2017 Tournament Schedule for Hendersonville “Corrected”!!

Message just received from Sandi Quinn, immediate Past President of the US NSA, and active member of the Hendersonville Club.

Two Great Singers!! Sandi Quinn and Glen Peltier. Pic by Stan. Click

I thought this was taken care of last fall, but evidently not? Once again the Hendersonville page, page 106 of the 2016-2017 Preview, and the National page, page 110,  differ in the dates of the National, and probably State, tournaments to be played in Hendersonville this fall.   Could you please put a notice on your shuffle web sites to say that the Hendersonville page, page 106, is CORRECT, and the National page tournament schedule for Hendersonville, page 110, is WRONG

Correct Dates are below:

NC State Dbls. (M/L) . . . . Mon., Aug. 28th

NC State Sngls. (M/L) . . . . Thurs., Aug. 31st

NC State Mixed Dbls. . . . . Mon., Sept. 4th  (new)

National Dbls. (M/L) . . . . Thurs., Sept. 7th

National Sngls. (M/L) . . . . Mon., Sept. 11th

National Mixed Dbls. . . . . Thurs., Sept.14th

Stan Speaks: I suggest you copy this info. OR, take note of the “address”.   2017 06 22.

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Allen Dronsfield of ND Reports on the “Summer Rotationals”. 2017 06 22.

The Northern District held its rotational today at the Tavares club. Beginning this morning like each Thursday mornings for 15 weeks the rotational began by 8:30 in order to beat the heat and rain. Mission accomplish as 18 pro’s and am’s competed. I personally didn’t attend today as I was out chasing the little white ball around the golf course. I was not able to get Rick’s picture. The results are as follows.
1st. Rick Enright – Tavares
2nd. Gary McLaughlin – Hawthorne
3rd. Frank Cherill – Leesburg
4th. Bob Rocher – Tavares
5th. DeWayne Toomey – Clermont
Great job to all and next week the rotational moves again to the Hawthorne. Registration closes at 8:15..
Reported by Al Dronsfield  2017 06 22.
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We Give You The Results of the Annual Art Scott Singles!! 2017 06 22

Pic by Stan of Art Scott taken in Athabasca AB during the Black Swan.

Here are “supporting remarks” of Art Scott’s induction into the CNSA Hall of Fame.  AS 3 (by Stan) Actual ART SCOTT 2007 05 14.   If you knew Art, you will enjoy the read.  If you did not know Art, you will discover a True Supporter Of Our Game!! 

Father and Son

There were 128 entries in the Art Scott Singles Tournament. This is a four event, four game guaranteed tournament which is held annually in the second week of June.  (Click on pic of Father and son)

A Event Winners:  (Right to left)
R<L: Earl Doell (1), Jo-Anne Sell, Bruce Fostey, Dale Robinson
B Event Winners :  (Right to left)
R<L: Brian Scott (1), Fred Vert, Dennis Stockman, Lynn Bell
C Event Winners: (Right to left)
R<L: Walter Chadwick (1), Conrad Karpetz, Bob Lockwood, Ron Christensen
D Event Winners: (Right to left)
R,L: Brian Korotash (1), Dennis Piquett, Vern Potter, Wendy Potter

A Event Winners

B Event Winners

C Event Winners

D Event Winners



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Will We Have Another Shuffleboard Facility? See Below. 2017 06 22.

A Look At What Shuffle Has Planned for Tampa Heights in FL

How do you feel about shooting a shuffleboard biscuit indoors? What about downing poutine or a craft beer while you’re doing it? Friends and Seminole Heights residents Jennifer Montgomery and Danielle O’Connor are bringing a shuffleboard-driven bar and restaurant, Shuffle: The Heights Shuffleboard Society, to Tampa Heights, where the game won’t be an added bonus — it’s the focus.

Members of the St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club who met 10 years ago when their kids were at Lowry Park’s Zoo School, the duo have always wanted to open their own business. They’ve been working on their shuffleboard project since December 2015.

“Shuffleboard’s a very Florida thing. It really started here,” O’Connor said. “And we figure, you know, if shuffleboard fails, we can just open a dance club.”

Before you ask: This ain’t table shuffleboard, which O’Connor and Montgomery say is what first comes to mind for many people. Although the tabletop variety will be on hand, Shuffle is set to bring four indoor courts to 2612 N. Tampa St. — 4,700 square feet previously occupied by a Disabled American Veterans building — alongside a “more refined concession stand.” That means grub like poutine, hot dogs with gourmet toppings, possibly corn dogs and probably a burger.

“Things that are easy to eat,” Montgomery said.

On the drinks side, patrons can look forward to wine and beer. The brews selection, mostly served in cans, though two to four drafts are in store, will be as local as possible, with the exception of one to-be-determined “bullshit” beer (think PBR or Miller Lite).

Danielle O'Connor and Jennifer Montgomery.Danielle O’Connor and Jennifer Montgomery.Courtesy of Danielle O’Connor.

The founders have reached out to other indoor shuffleboard hangouts with food and drink around the country while developing their own. There are two, as it turns out: Brooklyn’s Royal Palms Shuffleboard and Marblehead, Ohio’s Erie Social Shuffleboard Club & Bar. On an invitation to Erie Social from owner James Miketo, the pair say they scoped out business plans, menus and pricing, plus observed the way customers interact and how Miketo sets up leagues, which they aim to offer on opposite nights of St. Pete Shuffle, so as to not compete with the nonprofit.

“He’s been great,” O’Connor said of Miketo. “He’s given us so much advice and help, and anytime we have a question or issue he’ll hop on the phone with us.”

Both Erie Social and Royal Palms have sibling locations, the former in Cleveland (under the name Forest City Shuffleboard) and the latter in Chicago, that they’ll travel to later this year. And the duo aren’t lacking in local support. Tight with restaurant and bar owners around Tampa, the minds behind places like the Independent Bar and Cafe, Ella’s Americana Folk Art Cafe, The Refinery, The Bricks and Rooster & the Till have all provided recommendations and moral support.

Even their kids, who range in age from 8 to 13 (Montgomery has two girls and a boy; O’Connor has two girls) and recently caught Froggy Fresh at Ybor City’s Crowbar, are hyped about the project.

“This has been so crucial to them,” Montgomery said. “They’re so invested in the idea and the concept and watching us go through it.”

Anyone can stop by the shuffleboard club — Tampa’s first as far as the duo know — for booze, grub or a game, which will likely cost between $6 and $8. However, some details are still in the works, including membership benefits and whether or not they’ll implement a time limit, charge per hour or per game, and take reservations.

O’Connor and Montgomery are also encouraging customers to use alternative transportation to get to and from the Heights — bus or bike, walk or run. You get the idea.

Shuffle's building off Tampa Street displays a sign for its upcoming City Council hearing.Shuffle’s building off Tampa Street displays a sign for its upcoming City Council hearing.Meaghan Habuda“We want to be a part of the community. Instead of being super gentrification-focused, being more, like, ‘Alright, what does the community actually want?'” Montgomery said.

“‘What can we offer them?'” continued O’Connor. “We’re obviously offering a place for people to come spend their money and have fun and eat and drink, but that’s not what everyone can do in that community. So we want to offer other things to those people who can’t afford to come here.”

If all goes well at Thursday’s 6 p.m. City Council meeting about change-of-use zoning and wet zoning, the pair can move forward with the project, which is targeting a November opening with (allegedly) design on board as the architect. They’re trying to get as many in-favor folks to the third-floor City Hall hearing as possible.

“The more people that show up, the more likely it is to be approved,” O’Connor said.

More than anything, Shuffle, whose goal is to expand into its large outdoor area in the future, is meant to be a place people can feel good about frequenting, as well as a place where they can partake in some healthy competition with friends and strangers. (Those who’ve picked up a game of doubles know what I’m talking about.)

“We are so excited,” O’Connor said.

“Can you just tell everyone we love them?” asked Montgomery.

“Yeah, we do,” O’Connor said. “We just want it to be a place that offers a community. It’s not gonna be cold and sterile. We want everyone to feel welcome.”

“No matter what,” Montgomery said.

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Joe Smetanka of Lapeer, Michigan takes GOLD!!!

Joe Smetanka of Lapeer, Michigan and member of the Caro Shuffleboard Club along with his partner Bill Schroeder of Texas took the Gold for their age group in the recently completed 2017 National Senior Games in Birmingham, Alabama.

Joe and Bill look forward to competing again next in the 2019 National Senior Games being held in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Sent along by Brenda Dawson with THANKS!!  Congratulations Joe to you and your partner.   Pic at left if of Brenda and Ron Dawson.

Posted by Stan McCormack. 2017 06 21.

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David Nitchie & Don Rood

Brenda Dawson Speaks:  Once again the weather was perfect for a day of shuffling with some great friends. It was great seeing everyone, including some new faces as well. 

Tournament Results were as follows:
1st – David Nitchie & Don Rood
2nd – Betty Gerlach & Mina Snyder
3rd – Alice Lynch & Lawrence Curell
4th – Marge & Ken Klochack
1st – Ron Casselman & Brenda Dawson
2nd – Ron Dawson & Joe Smetanka
3rd – Lloyd Schmidt & Daniel Stone
4th – Richard Stimer & Leatha Wisenbach
Our Thanks to Brenda Dawson for sharing the MI State Tournament Results.  2017 06 21.
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Hendersonville Tournament #3   June 20 & June 21 Draw Doubles

Asa Lett and Sandi Quinn in 1st place!!

Tournament #3   June 20 & June 21   Draw Doubles

Sponsored by:  Horizon Heating & Air Conditioning and

Half Way Tree Mobile Home Park 

Main Event:

  1. Sandi Quinn – Asa Lett
  2. Pat Knapp – Ray Lawson
  3. Gail Chase – Al Buffum
  4. Cathy Lawson – Warren King 


  1. Dorie Baker – Harold Thorne
  2. Lynda King – Wayne Rose
  3. Jan Thyssen – Tom Eastman
  4. Harriet Gleason – Stan Quinn 
  5. No. of teams:  15

Tournament Director:  Lynda King.  Lynda Speaks: REMINDERS: We have a busy couple of weeks coming up here at Hendersonville shuffle club. Don’t forget about the single mingles on Friday, 8:30 sharp. Then on Saturday we have the Board Meeting at 10:00 a.m. and the General Meeting at 11:00, followed by Hoss Collar in the afternoon. Then on MONDAY, June 26th we will have a draw doubles. On Wednesday evening at 5:00 p.m. we will be having our first pot luck of this season. On THURSDAY, June 29 is the Club Singles tournament. On MONDAY, July 3rd is the Club Doubles, followed by the Club Mixed doubles on THURSDAY, July 6th.
We had a good turn out at Hen Dough last evening. We appreciate all who help support our sponsors as they support us. 

Sent along by Harold Thorne with THANKS!!  (Posted by Stan McC. 2017 06 21.)


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