Neil Simpson, Ambassador of the Heartland Games Reports!

The deadline to register for bridge, golf, swimming and shuffleboard has passed.
January 24 is the deadline for euchre and pickleball.
Jan 31 is the last day to sign up for bowling, table tennis, mah jongg and cycling.
By Feb 9 you must have your entries in for track & field and tennis.
A registration form is attached.
Forms can be mailed to SFSC at 600 West College Dr., Avon Park or hand delivered.
Be sure to make checks payable to SFSC or South Florida State College and do indicate the size shirt you want.

Neil Simpson.  2018 01 21.  Registration Form: Registration with Waiver FINAL

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Socialize and Play with This Fun Shuffleboard Group. 2018 01 21


Socialize and Play with This Fun Shuffleboard Group

Michael Johnson, Daily Sun

Don Greenlee, of the Village of Bonnybrook, picks up a puck with the end of his cue as he plays shuffleboard at the Coconut Cove Recreation Center on Dec. 7, in Wildwood. Greenlee picked up shuffleboard when he moved to the Villages and has competed in the Village, State and National Senior Games.

Think of it like curling, only without the sweeping motion of brushes trying to push a huge stone down sheets of ice. Outdoor shuffleboard involves pushing colored discs with a cue stick down a narrow court toward the scoring area. And while it was originally a game played at sea on the decks of luxury liners, once the game moved on land, shuffleboard became a huge hit among retirement communities. The Villages is no exception, of course. There are plenty of opportunities to play as part of a league or on a more social level. The social aspect is what drew Carol Carpenter to create the Shuffleboard Fun group for those who want to enjoy the game and meet new people without the formality of league play.

Read this story and many others in Tuesday’s edition of the Daily Sun.

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Comments by Three Amateur Shufflers participating A14A !

President Clayton Speaks:  Avon Park Senior Activities Center (APSAC) was honored to host 40 fine Lady And Gentleman Amateur Shufflers for State Tournament A14A at our historic club in Donaldson Park on the shores of beautiful Lake Verona in Avon Park, “The City of Charm” on January 15th and 16th.

Stan Speaks: I dropped in to talk with some of those in attendance. The first shuffler I spoke with was Darlene Mealy of Rew, PA.  Darlene was encouraged by friends to begin shuffling 4 years ago.  Darlene said: “I love the fun aspect, AND it gives me exercise. I love meeting all the new people.”    This was Darlene’s first tournament.

I spoke next with Nancy Foley of Bartow, FL, and Cortland, OH.  Nancy became a State AM in 2017. She is a member of the Lakeland Shuffleboard Club.  She competed in the Polk Senior Games AND, took first in her group, with Bruce Nemcosky. Nancy said she loved the courts. She also expressed appreciation for Dean’s remarks offered before “The Games Began”.  (I expect she is referencing the Senior Games, and Dean Myklejord)

I next spoke with Dawn Engelsman of Avon Park. Dawn said this: I have been a District Am for 10 years. I  began shuffling in the park years ago and it was fun, so my husband and I “Got Into It”! My home state is MI, town of St Joseph.

Stan Speaks:  I want to thank each player for spending some time expressing  their appreciation for SHUFFLEBOARD~~  2018 01 21.



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The Venice Shuffleboard Club, Venice, Florida, January 20, 2018

The Venice Shuffleboard Club invited Florida Shuffleboard President Dave Kudro to discuss his agenda to change the image of Shuffleboard to attract millennials to the sport.

He arrived at the Club with a large flat screen TV and he gave a great presentation; it lasted an hour and a half, and all twenty four members that attended found the program very interesting and some members were inspired to volunteer to work on projects to introduce the sport to non-member groups.
The Florida association should be very proud to have such a great representative, who can get the message out about a new shuffle image in a very professional manner, yet in a casual way that keeps the audience attention and he was also very knowledgeable to answer questions with ease.
We are a small club, but I believe we can down-size some of the ideas to fit our club and the community.
Thank you Dave !
Rosemary Dinn
VSC President
The VSC Board of Directors
The VSC Membership

Many of you will remember Dave’s e-mail of January 9th, on this subject:

Posted by Stan on 2018 01 20.

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“I have always felt better after giving blood.” Glen Peltier Has Set A Fine Example!! It is NEVER too Late to Begin!

Glen Peltier Speaks: I have hesitated in the past about talking about my blood donations over the past 62 years as it has been a personal thing with me. I always felt good about donating. As the years went by, I was given many awards from both the Red Cross in Canada and the Florida Blood Bank.

When my total donations in Canada reached 100, I was honoured in Windsor, ON and saw many people who had been saved by blood that they had received. (Click on any article to read, pause, and click once more.)

In Florida, I received my 10 gallon award three years ago. At the present time I am told my present donations have been 134 in Canada, and 84 in Florida.

My oldest son Terry and I donated together many times. I want people to know it is harmless and good for you to give. As you get older your system makes a little less blood so now I just give three times a year. I hope to go on giving forever. I have always felt better after giving blood. Glen Peltier.

Stan Speaks: Thank You Glen for Sharing.  Hats off for your significant contribution to the citizens of Ontario, AND Florida!!  To others reading this; if you have made a similar impact on fellow citizens, please share with our readers.

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We Recognize the Organizing Chairperson of the 58th FSA Banquet! “Ruthie Brown” and her “Right Hand Man”

Team Brown Chairperson Ruth, and Larry, her “right arm”

There has been nothing but compliments regarding the 58th FSA Hall of Fame Banquet held in Sebring FL on  January 15th, 2018.  The Banquet went off without a hitch!!

Ruth Brown, organizing chairperson, reported to the FSA Board on March 17th, 2017, that the Central District will host Hall of Fame Banquet at Sebring in January, 2018. The Island View Lakefront Restaurant on Sun N Lake Blvd. will seat 150 people and the cost will be $35.00 for either sirloin or fish. A block of rooms has been reserved at Quality Inn for $74.00. Ruth expressed her appreciation for the advice and assistance of Colleen Austin for the help she has given her Committee.

While much work had been done when Ruth gave this report, much more remained TO BE DONE!!  I don’t think Ruth and her Committee have stopped work since!! As is often the case, those most intimately involved, those closest to the success, the Organizing Committee, are under appreciated.  I endeavoured to capture a pic of the Committee on the night of the banquet; however as you may have guessed, they were “too busy”, too fully occupied. I give you their names: Chairperson Ruth Brown; most experienced digital helper, Colleen Austin; “Right Hand Man” to the Committee, Mr. Larry Brown, former just about everything, AND CD State Delegate;  Marti Noble, FSA 2nd VP; Linda Rebholz, FSA Secretary; Judy Holloway and Rosemary Comeau both of the Sebring Board.

Reported by Stan McCormack. 2018 01  20

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Attention All FL Am Shufflers!!! Two Great Events on Monday the 22nd. Join in The Fun!!

On Monday, 2018 01 22 there are two State Amateur Tournaments open to all Amateur Shufflers in the STATE!!  One in Riverwoods, one in Zephyrhills!!  A15A/B

Both Tournaments are Any Doubles. Lunch is available in Riverwoods. Lunch is NOT available in Zephyrhills.  Depending on your desire; depending on your distance, PICK ONE AND PLAN TO ENJOY!!  Just in case you are not familiar with the location of either, A15A/B  go here  and click on either Riverwoods or Zephyrhills.  (You will be able to download the directions to your phone.)

To read about last week’s Amateur in Avon Park:   and read the great article by Avon Club President Tom Clayton. I do hope the Club Presidents, or their representatives will turn out on Monday!! AND provide a similar report!!  As our current FSA President is often heard to say: “Let Us Do Together What We Cannot Do Alone .”

Stan McCormack.  2018 01 20.

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