldine & Henry - Copy
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P1 Truly A Gala Evening; A Night to Remember!! We Give You the Florida Shuffleboard Hall of Fame Banquet of 2016 01 18.


Bobbleheads x 3First:  Thank you to  the FSA Board, Landy Adkins President, for ensuring Florida Shuffleboard continues to thrive in the State.  Thanks to the Organizing Committee of the 84th Annual Florida State M/L Singles (Walking, Non Walking) and Hall of Fame Banquet.  The event was hosted by the Fort Pierce Shuffleboard Club of the Central East Coast District, Dick Stonecipher President.

I will have a number of postings as well as photo albums. The pic above is of the Bobbleheads of the 3 Inductees honoured following the Banquet.  These, and much much more of the material I will use in my postings to follow are made possible by Colleen Austin.

2016 HoF Brochure - Front2016 HoF Brochure - BackCupcake-Cookie FacesDisplays x 3





Click on each of the pic to expand.  The cupcakes, prepared and presented, are of each of the inductees.  The cakes and the complete display of each of the inductees was “on display” at the Opening of the event on the morning of Jan 18th, and also at the Banquet, and just in case you wondered, there were more than enough for all to enjoy.  I brought home enough to hold an Open House!!!  This woman, the woman who created, prepared  (that would be Colleen Austin) and presented same, is fantastic!!    And, that is only a small part of what she did!!!

Stan McCormack.  2016 01 19 11:50

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Ray Buck hosts an Amateur Tournament on Jan. 16th at Lee County Shuffleboard Club in Fort Myers, Fl

Lee Cty 1 photo 1

Volunteers shown who assisted in the organization and presentation of the Tournament.  Not shown are Joyce Smith, Ray and Joan Buck and Bob Smith.

Ray Buck Speaks: We had our one day tournament yesterday, January 16, at Lee County in North Fort Myers.  Thanks to the 100th Anniversary Committee, this was made possible.  We are extremely grateful.   We had 64 participants who seemed to enjoy themselves immensely.  Joyce Smith took over several of the responsibilities during the tournament since I was finishing up on a tournament that had been delayed by rain.  She and our several volunteers did an excellent job and I believe that Lee County wants to host it again next year.

Lee Cty 1st Cue by Jim A.  4Lee Cty 2nd Ron CarrollLee David Atwood  3rdFrom  left to right: Betty Hannah, 1st; Ron Carroll, 2nd; David Atwood, 3rd.  Top 10 places were paid!!

Jim Allen donated a cue which was awarded to our first place winner, Betty Hannah.
Thanks to Joyce Smith for sending this along!!
Stan McCormack, 2016 01 17 21:40
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You May Wish to Read About Previous FSA HOF Inductees!!

FSA_Logo[1]To read about any of the FSA Hall of Fame Inductees, that is, between the years 2005 to 2015 inclusive, enter into the search rectangle “FSA Hall of Fame” and hit search

This year’s FSA HOF Banquet will be held in Fort Pierce on 2016 01 18 in conjunction with P16, State Sponsored Singles, Men’s and Women’s; Walking and Non-walking.

Motel information:  Comfort Suites , 6505 Metal Drive, Fort Pierce, Florida. Price is $79.99 PLUS tax.  The actual Banquet will take place at Rinelli’s Yellow Tail, 101 2nd St. in Fort Pierce.

3 Shufflers will be inducted into the Hall of Fame on the 18th.  Two of the 3 are Player Awards, 200 points reached and surpassed; the remaining shuffler will be inducted into the Special Award Category. 

NOTE from FSA Website: LUNCH will be SERVED at Fort Pierce State Sponsored singles tournament on MONDAY, January 18th. COMPLIMENTARY lunch is being provided by Moonswiners Bar-B-Q and will consist of pork, chicken, baked beans, coleslaw, roll and tea/water.

If you plan to arrive at the courts AFTER 8:00 AM, you will have to alter your route. Fort Pierce is having a Marin Luther King day parade and certain streets will be closed.
 If coming from north via I-95 , exit at Indrio Road and drive east to U.S. 1 and drive south to Seaway Drive and turn east to Indian River Drive. If coming from south via I-95, exit at Okeechobee Road and drive east on Virginia Avenue to U.S.1 and then drive north to Seaway Drive. If coming from the west coast of Florida, drive east on Okeechobee Road and Virginia Avenue to U.S.1 and then north to Seaway Drive. Just remember that 25th Street (Martin Luther King Blvd.) will be closed from Virginia Avenue to Avenue Q.

Stan McCormack. 2016 01 17.  CU at the 2016 banquet!!

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