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‘Sweet Spot’ With Mike Sugerman: Brooklyn Brings Back Shuffleboard

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Both Ashley and Jonathan will be in Brazil participating in the 36th ISA!!

Stan McCormack.  2017 04 28


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Summer Shuffling in FL’s Central District Begins!! 2014 04 27.

Walt Shine wins the Pro Divison

Sharon Henderson wins the Amateur D.


The Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Summer Tournaments are off to a great start!  Betmar hosted the kickoff tournament on April 23rd with 75 players from all around the State.  The local talent showed through with Walt Shine of Betmar winning the Pro Division with a perfect 8-0 record quite a feat considering he did it with eight different partners on eight different courts.  Shine is one of the areas great Pros who has been recovering from several surgeries in recent years; looks like he’s back.

Sharon Henderson of the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club won the Amateur Championship with a 6-2 record.  Sharon had a very successful winter season and it looks like she is going to continue that success through the summer.

Earl Ball 4-27-2017

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ENJOY Stan Bober’s Humor, while at the same time checking WCD Results!!

Stan Bober Gives You the Mingle Singles Results from Pinellas Park!!  https://wcdshuffle.yolasite.com/mingles-singles.php

HOWEVER; you get far more than mere results; you get humor!!

Thanks so much Stan (Bober)  Posted on 2017 04 27.  (by the Other Stan)


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Sent Along by Dave Kudro!!

First Look: Forest City Shuffleboard Arena and Bar in Ohio City


April 27, 2017 at 10:56 AM


After nearly a year of construction, Jim Miketo is putting the finishing touches on Forest City Shuffleboard Arena and Bar (4506 Lorain Ave.), a gorgeous new entertainment option on the Ohio City-Detroit Shoreway border. A complete gut-and-rebuild job on the former Supermercado Rico building on Lorain at W. 45th has produced a spacious, but comfortable social club with indoor shuffleboard, bar and kitchen. The business is on track for a mid-May opening.


Miketo, a Cleveland native and graduate of St. Eds, lived in New York for eight years. It was there that he visited Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club in Brooklyn and became enamored by the game and its followers.

“When I went there I was like, What are kids in their 20s and 30s doing playing shuffleboard?” he recalls. “And there are two- to three-hour waits every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.”


Miketo opened his first indoor shuffleboard club near Marblehead in 2015, but he was thrilled to have the opportunity to expand into his hometown. Not many buildings can accommodate indoor shuffleboard courts, or come with enough adjacent space on which to expand. Miketo got both, and ended up with a spacious 7,500-square-foot main floor when all was said and done.

“One of the big challenges we had, because it was such a big space, was to make it all feel connected – the bar and shuffleboard arena,” he says.

He and his wife Kari obviously have an eye for design. The resulting spaces are warm, cozy and interconnected, with burgundy and goldfinch paint colors pairing nicely with the exposed brick. Large openings unite the barroom with the arena, while new windows connect the indoor with the outdoors.


The “vintage varsity” theme is consistent throughout the space, with collegiate-style details like original baseball stadium seating, an old but functional scoreboard from Magnificat High, bleacher-board backbar, high-tops fabricated from basketball court hardwood, and a jumbotron that will hang from the rafters.

While the gymnasium-like atmosphere might provoke flashbacks for weaklings, Miketo says that shuffleboard is a game for all ages and abilities.


“It’s shuffleboard; everybody here is an all-star.”

There are five indoor and two outdoor courts. The 60-by-10-foot areas of play are constructed of raised poured concrete that is sealed and glossed with glass beads. One-on-one or two-on-two games are played up to 75 points. The courts are rented by the hour. Seasonal leagues will take place throughout the year, and regular play will be first come, first served, although large groups can reserve ahead.


A 30-foot-long maple and black walnut topped bar will serve 20 drafts, draft cocktails, and other beverages “that hearken yesteryear.” A fully equipped kitchen space, with service windows accessible from both inside and the outdoor patio, will be staffed by a rotating roster of local talent at all times.

“We’ll try and highlight all of Cleveland’s great restaurants and up-and-coming chefs,” says Miketo, adding that options likely will include empanadas, pupusas, barbecue and many others.


The main bar area features communal tables, benches and custom-built 22-foot tabletop shuffleboard games.

Out front, the two outdoor shuffleboard courts will be flanked by a patio topped with green athletic turf keep the sports theme consistent. Miketo intentionally wanted to bring the activity right up to the sidewalks on Lorain as opposed to sequestering it indoors.

“We want to try and drive foot traffic down this way, so people can see us playing shuffleboard,” he notes. “It’s such a cool neighborhood down there. It has such a unique fabric, and as the community continues to grow and expand, I want to be a part of it.”

Before shot of the building

  • Before shot of the building
Present-day shot of the building

  • Present-day shot of the building
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We Give You 2 Slide Shows to Refresh Your Memory!! 2017 04 27

REMEMBER OUR INAUGURAL TO GERMANY??  Some great pix to bring back some great MEMORIES!!  https://photopeach.com/album/j4b6s8

On the same INAUGURAL, we visited Holland first.  We visited Amsterdam and cruised on the Canal: http://photopeach.com/album/wjdqai 

Stan McCormack.  2017 04 27.

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NORWICH TRAVELLERS!! Want to Have a “boo”, at Your Trip to Great Britain??

Should YOU wish to revisit NORWICH, enter the word NORWICH into the small rectangle, top right of the page, and then click on Search!!

Pic is of our Reporters; many thanks!!!  ENJOY: Stan McCormack. 2017 04 27.


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Lary Faris Has Left Us, May He Rest in Peace. Information Provided by The Phifer Family and Earl Ball.


In the afternoon of April 25th, 2017, we lost an Icon; Lary Faris passed on to the great Shuffleboard Court in the sky!

Many of you that have been around for some time remember reading the Articles Lary wrote to be published in many local newspapers; the Articles were about Shuffleboard Strategy and he was known as the “Shuffleboard Coach”.  Lary was very hesitant to let anyone republish those articles but after what, at least, seemed like years he relented and let Chuck Moulton republish some of them on the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club web site for the rest of us to enjoy.  At the time Earl Ball wrote the following introduction for Chuck Moulton, and it’s better than anything he could write at this time.  Earl Ball.

Earl Ball Speaks: “Lary Faris began shuffling when he was three years old at Lakeside, Ohio, where his family had a summer home. He is now in his 75th year of shuffling. Needless to say he became one of the games top players and was inducted into the National Shuffleboard Hall of Fame in 1980, over 30 years ago. Since that time he has also been inducted into the International, Florida and Ohio Halls of Fame. No other male player has won more National Championship, 15, than Lary. He got involved with International Shuffleboard and had a perfect 11-0 record in Yokohama, Japan in 1988. From that point on, besides playing and writing, he became intricately involved with the scheduling of games in International Tournaments.”

Lary starting writing weekly articles about “game situations” and other shuffleboard topics in 1989. These articles were printed in many Florida newspapers and Lary was known as the Shuffleboard Coach. He continued writing for 14 years, until 2003, creating about 700 articles. Many of us as shuffleboard players never had a chance to read the articles, but now we will get that opportunity. I know we will enjoy each and every one of them.

I consider Lary the ultimate Professional at everything he does and for all he has contributed to the game………Earl Ball.”

From a Personal point of view, Lary was my greatest Shuffleboard Idol!  He pushed me to the forefront in International Shuffleboard and in National Shuffleboard as well.  One of my great thrills and memories is of being presented a “gold medal” on the St Pete Courts with Lary, Joan Wheeler and Buck Buchanan as one of the 1st four Americans to win every game in an International Tournament.  Lary persuaded me to come to Lakeside for the Summer Nationals, I kept giving him one excuse after another not to be there.  He “kept after me” and I finally showed up; I’ve always been glad I did because Lakeside, in those days, drew large fields and was where the real Champions meant to test each other.  Over the last few years, until last year, I hadn’t been traveling to Lakeside.  Lary had been after me to return, he could be real pushy, like someone else I know and after running out of excuses I agreed that if he would live another year (he was in failing health) I would come to Lakeside to sit and talk Shuffleboard Strategy with him.  He did and I did and we had a great time dissecting everyone’s play in the Singles Championship.


Lary and Marilyn at the US NSA HOF Banquet, 2016 in Lakeside, OH



Lary and Marilyn watching Shuffleboard at Lakeside in 2016


Earl and Lary Dissecting the Play in Lakeside, OH, 2016

Little did I know that to be there his wife, Marilyn a wonderful lady, had to take him out of rehab.  I’m sure he would have been there anyway but I know he kept his word which was everything; still one of the most touching times I’ve experienced in shuffleboard.  At the Hall of Fame Banquet was where I learned of the special effort put forth to be sure Lary was present.  I had warned him that I was going to talk about him at the banquet; Lary always got the last word, even with me and he had prepared his comeback remarks but never got to say them even though he made clear he wanted to by asking during the presentation if “Earl Ball” was going to talk; things just didn’t work out that time.  May Lary rest in peace because when he gets his bearing there will be no peace for anyone that doesn’t want to play shuffleboard in the sky!

Click here to see what Glen Peltier has to say: https://celebrate100yearsofshuffleboard.files.wordpress.com/2017/04/lary-faris-shuffleboard-superstar-great-article-by-glen-peltier.pdf 

Go here to read basic personal info. with regard to Lary: http://prabook.com/web/person-view.html?profileId=612794 

Lary’s Obituary is not yet available on line.  (2017 04 26)  Accordingly I thought I would go ahead with what I have.  Thank You to the Phifer Family of Lakeside ; no family will miss Lary more.  Rich and Marilynn said this in the initial announcement with regard to Lary being admitted to the hospice.

Rich and Marilynn Speak: Lary got me into shuffleboard volunteering and he tutored Marilynn. He played two of his last tournaments with me as a partner.  It was an honor as he carried me.  We won the Bill Slyh one year and finished 3rd the next.  Marilyn and Lary Faris are leaders and Marilynn and Rich Phifer have been blessed to be two their humble followers and have them as friends.


Stan McCormack.  2017 04 26.






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