Hendersonville NC Tournament #4   June 26th and June 27th, Draw Doubles

In 1st Place, Main Event, Jeff Luneau and Pat Knapp

Tournament Results; Tournament #4   June 26 & June 27   Draw Doubles

Sponsored by: Looking Glass Eye Center and Jim’s Muffler 

Main Event:

  1. Pat Knapp – Jeff Luneau
  2. Gail Chase – Warren King
  3. Joyce Radcliffe – Dave Wenger
  4. Doris Hanke – John Klinger 


  1. Harold Thorne – Ed O’Neal
  2. Linda King – Norm Willems
  3. Jan Thyssen – Ray Lawson
  4. Cathy Lawson – Wayne Rose 

Tournament Director:  Sandi Quinn.  No. of teams:  14

Results sent along by Harold Thorne. 2017 06 27.

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If you are a “Canuck”, Why Not Have Some Fun and Try This Quiz!!

Canada Day Quiz!! Try It!! Tell Us How Well You Did!!

Canada_flag_halifax_9_-04[1]Think you’re a great Canadian? The Historica-Dominion Institute challenges you to test your knowledge of Canadian history with a Canada Day quiz.
Try your luck at 50 trivia questions from The Canadian Encyclopedia to celebrate the 148th anniversary of Confederation.  Answers in the pdf file.
1. Who was the political leader who led the campaign to introduce universal health care?
2. Which once and future prime minister lost the 1874 election after it became known that he offered bribes during the construction of the transcontinental railway?
3. The Hudson’s Bay Company is the world’s oldest chartered trading company. What product gave this company its start?
4. What Canadian figure skater was first in the world to land a quadruple jump in a world competition?
5. What three oceans border Canada?
6. What medical breakthrough led to a 1923 Nobel Prize for Frederick Banting and J.J.R. Macleod?
7. Which Canadian province has the largest land size?
8. In the federal Parliament, what is a law called before it is passed?
9. The country’s worst health crisis, spread by troops returning from overseas services in the First World War, was caused by what disease?
10. In 1942, a national plebiscite sparked a fierce debate over military service and national unity. What was this plebiscite about?
11. Which mountain is Canada’s highest?
12. Quebec cabinet minister Pierre Laporte was taken hostage and murdered in the crisis initiated by which extremist separatist group?
13. Who was the first woman to be appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada?
14. Who was Canada’s prime minister during the Second World War?
15. Who wrote the lyrics to Canada’s national anthem?
16. Canada is a part of the voluntary association of countries that used to belong to the British Empire. What is this association called?
17. What was the name given to the group of women involved in Edwards vs. the Attorney General of Canada, also known as the Persons Case?
18. What two Canadian cities were part of the “Original Six” NHL teams?
19. Which Canadian city hosted the world during the summer Olympics in 1976?
20. What was the name of Canada’s flag before the Maple Leaf ?
21. During what war did Canadian doctor Norman Bethune create the first mobile blood-transfusion clinic in 1936?
22. Which province elected the first female provincial premier in 1993?
23. Which province was, in 1916, the first to grant women the right to vote?
24. Which province was, in 1940, the last to grant women the right to vote?
25. Winnifred Blair of Saint John, N.B., was crowned the first winner of this pageant, which was cancelled 69 years later, on Jan. 3, 1992.
26. On Aug. 31, 1976, Carallyn Bowes became the first woman to accomplish this, a feat that took 133 days to complete.
27. Canada’s first post office was established in Halifax in 1755. The first deputy postmaster general was this American thinker and revolutionary.
28. On Feb. 26, 1972, Michel Girouard and his pianist, Rejean Tremblay, got married, the first of this kind of wedding in Canadian history.
29. In 1833, painter Joseph Legare opened Canada’s first one of these, in Quebec City
30. Sir Alec Guinness spoke these words on July 13, 1953, “Now is the winter of our discontent / Made glorious summer by this son of York” to debut this festival.
31. The very first YMCA in North America was opened in 1851 in this Canadian city.
32. This Canadian prime minister won the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in developing the UN Emergency Force in 1957.
33. Who was the first Canadian woman in space, flying aboard the American space shuttle Discovery from Jan. 22 to 30, 1992?
34. This sport, which originated among the Algonquian tribes of the St Lawrence Valley, is the oldest organized sport continuously played in North America.
35. Between 1915 and 1993, The Montreal Canadiens won the Stanley Cup this many times.
36. In 1945, this Montreal Canadiens player was the first hockey player to score 50 goals in 50 games.
37. This kind of suit was developed in 1941 by W.R. Franks and his colleagues at the University of Toronto to allow pilots to carry out high-speed manoeuvres without losing consciousness.
38. This bridge, at 12.9 kilometres in length, is the longest bridge in the world to cross ice-covered salt water.
39. In response to the temperance movement, Toronto pharmacist John J. McLaughlin invented this drink in 1907 as a popular alternative to alcohol.
40. Which province’s entry into Confederation had to be moved up a day due to concerns that the original date, April 1, 1949, was April Fool’s Day?
41. This prime minister holds the record for the shortest term, 69 days, from May 1 to July 8, 1896.
42. This prime minister holds the record for longest unbroken term, serving 15 straight years in office, from July 11, 1896, to Oct. 6, 1911.
43. The oldest dinosaur bones in Canada, fossils that are approximately 200 million years old, were found in what province?
44. Canada’s most northerly point is this cape in Nunavut.
45. John Ware, nicknamed the “Smoked Irishman,” started ranching in Alberta in the late 1880s and was the first black one of these in Canada.
46. Which of the following slogans is best associated with Canada’s constitution?
a) Liberty, equality, fraternity
b) Peace, order and good government
c) Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
47. Name the trade agreement that links Canada, Mexico, and the United States, and which went into effect in 1994.
48. What was the name of the route used by fleeing American slaves to get to Canada?
49. Which American war sped the move toward Confederation?
50. In 1959, John Diefenbaker’s government cancelled the development of what new warplane?

And now, here is the entire quiz, questions and answers, in pdf format: CANADA JULY 1st QUIZZ  Good Luck: Please share with us, How Well You Did!  Leave the number of correct responses in the Comments Section.

And just in case you would like to try another, go here:  http://www.canadadayquiz.com/questions.cnc

Happy Canada Day!!  Stan McCormack.  2017 06 27

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Winners Chosen In Fifth Portable Shuffleboard Tournament. Florida

Among those attending the Fifth Portable Shuffleboard Tournament are shown seated from left to right: Betty Bell, Steve Scott, Katherine Palmer, Sadie Lester, Earline Cohen, and Vonnie Scott. Shown standing from left to right are: Sunday Bivens Reese, Quincy Jefferson, Connie Bowen, Pearl James, Sandra Nelson, Linda Cotney, Estelle Acree, and Rosalind Timmons.

Posted 2017 06 26

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CD Holds their weekly Mingles/Singles at the Betmar Shuffleboard Club. 2017 06 26


A Potential Super Star in Waiting!!

Betty Russell of the Betmar Shuffleboard Club smoked the competition at Betmar on Monday, June 26th winning the Mingles/Singles Shuffleboard championship.  We may have a superstar in the making as she won all six games at the Zephyrhills Club last week and won all eight matches at Betmar this week.  She had some close matches but pulled them all out some with the very last shot.

Report by Earl Ball.  2017 06 26

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Battle Creek MI Local Tournament by Jery Deren! 2017 06 26

Don Rood Commenting:

Jerry Deren says: “These Are the Cadillac Courts of the World!!  by Jim Miller.

Reporter Deren

Jerry Deren Speaks: Todays tournament was a draw doubles with 28 people. Our tournament director was Ann Wedel who did a wonderful job ..thank you Ann. The day was in the low 70’s, partly cloudy & breezy. We had a fun day & were off the courts by ~ 2P.M.

This was a Battle Creek members tourney. Dr. Spencer was the sponsor.


           1st    Karen Cochran & Don Casselman
            2nd  Gary Schueider & CB Allen
            3th    JoAnn Miller  & Paul Mackaluso
            4th    Jerry Deren & Larry Roan …   forfeit
             1st     Harold Swartz & Rick Yates
             2nd    Tom McKenzie & Elmer Heisler
             3rd     Sandy Burk & Mati Gomell
             4th      Marge Hollman & Virginia Merriman
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Adults With Developmental Disabilities Learn Suffleboard Skills

Building Blocks Ministries has created a new community partnership with the Clermont Shuffleboard Club.

Individuals in the Health & Wellness class at Building Blocks Ministries started visiting Kehlor Park in April to learn how to play shuffleboard. The original plan was to complete eight weeks of instruction and play. After eight weeks of playing the group of volunteers at Clermont Shuffleboard extended the offer for individuals at Building Blocks to continue playing weekly. In addition to learning the game, individuals in the Health & Wellness Class are now learning how to care for the court. Peter Hornbuckle, Program Manager at Building Blocks Ministries is grateful for the partnership as it offers more than just learning how to play a new sport, it provides an opportunity for the individuals to access their community and connect to clubs and activities in the community.
Building Blocks Ministries’ vision is for full inclusion and participation of individuals with developmental disabilities in all aspects of our community. Executive Director Paula Whetro is encouraged by the partnership as it aligns the vision that the organization had over ten years ago when they began their work in the south Lake County area.
Building Blocks Ministries’ mission is “to serve individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to dream, believe and achieve; through advocacy, coalition building, and job and life skills training in a safe and trusted environment”. Building Blocks has been serving the community since 2006 and is located at 548 S. Highway 27, Suites B & C, Minneola, FL in the Trailside Plaza next to Graphics Direct. Building Blocks Ministries is a FL Medicaid Waiver Provider and accepts private paying clients.

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Shuffleboard Centerpiece Brings in A Mix of Players.

Source: Shuffleboard Centerpiece Brings in A Mix of Players.

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