The Southern District Is “Alive and Well”!!

I’m very excited at the enthusiasm I have seen from shuffleboard players in the Southern District. Our game is alive and well here. We have recently had maximum numbers of shufflers register and although we had to turn a team away last week, we as a board are doing our best to ensure that does not happen again. We are going to try staggered start times in order to accommodate all players. This may or may not work for us, time will tell. FSA Protocols are being followed and Tournament Directors are ensuring everyone keeps their mask on.
After a long summer of no traveling, little dining out and no social gatherings with family, friends and neighbors, it feels good to enjoy playing Shuffleboard again and to do it as safely as possible.

Helen Biaggi Treasurer/Webmaster Southern District

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We Tell You A Little about Dale and Sheila Monday

Dale and Sheila Monday

Dale Monday

  • Captain, NSA West Team , 2014 World Team Championships, Midland, Ontario, CA
  • Director, WSA National Team Tournament, 2014
  • 2nd Vice President, Arizona Shuffleboard Association (ASA)
  • 1st Vice President, ASA District I (Mesa)
  • Chairman and member ASA Hall of Fame Committee since 2009
  • Captain, NSA West Team, 2012 World Team Championships, Seattle. WA
  • Member of West team in NSA East/West Goodwill Games since 2009

Sheila Monday

  • Recently elected as a member of the NSA Hall of Fame in the Special Category
  • Played on the NSA West Women’s Team at World Team Championships in Seattle, WA in 2012
  • Serve as ASA Webmistress & also maintain ASA Districts I, IV & V websites
  • Serve as ASA Historian
  • Serve as assistant to the Executive Director & Assistant Director of the largest  shuffleboard tournament in the world
  • Developed a slideshow of the 31st World Team Championships in Seattle that was shown on the ISA website
  • Member of West team in NSA East/West Goodwill Games since 2009
  • Have served as ASA parliamentarian
  • Have served as ASA District III’s Publicity Director
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We Tell You a Little About Connie Tetu and Joe Bussert.

Connie Tetu and Joe Bussert were inseparable!! Not unlike Glen Peletier’s “Jones and Bones” > TETU AND BUSSERT were the respective first winners of the prestigious, long-standing, Central District Reiny Masters!!!



Joe Bussert 1st Reiny Masters

The Reiny Schleier District Masters is associated with enthusiasm, excitement and memories!!  This is due in large part because the competitors are in relative terms, newcomers to Shuffleboard.  They have heard a great deal about the Pro Masters, and now they too are Competing in The Masters!! 

The man in the photo above is Joe Bussert, the very first Reiny Schleier Central District Men’s Masters Champion!!  He captured that title in 1981.   I took this photo on 2011 11 17, just 4 months shy of his 90th birthday.

Although Joe does not remember meeting Schleier, he does recall the many good times associated with the win.  He remembers that on the day in question, he won 19 of his 21 games!!  

He told me that he “always had to look up to the players”, and then went on to add that was “because he was so short”!  He told me that the very first female winner was Connie Tetu, and she too was very short!! 

When asked how/if shuffleboard had changed in the 32 years since his win; he replied that “we used to have more people; we used to have better courts; courts with less drift!!

Stan McCormack. 2011 11 17 (Pic by Stan)




The Nalcrest Shuffleboard Club held their last meeting on Friday and gratitude was expressed to the club officers, President, Larry Melton, Vice-president, Larry Breening, Courts Manager, Noel Ziebarth, Secretary, Grace Stier and Treasurer, Edna Magnuson for a banner year. The inner-club tournaments managed in a professional style and were very successful. All the local sponsors have expressed willingness to participate in the 1981-82 season. They are the Southgate Merchants Association, First Federal Savings and Loan of Lake Wales, Draper-Wales Furniture Co., American Bank of Lake Wales, Haven Federal Savings and Loan Association.

The crowning event of the season was the winning last week by our Connie Tetu of first place in the amateur Champion of Champions Tournament held in Lakeland. Our Reiny Schleier, president of the Central Florida District of Shuffleboard Clubs, was largely instrumental in setting up this contest. which consisted of the eight highest scoring men and the eight highest scoring women amateurs in the district for the past season. Runners-up for the tournament were two other woman players from Nalcrest, Elsie Meyer and Ruth Stutzman.

                                     Apr 22nd, 1981. Lakeland Ledger.

Connie passed away in August of 2011. She had earned 190 FSA Points. . 

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We Tell You Just A Little About Colleen Austin!!

In my view, this woman has done more in support of Shuffleboard than any other individual!!


In Recognition Of Your Untiring Efforts

January 15, 2018

Colleen Austin

No matter how rough the road or how hard the rain, you always rise to the occasion.

We all know that “Above & Beyond the Call of Duty” is only a phrase, but Colleen you have given it truly a new meaning.

The Florida Shuffleboard Association (FSA) is forever indebted to you for your continued generous support to our organization over the years.

As President of the FSA, it is my honor to award you the FSA “Award of Gratitude” in recognition of your past and continuous service to our organization.

Your hard work, dedication, insight, and enthusiasm, are truly appreciated

 by our shuffleboard family. 

Today is a perfect day to tell you that no one could be more respected, loved, and appreciated. Colleen, you never stop because you are tired. You stop only when you are done.


David P Kudro,

FSA President

And the MVPerson Award Goes to Colleen Austin!!

To-day at the Tournament of Champions in Clearwater, FL the MVPerson Award went to Colleen Austin.  Colleen is hugely active in the support of Shuffleboard Activities, more so than any other living person!! I kid you not!! 

Colleen was among the first to volunteer to support the Celebration of 100 Years in Florida!!  She designed our Anniversary Banner; she designed our Calendar; she designed the MVPin itself!!  And while she was doing all of this, she was as creative and supportive of her own District as well as special FSA events such as the Banquet and the Tournament of Champions and the Masters!  Not only is she an Anniversary Committee Member, she also is one of the Distributors, constantly offering the many promotional items to shufflers and others, in her District. Most of us get tired just thinking about all of the things she does so absolutely well. Truly shufflers, she is remarkable.  

OH! Almost forgot to tell you; Colleen earned a Silver Medal  in the 2011-2012 Tournament of Champions AND placed 1st in the prestigious FSA Masters in March of 2012, and to-day, March 25th 2013 she enters the TOC in a very tight race to compete in the 2013 MASTERS.

It is with a great deal of satisfaction that I present the MVPerson Award to Colleen Austin.

Stan McCormack, Chair, 100th Anniversary Committee. 2013 03 25.

Colleen Austin is KOR for the Southern District; Colleen Austin is the Webmistress of the US National Website; Colleen Austin is a member of the Southern District Hall of Fame; Colleen Austin is a member of the 100th Anniversary Committee; Colleen Austin is not only an active Anniversary Committee Member, she also markets the product items being sold in Southern District in support of the Anniversary; Colleen Austin maintains a photo directory for members of the Southern District; Colleen Austin is the Preview Co-ordinator for the Southern District; Colleen Austin created the 100th Anniversary Calendar; Colleen Austin designed the 100th Anniversary Pin; Colleen Austin designed the 100th Anniversary Banner; Colleen Austin is doing the design artwork for the Tournament of Champions; Colleen Austin, along with Joan Cook performed with exceptional success as hostess for the 2012 FSA HOF Banquet, Colleen preparing inductees cupcakes with their picture done on top with buttercream icing and stick people representing each of the inductees. And finally, almost as an afterthought, Colleen Austin placed 1st in the prestigious FSA Masters in March of 2012.  

There is an old saying: “If you need something done well, and done quickly, ask a busy person!” Colleen is living evidence of the truth of this axiom. No sooner has the request been made, when word arrives back that the task has been launched!!  As her District President told me: “Colleen is a tremendous asset to all organizations and people in shuffleboard.” 

Stan McCormack, Chair, 100th Anniversary Committee. 2012 11 12.  

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CDA03 Sent Along by Glenn Monroe > With Thanks.


            CDA03   Draw Any Dbls   St. Cloud   Oct 22, 2020
                        Sponsor: Starling Chevy
Main                                                        (8)Players
1. Rae Schneider - Wayne Mounts . . . . . . . . . .Zephyrhills/St. Cloud
2. Paul Hawkins - Dave Stoops . . . . . . . . . . .St. Cloud/Zephyrhills
1. Jim Kelly - Fran Bakker . . . . . . . . . . . . . Avon Park/St. Cloud
2. Carla Resh - Cindy Wood . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .St. Cloud/Betmar
Tournament Director(s): George Adyns
            CDP03   Draw Any Dbls   St. Cloud   Oct 22, 2020
                        Sponsor: Starling Chevy
Main                                                        (18)Players
1. Pauline Murphy - Joe Villeneuve . . . . . . . . Zephyrhills/St. Cloud
2. Gabby Gabbard - Keith Morton . . . . . . . . . . .Zephyrhills/Sebring
3. Barbara Fournier - Dean Myklejord * . . . . . . . .St. Cloud/Lakeland
4. Lyle Walker - Nancy Myklejord . . . . . . . . . .Zephyrhills/Lakeland
1. Charlotte Steadman - Earl Ball * . . . . . . . . . . .Lakeland/Betmar
2. Rosemary Comeau - Marie Collette . . . . . . . . . .Sebring/St. Cloud
3. Katy Walker - Harold Comeau . . . . . . . . . . . Zephyrhills/Sebring
4. Jerry Branham - Don Rood . . . . . . . . . . . .Zephyrhills/Avon Park
Tournament Director(s): George Adyns

Glenn Monroe
“Not all those who wander are lost.”J.R.R. Tolkien

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How Long Is Your Cue by Earl Ball?????


The legal limit is 6 foot 3 inches.  Mine is 5 ½ inches shorter!  I don’t know if that’s good or bad, I know Allen and company sell some extra cues because people try to copy me.  When people ask me, I tell them “I’m not very tall so the cue doesn’t have to be very long”.  I think some people believe me!  The real reason is that one day back a few years ago I refurbished Stan Williamson’s cue and decided to “run the new glides in” by using it in practice.  Now anyone that knows Stan realizes why his cue would be short.  Who else gets the cue caught in the fan at St Cloud and runs like mad so they won’t get hit while everyone else stands there with their mouth open in amazement, ~~” only StanOR smashes his cue on the ground during the National Championships breaking off the runners ~~ only Stan, so it’s no wonder his cue is short. 

Earl and Presenter Stan Williamson.

I liked it so much when I was working with it that I had Sam Allen make a special cue for me taking 5 ½ inches off the skinny end of a buggy whip.  So many players have questioned me about it that after this year’s Masters I decided to have Sam make me a new cue of regulation length using the best shaft he had, taking the excess off the skinny end.  I tried it for one practice match and couldn’t control the discs.  Needless to say I’ve hung it up and will probably never use it again!!  It still seems to me though that guys like Ray Razor and Skip Wilde, being so tall, would have an advantage with the longer cue.  When they reach out they are so close to their target I don’t see how they can miss, then again I’m not that tall so I guess my cue doesn’t have to be that long!!

By the way, Sam asked me if I thought the cue with the small wheels would ever catch on in Florida.  I hadn’t really thought about it but I told him I didn’t think so.  I’ve seen that type of cue in play by Stan Quinn and Red Rudolph from Texas and they told me it was for better control in the wind.  Of course, that’s the same reason we use the buggy whip in Florida.  I guess we all bought the buggy whip because Glen Peltier who over time has proven to be the best, said it was the best; maybe if he says the one with the wheels is better we’ll all change!  Earl Ball 2004 06 01.

Encored on 2007 05 12. ~~ Still by Earl Ball. 

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Well; I didn’t want to talk about this tournament but I know no one else will and we are the only district playing tournaments, I know that because I haven’t seen a story from any other district.

We were in St Cloud this week and we had 4 amateur teams to go with 9 Pro teams. The tournament lasted only one day and that’s not many teams but, we are playing.

I drew Charlotte Steadman, a fine player, and we got beat in the 1st match by one of St Cloud’s fine Pros, Joe Villenuve, and Pauline Murphy, a district and state Masters Player. They won the Championship. We went on to capture the Consolation Championship.

Earl Ball 10-22-2020

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The CNSA Honours Our Past Presidents i.e. those Preceding Max Tate. Unfortunately some have “left us”.

This most successful event took place in Blackstock, Ontario on May 30th, 2006. It was a two-day event >> it was a WONDERFUL two-day event!!! Each Past President addressed the audience. Go here if you would like to read the supporting remarks for any or all of the Past Presidents: At this time, as I have your attention, I am going to tell you part of the Story of Roy Norman. I hope, and believe, you will find it interesting and informative. I give you Roy Norman.

I would very much doubt if there is an “ISA SHUFFLER” who is unfamiliar with Roy Norman or the BLACKSTOCK PRAYER.  Having said that, the PRAYER has taken on a new life, a life of its own since its recital in Rio by all the participating nations.  It is now Roy’s objective to do what is possible for one human being to achieve World Peace.  He strives for a world driven by INTELLIGENCE, FAIRRNESS AND CONSIDERATION, a WORLD FREED OF THE “WAR MENTALITY” that now exists!! 

The document I will now print was read at the PAST PRESIDENTS DINNER (BLACKSTOCK, ON, May 30th, 2006) Both Stan McCormack and the Mayor of the municipality in which Blackstock is situated, SCUGOG TOWNSHIP, participated.  Mayor Pearce presented Roy a Certificate from the Township of Scugog, a certificate which recognized Roy’s efforts to make the World a better place to live. 

We invite all Shufflers to read the document and to reflect on WHAT YOU MAY BE ABLE TO DO IN SUPPORT!! 

ROY AND DOREEN NORMAN; Shufflers; World Peace Activist and One of our Sponsors!

My first memory of Roy and Doreen Norman is at the AGM of the CNSA held at Goderich ~~ coincident with the “changing of the guard” ~~ Roy & Doreen leave office and Al Weeks assumes the leadership role. 

I remember going to the front of the meeting when it ended and introducing myself to Roy & Doreen; ~~ expressing regret that they were leaving office and thanking them for their contribution.  At that time I had no idea on how well or poorly for that matter, the NORMANS had performed while in office.  Little did I know that our paths would grow increasingly together, beginning with the Clearwater (CL) ISA.  It was in CL that Roy and Doreen’s performance as Canadian Team Captains caught my attention; it was in CL during the banquet that Roy’s performance as the one chosen to offer the Invocation again caught my attention!!  That CL Invocation carried the seeds of what was to become the BLACKSTOCK PRAYER. 

Last year at the time Lois and I were “putting together” the Spring Fling, we recalled Roy’s Invocation at Clearwater.  We invited Roy to offer the Invocation for the 1st Annual Ritesco Cup, the Scugog Spring Fling of Blackstock!!  The REST IS HISTORY! 

The birth of the BLACKSTOCK PRAYER was in this very Hall, just one year ago. Almost all of you were midwives!!   In the audience was the Mayor of Scugog, Her Worship Mayor Marilyn Pearce.  Marilyn spoke following Roy’s presentation of the Invocation and commented favourably on it!!  The two met following the Official Opening and plans were made to carry the Blackstock Prayer to St John’s Newfoundland which was host to a National Meeting of the Federation of Municipalities.  

To grow the Prayer, to “give it legs”, Stan approached Michael Zellner, President of the Brazilian Shuffleboard Assn. with a view to presenting the prayer at the final Banquet of the 24th International Shuffleboard Meet in Rio de Janeiro.  The Blackstock Prayer was translated into French, into Portuguese, and Japanese, and read line by line in the native tongue of the presenter.  To say that the Invocation was greeted with enthusiasm is a gross understatement.  And among its strongest supporters were the Americans, some requesting copies to take to their Church. 

If Clearwater was the conception; Blackstock the birth; the baby’s first steps were surely at St John’s, Nfld., and Brazil was the onset of puberty.

Maturity and the onset of adulthood were not unlike our own lives; Roy expanded his horizons, world peace achievable by reform of the United Nations became his goal!!  Roy made an eloquent and persuasive proposal to some of the most influential people in the world.  His proposal to them, although well received, never came to fruition.  As an example of his energy, of his zeal, let me share with you that he had replies from Kofi Annan, UN Secretary General; the Mayor of Japan who is a world leader in ridding the world of Atomic and Nuclear Weapons, and many others.  We must not forget; however, that the world is seldom changed by the single action of any single body; what is needed, what has an impact, is the action of many smaller bodies.  Listen to what the Scugog Council, led by Mayor Pearce, contributed!!  In the early stages of this evolution, I believe Roy thought the Prayer may be fitting for wide spread application on the International Day of Peace. In this regard, the Council of Scugog Township used the prayer at a Council Meeting in support of the International Day of Peace, and the United Nations was so advised.  All Shufflers can take satisfaction in the recognition accorded the Prayer.  I believe it appropriate to insert Kofi Annan’s explanation of the International Day of Peace:

 The International Day of Peace “is meant to be a day of global cease-fire, when all countries and all people stop all hostilities for the entire day. And it is a day on which people around the world observe a minute of silence at 12 noon local time. […]And let us pledge to do our utmost to carry out the important decisions on peace taken by last week’s 2005 World Summit.”

Roy envisioned a system of world affairs that would change from a world functioning by POWER and WAR MENTALITY, to a world functioning by INTELLIGENCE, FAIRNESS AND CONSIDERATION!!  And lest anyone think that Roy and Doreen just sit at home and dream such utopia, they do not. Working on their newly acquired computer, they lobby everyone from local Mayors to Ambassadors of All Member States of the United Nations!! 

Ladies and Gentlemen: We have among us Two Shufflers; Two Visionaries; Two Dedicated and Sincere Human Beings who embody INTELLIGENCE, FAIRNESS AND CONSIDERATION. 

I give you Roy and Doreen Norma. 

Roy and Doreen Norman

Joint Presentation by Mayor Pearce & Stan McCormack at BLACKSTOCK, ON on the occasion of PAST PRESIDENTS DINNER.

2006 05 30.  STAN’S NOTE: Last evening, (May 31st) I received a telephone call from a “freelance reporter” wishing to speak with Mr Norman.  As “second choice” she will be telephoning Roy, and meeting with Yours Truly on June 06th. (2006). Stan 

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More to follow > Setting The Stage for the President’s Dinner



I see this event as an opportunity for Canadian Shufflers to recognize, to thank, and to pay tribute to the Past Presidents of the CNSA. 

This event, President’s Dinner, would be a part of a grand evening, where all past presidents except the 1st ~~ WR Johnstone, deceased, would be celebrated. (You do understand, Mr Johnstone’s presidency would be celebrated, but he will not be with us.) (At time of writing this, in fact there is some confusion as to whether or not Mr Johnstone ever actually occupied the office of President)

The event would take place in Blackstock, ON, in conjunction with the AGM of the CNSA, and the 2nd Annual Spring Fling, an event hosted and sponsored by the Scugog Shuffleboard Club and endorsed by the CNSA. 

A “grand evening” requires a grand hall, and we are in the process of finalizing plans to rent the Hall adjacent to the Blackstock Arena ~~ the same Hall where we lunched and celebrated at the 1st Spring Fling, May of 2005.  The dates for the 2nd Annual Spring Fling are May 30th, and May 31st, 2006.  The Hall is sufficiently large to accommodate all Spring Fling Participants, all Past Presidents as well as any family members or special guests the Past Presidents may wish to invite.  

Back to my “Grand Evening Theme”!!  Vice President Tate & I have had some discussion on the evening.  (I will use the “Royal We”, but I want you to know that Max has not committed the CNSA to anything).  We see the Scugog Club organizing and hosting the “President’s Dinner”.  *Sponsors of the Spring Fling will purchase and present an appropriate pin to the Past Presidents; will cover the cost of the dinners served to each President and 1 companion.  The Scugog Club will arrange for suitable accommodation, (arrange does not include paying for), arrange for the dinner, and will cover the cost of renting the Grand Hall.  That concludes one portion of the Presidents Dinner. (if you like, the 1st course!)

* Stan writing in 2017: The sole sponsor was our son, Ken McCormack.

Part 2: Second Course; There have been ongoing discussions regarding a plaque, or plaques, for the Past Presidents.  Before I go further on this 2nd Part of the Presidents Dinner, let me explain that this part, Part 2 is the sole responsibility of the CNSA!!  Sometime ago, I proposed to Alf (Primeau) and to Max, that we, THE SHUFFLER offer to host on the website, A VIRTUAL CNSA HALL OF FAME!!  It is my understanding that this item will be on your agenda at the London EX Meeting. 

FOLLOWING ON THIS TOPIC, the CNSA Hall of Fame, we (the royal we) believe that the President’s Dinner would be the ideal opportunity and setting to launch THE CNSA HALL OF FAME!! 

Catherine McCreery; MORE about Catherine later.

Never again will you have 87 year old Catherine McCreery, and all of the others in the same appropriate setting!!  Never again will you have the audience of shufflers of an age that we have now.  Let me explain: Many of our present members still know the “Past Presidents”!! That will make the Hall of Fame so much more meaningful!!  ~~ for us and for them!!  We still have members who are capable of an appropriate induction presentation; we still have people who can and will relate humorous incidents as they do the induction!!


Enough said by Stan: In summary; Scugog does their “thingie”; WE open the dinner, we present our Pins; and at that point, we TURN OVER THE EVENING TO THE INCOMING PRESIDENT OF THE CNSA!! 

Alf Primeau will be offering you a demonstration of what constitutes a Virtual Hall of Fame!! (at London)  Stan

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Sandi Quinn Tells Us A Little About CLAYTON BAKKE.

Sent along by Sandi Quinn in 2007. 

Sandi Quinn. No pic of Clayton Bakke.

CLAYTON BAKKE, (Saskatchewan) has been shuffling for 17 yrs. and has a total of 1220 lifetime pts..  Way to go, Clayton!  He has shuffled many places besides TX, and does not care for the 75 pt., 2 out of 3 style, or playing on ‘beads’.  His theory is: strategy does not exist without skill.  He has played on the Canadian National Team and says it was an excellent experience, but has no desire to do so again.  Clayton is a wonderful man of few words, and wow, can he ever play this game!  Clayton is a member of the TSSA and RGVSA Halls of Fame.

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