Earl Ball Looks Back to a 2007 Tournament at Betmar!! How does it compare with the current Betmar T.???


That’s right; 97 teams showed up to play the split FSA tournament at Betmar and it seemed like just as many spectators. The place was jammed and the timing was perfect to have the tournament indoors as winter showed itself in Florida. It was the largest field of the year with 66 Men’s teams and 31 Women’s teams.  (Remember folks, this is in 2007)
To quote Glen Peltier “Shuffleboard is special in Zephyrhills” and it showed.
Gaston Archambault and Richard Eby of Avon Park played the tournament of their careers taking out the “big boys” and walking away with the Championship.
Edna Triplett of Daytona and Betty Lloyd of Pt Charlotte took the Women’s Championship.  (For anyone who may not know, that is Betty on the right)
In the race for 200 points, Stan Williamson moved to within 10 points as did Pat Whitaker while Jim Bailey is only 11 points away.

Report by Earl Ball 2007 02 02  Stan speaking in 2018: I have a pic of Gaston, but not of Richard. During the winter of 2017-2018, I literally lived right across the street from Richard >> but no pic??  Richard and I both played at Avon Park many years ago. Article posted 2018 10 22.

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Shufflers; Two State Tournaments begin on Monday, Oct. 22nd!!


On Monday, October 22nd, their will be an OPEN Tournament in Betmar and Lee County.  Remember Amateurs, these are both “OPEN” Tournaments and  accordingly you are free to compete in either.  Both are Doubles, Men and Ladies. I have posted a pic., a sample of the membership at Lee County.   I know them all but one, AND I believe you will have fun, win or lose!!

Now to Betmar; as with Lee County, we have a group of enthusiastic and competent shufflers.   I have shuffled in both locations, and would gladly return to either!!  I am going to give you a descriptive narrative of Betmar. Betmar Facility Story   Although the author of this Betmar article has not laid claim to it, i.e. it is unsigned, I think we can all agree it is Betmar Club Member Earl Ball.

Whether you go to Betmar or Lee County, you will ENJOY.  Stan McCormack, 2018 10 21

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Ron Nurnberger Sends Along the SWCD Tournament Results. 2018 10 20.

Ron Nurnberger Speaks:  LADIES DIVISION: (Pic L to R) 2nd Place; Pat Tomko & Lois Wegner. 1st Place; Nancy Sclafani & Terri Smith. 3rd Place; Shirley McCullough & Flo Kowalewski. 4th Place; Cindy Slaughterbeck & Adriana Cramton.

CONSOLATION: 1st Place; Marlene Coburn & Pam Nurnberger. 2nd Place; Arlene McCague & Chèryl Putnam. 3rd Place; Donna Schultz & Joan Curwin. 4th Place; Linda Wallingford & Letha Devries.

MEN’S DIVISION: (no picture available) 1st Place; Faron Vandegrift (alias ‘Rust Bucket’) & Ben Coy (alias ‘Geritol’). 2nd Place; John Roberson & Nelson Kellogg. 3rd Place; Donald Brun & Arnie Cogdon. 4th Place; Vern Wallingford & Jean Wilson Jr.

CONSOLATION: 1st Place; Grant Childerhose & Tom Putnam. 2nd Place; Dwayne Cross & Dave Minnich. 3rd Place; Ron Nurnberger & Larry Taylor. 4th Place; Ed Leonard & Dave Welsh.

TOURNAMENT DIRECTORS: Joyce Marquis & Pat Batdorff.

SPONSORS: All Weather Roofing & An Anonymous Donor

Reporting for SWCD, Ron Nurnberger

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Playing with veteran State and District partner Dave Minnich (District 3)Dwayne reached his goal to be a member of the SWCD HOF. Dwayne started playing in 2003, played on 4 USA National teams, participated in the international games in Australia, Germany, and twice in Canada. Inducted into the Michigan Hall of Fame in 2018, he also played in the first international Singles Tournament representing the USA.


Reporting for the SWCD, Ron Nurnberger

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AL Dronsfield Reports for the Northern District!! 2018 10 20

Coronado/Mainland Club

Allen Dronsfield Speaks:  The Northern District held it’s 3rd. event of the season. This week we were at the historic site and club of Coronado/Mainland. Located right on Flagler Ave. and 3 blocks from the beach, it attracts many people walking towards the beach, as well as vehicle traffic. The aroma of food in the air makes this facility and club a fun place to go be.
If my totals are correct we had 27 teams in this Any Dbls. event.  Donna King and Richie Burrell, Director this tournament with the help of Carolyn Burrell and Pat King.
Stan Williamson and I didn’t make the second day so as usual I’ve done a poor job of acquiring pictures of our winners and placements.
The courts were recently resurfaced and Nella-Sealed; looked great and ran well with their interesting drifts.

Next week we head west across the St. John’s River to the Mid-Florida Lakes facility for a No Two Pro event. Enjoyable club as well, it sits on the waters of Haynes Creek. Large clubhouse and on site lunches prepared on the grill.
This was where Jack Wooten resided and his absence at this up coming event will certainly be noticed.
Pic  of Coronado/Mainland Club at the top.

Here are the results:

Main Event

1st. Frank Cherill/Bob Robinson —-                           Leesburg/Hawthorne – This is 3 in a row for Frank
2nd. Rod Lewis/Donna Lewis ————————- Deland
3rd. Allen Best/Rich Kordeleski ———————- Coronado/Mainland
4th. Dave Dean/Dave Martin ————————- Leesburg

Consolation Event

1st. Bob Tager/Guy Godman ———————– Coronado/Mainland
2nd. Daryl Harman/Rex Galusha —————– Coronado/Mainland
3rd. Phil Wade/Howard Chambers ————— Coronado Mainland/Inverness
4th. Doris Hanke/Jane Moore ——————– Hawthorne/Leesburg

Reported By Allen Dronsfield 10/20/18

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Celebrate early voting at St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club. 2018 10 19

Whether you’re Democrat or Republican — or Libertarian — you’re welcome and wanted at St. Pete Votes, a nonpartisan party celebrating our right, privilege and responsibility as voters
“This first began as a celebratory brunch at my house for my neighbors and close friends,” Kenwood Neighborhood Association President Michelle Everett says, “and now it has morphed into a city-wide initiative.”
True enough — now, the League of Women Voters has agreed to sponsor St. Pete Votes’ Early Voting Celebration. The idea’s pretty simple: Cast your ballot early, either by mail (remember, it’s two stamps!), in person or by dropping off a completed ballot at the Supervisor of Elections. Then, head to the St. Pete Shuffleboard Club to play some shuffleboard, listen to music, grab a drink and throw the kids in a bouncy house while you celebrate liberty.

St. Pete Shuffleboard Club, 559 Mirror Lake Dr., St. Petersburg | Oct. 30: 4-8 p.m. | Get more information about the event on its Facebook page

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Winter Haven Hosts CDP02: Report by Earl Ball, Your Onsite Reporter!!!

Earl Ball, John Houghtaling on your left and Dick & Karon Lightner on your right, win championships.  The Winter Haven Shuffleboard Club hosted the Central District Tournament on Thursday, October 19th.

Earl Ball and John Houghtaling, Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club, drew each other and although they had trouble playing the courts, going three games in three of their five matches, any of which they could have easily lost, they persevered and took the Championship back to Zephyrhills.
In the Amateur field Dick & Karon Lightner of the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club swept every game to win all of their matches and give Z Zephyrhills both Championships.

Sent along by Earl Ball WITH THANKS!!!  2018 10 19 22:05    For complete results, go here: https://theshuffler.net/2018/10/19/the-cd-of-the-fsa-reports-2018-10-19/ 

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