One of Shuffleboard’s Many “Moments to Remember”

A Moment to Remember

The photo above was taken during the 2011 Dieppe ISA Singles Event in Dieppe, New Brunswick.

Lois was making a “quick trip” to the lounge of the hotel to pick up a coffee. Her Japanese Kimono caught the attention of Kieko and then Reiko!! It was not long before the entire Japanese contingent had gathered to compliment her on her Kimono which had been a gift from her youngest son Wayne and daughter in law, Michele.
Yoshiko brought Lois this photo to Seattle in August of 2012 and presented it to Lois. Lois had been anticipating the photo and was extremely happy to receive yet another momento of the many happy memories of Shuffleboard. Thanks Japanese Shufflers!!

Stan 2012 08 16.

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A “Look Back” to the FSA Masters of 2005!!

Roberta Day on the left, finished 2nd. Dianna Morrison on the right finished in 1st!! To see how close they were, read this article I wrote in 2005!!

Just in case you were beginning to think that all the stress and anxiety was in the Men’s Division ~~ think again!! The field in the Women’s Division was balanced and there were NO EASY WINS!! On the afternoon of Wednesday, April 6th, 2005 as Morrison and Day took to the Court to begin their match, everyone knew this was the match to watch; this was the match that could make the difference!! If Day can maintain her strong performance; if she can come out ON TOP in this 3 game match; she will have an excellent chance of going all the way. However; the converse is true, a loss against the every capable, the ever powerful player Morrison, will place Diana in an enviable position to begin the final day of this event!! Let me give you just a sample of the recording I made while watching their match: “Remember, Diana has the hammer and she has the winning disc on the board; OH, a terrific shot by Roberta, took out Roberta’s 8, an 8 that was partially covered, an 8 that was the “winning disc”. Roberta had 58, she has a 7 in play which makes her 65, Diana has a 7 on board and If she can score with her hammer, she can win this game!! (My remarks as Diana pauses) She is contemplating, she is ~~~~ thinking, she is ~~~~~ focusing, and she is about to shoot, she shoots, remember she needs the 8 to win!! Her disc ends up so close to the idiot line that the referee is required to examine it closely, IT IS GOOD, Diana wins the game, and the win places Diana Morrison in 1st place at the end of play on Day 3 of the FSA Masters.”

Stan of THE SHUFFLER 2005 04 06.
Dianna went on to Win The Women’s 2005 FSA MASTERS! 

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ISA President Bilton Offers Her Remarks.

Stan McCormack CNSA Special Award

ISA President Myrna Bilton Speaks: STAN; It gives me great pleasure to be part of this memorable day Stan, as you are presented with a Special Award from the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association.

I bring you “Congratulations and Warm Greetings” on behalf of the International Shuffleboard Association.
Our International friends know Canada for its cold winters, hockey, maple syrup and Stan McCormack.

Your email address….”Stan is the Man”……says it all.

The list goes on and on for the amazing job you have accomplished with shuffleboard.
Your hours of dedication to shuffleboard is outstanding. You have been a wonderful ambassador for shuffleboard.

On a personal note Stan….A sincere Thank you for your help and support that you have given Rendall and myself in our shuffleboard roles. Throughout this journey of life we meet many people along the way. Each person has a purpose in our life.

It is heart warming to us and we feel very much blessed that you and Lois have been part of our life’s journey.
Thanks for the Memories
We love you
Myrna & Rendall

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Sam Allen “Mr. Shuffle” Turns 90 Today!

Today is Sam Allen’s 90th birthday! Sam’s birthday party took place over the weekend with family and close friends at Allen R. Shuffleboard Co. Being from Maryland it was fitting that the party involved a large crab boil.


IMG_7690 (002)

Checkout this great Tampa Bay Times article about Sam from 2013

via Lifetime Achievment Award Recepient Sam Allen turn 89 to -day, 2018 05 20; Happy Birthday From All Shufflers World Wide!!.

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The CNSA Recognizes Stan’s Contribution!!

Overwhelmed may be the very best choice of words!!!

The photo above was taken on 2019 05 17 in Adelaide Place, Lindsay, ON.  The Red Jackets symbolize the CNSA HOF; each person sporting the jacket enjoys that title, that distinction, that honour!!!  From the left we have : Gary and Barb Pipher; Bill Pollock; Max Tate; Myna Bilton; Stan McCormack and in the Black Jacket, standing proudly, we have the serving CNSA President, Jim Corbeil.

The Corbeils and the Tates drove just under 3 hours to get here; the Piphers and the Pollocks just under 2 hours.  They drove that far to make a significant presentation to Stan McCormack for his support of Shuffleboard during the past 17 years. Stan now resides in Adelaide Place in Lindsay, ON and Management had agreed to host the Presentation.  A find lunch was enjoyed in a private dinning room; the presentation was made in the Lounge.

At 13:00 hrs President Corbeil introduced himself, thanked Adelaide Place for hosting the event, and called Past President Gary Pipher to  the podium.  As Gary has done so many times in his Shuffleboard career, he demonstrated his outstanding ability to assemble the facts; and to present them both cogently and interestingly!!  I am now going to give you Gary’s remarks, word for word. My thanks!!

Stan McCormack CNSA Special Award presentation
Lindsay Ontario May 17 2019
Good afternoon ladies and Gentlemen : My name is Gary Pipher I am from Wasaga Beach , and I have been a good friend of Stan McCormack for many years.
It gives me great pleasure to have this opportunity to say a few words about Stan McCormack at this special recognition award presentation from the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association .
Before I begin, I would like to introduce the Special Shuffleboard Guests here today.
First I would like to introduce my wife Barbara and a good friend of the Mc Cormack’s .  Pic on  your left.
Next we have Bill and Lorraine Pollock of Wasaga Beach . Lorraine was the CNSA tournament director for many years and husband Bill was chairman of the rules committee.
Next we have Max and Ruth Tate of Tillsonburg . Max is a past president of CNSA and his wife Ruth was secretary.
They have been close friends with Stan and his late wife Lois for many years, and in fact I do believe they first met at a Shuffleboard tournament here in the Lindsay Armories many many years ago.
Next we have Myrna Bilton of Bellwood Ontario
Rendall is the immediate past President of the Ontario Shuffleboard and he and his wife Myrna were the founders of the Fergus Shuffleboard Club.
Myrna is a past president of the Canadian National Shuffleboard and is the current President of the International Shuffleboard Association.
Then we have our current President of the Canadian National Shuffleboard Jim Corbeil of Woodstock and his wife Marlene. Marlene took over the role of Tournament Director after Lorraine Pollock retired.

“Stan is the Man” has contributed more to promote the game of shuffleboard than anyone I can possibly think of over past 20 years.
Stan started his Shuffler web site from what he believed was a necessity to inform people the results of an International Shuffleboard tournament he was attending in Clearwater Florida in 2002.
Along with the help of a man by the name of Alf Primeau , they put together a web site called which they appropriately called “The Shuffler”.
Stan and Alf were a good combination because Alf was no doubt the computer geek at the time , and Stan was the roving reporter so to speak.
Stan always had a camera hanging around his neck , and for many years it was not uncommon for him to be poking a recording device in the face of the person he was interviewing and then have them pose for a photograph to complete his story.
Stan kept that original Shuffler Web site rolling along with Alf as his partner until about 2012 , at which time Stan went on his own and recorded everything on the Shufflers Blog which he looked after until turning it over to a new group of reporters in April of this year.
During the 10 years of working along with Alf and the experience he gained it no doubt lead to the perfection we witnessed in his new shuffleboard blog.
“Yes I mean perfection “.
It was on a very rare occasions that you could ever find an error, be it in the grammar, names of tournament players , their scores or names associated with the photos.
The web site was also very user friendly
( I know, because : if I could follow it , anyone could.)
And of course if you subscribed to the blog you automatically received the latest news and updates be it shuffleboard related or a birthday or an anniversary.
Looking back through the Shuffler archives you will see that Stan’s first article on the Shuffler Blog was about a remarkable lady from this Lindsay area by the name of Peggy House.  Peggy, now residing in Orillia, ON, is shown on the left with World Class Shuffler Glen Peltier.

Gary Pipher speaking from the podium, Adelaide Place, Lindsay, ON.  2019 05 17


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Report From Thames Horton Shuffleboard Club

The Thames Horizon Shuffle Club of Chatham, Ontario, has began its 2019 season. They have league play in the mornings and have had more than a full house each time.
They’re going to have four mingles/singles tournaments on June 6th, July 4th, Aug 1st, and September 5. Their season officially ends September 26th and we wish them all the best.
President Hubert Van Eerd tells me the club was started in 1987 by group of shufflers. Together with the owner of the land they built a steel building for 8 indoor courts. It is literally the only club in Canada with 8 Florida type courtsThey were very well built and after all these years there’s not a crack in them. With a little repairing being done to the surface they are still in good shape. 
Hall of Famer Glen Peltier, shown in the picture at the top of this post, shares his thoughts on this club and another fine Canadian club:
I belong to two local clubs in Canada. The  Chatham Ontario Thames Horizon Club and the Blenheim Golden Acres Club.  Both clubs are doing great and increasing their memberships every year. They have great board of directors but the main reason for their success has been Hubert Van Erb in Chatham and Roger Kellum in Blenheim. The Chatham club has been around for about thirty five years with eight great concrete courts, fine facilities and good parking.  The Blenheim club has been around for five years and has sixteen  courts, also fine facilities.  Blenhein club hosts the senior games and an official Ontario Association Tournament. Both these clubs welcome our American friends to come and play with us. Chatham boosts of their fine concrete courts and clubhouse and Blenheim boost of their sixteen courts and fine home cooked meals.  It is my pleasure to belong to these two fine clubs.
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Earl Rebounds From ANOTHER Operation!!

Earl Is Fighting Back


EARL BALL SPEAKS:  My right arm and hand have been a problem for many years; it got so bad by 2013 that I found myself in such pain that I thought I wouldn’t even be able to complete the frame I was playing. I didn’t dare pick anything up with just my right arm and hand for fear I would drop it. One day I saw Jo Miller, one of our tournament directors, struggling with her hand and we talked. She told me the problem was carpal tunnel. By the time I had seen her next she had surgery done and was all better. I went to my doctor and he sent me for nerve conduction studies. They tested the wrist and elbow with needles and echo cardiogram and decided it wasn’t carpal tunnel. They then did an MRI and found my problem was a pinched nerve in the neck. My Doctor advised me that because it was the neck I should wait until I couldn’t stand the pain! Many players knew I had a problem but never did my opponent know while we were on the court. It kept getting worse and was presenting itself in my right outer rib cage; I knew the time was near.
One Sunday morning, early in the year, I was on my way to see my mother-in-law; we had lost Vivian and I was the only one left to watch out for her, when the pain really hit me. I went to a local Chiropractor’s office, it wasn’t unusual for him to be in the Office to help people on Sunday. He sent me home to get the old MRI. While looking at the MRI he made the comment that I was in the wrong Office; I should be in a Neurologist’s Office. On Monday he went to the local x-ray office to talk with the doctor who diagnosed the MRI originally. They agreed I needed to talk to a Neurological Surgeon. He Suggested two and set me up with one of them. The Surgeon was surprised I still had good use of the arm and hand. We deiced to set surgery after the Summer Nationals in Lakeland if I could make it that far. I did, and had a very successful season at that.
Now the operation is done and the arm and hand seem to be fine but the pain from the surgery is still having it’s way with me, but I’ll win that battle too! My take on the Surgery is that they took something our, put something in and fused C4To C5 and then C6 to C7.
I’ll play in Battle Creek in July so my sister can see me play and in Lakeside later that week for the Summer National Doubles Championship. In September I’ll play the Eastern National Doubles in Hendersonville.
Earl :  2019 05 13

And all season I thought the failed Cataract Surgery was my biggest concern???????

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