Nationally-ranked shuffleboard couple competes at Senior Games

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Carl and Carol won the Doubles Tournament in their age division during the Missouri State Senior Games at Hearnes Center

COLUMBIA — When Carol Howell and her husband, Carl Howell, decided to retire, she swore to him she’d never do two things.  “I told him ‘I’m not going to play bingo and I’m not going to play shuffleboard, because that’s for old people,’” she said.

But since 1998, she’s been doing both. Shuffleboard in particular.

The Howells travel across the country, and even overseas, to compete in shuffleboard competitions. On Saturday, they won gold medals in their age group at the Missouri State Senior Games at the Hearnes Center.

In 2004, both became nationally-ranked by competing on the U.S. National Shuffleboard team. Since then, they’ve competed with the team eight times. In 2010, the couple traveled with the team to Germany, with Carol Howell as captain of the U.S. women’s team, and Carl Howell captain of the men’s. Together they rattled off the names of nine states they’ve competed in, from Florida to California.

“We’ve been to the national shuffleboard senior games several times, and when we went to Louisville I got the gold medal in women’s singles,” Carol Howell said.

“And I didn’t get nothin’,” Carl Howell added.

They said they plan to continue playing shuffleboard as long as Carl “can get up and push the puck.”

Each has held multiple leadership positions with multiple teams, and the couple boasts about each other when talking about their accomplishments. When asked which one is better at shuffleboard, both Howells immediately pointed at each other and laughed.

Before Carl Howell dragged Carol Howell into the world of shuffleboard, she was a music teacher and librarian, and he was a railroad engineer for the Norfolk Southern Railroad company in Moberly. They met at the Moberly Area Community College.

“When I was a freshman in college, he transferred in from MU,” Carol Howell said.

“We met, and the rest is history.”

The couple has been married for 56 years, and now live on a small farm in Macon, Missouri. Their children, grandchildren and great-children are scattered throughout the country.

Besides playing shuffleboard, Carol Howell said she enjoys singing in her church’s choir, writing fiction and taking care of Carl. Carl Howell beamed while talking about his wife’s debut novel, “Sunset in Kentucky.”

Carl Howell said he enjoys gardening, playing bingo and getting taken care of by Carol.

When asked about his favorite shuffleboard competition, Carl Howell looked at his wife and smiled.

“Every one of them,” he said.

Sent along by Bob Weber with THANKS!  2016 06 13.

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Ohio Singles, June 10 and 11, 2021 at Akron.Sent Along by Bob Jones WITH THANKS!!!!!

  • The Ohio tour returned to Akron for the second time this week, now for the State Singles Championship.   Fresh off her win in the National Mixed Doubles, Wilma Rudolph  won the women’s tournament, beating Dianna Allen in the final.   
    Mike Snyder prevailed in the men’s tournament.  The third game of the championship match ended in a tie.  Mike edged Marvin McConnell by 2 points in the extra frames.
    Full results and pictures on the Ohio website and Facebook page.https://ohioshuffle.weebly.com
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Art Healy Speaks: upgraded 2017 03 19

Art Healy Speaks: upgraded 2017 03 19
When we came to Florida in the fall of 2013 Dorothy went shuffling a few
times with a couple of her friends.
A few days before Christmas she persuaded me to go with her. After a
couple of times of trying the game a true novice got “hooked”.
From then on, she didn’t have to persuade me and I even bought myself a

After a week or so we checked the Shuffleboard bulletin board at the
Community Centre and read about a Central District Amateur Tournament
being held at Woodbrook in early January 2014. After only two weeks of
playing the game we decided to enter the tournament.
David Earle was the Tournament Director. I sure respected him because
he was not only a Director, he was also a “Pro“.
In the fall of 2014 I signed up to play Interpark which included 4 or 5
other parks. I accepted a captain position and had fun but got involved
playing in tournaments which interested me more.
Bob and Linda Read both Pro’s, love to play and were always willing to
assist, give advice, and answer questions. They spent many hours playing
the game for our benefit.
Their help and time spent is so graciously appreciated. I have tried to put
Bob’s advice to use on the courts and have also found out shuffleboard is
an endless learning experience. I am determined to do my best with the
game so their help along with Ed Perkins at the Lakeland Club have been
fantastic helping me along my climb.
Now that I have reached my goal may I say “Thank You Bob, Linda and
Ed.” Your time spend has been rewarding to me which I’ll never forget.
I have read many shuffleboard books and strategy is a vital part of the
During my first winter (2014 – 2015) I earned 2 ½ move up points. During
the next winter
2015 – 2016 I earned 2 ½ more points to become a State Amateur effective Oct.1st 2016. Now all I needed was another 5 points to become
a Pro which was my goal. I anticipated taking two winters as a State
Amateur to get the 5 points. It didn’t work out that way.
I left Brockville eager to start the snowbird season of 2016 – 2017
arriving at Woodbrook in early Nov. After a few days of practice on
Lakeland courts I commenced my point climb on Nov.7th. 2016 at the
Lakeland tournament. I had point success, so entered other tournaments
and much to my surprise within 6 weeks I earned the final point I needed
to become a Pro. That happened at the Lakeland courts on Dec.16th. What
a Christmas present. I was so happy I cried.
Thank You Pauline for being there. I heard Lorraine and Dave ask Pauline
“what’s wrong with him?” After Pauline told them, they both came over
and congratulated me. I could hardly believe what I had accomplished. My
two-year theory had flown the coup.
I realize it will be different shuffling with the Pros next season but I’m
going to give it a good try. At my age I figure I’m 15 years or so behind a
lot of present Pro shufflers who are my age.
I often wonder where I’d be if I had started shuffling in the fall of 2001
which was our first winter at Woodbrook Estates.
I lost 12 years of shuffling by doing other things I enjoyed doing, instead
of shuffleboard. Also, would not have had Bob and Linda to coach me,
so I feel blessed to be where I am today with the game.
On January 9th, 2017, I entered A-12, a National Amateur Tournament at
Lakeland and won 1st place so I have a lovely plaque for one year with my
name included with previous winners. I also won a one of a kind National
Amateur Shuffleboard pin which I’m proud to wear.
At the time I also had a smaller 7” x 9” keep sake plaque made. I’m
pleased I did that as once the year is up I’d have nothing other than the
My plaque is on our wall here and I’m proud to have this keep sake to display.
While shuffling in 2015- 2016 as a District Amateur I earned 9 Reiny
(Master) points which was not enough to qualify for the Masters.
This year 2016 – 2017 as a State Amateur the Reiny Masters points are
looking much better.
For the past two years we have entered the Polk Senior Games. Our first
year was fun and another learning experience.
Last year we entered in our respective age groups in both singles and
doubles and came home winning silver in the Polk Senior Games.
That win qualified us to enter into the Florida State
Championships held at the Clearwater Courts in Dec. 2016.
We attended, and Dorothy won Gold in her age group in singles, and we
won Bronze in Doubles. Now we find out we have both qualified to
participate in the 2017 National Senior Games held at Birmingham,
Alabama. June 2 – 15, 2017.
We are unable to attend the Nationals because of the 182 day limit in
USA per year. We always make sure our stay here at Lakeland is
somewhat short of the 182 days so we don’t have any issues at the
Canadian Border going home each spring.
If we went to the Nationals it would put us over the 182 days so I have
notified authorities we would not be attending. We would love to but we
don’t make the rules, just abide by them.
We like to come to Lakeland in early November before it gets too cold
and snowy and stay until the grass is green at home in the spring.
5 ½ months or so is well under the 182 day maximum stay in USA.
To sum up my shuffleboard experience “It has been a privilege to
compete as a member of the Florida Central District State Amateur
Masters”, and an honour I’ll cherish for the rest of my lif

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Renfrew County senior games shuffleboard winners Sports May 26, 2017 by Stan McCormack Renfrew Mercury

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The Senior Games floor shuffleboard tournament was held on May 24 at the event taking bronze from Renfrew are Jerry Cockwell, Lois McCormack, tournament director Virginia Lyons.

The floor shuffleboard component of the 2017 Older Adult Centres Association of Ontario (OSGA) 55+ Senior Games of District 5, Renfrew County, was held at the Paul J. Yakabuski Community Centre in Barry’s Bay on Wednesday, May 24. This event is a qualifier for the OSGA 55+ Regional Games to be held in Pembroke on Aug. 16.

Taking the gold medal were Betty Ann Stanton and Dan Stanton of Golden Lake, taking the silver were Joan Archambault and Pearl Smith of Barry’s Bay, and taking the Bronze, Lois McCormack and Jerry Cockwell, both members of the Champlain Silver Seniors Shuffleboard Club, 164 Argyle St. in Renfrew.

For Jerry Cockwell it was the second year in a row taking the bronze. Even though Jerry had selected a new female partner for 2017, as was the case in 2016 his medal was not determined until his very last shot of the final match, the match that determined if he would go home with nothing, or with the bronze. Jerry came through with an unbelievable shot that took the match, a shot that not only had his partner smiling, but all who were watching! Jerry Cockwell and Lois McCormack will now move up a notch to compete in the Regional 55+ Games as will gold medallists Betty Ann and Dan Stanton of Golden Lake.

We encourage 55-plus readers within driving distance of Renfrew to show up any Tuesday at 1 p.m. at 164 Argyle St. in Renfrew. We will introduce you to floor shuffleboard, a game that can be as challenging as you wish.

Article by Stan McCormack appeared in the Renfrew Mercury, hard copy version, and in the “On Line” version.  Posted 2017 06 11.

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Sent Along by Harold Thorne With THANKS!!

May be an image of text that says 'HENDERSONVILLE NC SHUFFLEBOARD CLUB Tournament Results Tournament June 2021 Draw Doubles Main Event: 1. Barbara Wade- -yle Walker 2. Darrell Stuart- -Harold Thorne 3. Katy Walker -Asa Lett 4. Lynda King- Philip Wade Consolation: 1. Stan Quinn Ray Lawson 2. Debby Stuart- -Tom Gillon 3. Bruce Barnhart Sam Chalton 4. Doug Davlin AI Buffum Tournament Director: Sandy Quinn Teams: 12'
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National Mixed Doubles, Akron June 7 and 8, 2021 Sent along by Bob Jones With Thanks!!

National Mixed Doubles, Akron June 7 and 8, 2021

Players from Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Kanas, Texas, Florida and more came to Akron with hopes of a USA NSA title.   The cream rose to the top as Wilma and Red Rudolph won their umpteenth national title, edging Sue Krynak and Chris Cermak in the finals. Dianna and Sam Allen gave it their all in attempting to win this tournament for the third consecutive time, finishing in the third position.

Full results and pictures on the Ohio website and Facebook page.

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Bill Grant Memorial Draw Doubles at Upper Arlington June 4, 2021 (Sent Along by Bob Jones > With Thanks)

  • Red Rudolph and Steve Lockard would be a great team in any tournament.   After the draw aligned them together, they took to the courts on a mission that ended with victory, overcoming Chris Cermak and Larry Cassell in the final.  Frequent partners Bill Hoyer and Dick Widdis earned the bronze medal position.
    This tourney honors the memory of Upper Arlington’s Bill Grant, a proponent of the draw doubles format and inclusive tournaments.
    Full results  on the Ohio website and Facebook page.
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Colleen Austin

Most readers do not need to be told who prepared these wonderfully crafted, wonderfully tasting, Cup Cakes!!   It is not the first time that Colleen has gone the xtra mile for her fellow shufflers!! 

An Extremely Talented Person:  Colleen serves on the 2015 Masters Organizing Committee. To-day (2015 04 07) she performed as a Referee, among other things!!  The article to follow was written by me, Stan McC. in 2012.   To read more about Colleen, enter Colleen Austin into the search rectangle and hit search.  You will be glad you did!!

Colleen Austin is KOR for the Southern District; Colleen Austin is the Webmistress of the US National Website; Colleen Austin is a member of the Southern District Hall of Fame; Colleen Austin is a member of the 100th Anniversary Committee; Colleen Austin is not only an active Anniversary Committee Member, she also markets the product items being sold in Southern District in support of the Anniversary; Colleen Austin maintains a photo directory for members of the Southern District; Colleen Austin is the Preview Co-ordinator for the Southern District; Colleen Austin created the 100th Anniversary Calendar; Colleen Austin designed the 100th Anniversary Pin; Colleen Austin designed the 100th Anniversary Banner; Colleen Austin is doing the design artwork for the Tournament of Champions; Colleen Austin, along with Joan Cook performed with exceptional success as hostess for the 2012 FSA HOF Banquet, Colleen preparing inductees cupcakes with their picture done on top with buttercream icing and stick people representing each of the inductees. And finally, almost as an afterthought, Colleen Austin placed 1st in the prestigious FSA Masters in March of 2012.  

There is an old saying: “If you need something done well, and done quickly, ask a busy person!” Colleen is living evidence of the truth of this axiom. No sooner has the request been made, when word arrives back that the task has been launched!! As her District President told me: “Colleen is a tremendous asset to all organizations and people in shuffleboard.”   Since this article was published, Colleen has been inducted into the FSA Hall of Fame, Special Award.

Stan McCormack, Chair, 100th Anniversary Committee. 2012 11 12.  

Thanks so much Colleen!! 2015 04 07 21:10  Stan

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Ever Been to Time Square?? We Went Last Year!!

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Most Shufflers Know that Stan and Lois Travel Extensively!  Our Son and our Daughter-in-law keep reminding us that We Have Not Been to New York???  They Have and They “Luv It”!!  Accordingly, last summer we made our maiden voyage!!!

Click to read/see just a bit of what we saw:  New York City Stan and Lois Visit 2016 06 17 up

Stan McCormack. 

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We Look Back: Myrna Bilton is Recognized!!! (In 2014 this time!!)

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I sincerely want to thank President George O’Reilly and the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club for hosting the CNSA Tournament that was held May 27th – 29th 2014. They have hosted this event for several years and they still welcome us with warm smiles and hugs. They spoil us with their delicious homemade soup, sandwiches and sweeties. For many of us that took our campers we appreciate the opportunity to camp behind their building.

Thanks to Barb Pipher for organizing another great Banquet.

I was honoured to be part of the CNSA HOF presentations. Congratulations to Marjory Taylor, Mary Button and Barb Pipher. These ladies are most deserving of this prestigious award.

Thank you to Lorraine Pollock for being the Tournament Director. She always displays fairness with her dedication to shuffleboard.

I have enjoyed my two years as the CNSA President. It has been very rewarding for me. I have been honoured to represent Canada at the ISA level. I feel very humble and grateful to have had this experience. A special thanks to my husband Rendall, Gary Pipher, the CNSA executive, Stan McCormack, Lorraine Pollock Michael Zellner, Jim and Beth Allen and the list goes on for their support.

I appreciate the support of all our members that attended the AGM in making decisions for the game of shuffleboard that we all love to play. I thank the CNSA board, directors and province reps for their support and sending their reports.

Congratulations to CNSA President Henry Strong and the newly elected CNSA Board.

“We do not stop playing shuffleboard because we are old!! We grow old because we stop playing shuffleboard!!”

Thank you Dear Shuffleboard Friends for your Love and Support

Myrna Bilton:  CNSA Past President.  2014 06 01

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