Shuffleboard Brings Couples Together for Senior Oylmpics

Edward and Antonia Mose have competed in the Senior Olympics since 2000, but if it weren’t for Antonia Mose’s triple bypass heart surgery in 2004, then shuffleboard may have been lost in the shuffle.
“It was right around Easter time that year and we still went to the State Olympics that year,” Edward Mose said. “We decided to do shuffleboard because she could still stand and didn’t have to run. We did fairly good, so we decided to stay in it.”
The Moses, who hail from Medanales, have become friends with Babbie and Joseph Cortez from Tierra Azul, who have learned shuffleboard strictly from the Moses.
“They took us under their wing and showed us how to play,” Babbie Cortez said. “I give my ability to play a lot to Mr. Mose because I listened to him, a lot. He’s very, very competitive, even when we are just here fooling around or practicing, he always takes it very seriously.”
While Babbie Cortez has participated in the Senior Olympics for six years, her husband is entering his 14th year, after starting at the age of 50, which is the youngest age a competitor can be.
Joseph Cortez’s passion is running, which he has competed in since his high school days at Questa and Los Alamos High School. This year, he will compete in the 5 and 10K and track and field events from the 1500 meters, all the way down to the 100.
“I’ve been running all my life,” he said. “I was just running one day and my friend, Joe Ortega, said ‘Why don’t you join the Senior Olympics?’ I said ‘How old do you have to be?’ Fifty-years-old was the age-limit, so I joined right away.”
Joseph Cortez is a retired electrical engineer from the Los Alamos National Laboratory, who spent his 1-hour lunch breaks pacing around the facility.
“I would tell people ‘My husband is Joe,’” Babbie Cortez said. “Then I’d have to say, ‘He’s the one who runs around in the funny looking camouflage, floppy hat.’ Then people knew who I was talking about.”
Joseph Cortez calls running a habit, but compares it interestingly, to drinking.
“It’s like being an alcoholic,” he said. “You know you’re going to hurt the next day, but you still go do it anyways.”
National qualifier
Now the Moses and the Cortezes will have high aspirations at this year’s New Mexico Senior Olympics, Wednesday (7/18) through Saturday.
The 2018 state games will serve as a qualifying event for the 2019 National Senior Games presented by Humana, which will also be held in Albuquerque.
“It’s almost kind of embarrassing if you don’t make it (to nationals),” Babbie Cortez said. “You’ve been working so hard and it’s (in) your state, so you want to do nothing but qualify for nationals.”
Out of all the expected competitors to be in Albuquerque this week, 45 will be officially coming from Rio Arriba County. 27 others from the county will be present, according to Edward Mose.
“The state changed the rules now,” he said. “You used to have to qualify through your county, but you don’t have to anymore. They didn’t want to pay the 20 bucks to qualify through the county, they’ll go straight to state.”
The Senior Olympics hosts 24 total events, 18 which are qualifying events for the 2019 nationals. The Moses compete in couples dancing, but it is one of the events that isn’t a national qualifier.
“Since the dancing doesn’t qualify for nationals, we’ll be mostly focused on shuffleboard,” Edward Mose said.
Edward Mose said if shuffleboard runs overtime, there’s no question about what their priority will be.
“We’ve already decided on that,” he said. “If it comes between the shuffleboard or going to the dance, we’ll be staying at shuffleboard.”
Both the Cortezes and the Moses are looking to finish in the top-four of their respective age groups to qualify after strong finishes last year at state.
Babbie and Joseph Cortez won the silver medal in the 55-59 age group last year, while Babbie won bronze and Joseph won gold in the 60-64 age group for singles.

Joseph Cortez is allowed to compete down an age group in doubles since his wife is 58-years-old.
Similarly, Antonia and Edward Mose won bronze in doubles and Edward won silver in singles, for the 75-79 age group.
Smelling Blood
Although the two couples admitted to the games being friendly and social, it all changes when competition begins.
“Some people say, ‘It’s just Senior Olympics, what can these old folks do?’ But you’d be surprised of the competitiveness there. A lot of them are there out for blood.”
Babbie Cortez couldn’t agree more.
“That’s the mindset you have to have to be good,” she said. “And yes, when you get over there, you’re out for blood. You’re nice with them and stuff, but you want that first place, you want that second and you want that third.”
The opening ceremonies will take place Wednesday (7/18) at 7 p.m. at Balloon Fiesta Park, where Rio Arriba County will try to win the “Spirit Award” for the fifth consecutive year, according to Babbie Cortez. The award is given to the county who is the loudest and most enthusiastic.
Get involved
Antonia Mose said “doubt” is the biggest factor holding back many seniors from getting invloved in the Olympics.
“When I talk to people about joining, they say, ‘Oh, I’m not very good at this or that,’” she said. “You don’t have to be good, you’ll be competing against people your own age. Once you get out there, you’ll realize you have talent that you didn’t even know you had.”

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Canadian Teams Topping The Charts In Shuffleboard Tournament. Newspaper Article.

All six particpating Canadian teams are topping the scoreboards at the Internation Shuffleboard Tournament, held at the Rec-plex.

The International Shuffleboard Association is holding its week-long tournament in the High River Rec-Plex, and so far Canadian teams are in standing for the playoffs.
Event organizer for the tournament, Verena Wardley says national talent is making tough competition for the world teams “There are six Canadian teams competing this year, three for men, and three for women, and all of them are in standing for the final round playoffs for this Friday.”

All together, 24 teams are competing for the final round on, Friday July 20 2018, where the top two teams will compete for the gold and silver medals.
Wardley says the event is important for competition, but it also exposes and promotes the game to a wider audience: “By hosting the event in High River, we have been able to notify local players from around the town, and out of town, that there is a big scene for the game here, this event has done wonders for our association.”
Wardley also says, that the game is not just for seniors “We have some players in their 20’s and 30’s playing this year at the competition, a young lady in her 20’s from Vietnam and a few younger players from the American teams as well. Shuffleboarding is a game that can truly be enjoyed by all age groups.”
Thursday July19th, 2018 the teams will be heading to the Rec-Plex again, playing all day to get a spot in the final round on Friday.
Friday’s final game will be followed by an award ceremony at the Heritage Inn in High River.
Send us your news tips, story ideas and comments at

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We Give You Round 10 Results!! And, the Friday Schedule!!

We Give You R10 Results!!!  Both Women and Men!! AS WELL AS THE FRIDAY SCHEDULE!!

Let’s begin with the Friday Schedule!! Friday_Schedule  the Women Women R10 and the Men: Men R10   and we hope you will be watching, watching closely as we begin the final push!!

Perhaps we should repeat part of the “Tournament Format”  After Round 10, the teams in each pool will be ranked from 1 to 6 based on their pool play. All ties within each pool will then be broken first by a head-to-head comparison and, if still tied, then by a round of Speed Shuffleboard (Round 11).
For the finals, the #1 ranked teams from Pools A and B will play each other for the Championship. The #2 ranked teams will play for 3rd and 4th, #3 ranked will play for 5th and 6th, and so on until all 12 places have been determined. Ties at the end of the final round will be broken by the total team points earned in the final round.  

Stan McCormack.  2018 07  19

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The Rotational’s in the Northern District came to an end today

Jan and Allen Dronsfield

The Rotationals in the Northern District came to an end today. Warm and breezy we got it in before the rains came. Another low turnout with 18 players, a mix of both pro’s and am’s.
As things have come to an end with the rotationals, and Tavares down for the summer. why not consider going down to the central district on Monday’s and Thursday’s. All indoor facilities so your protected from the rain at least. schedules are available online under the central district.
Leesburg is also open on Tuesday’s and Friday’s, play begins at 9:00.
I also open at Leesburg on Sunday mornings and we start at 9:00 also, all are welcome. If your coming to Leesburg you will need to bring nickels to play with on Tuesday and Friday only. Sunday was originally set up for clinics, so if there are some things you would like to work on or need help with let me know and I will work with you on those issues.           

Stan Speaks: I think we should have a HUGE SHOUT OUT FOR AL!!  The Xtra he does for the Northern District in particular, and Shuffleboard in general is very much appreciated. 

This week we had two 5 game winners and 2 amateur’s in the top 5.

1st. Charlie Adams ——————————  — Hawthorne Pro 5 wins 341 points
2nd. Frank Cherill ————————              —————– Leesburg Pro 5 ” 335
3rd. Betty Mondeel ———————————————– Hawthorne Am 4 ” 268
4th. George Snyder ———————————————– Clermont Pro 4 ” 244
5th. DeWayne Toomey ——————————————- Clermont Am 4 ” 213

There you go folks, best wishes to all for a remainder of the summer and see many of you in Oct.

Reported by Al Dronsfield 7/19/18

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We Give You Round 8 Results of the 37th ISA in High River Alberta.

YES, it is State TD Glenn Monroe, albeit somewhat younger!!

Here we go shufflers. Who said it would take a long time for European Shufflers to be able to compete with North American Shufflers???  When you click on the link, you will see that the German Women’s Team, in Group A, is leading by 1 Point.   Women R8 Perhaps one of the German Players will send me a pic?  Please.  And now I give you the Men: Men R8

For those following the 37th on the Shuffler, I give you the Tournament Format.

There will be twelve teams in both the Men’s and Women’s Divisions. Each division will be subdivided in two six team pools (Pool A and Pool B). Each team will play two round robins events against the other five members of their pool for a total of ten games. While each team will play the other teams in their pool twice, no player will compete against any other player more than once.
After Round 10, the teams in each pool will be ranked from 1 to 6 based on their pool play. All ties within each pool will then be broken first by a head-to-head comparison and, if still tied, then by a round of Speed Shuffleboard (Round 11).
For the finals, the #1 ranked teams from Pools A and B will play each other for the Championship. The #2 ranked teams will play for 3rd and 4th, #3 ranked will play for 5th and 6th, and so on until all 12 places have been determined. Ties at the end of the final round will be broken by the total team points earned in the final round.
Individual players will earn points towards their team score. One point will be awarded for an individual win, a half point will be awarded for a tie and zero points awarded for a loss. Team points will be awarded on the same basis. A team’s total individual points will be converted to team points on the following basis:
0 to 1.5 individual points = 0 team points 2 individual points = 0.5 team points 2.5 to 4 individual points = 1 team point
Both team and individual points will be posted concurrently.
Each match will consist of one 16-frame game, non-walking singles, with eight frames played on each color. Color change is made after eight frames.
At the beginning of each match, two discs may be shot by each player to check speed. Four discs may then be shot for practice by each player. After the color change, another four practice discs may be shot by each player.
Court assignments and player pairings are made by the Tournament Director. Pairings for the finals will be based on player performance during the round robin phase with the #1 performing player on a given team playing the #1 player on the opposing team, etc.

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We Give You Additional Info. on Ladies of Team C, Group B.

Let’s talk somewhat about the leading Women’s Team in Group B, Canada C.  It would be redundant to say each of the 4 are competent shufflers. However; in any Team Event, there is more than individual competence, and that is what make these “Team Events” different.  Have a read of this partial summary of what Lynn Bell has achieved in this regard.  Lynn Bell has been a committed shuffleboard player for the past 20 years plu1 and the gentleman speaking in the Induction, is Art Scott, Brian’s Father.  AND,  on that same Team as Lynn, the Young Lady who prepares (writes) most of our “onsite stories”, Glenna Earle!!  In this regard her talent shines for all to see; however; she has equal talent ON THE COURTS!! I will let Henry Strong, former CNSA President, tell you a little about Glenna: Glenna Earle into ISA HOF 2015 10 28. – Copy  As Henry pointed out in the article, Glenna is multi talented; both David and Glenna are first class musical performers; the Shuffleboard Community is fortunate to have people like this. Pic is of Glenna performing with Trumpeter Bob Read on a cruise.  2009 IP 5 CRUISE MISS MID.

Marlene Corbeil is deeply involved in the game each of us loves.  She directs Tournaments in both the USA and Canada. She tells you (NOTE: 2010 ARTICLE) how she became involved: Marlene Corbeil Tells Us How She Became Involved a  and I am confident the other team member, Eileen Hildebrand, has an equal involvement in our game.   Manitoba has many excellent shufflers; as they normally go to TX OR AZ during the winter, I do not have the same access as though going to FL.

Article put together from my archives.  Do hope you enjoy.  Stan 2018 07 19.


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Bob Smith Shares His Experience of 2018 07 18.

Bob Smith Speaks: Good morning from High River. Our Wednesday was filled with one game of shuffleboard, lunch and then off to the Bar-U ranch. Canadian President Jim Corbeil had once managed this ranch for 3 years. Most of the photos are from the ranch. The one lady giving the history of the bar-U ranch from the 1800’s to present day, while having tea by the open pit fire. A working smoke house with a side of beef curing. A pantry stocked with flour and other staples. Then it’s off to the Longview Hall where we were had pulled beef and entertained by the Queens cowboys and our own DJ Don. The Mural’s on the hall are done very well of the early west. One photo of ISA President, Myrna Bilton, and ISA Secretary, Joyce Smith, with the Japanese team. All in all a fun filled day arriving back at the hotel at 9:30pm.  Bob Smith

  • IMG_1814.jpg
  • Preview

  • IMG_1821.jpg
  • IMG_1823.jpg
  • IMG_1828.jpg
  • IMG_1832.jpg
  • IMG_1834.jpg
  • IMG_1836.jpg
  • IMG_1837.jpg
  • IMG_1846.jpg
  • IMG_1848.jpg
  • IMG_1849.jpg
  • IMG_1851.jpg
  • IMG_1857.jpg



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