The Earles of Scotland have returned to New Scotland (Nova Scotia)

David and Glenna Earle in Native Attire.

As many of you will remember, David and Glenna (Earle) celebrated 50 years of Happiness, and to top it off, they spent 8 Days in Scotland!! 

Glenna Speaks:  A short trip for only a week to Scotland and although we went about our plans, the weather was rather grey for most of the week. Still a wonderful place to visit, in spite of the misty, moisty weather.
We managed to see a good part of both Glasgow and Edinburgh.  Also worked in 3 days in the Livingston area where David’s family resides. We reunited with several of his cousins who took us all over the place. They are a fun-loving group and we laughed and ate and talked a lot. They still laugh at me trying to interpret the language! When I was asked if you “goat tea” which is what I heard, I then said I have never had “goat tea”. What is it like?  As they went into fits of laughter, they explained that they were asking “have you got tea?” Scottish dialect is difficult for me!

Glenna sent along 10 pix. I will now share them with you:

Clyde Arc, known locally as the Squinty Bridge

Prince’s Square- woodwork is phenomenal.

Transportation museum

Glasgow Central train station had a “Piano Garden”. This lady was playing for her own pleasure so I turned her pages!

Bankton House Hotel where we enjoyed 3 nights. Very quaint old manor built in 1812. Lovely! And a beautiful restaurant

Greyfriar’s Bobby. A great story if you have never heard of it.

There is a huge monument to Sir Walter Scott on Prince’s St in Edinburgh. Thought this is one of his better quotes! (Above)

Wonderful museum where we were lucky to have been there at the time for an organ recital which was amazing

Notice these high-back chairs! Somehow reminded me of a jail.

The above 2 pictures are at the Willow Tea Room which was very elegant and the food was utterly scrumptious.

Sent along by Glenna Earle WITH THANKS!!  Stan McCormack.  2017 10 23.

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Savannah Cemetery Tour Highlights Key Savannah Figures!! What Will Your Legacy Be??

Mae Hall in Colour

The Hardin County Chamber of Commerce hosted the first ever Historic Savannah Cemetery tour to highlight key Savannah figures.
Marilee Tice Speaks: “Last September I went to New Orleans and I went on a mausoleum tour,” Chamber Executive Director Marilee Tice said. “I just thought ‘we could do this here in Savannah, and we could do it even better.’”  Stan McCormack Speaks: Read on, they honor a Shuffler!!!!
After her New Orleans trip, Tice started working with the city, the Savannah Cemetery Association, The Dreamweavers of West Tennessee and others to make the event happen.

Honoring legacies
Savannah based theater group The Dreamweavers of West Tennessee portrayed eight key people on the cemetery tour at their graves.
Organizers tried to choose people who had name recognition or little recognition in the area, who had interesting stories and who were representative of a broad timeline, Dreamweavers Founder and Director Martha Marshall said.
“They all have significance and they all have a story to tell,” Marshall said.

Historic Savannah Cemetery tour highlights
► Queen Jackson Haley was born in 1857 on the Forks of Cypress Plantation in Alabama. Haley settled in Savannah after the Civil War and worked at the Cherry Plantation. She was the 2nd wife of local ferry operator Alex Haley. Her grandson wrote a novel, “Queen,” about her life that was later turned into a miniseries. Queen was portrayed by Halle Berry.

Buy Photo
The Dreamweavers of West Tennessee actoress portrays Queen Haley at the first ever Historic Savannah Cemetery tour. (Photo: BRITTNEY JACKSON/The Jackson Sun)



► Mae Hall was a competitive shuffleboard player. A good shuffleboard play is often referred to as “a Mae Hall shot,” and there is a drink called the “Mae Hall” at the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club in Brooklyn. She was featured in Sports Illustrated twice. ** She and her husband began playing the game in 1946. Hall died in 2003 at the age of 93.  

Mae Hall Portrayal

The Dreamweavers of West Tennessee actress portrays Mae Hall at the first ever Historic Savannah Cemetery tour. (Photo: BRITTNEY JACKSON/The Jackson Sun)

** Click to read the Sports Illustrated Article: Added by Yours Truly: Mae Hall She Knocks Them into the Kitchen 1 and now an article from The Shuffler:  MH 1 MAE HALL IN PROGRESS 2006 12 13.  

Article put together by Stan McCormack. 2017 10 22.

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Northern District Gives Us Their Weekly Update > Plus Results

Al Dronsfield Speaks: This week took our District Tournament to New Smyrna Beach and the Coronado/Mainland facility. Very unique venue and it has been made a Historical site as well. The courts are set right on Flagler Ave. about three blocks off the beach. All the beach goers whether on foot or vehicle run right past the courts, lots of great food smells in the air also. Smooth and loose beaded courts; the wind does effect those beads.
They had 22 Teams in an Any Dbls. tournament.  Richie Burrell was the Director. Due to my limited District schedule I didn’t attend this one and have no pictures for you.

Main Event

1st. Dennis Buelk – Tom Rimmer – C/M
2nd. Dave Martin – Vern Ivey – Tavares/Inverness
3rd. Randy Radke – Bonnie Radke – C/M
4th. John Giumarra – Christine Giumarra – Deland

Consolation Event

1st. Darrel Harman – Rex Galusha – C/M
2nd. Walt Bartels – Stan Williamson – Deland/Quail Hollow
3rd. Doris Hanke – Sharon Upson – Hawthorne
4th. Dave Nitchie – Fred Neumann – HMP/Leesburg

Next week the district will play a No Two Pro tournament at Mid Florida Lakes

Written by Allen Dronsfield.  2017 10 21

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BREAKING NEWS!! Glen Peltier and Eilleen Gallagher Become Engaged!!

Glen Peltier and Eileen Gallagher Became “Engaged”  Friday Night!!

Glen Peltier became a happier man this Thursday Night!  Eileen Gallagher arrived in FL to spend her winter shuffling, and when not shuffling, you will find her with Glen.
This summer the two shared time with each other, first in Glen’s home town, and then in Eileen’s home town. The summer worked out so well, they intend to make this a pattern for the future. There will be one significant modification to the pattern. As the two home towns are in excess of 1,000 miles from one another, and since that is a long long drive alone, Glen and Eileen expect to modify their relationship to ensure they travel together, not just while driving but in the adventure of life. Glen and Eileen are announcing their engagement!!
Glen and Eileen, both so happy, wanted to share this great news with fellow shufflers across the globe!! We thank them for that and wish them happiness as they begin their life together.

Stan McCormack.  2017 10 21

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FSA WCD (West Coast District) ARO3 (Open Doubles) District Tournament. Report by Stan Bober.

Stan (Bober) normally sends me a link to the Results as posted on his District Website.  Being someone who likes to write; likes to talk, (NOT UNLIKE the writer), he frequently gives me “tit bits” along with the link!!  AND, that is what makes his site DIFFERENT!! 

To-day, this was his tit bit: We ran late today and wow are we beat.  Even though I was in the finals, I still managed to get a couple of pix.  How is that for dedication??  And now, I will stop talking and writing, and take you to Stan’s West Coast Website: Look for the District Results, and pix, on the right!!

Stan McCormack. 2017 10 20 20:47  Thanks so much Stan (Bober)

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FSA CD Draw Doubles CD PO2 by Jerrry Deren


Jerry Deren Does “His Bit” to Promote Shuffleboard.

PRO      19 teams              MAIN                  AM          10 teams

1ST  Mike Seyfer/Harold Cunningham     Mack Camaione/Robert Miller
2nd  Jean Allaire/Gabby Gabbard              Sandy Bigam/Carol Wallin
3rd   Kay Cramblit/Nancy Myklejord        Marie Collette/Jerry Branham
4th   Jerry Deren/Ray Fournier                  Jerry Miller/John Schlaffer


1st     Judy Holloway/Pauline Murphy       Kevin Fryback/Gary Krause
2nd   Peggy Savage/Rosemary Comeau    Jim Paige/Joe Castiglia
3rd    Jerry Collins/Barbara Fournier        Betty Russell/Don McNeil
4th    Ed Sterling/John Bushee                   Neil Pearcy/Bill Badgley

George Adyns was tournament director & did  a “GREAT” job

Results sent along by Jerry Deren WITH THANKS!!

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Ray Razor Wins his 100th Distict Tournament!!

Bob Smith Speaks: What a pleasure it was to be at the courts to witness one of the true greats of the game win this tournament for his 100th main event win. Congratulations Mr. Ray Razor on this accomplishment.  Teaming up with J.J. Jubin in this draw tournament.  JJ playing in only his 2nd tournament placing 2nd in consolation of a state tournament and in his next winning the tournament with Ray.  Coming in 1st in consolation was Rich Heinrichs and Marge  Klochack.  Pictures below.

I give you all the results: (64 players)
1st main Ray Razor – JJ Jubin
2nd main Ron Reese – Tom Maloney
3rd main Tom Mason – Jim McDonald
4th main Allie Enos – Regina Davis

1st con Rich Heinrichs – Marge Klochack
2nd con Bob Smith – Clarence Bry
3rd con Dianna Allen – John Klinger
4th con Susie Gawinski – Ed Litchfield


Send in by Bob Smith. 2017 10 20

Rich Heinrichs – Marge Klochack. 1st Cons.  

Ray Razor & JJ Jubin. 1st Main

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