Shuffleboard is Great For Your Health!! by Gary Pipher. 2018 05 23.

Gary Pipher Speaks:  When the shuffleboard bug bites it leaves you with an everlasting urge to play the game and stay in contact with friends you have met along the way.

This is ever so true with Maggie Maynerd , a long time member of the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club.
Maggie is in her 94th year and is a very remarkable and spunky lady to say the least.
She was recently admitted to the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital where she underwent hip surgery and was later transferd to the Midland Hospital for recovery .

Maggie was determined to come to shuffle today and said their must be something I can do at the Club ; like selling share the wealth tickets and that’s exactly what she did today.
Maggie is from Toronto and for the past 30 plus years has been spending the summers at her cottage in Waubaushene on the shores of Georgian Bay.
Since joining the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club in 2007 Maggie has always been a competitive shuffleboard player and her determination to play at least once or possibly twice a week adds credence to that great article by Stan McCormack which he posted several years ago, about how the game of shuffleboard can add years to your life.
This has never been so true as in the case of this remarkable and determined lady.
Maggie is shown here after shuffleboard in the Clubhouse having a coffee and a chat with a fellow player.

Sent along by Gary Pipher with THANKS.  Posted by Stan on 2018 05 23.

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WCD Webmaster Sends Along pix and Results!!! 2018 05 22.


We give you the RESULTS of t he WCD Mingles/Singles!! More correctly, Stan Bober gives you the WCD Results!!  Thanks Stan for your  regular WEEKLY REPORTING!!

To view a) Pictures of the winners, along with some of Stan’s cartoons, go here:  HOLD IT! Stan shared with me that despite the rain, 43 Shufflers turned out. The good news: The new roof at Pinellas Park kept the shufflers “free from the wet stuff”!!

Posted by Stan (McCormack) on 2018 05 22.



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Shuffleboard Is Cool Now!! (A long read, BUT WELL WORTH IT!!)

Stan Speaking: Shuffleboard Is Cool Now!! (A long read, BUT WELL WORTH IT!!) This article was first posted in July of 2017.  I am not reposting it as a “Look Back” article, I am reposting it as an article every serious shuffler with an interest in growing our sport, should read, should think about what the author is saying!! 

Click on the link below. I thought this quote, by Erik Hahmann from the article,  stood out for me: “What I really love about the game is that there is no physical advantage — shuffleboard is a game of touch, feel, and precision,” he says. “An 80-year-old woman has just as much of a chance to win a game as a 18-year-old man. There’s not many other sports like that.” Hahmann likes to say that you can learn shuffleboard in five minutes, but you can spend a lifetime getting better at it. And though the physicality of the sport is low, there’s a high degree of mental strain, stemming from the endless strategizing and the ruthless psychological techniques opponents inflict upon each other.” AND NOW TO THE ARTICLE!!  Posted by Stan McCormack. 2018 05 22.


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Lakeland Hosts the CD Mingles/Singles. Murphy and Leisure Take 1st!!

George Leisure

Pauline Murphy

Lakeland hosted the Mingles/Singles tournament this Monday, May 21st. Pauline Murphy, ZSC, won the Pro Championship by winning 7 of her 8 matches and was oh so close to a sweep. In the match she lost she shot the opponent into the kitchen (10 off) and held the 8 with her last shot to tie the match but lost the lag for victory. Very disappointing but the Championship is still sweet.
George Leisure, Lakeland, won the Amateur Division, also, winning 7 matches. George had several close matches and in fact in one of his victories he didn’t score a point and gives complete credit to his partner for winning the match.
Earl 5-21-2018

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We Celebrate Anniversaries To-day; Bergs and Biltons

Rendall and Myrna

Peter and Erika Berg

Biltons, Rendall and Myrna Celebrate 58 Yrs of Marriage To-day!!

Bergs, Peter and Erika Celebrate 57 Yrs of Marriage To-day!!

We wish both couples the Very Very Best!!! Stan 2018 05 21.

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St Petes Contingent Tests Betmar Courts, AND, Enjoys Earl and Vivian’s Hospitality!! 2018 05 20.


Earl Ball Speaks: Erik Hahmann, above in Green, gathered up 10 players in addition to himself and traveled to Betmar in Zephyrhills on Sunday afternoon, May 20th to show his players another venue and they got to test themselves against Betmar and Lakeland players to see how much they’ve advanced. They did very well and enjoyed themselves.

We started out on some of Betmar’s straighter courts and then moved to the drifter courts at Erik’s request so the St Pete players could experience them; they don’t have courts that drift that much at St Pete. We really mixed it up and gave everyone a chance to play with and meet different players.
When we finished we headed over to Earl Balls house where Vivian had goodies ready for everyone with a cold drink to enjoy. We reconciled all the differences in shuffleboard preferences as well as solving all the problems that Shuffleboard faces.
Earl Ball 5-20-2018.  Thanks to Earl, to Vivian, and to Pauline, and other HELPERS.

Kerry of St Petes

Debbie of St Petes

Allison of St Petes

Allen of St Petes


Myklejords on left. I see Frank Niziolek.


Our Host and Friend

Dean in foreground; Pauline in Red, background.

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Lifetime Achievment Award Recepient Sam Allen turn 89 to -day, 2018 05 20; Happy Birthday From All Shufflers World Wide!!.

Jim Allen Speaks: Had a wonderful lunch with Sam and Marcia to celebrate his 89th birthday!

During most of the lunch he expressed his satisfaction knowing that shuffleboard is growing in many areas, and reminiscing about the great trips he and mom have taken over the years. It does his heart good to see shuffleboard in so many countries now, as that was a goal he set out years ago.

They are doing well and planning something special for Mom’s 90th birthday in July!

Cheers, Jim.

Stan Carries On: Go here to read the article re Sam’s Lifetime Achievement Award:  BE SURE AND WATCH THE VIDEO!!!

Posted on 2018 05 20 by Stan

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