Battle Creek Draw Doubles Results

Jerry Deren passes along tournament results from Battle Creek, Michigan.

                1st   Marty McKendry & Earl Ball
                2nd   Jerry Deren & Brenda Dawson
                3rd   Dan Hauck & Gary McGaffey
                4th   Larry Roan & Stu Hendricks
                1st   Dennis Anderson & Rick Yates
                2nd  David Nitchie & Bob Kendall
                3rd   Lloyd Schmidt & Nancee Ludwick
                4th   Richard Stimer & Fred Biskie
Congratulations players. It was a hot day, but no rain. Thank you Battle Creek for hosting the tournament and a thank you to Ann, the tournament director.
No tournaments are scheduled for next week. However, the state tournament will be held in Battle Creek beginning July 29th.  The schedule follows:
TUESDAY, JULY 30           PRO M/L SINGLES  (MSA annual meeting will be held during lunch time)
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Ohio State Tournament Results

Bob Jones Jr passes along the results of a few recent state tournaments in Ohio, as well as the end of season Roll of Champions finishers.

Bill Hoyer and Wilma Rudolph topped the list this season. Congrats to both and congrats to all the tournament winners. All of the results are below.

image (7)

image (5)image (6)image (8)image (9)


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Hendersonville Tournaments #6 and #7 Results

Tournament Results
Tournament #6 July 9 & 10
Club Championship Singles M/L

Sponsored by: Biggerts Hearing Instruments & Hot Dog World

Men’s Division
1. Wally Thyssen
2. Dave Wenger
3. Stan Quinn
4. Ray Lawson

1. Joe Cote
2. Warren King
3. Al Buffum
4. Basil Kerrill
Ladies Division
1. Lynda King
2. Jan Thyssen
3. Betty Loveland
4. Gail Chase
1. Dorie Baker
2. Jeanne Wenger
3. Cathy Lawson
4. Sandie Morton

Tournament Director: Sandi Quinn

Tournament #7 July 15 & 16
Club Championship Doubles M/L
Sponsored by: Mills River Restaurant

Men’s Division
1. Jay Fitzpatrick & Bud Wilber
2. Jeff Luneau & Norm Willems
3. Dave Wenger & Basil Kerrill
4. Al Buffum & Larry Lumsden

1. Joe Cote & Ray Lawson
2. Stan Quinn & Warren King
3. Sam Chalton & Tom Eastman
4. Harold Thorne & Wayne Rose

Ladies Division
1. Lynda King & Carol Lumsden
2. Dorie Baker & Gail Chase
3. Cathy Lawson & Betty Loveland
4. Sandi Quinn & Jan Thyssen

Tournament Director: Asa Lett

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Thames Horizon Mingle Single Results

Thames Horizon Mingles/Singles Tournaments Results for July 4/2019.
With a good turnout again a good time for all with friendly games was had.
18 Pros
1 Moe Vermeulen
2 Henry Armstrong
3 Roger Kellam
4 Hubert Van Eerd
5 Katie Starzacher
6 Linda Raymont
19 Amateurs
1 John Martin
2 Carol Brosseau
3 Leo Clement
4 Elaine Lelonde
5 Jerry Caza
6  Rick Wehring
Tournament Director Marlene Gorbiel
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Hendersonville Tournament #5 Results

Tournament #5 July 2 & 3 Draw Doubles
Sponsored by: Doris Hanke & El Paso Restaurant

Main Event:
1. Gail Chase – Asa Lett
2. Lynda King – Norm Willems
3. Brenda Noakes – Jan Thyssen
4. Bruce Barnhart – Wally Thyssen

1. Nancy Andrews – Dave Wenger
2. Sandi Quinn – Jim Yurick
3. Cathy Lawson – Joe Cote
4. Sandie Morton – Warren King

Tournament Director: Jay Fitzpatrick

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St. Louis Distinguishes Themselves at the National Senior Games in Albuquerque

The National Senior Games were held a couple of weeks ago in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Stu Cassell and others from the St. Louis Shuffleboard Club made the trip. The St. Louis Club is relatively new in relation to other clubs across the country. Their enthusiasm and success are great for the game and should be admired. The report and pictures from Stu are below. Great job, everyone!
Additionally, Debbie and Darryl Stuart of North Carolina won gold in the 70-74 year old open doubles event. Debbie and Darryl have competed in a few ISA events, and will play in Austria this year. They’re big proponents of the sport. Congrats!
“Our journey to Nationals began in 2018 at the Indiana State Games in Evansville.  A group from the St. Louis Shuffleboard Club competed there in order to qualify for the 2019 National Senior Games.  We went to Evansville, thinking if we didn’t qualify there, we’d still have a chance at the Missouri State Games.  As it turned out, everyone qualified at the Indiana State Senior Games.
13 of us traveled by car, RV, and plane to Albuquerque, New Mexico over a two week period.  Our members competed as singles and doubles in age categories that ranged from 55 to 79.
We came home with a Singles and Doubles medal and ribbon total as follows:
5 Gold, 5 Silver, 2 Bronze, 1 Fourth Place Ribbon, 1 Sixth Place Ribbon, 1 Seventh Place Ribbon, and 2 Eight Place Ribbons.
Considering we only play 1-2 times a week, I think we did pretty good.”
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Lakeside History And Tournament Information

Bob Jones passes along some history about the Lakeside Club and information about upcoming Ohio state and national tournaments.
“The Ohio Shuffleboard season comes to Lakeside for two weeks on July 8th for the Bill Slyh Any Doubles, followed by the Ohio State Doubles, then the slate of National Tournaments beginning July 15th.

On the Major League Baseball calendar, July heralds the time when the primary contenders have been identified and there is still time for a team currently off the pace to go on a hot streak and qualify for the playoffs.  Ohio Shuffleboard is similar.  Red Rudolph and Wilma Rudolph currently lead the 2019 Expert Point Standings. Many are hoping to win points in the Lakeside tournaments to push towards the top eight, who at season’s end earn a Roll of Champions pin.  The top 5 earn automatic invitations to next year’s Roll of Champions tournament.

So, who was Bill Slyh? Records in the Lakeside Heritage Society archives and conversations with people who knew him before his death in 1978 at age 90 give us some information. Bill Slyh was a High School math teacher from Cleveland, and was the second manager of the Lakeside courts serving from 1933-1955.  He started Lakeside’s first youth tournament in 1935, and was a proponent that men and women can compete equally.

The picture, from a July 1969 edition of the Peninsular News, shows Slyh with five Lakeside boys. On the far right is Chris Cermak, current president of the Upper Arlington Club and 2nd Vice President for Ohio,  who has won 9 national championships and counting.”


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