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Winning Tips by Earl Ball, Article 7 of the Series. 2020 06 05



When I started playing, a great player gave me a great tip. Ralph Day told me that when I get a hide early in the game to give myself plenty of room because I wouldn’t know the drift and the other player would probably clear if I wasn’t hidden. If I didn’t hit the hide I would be much more successful the second time. I try to ingrain into new players “don’t hit the hide the first time you try it”. I do wish I would listen to myself more often!

Ever see dead wood, stray blocks come into play? Happens all the time! Did you know that some players put deadwood out on purpose! How many times have you seen George Darwin put out a deep poor hide when he doesn’t have the hammer? He then clears and if the deadwood is still there when it comes to his last shot he takes that hide or bumps it up and all of a sudden you’re chasing him. He isn’t the only one like that. “Watch the traps”. Earl Ball. 2006 07 16.

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Leesburg Member Notice

Hi Shufflers,
  The city of Leesburg has decided to open all recreational sports on June 15th.  We are planning to have shuffleboard practice on Tuesday, June 16th at our regular scheduled practice time.  Warm-up at 8:30 and practice games starting at 9:00.  We will play on every other court to allow distancing and we are asking players to wear masks at this time.  We can discuss other changes with your input.  Sure hope to see you on June 16th.

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Could “The Best of To-day” COMPETE with the Best of 40 Years Ago???? Glen Peltier Gives Us His Opinion!!

This is FUNNY, like NOT REALLY!! When you click on the title, you will be taken to the original 2016 Article!! Try it and you will see “the missing pix”!!!!!! ((TOO MUCH FOR ME >> AND NO DOUBT, YOU TOO. Stan

Stan speaks: First, let me apologize!!! Isn’t it great that Canadians frequently apologize!!! This article is supposed to have pix of every player identified by Glen???? I have to share with you that the different/new software is FRUSTRATING???? VERY FRUSTRATING???? This is the 7th article in Glen’s Look Back Series.

Glen Peltier Speaks:  I often get asked if a player of today, could have competed successfully 40 years ago.  Yes; I believe the players of today are every bit as good as players of 40 years ago!! I may forget some but I would like to give what I believe, is a list that I feel would have been top stars in any age. These are players I have not mentioned before. 

Mel Erb I believe had it all. He could clear with the best; play the board with an accurate gentle shot that would surprise anyone.  He wanted to win and he did. He was a star!

Jim Bailey is a fine talent. I wish Jim would come back and play full
time. The game needs Jim as a player and as an administrator.

Allen Dronsfield could be a star in any era in which he chose to play. I think
we have not seen the best of Allen yet.

Michael Seyfer proved putting in the extra effort is the answer.

Dave Kudro has not scratched the surface yet compared to what he can do.

John Brown, Jerry Stannard, David Earl Jerry Everett have all demonstrated sufficient consistency to play in any era.

Kenny Offenther, who always wins the big ones, would definitely make my list.

Ray Buck:  Ray is showing us what hard work can do.

Mickey Henson can bear any and all on a given day.

There are many that I have missed.  One other thing from the past I want to mention is
our discs. Years ago our discs were the Dimco brand and had asbestos in them. Asbestos was banned.  We had trouble for years but Jim Allen finally got a mold that makes a flat surface with beveled edges. They ride on top of the beads.  I believe they are made out of the same material as billiard balls.  The air disc run better on some courts and the Arco run better on other courts.  Years ago we never waxed the discs. We worked hard keeping the courts waxed. My opinion only but I think the new discs are the best we have ever had.

Article submitted by Glen Peltier WITH THANKS!!  Stan McCormack, 2016 12 22.

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Tournament Results

Tournament #1   June 2 & 3, 2020 Draw Doubles

Main Event:

  1. Katy Walker – Lyle Walker
  2. Harold Thorne – Stan Quinn
  3. Lynda King – Norm Willems
  4. Warren King – Sam Chalton


  1. Gail Chase – Joe Cote
  2. Tom Gillon – Bud Wilber
  3. Jan Thyssen – Wally Thyssen
  4. Doris Hanke – Gene Monesi

Tournament Director:  Sandi Quinn

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ART CARLEN; STATE CHAMPION WITH WIFE DOLORES!! I have a Great Pic of Art and His Wonderful Wife!! (cannot post pix?????)

Earl Ball wrote the article below, 16 years ago!!  Art Carlen passed on May 13th, 2020. He was living with his daughter in Pennsylvania.

Lois and I had the good fortune to play against Art and partner Wanda Tipton in the District Mixed Doubles in Winter Haven on Feb 19th, 2010.  Art has lost none of his charm, none of his skill.  He and Wanda caused Lois and I to play for 3rd place!! Keep Shuffling Art!  Stan and Lois.  2010-02-26

Earl Ball Speaks: Art Carlen is a “Florida Shuffleboard Association” State Champion.  Quite a fete when you consider that only one in one hundred players who take part in a State “Pro” tournament ever win a State Championship.  Art normally plays the foot and if you can put him in position he’ll win the game!

Art started out in the game in the early nineties taking Shuffleboard lessons with pal, Dick Goody an outstanding golfer.  They took the lessons from my father–in-law, Paul Bush who was President of the Shuffleboard club at the time.  After the lessons were complete Paul asked them if they would volunteer to take the job of “Block” waxers for the upcoming tournament and they agreed, not realizing they had just accepted the job for the season, so they didn’t get a chance to play many tournaments that first season, but watched the “Big Boys” as time permitted and learned a great deal.  So much in fact that as Amateurs, playing as a team they beat the “Big Boys” in a tournament and walked off with a Championship. 

I won my first, first place in a Pro/Am, playing as an amateur with Art Carlen.

Art now plays the State “Pro” circuit and due to his ability and reputation is in great demand.  You’ll never get a bad word out of him about a partner and he’ll never back down from a challenge.

Art was the a “Star” baseball player and Class President of Williamson Trade School after High School putting him into position to meet future wife Dolores, a State Champion Twirler, she was Head Majorette of the High School Band and an “Eaglelette”, the pre runner to Cheerleaders for the Philadelphia Eagles Pro Football team. Art and Dolores, are great sports fans, watching ever event of any kind, every chance they get.  Dolores plays golf and “club” Shuffleboard and they go out and dance at least once a week.  Together, they’ve raised four, very successful daughters.  One is a highly recruited Research Scientist at Johns Hopkins University Hospital.  When our “Club” took their turn last year at sponsoring the “King and Queen” of Betmar, we elected Art and Dolores to represent us.  They accepted the responsibility and never missed an event or parade, shook hands or hugged everyone everywhere, making a proud “Club” proud.  They did a great job.

I don’t know how old Art is, but I know they make him take money out of his IRA’s, which means he has to be at least 70 years old, you would never know it though, he is very active with a project going at all times, he loves to dig in the dirt.  I know they plan to leave on vacation July 8th and will be gone for six weeks.

Earl Ball July 01st, 2004. 

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Glen Reflects on Clearwater!!

Glen Takes Us Back to Clearwater Shuffleboard Club.  

Sorry: I cannot change font size. Sorry; I cannot insert pic????

Glen Speaks:  When i joined the Clearwater club, it was a wonderful experience. So many members and such big tournaments.  The tournament directors were Charlotte Sidway, Dave Spencer, his wife Sis, Clara Hipp and husband who was the third caller.  None of these people got paid as they said it was their club and would not except money. It made good payouts as the sponsors where also much bigger back then. We had referees on every court from the quarters on.  There was score keepers on every court.  Each referee and every score keeper got a meal ticket for lunch.  We always had great presidents. Some of you will remember Junior and Pauline Kinney. Junior painted and striped one section of courts every year.  Pauline had the Kitchen Band that entertained us every year. Today one tradition has carried on. Our president Cathy Brennan is the hardest worker we ever had.  Don Winklebeck, Ron and Ellie Prevost continue through hard work manage to keep the club afloat. Hopefully the club will be around many years so it can be enjoyed by many people the way I have enjoyed it for 30 years.

Glen Peltier. 

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