More DID YOU KNOW by Kenny Offenther, and Roy Norman.



Roy Norman Speaks:  DID YOU KNOW that No other sport has the sudden reversals like the game of shuffleboard!!

No other sport has the sudden reversals like the game of shuffleboard and so frequently we hear the expression – “that’s shuffleboard”. Experienced shufflers attribute this unpredictability for quick reversals to the minus ten score for a disc ending up, or being bumped, in the “kitchen” zone.
Doreen and Roy Norma entered the Polk County Senior Shuffleboard Tournaments – in the year 2002 and again this year 2013.
On the second day, February 26th , Doreen won all her games to earn the Gold, in the 75 to 79 age group, in the Women’s Singles Tournament.

On the third day Doreen and Roy competed in the 75-79 Any Doubles tournament. They lost one match to two good players Lionel Young and Jim Gaisalbach(Sp ?). At this point they are playing for 3rd position, competing for the BRONZE medallions.

And now the highly charged shuffleboard drama begins.
The Normans have a terrible first half playing 8-frames with the Black discs on an unpredictable court number 8 at Parker Lake Park (Lakeland, FL). Adjacent to court 8 is a series of benches where several senior spectators were seated. Doreen normally plays at the Foot of the court, however because her opponent was a women she elected to keep score half-time and playing at the Head of the court.
Now, down to the last frame of the game, with Normans playing the Yellow discs, and behind by a hopeless score of 23 to 57. Roy is unable to see the score, because of many factors, and his opponent can’t help because his glasses were recently broken. With the usual strategy, when desperately in arrears, Roy shoots his first disc into the 7 zone as “kitchen bait“. The opponent clears, forcefully, however “sticks” in the 7 zone. Roy manages to dump this Black disc into the “kitchen” for a minus 10 score for the Black team. A second yellow disc for “kitchen bait” is sent to the zone 7 area. Again cleared by Black but again “sticking” in 7 zone. Now a second Black disc is “dumped” into the “kitchen”, for a minus 20 score. This Black disc is only about 8 inches apart from the first Black disc in the kitchen and with the yellow disc scoring in the 7 point zone. Roy’s opponent then shoots his last Black disc with the intention to clear both of his “kitchen discs”. His disc goes between the two Black discs in the kitchen, touching one very slightly but not sufficiently to remove it from the kitchen.
Now with 20 points to be subtracted from the Black score and 7 points to be added to the yellow score Roy, being unable to see the score clearly, asks the score keeper .- “What is the score” ? The general surrounding noise at that time made it impossible to hear Doreen when she was trying to tell Roy the score.
Doreen’s opponent was becoming very excited, because she thought Doreen should not be standing up to give the score, so she also stood up objecting with waving arms. With both ladies/women standing, Roy asked both players at the Head of the court to please sit down as he prepared to take his final shot. Still not being 100% clear as to what was the score. Roy shoots the last disc (128th) of the game scoring 8 additional points. Roy happens to glance at an excited spectator, now standing, in the bench area who is signalling by holding up one finger and clearly “mouthing” the words ……. “YOU WON BY ONE POINT“.

Final score 38-37.…and …”That’s Shuffleboard” . Welcome to all new comers. Story written by Roy Norman, 2013. 

Posted by Stan 2018 03 23. ((Thanks to Roy and Thanks to Kenny; both do, have done, a great deal for Shuffleboard.))

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Earl Ball Always Tells a “Warm Story”!! Marriage of Al and Marlyn.

 Marriage of Al & Marilyn (Some time ago) 

Earl Ball Speaks:  I’m sitting here waiting for Hurricane Irma so I thought I would try to write a couple of stories.

While I was in Hendersonville I got to talking to a good friend, Al Buffum.   Seems he’s 90 years old now and as we talked, a bubbly beautiful lady walked up to us and to my surprise he introduced her as his wife, Marilyn.

He told me the story of how they came together but what I remember is that he proposed and suggested June for a wedding date; she refused but said she would marry him in April. Why! Well as the story goes she didn’t want to marry a 90 year old man, seems Al’s birthday is in May.

By the way if I can live to be 90 and play like Al does I’ll catch Glen. (like in Peltier) 

Stan Speaks: I failed to date this article by Earl; accordingly not sure the date of the Marriage. Perhaps someone will tell me.  You may ALSO wish to read this article by Earl:   Posted 2018 03 22.


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You Bet Your Life the TOC (Tournament of Champions) Could “Change Things”!! Viz. Who Gets To Play in the MASTERS!!

The Tournament of Champions (TOC) is the last tournament of the year in which players can earn points to qualify to compete in the MASTERS!!   The Tournament of Champions will begin on Monday, March 26th, 2018 in Sebring, FL  The MASTERS will begin in Hawthorne, FL on April 2nd, 2018.  You must qualify to play in either.  Only the Top 8 Ladies and Top 8 Men compete in the MASTERS.

To qualify for the TOC: 1) A State Championship gives you a lifetime exemption. 2) Placing in the main event during the current season gives you the right to play the current year and the next year. 3) Placing in consolation gives you the right to play the current year.

NOW; To understand my title, my heading: “You Bet Your Life the TOC could “Change Things” viz Who Gets To Play In the MASTERS!!  Few positions are ROCK SOLID.  Take a LOOK!!  Competition will be keen on Monday!!

Rank Name
Current Pts

1 Nurnberger,Pam 74

2 Allen*,Dianna 55 

3 Biaggi *,Helen 46 

3 Brown *,Ruth 46

5 Enos,Alice 37

Alice Enos

5 Smith,Terri 37

Katy Walker

Arlene Guerrini

Terri Smith


7 Guerrini *,Arlene 36

8 Norton, Debbie 35. No Pic

9 Walker,Katy 34



10 Murphy,Pauline 33


11 Myklejord, Nancy 30


12 Brake, Glenda 29

12 Smith, Joyce 29

14 Kowalewski, Flo 27

15 Austin^*,Colleen 26

My sincere apologies to Flo and Colleen.  I have pix, but cannot post for technical reasons.

1 Ball *,Earl 60 1,047

2 Dronsfield, Allen 55 195

3 Myklejord, Dean 54 146

4 Nurnberger,Ron 52 177

5 Miller *,Jim L 48 593

6 Seyfer, Michael 42 172

7 Kudro *,Dave 40 268

8 Offenther *,Ken 39 383

9 Raimondi, Steven 31 124

10 Cote, Rosaire 26 94

10 Earle *,David 26 322

10 Minnich *,Dave 26 432

10 Rebholz *^,Phil 26 340 56

Even if you are not competing, the ACTION, THE ATMOSPHERE, will be GREAT!!  Be a part of it!!  Address of the Sebring Club is: 333 Pomegranate Avenue, Sebring FL 

Stan McCormack, 2018 03 22.



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Jerry Deren Reports on FSA P25

Jerry Deren Reports on FSA P25 held at Lakeland. 

Continue reading

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Five Score 10 Birthdays!! We Celebrate!!! Please Tell Us If You Know Someone Who Has Reached this Milestone!!!

We will share with you just a little about two Shufflers who are celebrating the Anniversary of their birth on Wednesday, 2018 03 21, which as we all know is the first day of Spring!!  What a Great Day to Celebrate your Birth!!

The younger of the two is Mr. Gus Bondi, who will be precisely 5 score + 10 on Wednesday, March 21st, 2018.  Gus is a Past President of the USA NSA, Gus is in the US NSA Hall of Fame; Gus is in the FSA HOF, Player Award; Gus is in the Central District HOF, Player Award, and finally Gus is in the ISA HOF!!  From the above, we know that a) Gus has made a significant contribution to Shuffleboard, and b) we know that Gus has accumulated more than a few points (read won many games)  in his time.  I am now going to give you access to Gus’s Acceptance Speech on the occasion of his induction into the FSA Hall of Fame,  Player Award. IT SPEAKS VOLUMES ABOUT GUS!!!  FSA HOF Gus Bondi  AND NOW, I add to the understanding of Gus, by giving you his Acceptance Speech on the occasion of his induction into the US NSA HOF.  GUS BONDI DRAFT FOR POSTING US NSA HOF  From All Shufflers, “Happy Birthday Gus!!”  AND Thank You Marie for taking care of this “GUY”!!  POST SCRIPT: Gus has just received the heart warming news that HE IS CANCER FREE!!  Can anyone receive BETTER NEWS ON YOUR BIRTHDAY??

Stan McCormack.  2018 03 21.

Our 2nd Shuffler Was Not on the World Stage So To Speak, but as you will see when you click on the first pdf file, he was “on stage” in Woodbrook Estates!! FL. His Name: Peter Van Buren.  On 2018 03 21, Peter will celebrate his 98th Birthday!!  Gary Pipher Speaks: This picture of Peter on the ladder was his last Christmas in Woodbrook before he sold his house (just look at him up the ladder hanging his lights.). He always decorated his house with colored lights for the seasons, and at one time, he and Dr. Jack Hopps ( the Canadian inventor of the Pace Maker ), Peter’s best friend and neighbor for over 25 years, decorated the lamp posts and front gates to the Woodbrook Park.

I am now going to give you access to an article I wrote in 2015.  Peter VanBuren celebrated his 95th Birthday to   Peter has now stopped coming to FL (as of last year) but Gary Pipher, who maintains contact with Peter, said this in an e-mail of March 20th, 2018: Yes Peter is still very alive. We spoke with him last week and he sounds just like Peter from years ago. His activities have been somewhat less than while in Woodbrook over the winter . He said he does a lot of reading and lots and lots of crossword puzzles and of course both these activities keep his mind sharp and alert. He still pushes a lawnmower and cuts grass during the summer and of course he shoveled snow many times this winter.
Barb and I have planned to go down to Turkey Point and take him out for dinner .
He misses Florida but is so grateful that he enjoyed over 45 years of winters there . He is a remarkable man.  

Before signing off, I would like to send Birthday Greetings to Peter from All Shufflers, but a special Greeting from his long time friend Wilma McLung of Woodbrook Estates.

Stan McCormack. 2018 03 21.


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FSA P25; Pro Doubles Hosted by Lakeland Club

Men PRO DOUBLES Ladies – Lakeland SBC – 03/20/2018
Sponsor: Lakeland Auto Mall, Garland Ins., Dedicated Senior Medical. (Click on pix to expand.)

Ladies – Main (32)Teams1

1. Pam Nurnberger – Terri Smith . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bradenton

2. Linda Marshman * – Diane Bardsley . . . .Winters Park/Forest Lake Rv

3. Dianna Allen* – Helen Biaggi * . . . . . .Riverwoods Pltn/Lee County

4. Sharon Johnson – Mary Mclin . . . . . . . . Holiday Trav Rsrt/Betmar


1. Colleen Austin^* – Joyce Smith . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Lee County

2. Linda Armstrong – Teresa Vermeulen . . . . . . . . .Sanlan/Saddlebag

3. Rosemary Comeau – Gale Harvey . . . . . . . . . . .Sebring/Avon Park

4. Mary Hodson – Pamela Hill . . . . . . . . . . Zephyrhills/Clearwater

Tournament Director(s): Glenn Monroe
Men – Main (48)Teams

1. David Earle * – Paul Prescott * . . . . . . . . Zephyrhills/Lakeland

2. Gary Mcgaffey – John Houghtaling . . . . . . . . . . . . Zephyrhills

3. Ken Offenther * – Thomas Winkelspecht . . . . Park City/Wickham Park

4. Bob Phifer – Ed Dodson . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Betmar/Zephyrhills


1. Michael Seyfer – Dean Myklejord . . . . . . . . Zephyrhills/Lakeland

2. Tom Butzin – Jerry Deren . . . . . . . . .  . Zephyrhills. (Great Pix Jerry!! Thanks)

3. Glen Peltier *^ – Keith Morton . . . . . . . . . .Clearwater/Sebring

4. Larry Harvey – Gary Sorko . . . . . ..Avon Park (Special Congrats to Larry and Gary!!)

Tournament Director(s): Glenn Monroe

Thanks to Glenn Monroe for sending along the Results. Thanks to Jerry Deren for sending along the pix.  My apologies for NO NARRATIVE.  Stan McCormack  2018 03 20

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West Coast District Hosts A Promotional Event!! Special Invite to Amateurs!!



Or an Amateur depending on turn out.
Mingle Single Format

Rain or Shine
Cash Prizes Awarded

Hosted by the

Home of the International and USA National Halls of Fame


$6.00 Entry Fee
Bring your lunch

We would like to welcome all District Amateurs, especially social and league players, to experience playing with a Pro or State Amateur tournament player.

This promotional tournament is open to shufflers from any District
No affiliation needed

West Coast District Website:

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