Myrna Adds More to her Story; Norwich Open; in England and BEYOND!!

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birgitt hof  (1)

With “two more sleeps” to go before we leave on our England trip.I cannot help think of all the work that has gone into making a trip like this possible. North American shufflers will be meeting Jim and Beth at Heathrow Airport, London, on Sun Apr 26th, 2015.

Many thanks go to the Allens for making this trip possible!  There has been hours and hours of planning and working with Peter and Lesley Davis of England. We look forward to meeting the Davis’s and new shuffle friends from England.

Shuffleboard has taken Rendall and I to Australia, Russia. Norway, USA and Germany. Every trip has been a wonderful experience. Our shuffleboard friends from all the nations have one thing in common!!  No matter what language we speak, we all know what a smile, laughter and a hug means!! Germany hosted the International Shuffleboard Association Tournament in 2010. After our week at England we are taking the opportunity to visit Germany again. We are looking forward to visiting their shuffleboard club and meeting with Dieter, Birgitt and Torben Hussmann. Dieter is president of the German Shuffleboard Association. 

The ISA Tournaments are a way of getting together to promote shuffleboard as well as making lasting friendships. This year the ISA Tournament will be held at Clearwater Florida on Oct 26-30,2015. 

I treasure the many friendships that I have made through shuffleboard.

Myrna Bilton, ISA 1st Vice President 

To read this article and all articles dealing with the Norwich Open, EITHER enter the word England into the search rectangle, OR click on the Category 2015 England. Stan McCormack 2015 04 20.

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Jim and Beth Allen Speak from the Norwich Open.

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30th Beth
30th BETH 2
Clar & Glenda Brake
Clar and Glenda Brake.
30th J&B Couple heard Royal Palms

Jim and Beth Speak:  Our waitress at the Maids Head was off work and at the local pub.  We came in and she says……. Did you see the local evening news?  Your group is in the paper!      She then runs to the newsstand and gets us a copy!  Jim and Beth

Stan Speaks!!  Great Newspaper coverage!!  See the headline, top right: “World’s Top Shuffleboard Players in action”  That young lady shooting placed in the Prestigious FSA (Florida Shuffleboard Assn.) MASTERS, held this month!!  And, she just may be sporting her White Jacket when not shuffling; the jacket is symbolic of making the FLORIDA SHUFFLEBOARD MASTERS!!  I am inserting a pic, not of her receiving the White Jacket, but rather one of her and her husband  Clar celebrating her placement in this annual classic event. That would be Clar Brake, and the “woman” shooting is of course Glenda Brake.

Back to Jim Allen:  This couple lives in Norwich, but they heard about shuffleboard by visiting the Royal Palms in Brooklyn.  They heard on the radio about the event and came over to play!  Media pays!  Jim (Allen)  If you wish to read about the Royal Palms in Brooklyn (New York), enter the words Royal Palms into the search rectangle and hit search!! 

Tomorrow, Friday, May 1st is the BIG DAY.  Do come back and share the JOY!!

Stan McCormack.  2015 04 30.

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Jim and Beth Celebrate on April 18th!!!

On, April 18th, 2021 Jim and Beth Allen will Celebrate 23
Years of Happiness Together!!
Shufflers the world over, yes the world over, express their Best
Wishes to Jim and Beth on this day, the anniversary of their very
special day, their Wedding Day.

This shot, above left, was taken while Jim and Beth were in Midland, ON on the occasion of the 26th ISA Team Tournament. If there is a major Shuffleboard Event, Jim and Beth will be there to lend their support.
All the Best from Shufflers The World Over. SRM 2121 04 17.

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I was at the FSA Tournament in Bradenton yesterday and before the draw President, Dave Kudro, told
me the tournament was down 12 teams. I don’t know if that’s men’s and women’s combined or just
men but that’s 24 players. We’ve been taking a hit yearly for a long time but much more so this season.
I know all the excuses but that’s just what they are, excuses! We, the FSA, need to take action and I
believe that we need to give an incentive to those that have stopped playing the tournaments. I know
and you know that many players have stopped playing the tournaments because they realize they can’t
win anything. It’s time we start giving a point for each match won starting with the round of 32; you
must win the match by playing. Yes, we would be giving out more points but that is the incentive and
yes, over time it may help some get to the Hall of Fame but that’s not a bad thing when you look at it
from the health of the game tournament wise. I wouldn’t change consolation, after all you lost the 1st
match; I’d also leave the payout alone except maybe giving something for the quarters in a large
tournament, size would need to be determined. It seems we need to give an incentive to bring back our
great players that have stopped playing. We all know many players stop playing some or all
tournaments when they make the Hall of Fame; 200 points. It seems like we need to give some award
for every couple hundred points so the carrot is out there.
It would require a program addition and the tournament director to fill out more spaces on the report
form but the tournament director has time available after the initial rush the 1st morning.
This would also cure the small tournament point problem.
There’s not a one of us that doesn’t know that waiting cuts into our tournament fields significantly, I
listened to all the gripping yesterday, and yet we don’t do the simple things we can do to help the
problem. I was VERY impressed with the lecture Delores Brown, the tournament director, gave before
the tournament. She told us to get the score card in immediately after the match is completed. That we
would have 20 minutes for lunch from the time the card is turned in. That if you are put on notice that
you are next up for a court that that was when you needed to go to the bathroom and get everything
ready that you need to play. We know that putting the byes at the top of the chart eliminates having a
number of teams waiting and looking at each other, in frustration, with courts empty. In a large
tournament, like we used to have, spreading the byes was OK because we didn’t have enough courts
anyway; that is rarely the problem anymore. Little things like a two block lag instead of four and 75
points difference is a game shows we recognize the situation and are trying to make changes that will
We have been on the verge of losing our game from a tournament point of view for some time. We
must act or we will no longer be on the verge! If you don’t like what I’ve said, fine, then you say
something but don’t stand by and watch it go down the drain while you were silent! Earl Ball.
Larry Brown Speaks: “I sat down at my computer this morning, as always I went to the Shuffler
website. The lead story is Earl speaking his mind on tournament players needed. I read the
article 3 times and I knew I had to respond. I’ve been involved with shuffleboard on the district
board for a number of years and a State Representative for a number of years. This is the first time that I have ever heard a shuffler of super star status address the biggest reason why state
tournaments attendance is in decline.
Over the many years the State Board has tried many different venues, through advertising
more, encouraging more prize money etc. Earl has hit it squarely on the button why a large
number of shufflers do not play in many state tournaments.
I use myself as an example. I’m not a Hall of Famer, I’m not a super star, I’m an average player,
to every once and awhile, a good player. I have quit going to State tournaments because I
realize I have no chance of winning. Now, I know all the super stars will say “practice more,
practice more”. There are a large number of players, like myself, that could shoot a 1000 discs a
day and probably would not improve over 5 percent.
Now please understand, I’m not taking a shot at the FSA, because the first time in a number of
years our president, Dave Kudro, is working hard to come up with ways to help attendance.
Earl has hit it squarely on the head. Until they find a way for average players like myself, and
many others to get a point or two, attendance will continue to decline.
I congratulate Earl for speaking his mind on this topic. I, for one, believe he is right on.
Ruth and I wish everyone a Happy New Year.
Larry Brown, CD State Rep. 2017 12 29
6 Responses to Earl Speaks His Mind!! We Offfer You The To Speak
Your Mind!!!

  1. Michael Zellner says:
    2017-12-27 at 22:53 (Edit)
    I wholeheartedly agree. Points don’t cost anything and the dividends by giving a few more
    out outweigh the dwindling participation.
    Liked by you
  2. Maureen Bryan says:
    2017-12-28 at 10:58 (Edit)
    Hi Earl, do you really think giving more points will entice more people to play
    shuffleboard? This will only give those who play for the point system more available points
    to their already goal. A lot of shufflers play for the enjoyment of the game, getting more
    involved starts at the district levels. When you think of it how many top pros play with
    beginners? How many play at the district levels. I know some of the best players won’t play
    district, how are the beginners ever to learn the strategies of the game if these great players
    won’t play with them. Do you ask these other players why they have stopped playing these high tournament games? Many do not like the long drives to the areas, tournaments can
    take 2-3 days, some have the expense of hotels, and many do not the long waits they have
    to endure at a tournament. Some have even said it feels more like a job. Tournaments are
    not for everyone of course, but putting more points into the system is not the answer in my
    opinion. I myself have backed off in the travelling this year, I may do more next year. I do
    like the competition and like seeing all the friends we make along the way. For right now I
    play a lot in my own district. Regards Maureen Bryan, Fort Myers.
  3. Bob Jones says:
    2017-12-28 at 11:41 (Edit)
    I always appreciate Earl’s comments and insights and agree. I hope major championships
    remain two out of three 75 point games. There are always some little things to increase
    efficiency such as shorter practice and lags. Enforcing length of time between matches.
    Engaging players with byes with activity to keep them feeling busy and appreciated. I am
    intrigued by the idea of ending a game with a 75 point differential, although I have seen
    such deficits reversed many times. Points for wins in early rounds will motivate some.
    I am sure there are lots of smart people with ideas worth trying. It starts with listening to
    new players, friends, neighbors, and other sports. Non-championship events need to
    become incubators for change. Some innovation will succeed, some will not. In my opinion
    from Ohio, for elite level shuffleboard to thrive, we need to develop and grow a large base
    of recreational fun shuffleboard which might look very different from the tournaments we
  4. douglas schmitt says:
    2017-12-28 at 14:19 (Edit)
    since the 1 day play a certain number of frame games “tournaments” are so popular how
    about somehow using that format to reduce the field on the first day to top 8 singles or
    doubles teams and the second day quarters through finals played as traditional tournament. players or teams with the most wins on first day advance to second day.
    maybe 5 games of 24 frames doubles switch colors in middle for first day as an example.
    break ties for advancement to second day with a playoff at end of first day would be pretty
    exciting. not for all tournaments but a good way to transition one type of player to the next
    level and still have the best players compete the second day for points and money.
    o Rosaire Cote says:
    2017-12-29 at 10:14 (Edit)
    I disagree with Earl about changing the points system, but I agree about giving an award
    every 200 points !!!! like Gus Bondi told me one time “Points are hard to come by” Thank
    you. Rosaire Cote
  5. Sue Krynak says:
    2017-12-29 at 15:29 (Edit)
    I totally agree with all Maureen Bryan’s comments. I love the game of shuffleboard and
    thrive on tournament competition , but traveling long distance and fighting rush hour
    traffic is just too much. As she said, feels more like a job. I don’t play for points. I play for
    love of the game.
    Glen Peltier Reacting to Earl’s Proposal. 2017 12 30.
    All my career I have heard, make changes. In the point system, in the 75 point game etc. I
    think the fsa have done a great job of keeping our game healthy for so many years. It is not
    the Hall of Fame, the green jacket etc that is as important as the wonderful game itself. The
    fsa is made up of 7 district complete with each having full boards. The entire fsa do what they think is best for our game. Every sport has it,s ups and downs. Instead of complaining,
    there is much to be done in every club to help. Our Clearwater club has many members who
    give much to the club and work hard to make it a success. I get tired of hearing negative
    things regarding our game. If people think it is too hard, there are many who will fill your
    shoes. Shuffleboard will survive. I would like to see the PRO circuit to stay strong. There are
    many places to play shuffleboard at a lower level. We need one level that is strong and the
    envy of every other shuffleboard association. I am over the hill but will continue playing the
    game at the highest level I can. Clarence Wright said at his farewell speech, the toughest
    think being president was dealing with all the newest players wanting changes only to
    change their minds once they become good. We have a great game, Someone made it great
    before we came along. Let,s not be the one who make it an old mans game. Glen Peltier.
    Henry Strong Speaks: I have read all the comments and really hesitate to get involved, but
    here I go. I will share my view on shuffleboard.
    When I first started playing shuffleboard I played it because I loved the game and didn’t
    know anything about points, district, state, national, international I played because I loved
    the game and believe it or not played more then, than now.
    My wife and I would go to a dinner dance at our park with Don and Linda Raymont and
    after dinner Don and I would bring our ques along and play shuffleboard while our wives
    would line dance.
    I know players who are close to getting into thr H of F and are saying once I get in I will be
    cutting back playing tournaments(don’t know it is because they are in the H of F or tired of
    The FSA board should follow pro sports model when they brought in the salary cap in
    certainly levelled the playing field and made every team competitive.
    I suggest the FSA board take a stand that if you are in the top eight players (qualify for the
    state masters) for three consecutive seasons you can only play a maximum of 5 tournaments
    together the following season.
    This would force them to find another partner who other wise would never get the chance
    to play with the so called best players and would encourage the new partner to want to
    improve and also give him hope.
    The worst thing that could happen to shuffleboard is to change the state pro tournaments, it gives everyone wether am or pro a chance to play.
    There is many different levels of shuffleboard where one can find his or her level of
    I am one of those people who don’t play many district tournaments because frame games and
    they are draws, I am not going to complain about it because it is what it is and just because I
    don’t like it that doesn’t mean it needs to change it means I need to find something else I
    want to do that I enjoy more.
    Henry Strong
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                                                          THE END OF AN ERA

     This meeting report from the Petticoat League written by Judy Blake is important to many.

     “On Monday, March 14, 2016 a luncheon was hosted by Village on the Greens in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Petticoat League.  Following the luncheon, a meeting was held regarding the future of the League.  It was agreed upon, by a large majority, that the Petticoat League would be dissolved at this time.  Participation has been dwindling in recent years and it was decided now is the time to move on.  It has been a great run … 50 years of competition, camaraderie, and now, wonderful memories.”

     The above submission is noted with some sadness.  Hundreds of ladies during those 50 years played gladly and rigorously the game we still love.  We have teased a few lately about the change in attire over the years.  Back then some even played in high heels as well as lovely dresses, often with modest undergarments, the hem of which seldom appeared.   Alas, the Petticoat League has gone the way of the petticoat.

     Another change of era is noted at Bradenton Tropical Palms.  Winston Fillier of Newfoundland in eastern Canada has faithfully served as President for 16 years.  We can thank Winston and his wife Linda for his long service and wish President Russ well.  This club has shown growth in the recent past.

     At the official dedication of the Southwest Coast District Hall of Fame on Saturday, March 19, Chairman Jerry Stannard inducted four new members. 

     Judy Taylor was described as a “machine” in her precision play.  She has excelled for about a decade in both District and State pay, winning more than almost anybody else.  Judy is soft-spoken and gracious thanking her many partners over the years.

     Shirley Jones who hails from Maine is very short in stature, but has proven long in talent, playing alongside her late husband, Fred very regularly, enjoying the game as long as health permitted.

     Ralph “Tiny” Lozano of Golf Lakes has been a force in this District for about a decade and a half.  He plays at all levels and is widely viewed as very capable.  Of Latino heritage, if asked some question he chooses not to discuss, he effectively mutters, “No speaka da English”. In actual fact, he speaks it very well.

     Dr. Larry Mardis, a retired dentist from southwestern Ohio, won the morning “Hoss Collar” event and received the large traveling trophy at its first presentation.  A long-time winter resident f Braden Castle, Larry has a gracious personality, likely never having insulted or hurt anybody.  Perhaps no former partner of his ever regretted the experience.  He well deserves his induction as the newest member of the Southwest Coast District Hall of Fame.

     We all appreciate the work Jerry Stannard has done to organize the Hall of Fame.  Also, Bob Grissom of Indiana and Tri-Par Estates has designed a  logo for our District which will be displayed in the future location at Bradenton Shuffle Club.

     The District Masters begins Wednesday, March 23 through March 26 at Bradenton.  The top 8 ladies and men will play in three Divisions.  District Amateur Masters, State Amateur Masters and Open Masters, 48 in all will compete for honors.  Feel free to attend as spectators in our shaded grandstand.  Playing in the Ladies Pro Masters will be Marilyn Everett, Arlene McCague, Erika Berg, Nancy Sclafani, Letha DeVries, Pam Nurnberger, Adriana Cramton, Pat Tomko with Alternate Debra Williams. Mens Masters will be Jim Miller, J.R. Rathburn, Mike Marquis, Ron Nurnberger, Clarence Gingerich, Peter Berg, John Roberson, Jerry Everett with Alternate Larry Mardis.  State Amateur Lady players will be Ingrid Broadhead, Cheryl Putnam, Jill DeBruyne, Judy Cross, Ruby Flickinger, Donna Schultz, Paula Jacobson, Tammy Heppeard with Alternate Sharon Hoyt. Mens players will be Lloyd Schmidt, Dan Lake, Tom Putnam, Bill Jenkins, Larry Fowler, Jack Welty, John Stuart,  Brad Thomas with Alternate Gilles Emard. District Amateur Lady players will be Cindy Slaughterbeck, Carol Maxwell, Shirley Pendergrass, Doris Mularz, Kay Thoreson, Linda Irwin, Janice O’Sullivan and Barbara Young.  Men players will be Arnie Congdon, Gary Lindsay, Steve Slaughterbeck, Jim Clark, Larry Belsley, Bill Bierema, William Hickman, Ned Fogarty with Alternate Rick Hall. A food truck will be available to purchase a lunch.


     FL P-24A March 15 at Clearwater.  Ladies Main: 3. Nancy Sclafani, 4. Terri Smith-Pam Nurnberger.  Consolation: 1. Debra Williams-Tammy Heppeard, 3. Flo Kowalewski-Patty Howell.  Men Consolation: 3 Ron Nurnberger-Levi Miller.

     FL P-24B March 15 at Avon Park. Men Main: 1. Charlie DeVries-Ed Leonard, 2. Gilbert Broadhead-Tom Putnam, 3. Jim Miller-Dave Kudro.

     FL A-22B at Clearwater, March 15, Any Amateur/Any Doubles.  Main: 4. Donna Schultz-Ned Fogarty.  Consolation: 2. Kay Lynn Duncan-Judy Cross, 3. Gilles Emard-Brad  Thomas.

     SWCD D-15 (the completion of rained-out February 4 tournament).  Men Main: 1. Jim Miller-Clarence Gingerich, 2. John L. Brown-Tom Putnam, 3. Larry Taylor-Larry Mardis, 4. J.R. Rathburn-Larry Toole.  Consolation: 1. Hank Hoekstra-Stan Kowalewski, 2. Jim Smith-David Welsh, 3. Lloyd Schmidt-John Stuart, 4. Al Nuttall-Gerry Curwin.

     Manatee League of March 18.  Palmetto-8, Golf Lakes-10 (Doug Smith/Ed Hollander); Bradenton Tropical Palms-7, Terra Siesta-11; Paradise Bay-7, SeaBreeze-8 (Helen Lundsford/Janice O’Sullivan). Village on the Greens-Bye.  Standings: Terra Siesta-131, Bradenton Tropical Palms-123, Paradise Bay-110, Golf Lakes-109, Palmetto-97, Sea Breeze-92, Village on the Greens-91.


     Today is the second day of FL P-25 at Lakeland, M/L Division, 75 points. 

Next Monday, March 27 at Clearwater is the Annual Tournament of Champions.  Pros only, M/L Division, W/N-W, 75 points.  Eligibility: First in Main in FL Upper Division-Lifetime; Second in Main or less- 2 years; First, Second, Third or Fourth in Consolation Upper Division, this year.

Happy Shuffling.

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Should Women Go “Head to Head” With Men?????

I’m offering this to everyone – …….Terry Rainwater:

 I’m still reeling somewhat over the buzz around the courts that the “sex” issue, according to Glen Peltier, has made a lot of women mad at me.  One woman at Lakeland said to me “There’s that guy who’s against women” I’ve reviewed what was posted and am amazed and somewhat in shock that my message has been interpreted in this manner.  I LOVE WOMEN!!  My Mother was a Woman; My Wife is a Woman and my Sister is a Woman!!

Please let me apologize to any women who may be upset with me for saying I believe you are equal to men. I will apologize as well to the women who are upset with me for saying I believe that women should play with men at the state “pro” level.  We all seem to get along well in the amateur divisions as well as the pro draws as we see in the Central District, but somehow – and no-one has bothered to explain this publically – the sexes don’t belong together on the courts at the state pro level – according to the buzz. 

Also, if I understand it correctly, in the western part of the USA, women and men play together regularly and have no issues with that.  I’ll also remind everyone that it was a woman who won the German championship for 2009 where men and women play together in all tournaments.  I’ve posted this topic a few times in 2009, and not a single woman has bothered to reply to this issue on this site.   All I’m going to say this year on the issue is this, I still believe what I believe – Women are equal to men – and just as capable on the court of shuffleboard…. Don’t hate me for that.  I don’t hate you for your opinion’s  …  Terry Rainwater 

Submitted by Terry Rainwater;  2010 01 01. 

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We Give You an Enlightened Comment with regard to Men and Women Competing Against Each Other!!

Posted on 2018-04-14 by stanistheman

On Face Book there are a number of comments with regard to the wisdom of Men and Women competing against each other!!  Here are some: 

Bernar Borges Hopefully one day the ISA tournaments won’t have a separate women’s division!  Erik Hahmann Id like women to have the option to play against men in FSA events.  I am now going to share with you a number of articles by Terry Rainwater and others regarding this topic in 2008!!  

We need to do a lot more for our sport to attract new players and liven up the game. The “good ole boys” who want to keep it the game the “way it’s always been” need relax their control and allow those of us with ambition and ideas, to keep trying new things to liven it up!! …
The FSA needs to have more open draw tournaments… The FSA needs to get away from this Man/Woman stuff – We’re equal in this life and this sport.
The National needs more “Any Doubles”!!
We need to change the rules to allow Open Communication with our partners – yes, coaching!
AND YES, we need to play more Frame games to shorten the day/tournaments!
We need to encourage more excitement from spectators!!
C’mon! Jump in!! Don’t make me the only one with opinions! ……. 

Submitted by Terry Rainwater. 2009-11-05   Stan speaks: Don’t stop reading here. I am inserting an article in pdf format. Good Read.  OPINION by Terry Rainwater   For those who do not know Terry, at time of writing, he was a sincere, dedicated,  and talented individual.   Stan McCormack.  2018 04 14.

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East West Goodwill Games: By Sandi Quinn. (Look Back)

East West Goodwill Games: Report 2;

Posted on 2015-04-14 by stanistheman

Hi Stan! From Sandi Quinn, US NSA President To read the info sent along by Jay Davidson from CA, click here:

The first day went very well . . we have a full bracket of 64 shufflers . . we play 3, 16-frame games a day, two before lunch and one after.  Everyone was very pleased w/their catered lunch of brisket, potato salad, charro beans and looking forward to more lunches from Belinda Cantu Catering.  A letter from TX Governor Greg Abbot was read by TSSA Pres., Brian Sullivan at the opening.  Wilma Rudolph is our TD, while playing also.  The host park is Fun ‘n’ Sun RV Resort, San Benito, TX.  Thanks,  Sandi

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Why Not Take A Trip To Arizona? Friends Await You!!

Posted on 2014-04-14 by stanistheman

Here is a link to the Arizona Shuffleboard Assn.:  While I am going to give you a sample of what is available, I encourage you to go the their site and look around!  You will find many of our friends > especially for those of us who participate in International Events!! 


 Jane on the extreme left will be playing for Canada West Women in the 33rd ISA World Championship. JOHN HOUSER, ASA 1ST VICE PRESIDENT, PRESENTS A PLAQUE TO PAT LANE IN RECOGNITION OF HER SERVICE AS THE ASA WEBMASTER FOR MANY YEARS.  Pat, above holding the plaque did an outstanding job as Webmistress for a good many years.  She was a strong supporter of Shuffleboard wherever it was taking place, and often highlighted postings on The Shuffler. When you are looking at the AZ Site, you may wish to take note of the TEAMS!!    Everything seems to be TEAMS, and there is every indication that continues to be great for participation rates!!  THINK ABOUT IT!!Do enjoy your visit to Arizona!!  Stan McCormack.  2014 04 14:  (Link at the top.)

CNSA HOF INDUCTION of Patricia Lane by Stan McCormack. Special Awards Category 2015 07 24 at the 4th IP in Goderich, ON


It is my privilege to present Pat Lane for induction into the Special Award Category of the CNSA Hall of Fame.

Pat and Ernie Lane live in Grand Bend ON and winter in Tucson AZ where Pat, for many years, has been the web-master for the AZ State. In Feb of 2014 Pat gave up the State, but continues as web-master for District 2. Both Pat and Ernie have served, continue to serve Shuffleboard by serving as Board Members in AZ. Pat is currently the 1st VP of District II of the AZ State.

Pat Lane was elected to the CNSA board of directors as 3rd Vice President in the year 2004 and moved to 2nd Vice President in 2006. During these 4 years Pat demonstrated exceptional organizational skills. Early in her tenure of office, Pat was the driving force behind a questionnaire dealing with expansion across Canada and the introduction of an article on expansion which included a new membership structure and related fees. For the first time, some individual memberships were received from outside Ontario. There is little doubt that Pat’s active participation on the newly created Expansion Committee, contributed to greater clarity with regard to CNSA Membership.

When the CNSA Hall of Fame was introduced in 2005, Pat headed the committee that established the criteria for entry into the Hall of Fame. This CREDIT GUIDE ensured the Selection Process for the two categories, Player and Special, was objective, separate and distinct. A minimum number of credits was established for each. Although the Credit Guide was abandoned in 2008, the bench mark established our thought process with regard to entry into the CNSA HOF. The grid ensured no overlap between the Player and Special Categories. Further, in the general announcement to the membership, seeking nominations, Pat emphasized that while mention could be made of accomplishments outside of Canada, it was one’s Canadian Contributions that count, when determining one’s merit for the CNSA HOF!! In 2006 at an Ex Meeting in Tillsonberg at the Tates, when we were discussing the organization of the event we are now participating in, it was PAT who came up with the name INTER PROVINCIAL. Thank you Pat!!

In her capacity as the Arizona Web-Mistress, Pat ensured The Shuffler website was kept current with regard to Shuffleboard events of interest. At that time The Shuffler maintained a Canadian Page and Alf Primeau and Stan McCormack could always count on Pat to have items of interest to Canadian Shufflers brought to our attention.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Pat Lane for induction into the Special Award Category of the CNSA HOF. Stan McCormack. 2015 07 24.

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This Outstanding Lady Left us on April 13th, 2013.

Ann Hersom was a most respected shuffler, an active contributor to the Sport. Ann left us 8 years ago to-day, 2013 04 13. 

Here is a link to her induction into the FSA HOF by Past President Dave Minnich:   Posted by Stan McCormack. 2021 04 13.

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