Cindy Shidler Placed 2nd in the CTL Reiny Di Amateur Masters!! Cindy Shidler Tells Her Personal Story!!

2017 Reiny Top 8; (Di Am. Women) Cindy Shidler Places 2nd. Cindy is in the back row, on your right.

Cindy Shidler, 2nd Place in the Reiny, (Di Am) Masters. One Happy and Contented Woman.

Cindy now tells us her Shuffleboard Personal Story.  I hope that “PROs” (and/or “Experts”) reading this story will share it with other Amateurs, or better still, with Potential Shufflers!!  It brings out some of the best characteristics of the Shuffleboard Community.   Thank You Cindy for Sharing.   Stan McCormack, 2017 03 23.

Personal Shuffleboard Story by Cindy Shidler Writing in March of 2017. 

     Bruce and I came to Florida 4 years ago,  Bruce started shuffling immediately but our women’s park league was full.  We went home and discovered the local park in Plymouth Indiana had a Shuffleboard Club and welcomed new players.  I was delighted that we could shuffle 3 days a week.  I also discovered that the club members were really good players.  Some of them were pros when they wintered in Florida and they still had game! I got beat badly-a lot. I also had the opportunity to learn the game.   I loved the game-I loved finding something Bruce and I could do together and I could compete with him!  You see, Bruce has always been an athlete-me? Never!! THIS was a sport we could have some fun and I just might be able to win once in a while.  His encouragement and advice was and is invaluable.

     Harold Cunningham (Hall of Fame) played in Plymouth the first summer we joined.  He told us over and over, “When you get back to Florida you need to join the Rec Center-you need to play in tourneys.”  Yeah right-I thought. I will never be confident enough and good enough to play competitively.  We returned to Florida –no room again on the league.  I missed playing.  January we joined Sebring Rec Center-even though my anxiety level was sky high.  What I found on the courts was great friends, encouraging words and skilled players.  I entered my first tournament in February and drew Keith Morton.  I was in awe of his play, his focus, his fierceness and I played awful the first game.  I was so upset with myself-I cried!  Keith was so kind and told me Consolation round wasn’t all bad.  We ended up placing that day and I was hooked on tournament play.

     Returning to Plymouth for the summer we added to our club Florida shuffle friends Gene & Maureen Tomelson, and Ray & Odee Miller. They drive over an hour to play.  Game level was stepped up and I learned about strategy.  Actually I was “schooled” often by their strategy!!!  This year we are redoing our courts-thanks to my doubles partner Walt Pickerell and new member Phil Martin.

     The next year I played often; accumulated points, and began playing in pain.  I needed a right shoulder replacement.  June 2016 I had surgery.  I watched my friends play 3 times a week-and I continued to learn.  I started to play again and entered a Michigan Tourney in Battle Creek Michigan.  4-day tourney Singles & Doubles –Amateur& Pro. I played all divisions and placed in the Main all 4 days!  In fact-7 Plymouth players entered and we all placed.  I thought I was back in my game.

     I played for a couple weeks and then I was sick.  Very sick- with no diagnosis from my Doctors. I slept 16-20 hrs a day. Vision was blurry, no memory, body aches, voice change, headaches.  I couldn’t play.  The last week in November I went to watch my friends shuffle at the Rec Center.  I could barely sit up and stay awake.  I was convinced I would not be shuffling this year.  I was finally diagnosed with non functioning thyroid at the Cleveland Clinic in southern Florida.  A week after starting medication I was feeling better.

    Shuffleboard is JOY to me.  My caring friends and my returning health is a blessing.   I played well this year and made my State Am points. Credit goes to my partners and all the players I shuffle with here and in Plymouth.  Playing in the Reiney was an honor.  Placing 2nd was totally unexpected.   I have many things to look forward to.  Bruce and I qualified for the Heartland State games next December.  Improving my game and working for my Pro points.  I am thankful.

Cindy Shidler, 2017 03 22.


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SHUFFLERS!! We Announce the Tournament Director of the 36th ISA in Brazil!!

Go here to determine who will be the Tournament Director for the 36th ISA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!! 

ALSO, click here:

Posted by Stan McCormack. 2017 03 23


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John Brown to be Inducted Into the ISA Hall of Fame in Lakeside, OH this Summer!!

The cowboy hat John Brown wears atop his head any time he’s at the Bradenton Shuffleboard Club or Trailer Estates Park and Recreation isn’t just his signature look. With its wide brim and pins stuck across the crown, Brown’s hat tells a story.

There are pins from tournaments he has won in Florida. There are pins from clubs he has never played at, acquired in trades he made with opponents long ago. The simplest one on his hat right now is a flag — a big red dot and a white surface. The Japanese flag is a reminder of just how far shuffleboard has taken Brown.

“I’ve played twice on every continent but Africa,” Brown said. “There was always some people who’d never heard of it.”

He was part of inaugural tours to Ireland, Denmark and Brazil, bringing the first shuffleboard games ever to the countries. He has played for the United States national team eight times at ISA Team World Championships, and his international competitions have taken him to Australia, Canada and Japan. He believes his column, which has run in the Herald every week during shuffleboard season since 1994 when he moved to Bradenton and began playing consistently, is the longest continuously running shuffleboard column in the world.

That worldliness is perhaps the most important piece of a resume that has led to his selection to the International Shuffleboard Association (ISA) Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame has 72 members. Brown, who has lived in Bradenton during winters since the mid-1990s, will become the 73rd — and 31st American — in either June or July.

“It’s the only sport I ever excelled at,” Brown said. “It’s the greatest sport in the world. It’s a sport you can play from the age of 5-105.”

His life in shuffleboard began as a 10-year-old in Covington, Ind. His uncle was a seasonal resident in Florida and later founded the Florida Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame. Brown quickly grew fond of the sport and decided he wanted to do well enough in his life to retire to Florida and take the sport more seriously.

Seventy years later, Brown admits there are many better players than him, but few have done more to promote the growth of the game in recent decades.

Despite shuffleboard’s roots in England, the sport most firmly took root in the United States, bypassing other countries in the United Kingdom and Europe, which is what led to two of the inaugural tours in Ireland and Denmark. The third, to Brazil, came in 2002. On each tour, they would set up temporary courts in recreation centers and town halls. In Denmark, he once spoke at city hall in Copenhagen, teaching the city’s lord mayor the history of a sport that had originated nearby.

“There were always some people who’d never heard of it,” Brown said.

He spent summers in the 1990s and 2000s playing with the U.S. national team and is a former winner of the country’s spirit award. During the 1990s, he chaired a committee tasked with trying to unify the disparate rules used across the world as part of an effort to get shuffleboard into the Summer Olympics. Florida, ultimately, wouldn’t budge.

He was inducted into the Florida shuffleboard hall of fame in 2007 and the United States’ national association’s hall of fame in 2010.

This summer’s induction ceremony will take place in Lakeside, Ohio, where Brown spends time each year helping run youth tournaments in one of the largest shuffling communities outside Florida. The ISA wanted to hold Brown’s ceremony in Brazil, where, 15 years after helping to introduce the sport to the country, the nation is playing host to the world championships. However, Brown’s wife of 60 years, Dolores, prefers not to travel, so the parties settled on Ohio.

Article sent along by Ron Nurnberger with thanks!!  Posted by Stan on 2017 03 23.
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FSA P25 Mel Elgersma Memorial at Lakeland, 2017 03 20 to 22nd. Complete Results!!!

Mel Elgersma was inducted into the CD HOF, Player Category by Past President Fred Wilkens.  Shown above are Mel, wife Gertrude, and Presenter Fred Wilkens.  Pic by Stan McCormack in 2011.

I was proud to see that Gertrude had chosen to have this pic and article on display at the Memorial to Mel.  I understand that Glenn Monroe offered moving remarks in memory of Mel during the Opening of the 2017 Mel Elgersma Memorial. Thank You Gert for continuing to honor Mel in this way.  Stan McCormack.  2017 03 22.

Stan speaking in 2011: During his remarks at the CD HOF Classic event in Winter Haven, FL, Fred highlighted Mel’s Shuffleboard career.  He reminded the audience of Mel’s Very Quiet BUT Very Determined style.  Whether ahead or behind in the game, Mel remained steadfast and resolved, two characteristics which benefited Mel and his partners.

In his remarks, Mel paid tribute to his many partners but there was no doubt that his greatest PARTNER, his greatest SUPPORTER was the RADIANT WOMAN IN THE PHOTO ABOVE!!  At the conclusion of Mel’s reply, the audience came to their feet in respect, and gave Mel a truly resounding and sustained round of applause.

Stan McCormack.  2011 03 13.  Here are the complete 2017 RESULTS:




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Bill Everett, Zephyr Shuffle Club, and Ron ferry , Winters Park Shuffle Club, won the Winters Park Area Championship on March 15.  They were the class of the tournament only losing one game and that was in the Championship match.  The third game was close until about half way through when Ron had a big frame insuring victory. 

Earl Ball, 2017 03 22.

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BREAKING NEWS!! The Mel Elgersma Memorial, the final FSA Tournament of the Year, has Ended!

PAM NURNBERGER and TERRI SMITH WIN SHUFFLEBOARD SEASON P25 by placing 1st in The Mel Elgersma Memorial at Lakeland FL.

Southwest powerhouse shufflers Pam Nurnberger and Terri Smith teamed up and met up with some stiff competition having the first one taking only two, however, the next two matches going three games just to make it to the quarters. Once into the quarters Pam and Terri settled in and the remaining three matches were achieved in two games each for the win.
Both of these two dynamic shufflers will be playing in the Florida State Masters April 3-6th at Spanish Lakes Resort Fort Pierce Florida. This will be Pam’s and Terri’s  third consecutive Masters with Terri last year’s State Masters Champion.
Visitors and spectators are always welcome to see and cheer on shuffleboards top 8 men and 8 Ladies as they show their shuffle skills April 3-6 at Spanish Lakes Resort Fort Pierce Florida. Admission is free
Dave Kudro
1st Vice President FSA
COMPLETE RESULTS from the  FSA will be posted AS SOON AS THEY BECOME AVAILABLE.  Stan 2017 03 22 16;00
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John Brown Article # 22 of 2016-2017. 2017 03 22.

Paul Knepper Into the SWC Hall of Fame.


SWC President Jerry Stannard.


     Eleven players were inducted into the Southwest Coast District Hall of Fame Friday, March 17 at Bradenton Shuffle Club.  District President Jerry Stannard first honored Paul Knepper as “Captain of The Good Ship Bradenton Shuffle Club”, for his many devoted years of leadership at our largest venue and host club, scene of many large tournaments.  Paul is also a very productive player and good friend of many.  Well done, well deserved.

     Betty Downing  was inducted in absentia for her ultra-long career as head tournament director over a period of 25 years.  Mrs. Downing resides in Michigan in retirement.

     Ann Hersom was inducted posthumously for long years as stellar player, officer at District and State levels, and long-time resident of Golf Lakes.  She and Ed retired to California over a decade ago after many years of service.

     Erika and Peter Berg of Ontario and Imperial Lakes both were inducted.  Both are still strong players and have served as helpers so many ways.  Peter is our webmaster and photographer and promotes the sport as well as anybody.

     Larry Taylor, now of Golf Lakes, was inducted as a player who has risen to frequent winner and well respected after a shorter career previously as “equipment manager” for his famous wife, Judy, already a member in her own right.

     Lois Wegner of Wisconsin and Tri-Par, has become a top winner also.  She and her late husband Al have not only played lots of tournaments, but also occasionally admitted to being partial to the Green Bay Packers.  Lois also placed first in our last District Tournament of this season.

     Ron Nurnberger was inducted as Past President of the Southwest Coast District, and is also a top player at State and District levels.  He and Pam, first lady the past three years, can now relax with well-deserved reduced pressure as executive leaders.  Both retired from Michigan and spent many years at Seabreeze in West Bradenton.

     Anna Nuttal, player and past District Keeper of Records hails from Massachusetts and Ridgewood.  She also served as first lady of the District when Al was President for three years, finishing in that role about six years ago.

     Dona and the late Earl Dunn, of Michigan and Sugar Creek, were faithful players and contributors to the District for a couple of decades.  Dona was a tournament director and Earl spent many years helping maintain the Bradenton Courts.  My frequent partner, Earl showed me the most efficient route to negotiate traffic on the way to Clearwater.  We all miss the Dunns.  Dona continues on the farm near Battle Creek.

    Potential roster of players eligible to play in the District Masters at Palmetto March 22-25 are the following: District Amateur Ladies: Sandra Kolasinski, Marilyn Rotman, Harriet Piccard, and Elaine Antaya; Amateur Men: Jim  Lessard, Frank Marderosian, Dave Evenson, Ken Mather, John Hechinger, Tony Souza, Cau Huynh and Patrick Antaya.  State Amateur Men are: Steve Slaughterbeck, Arnie Congdon, Jim Clark, Rick Hall, Phil Krick, Ned Fogarty, Brad Thomas, and Terry McNamara with Adam Letz as Alternate.  State Amateur Ladies are Cindy Slaughterbeck, Cheryl Putnam, Sharon Hoyt, Kathy Laver, Connie Crawford and Kay Lynn Duncan. In the Pro Masters: Ron Nurnberger, Larry Taylor, Mike Marquis, Jim Miller, Ed Leonard, Tom Putnam, Lowell Williams, Phil Booher and Alternate John Roberson; Ladies Masters: Pam Nurnberger, Heather Godson, Arlene McCague, Lois Wegner, Pat Tomko, Bonnie Walker, Evelyn White and Adriana Cramton with Linda Wallingford as Alternate.

     Palmetto welcomes spectators to their covered grandstands this week.  No lunch will be served.  More about the Masters players next week.  Happy Shuffling.


    FL P-24A March 13 at Clearwater, M/L Doubles, 75 points. Ladies Main: 1. Pam Nurnberger-Joyce Marquis, 3. Terri Smith.  Consolation: 2. Debra Williams.  Men Main: 4. Jerry Stannard-Ron Nurnberger, Consolation: 1. Dave Kudro-Dave Minnich

     FL A-22A March 13 at Clearwater, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles, 75 points.  Consolation: 3. Gilles Emard-Brad Thomas, 4. Ned Fogarty-Frank Marderosian.


    March 22-25 at Palmetto, Southwest Coast District Masters: Dist. Ams, M/L, State Ams, M/L, Pro, M/L.  12 frames, 21 games in 3 ½ days.

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