Pro Mixed Doubles/Amateur Any Doubles in St. Petersburg October 15th, 2018

Erik Hahmann Speaks:  The St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club is delighted to host to the Pro (P03A) Mixed Doubles and Amateur (A01) Any Doubles on October 15 and 16 – the club’s first state tournament in over a decade! We’re looking forward to welcoming both old and new friends to kick off the 2018/19 shuffleboard season in what promises to be an exciting event for all. For those who haven’t visited us, we’re located directly off of the interstate. No lights or street traffic to deal with.

As well as having the opportunity to see recent improvements to the almost-100-year-old St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club (like an air conditioned clubhouse), players will enjoy an exciting roster of competitors. St. Pete will welcome some of the sport’s top players, from Roll of Champions men and women to all three 1000-point Green Jacket Masters. See the best of the best and root for your favorite.

Thanks to our generous sponsors – The Tampa Bay Rays, Gary L. Heller Dermatology Research Cosmetic Center, and The Princess Martha – there will be a prize fund of over $2,000. While players can bring their own lunch, additional options will be provided by the The Princess Martha’s culinary team for $6 per person.

Date: Monday, October 15
Time: Registration starts at 8:00 AM. Both tournaments begin promptly at 9:00 AM.
Address: 559 Mirror Lake Dr N, Saint Petersburg, Florida 33701
More information:

Erik Hahmann  2018 09 24

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Lakeland Host the CD Mingles/Singles. Sent along by Glenn Monroe.

Lakeland – 09/24/2018

Pros – 29 Players
1. Bob Sempolinski – Pinellas Pk.
2. Bob Robinson – Hawthorne
3. Lee Hutchins – Betmar
4. Walt Bartels – Deland
5. Kay Cramblit – Sebring

Amateurs – 15 Players
1. George Leisure – Lakeland
2. Ed Rice – Lakeland
3. Steve Worcester – ZSC
4. Karon Lightner – ZSC

Thank You Glenn Monroe for sending the Results!!   2018 09 24

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Australia Will Host the 2020 ISA Shuffleboard “World Championships” PLAN NOW TO ATTEND!!


ISA President Myrna Bilton Speaks:

I’m happy and pleased to announce that Ian Reiher, President of the Australian Shuffleboard Association has confirmed that they will host the 2020 ISA Team Tournament to be held in Coolangatta and Elanora on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia during October.
On behalf of the International Shuffleboard Association we send our “CONGRATULATIONS” to President Ian Reiher and the members of the Australian Shuffleboard Association for this great news.

Myrna Bilton
ISA President

Stan adds related info. Australian History  as the History indicates, two locations are used for an ISA Event, the pic at top is the AU Players, 2008; pic taken at the Coolangatta roof-top courts overlooking the Coral Sea of the Pacific Ocean. Folks; you will shuffle on these Roof Top Courts!!  That in itself is good enough reason to plan now to attend the 2020 38th ISA!!! The Courts at the other location, Elanor, have been recently re-surfaced.  Posted 2018 09 24.

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Peter and Erika Berg Live on an Island. Peter and Erika Have a Beautiful Island Home!!

Peter and Erika Berg have a beautiful home on an island in Carling Township, Carling Township is near Parry Sound, Ontario.  They winter in Palmetto, FL. Pic above.  Reflect for a minute, reflect on a) the Beauty, but also on the difficulties that can arise on gaining access!!  As you will see below, ice can be quite upsetting!!

Peter Berg Speaks: When we came back from Florida in the spring we had a surprise. Our 12×50 foot dock was sinking. It took quite a long time to fix it. Had to find some one that could dive down to blow air into the steel tubes to bring it back to the surface. Then we installed 4 bladders and she was almost as good as new. 
Stan Speaks: Peter: Thanks for sharing with us the beauty of your Summer Residence!!!  You demonstrated the creativity necessary to overcome the problem brought on by Mother Nature during the winter.  Stan 2018 09 23.

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Stan Speaks: On Saturday, July 21st, 2007, Central Ontario celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the opening of the Kirkfield Lift Lock.  The Trent Severn Waterway is worthy of our support as it continues to bring tourist and tourist dollars to the many communities along the system.  Let’s ensure that the desire and the will to continue to support the waterway does not diminish.  Let’s make sure we are able to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the Trent Severn Waterway and the Kirkfield Lift Lock!!  ****

At the Re-dedication of the Lock on Saturday, Mayor McGee spoke first; he spoke with eloquence and force as he demonstrated his desire to have Council pull together.  He also took the opportunity to announce to the large crowd the   150 Year Anniversary of Lindsay.

Next to speak was MPP Laurie Scott who aptly demonstrated her knowledge and close ties to the community. The third speaker was MP Barry Devolin who represented the Federal Government.  Barry thanked Parks Canada and reminded the audience of the ongoing review of the Trent System, pointing out that to sustain the Waterway requires public participation and public support. He recognized and thanked two citizens who are part of the current review of the Waterway.

As I listened to the presentations by the invited guests at the Lock, I could not help but think how fortunate we are to have Political Representatives with the qualities so in evidence to-day. Too many Canadians view all politicians with suspicion and mistrust. That view is unhealthy and I urge those who hold such a view to turn out to meet your political representative and yes, your municipal representatives.  They entered politics to improve our lifestyle and I believe that on balance they continue to do a great job!!  Keep Up The Good Work!

Stan McCormack.

**** Stan, now writing on 2018 09 23; But one example; American Terry Rainwater passed through this lock on his grand boat tour.


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Peggy House Celebrates the 94th Anniversary of Her Birth!!! 2018 09 22

To-day, 2018 09 22 is a Very Special Day for all Shufflers, but especially for Canadian Shufflers!!!  The very first Secretary of the CNSA, and wife of the very first President of the CNSA, will celebrate, and I mean celebrate, her birthday to-day in Orillia ON.  Daughter Jan Scheidt confirmed the celebration which will take place where Peggy lives.  Pic on left is of Peggy and husband Jack. Jack left us 11 years ago on Sep 23rd.  I am now going to insert an article about Jack which I had published  in their newspaper. STONEY CREEK CITIZEN INTO NATIONAL HALL OF FAME  Pic of Peggy and Glen (Peltier) taken at Tilbury, ON in 2016.

Stan, 2018 09 22

Stan McCormack speaks for all Shufflers when he extends to PEGGY HOUSE, the VERY BEST on this very Special Day!!
PEGGY: You have a most distinguished record in Shuffleboard. PEGGY: You will be remembered long after your life on earth.
Peggy House was the first shuffleboard player in the history of International Competition (37 years) to achieve “Two Perfect Records”!! Her first came in Texas at the 4th ISA Event and her 2nd on the 10th Anniversary of the ISA in Lindsay, Ontario. In total Peggy competed in 7 ISA Events.
Peggy was instrumental in the formation of the CNSA, became its very first Secretary and held that office in the formative years from 1981 to 1985.
She played for the Canadian Women’s Team at the very first ISA of 1981 in Muskegon, MI. Peggy served on the Organizing Committee for the 1990 Lindsay ISA event making regular commutes from her residence as required. Contributing to the camaraderie of International Shuffleboard, following the Lindsay event the House Family entertained the Allen Family, the Nidys and the entire Japanese Team at their home in Stoney Creek, ON.
Stan McCormack, former President of the CNSA.

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Tournament Results
Tournament #21 Sept. 20 & 21
National Mixed Doubles
Sponsored by: Flat Rock Wood Room and Shuffleboard Boutique

In 1st Place; Lynda and Warren King.

1. Lynda King – Warren King
2. Wilma Rudolph – Red Rudolph
3. Jan Thyssen – Wally Thyssen
4. Nancy Myklejord – Dean Myklejord

1. Dorie Baker – Joe Cote
2. Joyce Smith – Bob Smith
3. Doris Hanke – Stan Quinn
4. Pat Knapp – Asa Lett

Tournament Director: Ed O’Neal
Teams: 17.  Thanks to Harold Thorne for sending Results Along!!  Stan 2018 09 21

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