I just wish we knew more facts regarding the covid 19.  Most of the people want to comply if we thought it all made more sense.  I read that in Florida the Hispanics make up 44% of all the deaths.  That people from nursing homes and people of colour plus the front line workers  make up 45%.  I understand Hendersonville shuffleboard is doing great.  Michigan and Ohio are also doing well.  The one club that i know of in Ontario is doing well. I believe most shuffleboard people know what we have to do to stay safe. I have not heard of one shuffleboard person that has died over the summer from covid 19. Don,t get me wrong,  i take every precaution because i don,t intend on getting it..I feel like in Clearwater we have 52 courts. Lots of places in our sheltered courts, outdoor courts, entra large clubhouse,  mens washroom have three urinals, five sit down stalls, three sinks to wash hands, I believe more areas that are open gives us more opportunities to keep our distance. We are the older generation but we are much smarter and we know how to stay safe.  One other thing is we don,t have to attend a tournament if we chose not to.  I don,t feel in this case one rule fits all. I trust the fsa board and i think they will appreciate how we feel. After all we are all in this thing together.  And much can change in two months.

Glen Peltier. 2020 08 05

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The story begins on the evening of Sep 07th, 2004

We rest in our 5th Wheel watching and listening to warnings about our geographic area ~~ Hendersonville County NC. 

We have received from 6 to 8 inches of rain to-day; in the county just north of us, rain is falling at the rate of 2 inches per hour!  Our area is expecting 4 additional inches of rain tonight and rain is forecast for tomorrow.  

The stream behind our 5th Wheel is flooding into our area and water is now up to the lower step of our 5th Wheel Trailer. As a precaution I have already disconnected my sewer line and removed all of my stability jacks to facilitate a quick escape from our site. 

The area immediately behind us is flooded to a depth of at least one foot ~~ covering an area of perhaps 20 acres.  Tornado watch and tornado warnings are in effect in the adjoining counties. 

It is now 22:20 and we are watching TV coverage for our area while at the same time watching the water depth increase at our door step!!  Each time I take an outside “water check” I return soaked, running shoes on my feet for protection not from the water, but from anything submerged. 

I have established a bench mark for our removal; that being when the water exceeds a depth of 5 inches above our lower step at the side door. Prior to that, at about 3 inches, I will connect the truck to our 5th Wheel in final preparation.  At this time I feel more like a war correspondent than a Shuffleboard Reporter???  Alf told me that this trip would be a breeze ~~ LOL ~~ just wait until I next see him!!  Going to sign off for now.  Do hope that I can add a “happy” or at least a “safe ending” to this story tomorrow morning.

And now “Tomorrow morning”: Just after I signed off we began to see flashing lights at the entrance to the park property.  Next we have fire/rescue personnel in a rubber dingy and paddling no less, past our back windows, looking in at us!!  They proceed to the trailer just behind us and two people are rescued.  Time now: Just past midnight. 

Next the park manager and the rescue personnel come to our door and advise/recommend that we move our 5th Wheel to higher ground.  They inform us that the water is expected to rise an additional one to two feet.  Since this is in excess of my benchmark, we begin to execute our plan.  I disconnect the power, standing in about 12″ of water ~~ not easy but if done carefully, an acceptable operation.  The one remaining thing I could not do is access the water connection ~~ It was just too deep to reach the tap.  Left the water hose connected and closed off the “other end”!!

We complete the move to higher ground about 01:00 hrs on Wed, Sep 08th.  Looking at the spot where we were parked this morning, it is fortunate that we moved.  Rain continues but at a lesser rate.  In summary, we are safe and sound.  Not everyone in the park was as fortunate.  Flooding is extensive. at 08:25 on Sep 08th. That is Sep 08th of 2004.

REPOSTED 2020 08 04.  Stan McCormack.      

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STAY SAFE!! Look Back to 2004!! (2020 08 04)


I thought I would give you two personal stories,
both about Shufflers, to remind you to take

MARGARET O’NEAL on August 26th, 2004!! Margaret has since
passed on. When you read her article below, I think all
will agree that she was a capable writer.
As I read Margaret’s story, it became increasingly
evident to me that “Charlie” was a Storm With a Difference!!
Why don’t I let Margaret tell it?? Margaret speaking in
Hi Stan and Lois: We’ve been through quite a week. I had got
used to thunderstorms but this was something else!! There
was no thunder or lightning just this loud wind blowing the rain sideways. Ed and I sat in our family room watching it
was like no other storm I had ever seen. We saw our fence
around the hot tub go down and then back up. Then I heard
this loud noise and I said to Ed “what was that?” He
answered: “we just lost our porch.” It went straight up and
over our roof. We found out Sat. that our neighbors across
the street had seen it coming towards them but it went over their roof also, and landed two blocks down in a ditch. Thank heavens no one or no building was hurt. About this time we lost electricity and telephone. We had no communication with the outside world for the next 48 hours except for the radio station in Orlando which never gave any highland county news. Saturday morning Ed went to Home Depot to see if he could buy us a generator there
was already a line around the store so he gave up. We
survived Saturday with no air conditioning, no stove etc. If
we’d only had the little motor home we’d have been fine but surly the electric would come on by tomorrow??? Sunday a.m., and still no electricity so we went to the local grocery store to buy a local paper so we could at least see what was going on. The grocery store was working on a generator but there were no gas stations open and of course no ATM’s to get cash. By Sunday evening when we heard it could be a week before we got electricity, we decided to leave!! We had a 1/2 tank of gas in the little truck and about 4 gallons in our lawnmower tank enough
we hoped, to get us to Lake county where they had gas. I
knew I had to throw out everything from the freezer so we
packed freezer contents into garbage bags and placed the
bags in the truck. Now the need to find a dumpster as we
head for GA!! We drove up Hwy 27, witnessing so much
destruction. As we drove by Camp Inn they were not letting
anyone in (everyone there had been ordered to evacuate.)
There were no traffic lights operating so highway patrol was
manning each intersection. We arrived at FL turnpike where
the gas stations were open. Still no dumpster!! Our
priority became a motel so we began our search. It was now
well after dark so we found a motel checked in had a most
welcome shower and good nights sleep, with air conditioning
yet!!! But we still had all our garbage in the truck!!!
Mon. a.m. up early and off to dump our garbage it had to really stink by now!! And then off to GA where hopefully our cell phone would work and we could let our family know we were okay…. Arrived at our daughter’s home and finally had communication but were still concerned about how things were at our FL residence. We still couldn’t get hold of anyone in the Avon Park-Sebring area. Funny thing!! We
finally got hold of Ralph Day on his cell phone and so
pleased ~~ only to discover he was in Detroit. We arrived
home in Sebring Sat to see all the damage at Avon Park
Shuffle Board courts. Our beautiful covered courts 6 were
not usable. Margaret (O’Neal)
THE SHUFFLER thanks Margaret for this great story!!

I apologize for the lines through some of the sentences. > Stan writing in 2020??????

Stan and Alf 2004 08 26.

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Wilbur Estes 2006 05 WE New Beginning. W4

A Shuffleboard book is a mystery, but is not a story.

It has no beginning.  It has no plot (except that which we use to defeat our opponent), and it has no ending.

A  Shuffleboard “How to …” book, is a series of thoughts, instructions, philosophies, psychologies, explanations and observations.  It has no ending.  Learning continues as long as we continue to play, — and perhaps, after we can play no longer.

We question.  “Which came first, the chicken, or the egg?”

The same question arises when assembling “The Facts of Shuffleboard Life”.

In this series of articles for “Wilbur’s Page, I can say that I started where I started, simply because what I wrote was the first thought that came to mind.

There will be no hierarchy of importance in subsequent articles (who can determine which is most important?).  These articles will be based upon what I see in tournament, and other, play.  Such observation will bring new thoughts to mind, or allow me to present old writings in different words.

The last article I write may be the most important, or an earlier one may hold that honor. Who knows? I don’t.

However, I believe it is important for the Future of Shuffleboard, to provide the information, regardless of the relative importance of single articles.

WILBUR ~~ THE GUY WHO WROTE THE BOOK!! (Written in 2006; Posted on 2020 08 04)

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Archival Item: Saga of the White Swan!! Shuffling with Success!! 2004 Event!!

A Great Read of a Great Event!!! Stan

Your Source for Shuffleboard News

Bromley Glen & SylviaSaga of the White Swan!! Shuffling with Success!! 2004 Event!! Pic Taken in AZ, not AB???

If you have been following the success of the White Swan, in Athabasca, AB, you will want to find out just what happened at the June, 2004 Event!!   Note that I have not referred to the White Swan as a “tournament”~~ it seems to me that it is far more than that!! It is a place for people with a common interest to meet, to enjoy each other’s friendship while participating in many of the Summer Activities we have grown to enjoy during our lifetime.   Of course, the one activity which is the catalyst, is shuffling! I do hope that as you read this article and the previous articles below, you will grasp the meaning of what I am endeavouring to convey!!                              You may also want to consider the necessary ingredients for such an…

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Earl Ball Gives His Feelings vis-a-vis the commencement of the Season!!


I am thrilled that we have a plan to start the FSA shuffleboard season on time. None of us can expect anything that would be easy with all that has happened; normal is no more and how many of us have said we should be doing things like pre-registration for a long time now or having the computer do the draw( we aren’t quite there but not far off). Everyone of us has gotten sick in past seasons because someone played sick and we caught it; what do we say, they should know better; well now they will know better.

I have always said the same thing: tell me where the tournament is being played and what the rules are and I’ll decide if I want to play. Everyone can now make their decision the same way.

I CONGRATULATE all those who had a hand in this most difficult decision. Some will be happy, others not so much, hang tough!

Earl 8-3-2020

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Pandemic Protocols for Florida Shuffleboard Tournaments. 2020 08 03. (As posted on the FSA Website)

Recognizing that F.S.A. players are mostly within a high-risk category; the following protocols have been instituted for F.S.A. Statewide and District events. These protocols may be revised, as necessary.

  2. Venues will be limited to no more than 50% occupancy (every other court).
    1. Indoor occupancy may be further reduced using indoor dining requirements as required by other authorities.
  3. It is recommended that all windows, side curtains, etc. always remain open while the facility is occupied.
  4. All Covid-19 directives and recommendations developed by the C.D.C., State of Florida, county, city, or property owners must be observed by clubs, players, and directors.
  5. No food items will be prepared, served, or sold at tournament venues.
  6. Clubhouses shall be closed, except for restrooms.
  7. Venues that decline to agree to these protocols or are in an area where permitted group size is less than 50 people will have their scheduled tournaments postponed, moved, or cancelled.

  9. Play will be on every other court only.
    1. For example, a venue with 24 courts will have only 12 courts available for tournament play.

  10. FANS
  11. Fans that blow air from one person to another are prohibited.
  13. Host clubs shall sanitize all discs, court benches and scoreboard each day before players are allowed on the courts
  14.  All commonly touched surfaces in restrooms shall be sanitized before they are opened for the day and again around noon.
  15. Each club is encouraged to a supply of hand sanitizer available for players and staff. However, players will be advised that it is primarily their responsibility to have their own hand sanitizer supply.
  16. Clubs may charge up to $2.00 per player as a “sanitation” fee in addition to the normal registration fee to defray the cost of sanitation measures.

  18. In no case shall the number of teams in any division exceed twice the number of courts available for play at any venue.  
  19. If the total number of teams in both divisions exceeds twice the number of available courts, the Men’s Division will begin on Monday and the Women’s Division will begin Tuesday.
  20. Each Division will play through the quarterfinals on their first day. Both Division will finish play on Wednesday.
  21. To ensure that each division will be complete play in two days, no division shall exceed 32 entries.
  22. An 8:30 a.m. start time is recommended to ensure that three rounds are completed each day.
    1. Host clubs that adopt the 8:30 a.m. start time must notify the FSA webmaster before registration begins for that tournament.
  23. The 4:00 P.M. last call rule may be waived at the tournament director’s discretion.

  25. Preregistration will be required in order to reduce direct contact with tournament officials, insure that players are not turned away from a venue due to overcrowding and to provide players an opportunity to register at an alternative location if their first choice is at capacity.
  26. A Registrar will be appointed each week by the State Tournament Director and his/her name shall be posted on the FSA Bulletin Board. Players/teams must register via email with the Registrar between 8:00 a.m. on the Friday before the tournament and 4:00 P.M. on the Sunday preceding a scheduled tournament. The name of both team members, the desired venue and a contact phone number must be included in the email. Registration will be on a first come, first served basis.
  27. The Registrar shall maintain a list of all players/teams for each division of each tournament scheduled for the upcoming week.
  28. Once capacity is reached in any division, the Registrar will notify the Webmaster who will publish that information on the website. The Registrar will also notify any players/teams who register after a division limit has been reached, giving them the opportunity to register for an alternate venue or to be put first onto the list for the next tournament.
  29. The tournament directors assigned to each tournament must similarly notify the Registrar.
  30. As soon as possible after the close of registration, the Registrar will email each director a list of all entries for their respective tournaments.
  31. Districts shall decide if a registrar is required for their District tournaments.

  33. Each day of the tournament, registered players will be met at the facility entrance by a designated club member. Any player with a temperature exceeding 100 degrees or who displays symptoms of illness will not be admitted to the facility.
  34. If the tournament is a team event, both team members must enter the facility at the same time.
  35. Those players admitted to the facility for the first time will be provided with a registration form.
  36. Spectators will not be admitted to the facility. However, individuals accompanying registered players may enter and remain on the premises but must sign a release form and be subject to all the rules set forth in this directive.
  37. By signing the registration form, players also agree to abide by all special health regulations imposed by competent authority, including the host club. Including, wearing an acceptable face mask always while on the club’s premises or when within 6 feet of individuals not in your family group.
    1. There will be no exception to the mask policy even with a medical excuse.
  38. Masks may be removed while eating or drinking, but appropriate distance must then be maintained.
    1. The CDC does not recommend the use of a face shield worn in lieu of a face mask and, as such, a face shield alone is not acceptable for F.S.A. events.
  39. Anyone who fails to observe any special health rules or who displays obvious signs of illness once admitted will be disqualified from the tournament and be required to immediately leave the premises.
  40. DRAW
  41. Completed registration forms shall be submitted to the tournament director in the manner he/she designates as soon as possible after arrival.
  42. Tournament directors shall conduct an independent blind draw prior to the start of the tournament. Players will not participate in the draw. If facilities permit appropriate distancing, one independent observer will attend the draw.
  43. No one will be admitted to the tournament director’s office without permission of the director.

  45. Only one person at a time will be permitted in restrooms.
  46. A tape line is recommended to be placed six feet from the restroom door.
  47. Where possible, restroom doors should be left open when unoccupied.

  49. It is recommended that each player bring their own chair to allow appropriate seating space when not on the courts.
  50. No discs will be waxed during play.
  51. Discs will be left on the court until the end of play each day.
  52. Courts will not be swept once play begins.
  53. Beads may be added according to normal rules.
  54. Only one person at a time may view tournament charts.
  55. Only the tournament director may touch the charts or the surface upon which they are mounted.
    1. A tape indicator is recommended six feet from the charts to remind players to maintain a safe distance.
  56. Players who have been eliminated from the tournament, and anyone accompanying them, are asked to vacate the premises or wait in an area removed from the courts.
  57. Players playing the head of the court will be supplied with a piece of chalk or dry erase marker, as appropriate, and an eraser for their personal use throughout the day.
    1. They are responsible maintain possession of those items and for returning them to a designated spot at the end of their day.

  59. Districts shall adhere to all protocols, except the registrar as noted, for all District sanctioned events.
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Message from the FSA President, David Kudro. 2020 08 03. (As posted on the FSA Website.)

[Your Name] President Company Address  

August 1, 2020

All F.S.A. Members, Clubs, Tournament Directors and District Boards

Enclosure: Pandemic Protocols for F.S.A. Tournaments

Greetings to all:

In response to limitations instituted to control the COVID-19 pandemic, the F.S.A. Executive Board, in conjunction with the Rules Committee and the State Tournament Director, has devised a set of protocols to be implemented for the upcoming shuffleboard season. The protocols may be revised as dictated by the F.S.A. or other competent authority.

District Boards and Host Clubs should familiarized themselves with guidelines provided by the Center for Disease Control (, State and Local governments and facility owners.

All Host Clubs must notify the F.S.A. Keeper of Records in writing prior to September 16, 2020 that they either agree to abide by these protocols and those issued by Federal, State and Local authorities and facility owners, or that they decline to host under these provisions. Host clubs who decline to host or fail to respond in a timely manner face reassignment of their tournament(s) during the period that these protocols are in effect.


David Kudro


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“What’s The Rul?” by State TD Glenn Monroe. 2020 08 03

The Shuffler has arranged with FSA State Tournament Director Glenn Monroe to answer your questions relative to The Rules!! Thus the title: “What’s The Rule?”

If You have a question you would like answered, send it to Glenn at:

Unless otherwise stated, the most recent rules and regulations of the Florida Shuffleboard Association shall be used to answer all questions.

  1. Why do I have to remain seated when play is from the other end of the court?

    The reason is that unnecessary movement can distract players who are shooting from the opposite end of the court. Believe it or not, some players have been known to do that on purpose! Rule C.7 does allow you to stand up under a narrow set of circumstances, however, if it is done while a player is in the act of shooting you may still be subject to a penalty for interference.

  2. All the discs had been shot from the other end and we had a close disc that required a 3rd call. While waiting for the tournament director I cleared off the other discs. My opponent said I could not do that. I was just trying to save time.

Your opponent would be correct if you moved a live disc. (Rule F.1.c) The reason is that memory can fail as to the position of the other discs while waiting for the tournament director to arrive to make that third call and result in further dispute. Additionally, if the T.D. determines that a penalty, the position, and value of other live discs may have a bearing on the value of the penalty.

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Wilbur Estes Article 2, 05 07 08. Practice Shots.

Eight Practice Shots

You are allowed Two Rounds of Practice at the start of the first and second Game of a Match. No practice is permitted for the third Game. Therefore, to get the vital information you need, you must use your Practice Shots wisely.

You know how to get information from Spreading the Beads or Smoothing the Wax, and you can gain a bit more knowledge of the Court and discs when you shoot Two Discs for Speed.

Two for Speed

Before you practice for the first Game, the rules allow you to shoot Two discs for Speed, to allow you to decide if the Speed of the Court, and the discs, are satisfactory.

If the Speed is not satisfactory (all players must agree it is not), permission may be granted by the Tournament Director (or his representative) to have a sprinkle of beads added, to have the Court swept and re-beaded if the beads are worn out, or are in windrows from the preceding Matches, or to have the discs re-waxed (if wax is used), or to try a different set of discs.

When used properly, these Two discs for Speed will serve as two more Practice Shots, and will give you clues that will allow you to make your practice rounds more informative.

You may assume that dedicated workers at the host club have painstakingly weighed the individual discs, and tested them for equal Speed, and discs #3 and #4 (#3 is usually 3 dots, #4 is usually blank), will run the best. This assumption may, or may not, be correct.

However, when you are Playing the Head, use discs #3 and #4 for your Two for Speed. Only because Your Partner will be happier shooting two discs he may assume are the best of the set. A happy partner is a better partner.

You must shoot from the same two places every Match to get accurate information. It is best to use these two Shots in the same way you use two of the Shots in your Practice Rounds. The Practice Rounds will give you an opportunity to confirm your initial evaluation of your Speed Shots.

The first Speed Shot should be from the Outside Front Corner of the Starting Area, across the Board for an 8 (the same Shot you will always use to Score a Open Board Hammer). This follows the same path as a Sneak Behind a St. Pete and gives you information about the Drift and Speed for an 8.

The second Speed Shot should be from the Separation Triangle, and about halfway back in the Starting Area. This compensates for the shorter distance this disc has to travel over a normally faster path. This should be Shot straight down on your side, parallel to the Centerline — for an 8.

A disc is suspect when it goes further than  (or not as far as) you expected.

Both discs. if they are Shot at the same Speed (and run at about the same Speed) should travel about the same distance into the Scoring Diagram. This gives you information about Drift and also lets you compare the Speed of these two discs on the most used area of the Court.

You will expect the second Shot to go about the same distance into the 8 as the first. The distance to this Straight Down 8 is slightly shorter and this area of the Board may be slightly faster because it gets the most use.

The 8 area is nearly midway into the Scoring Area. These two Shots to the 8 area will give you a feel for this part of the Court. If these Shots do not go where you expect, you can adjust for your Practice Shots. You will also observe the Drift. Proper use of your Two for Speed will give you considerable information.

Having this additional information, your systematic Practice Shots, will allow you to more accurately determine the Drift and Speed of the Court.

You need to know the Drift, and whether, or not, the discs run at different Speeds. It may require several Shots to determine exactly which discs are fast (or slow), but you may be able to confirm any differences you found when Spreading the Beads or Smoothing the Wax. Having this information, you can use subsequent Shots to confirm your suspicion.

Suspect discs

As said before, the Speed of a disc is suspect when it goes further than you expected (or not as far).

If it did not follow the line you Shot it on, it probably Drifted.

Look also for Fast Spots, or Slow Sticky Spots on the Court (you can use a Sticky Spot to help you make Your Hammer)

Remember too, the rules provide these Practice Rounds for your benefit. They are not inconvenient “Waste of Time, Throw-away Shots,” as some players think.

Inspect the discs for nicks and gouges before you practice. These defects may affect Speed and Drift. Mentally note any defects you find that may have an adverse effect on the outcome of a Shot. A nick may pick up beads or other foreign material) and cause the disc to deviate off course, or stop too quickly.

Some players mark the discs with an arrow showing the location of the nick, so they can shoot the disc with the nick (and arrow) to the rear, where it is less likely to adversely affect the Shot. However, it is best not to mark a nick this way.

If you are playing the first Game of a Match, and mark the nicks with arrows, Your Opponent will benefit from the arrow in the second Game. If you mark a nick with an arrow, when playing the second Game, you may benefit him — when a third Game is necessary.

If you need to mark the nick, place your Disc Number marking opposite the nick, and shoot the disc with the number forward. Your Opponent may not relate the Disc Number to a nick. Do not make it easy for him to Play the disc properly.

Make him solve his own problems.

To learn the most from the limited number of Practice Shots you must make a habit of using the same sequence of Shots every Match. This helps you remember where you Shot from.

The sequence you use is not important, but it must always be the same.

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