Pre-opening Beachside Social Club.

Joyce and Bob with Livia and Ashish Patel owners of Beachside Social Club attended the pre-opening of Virginia Beach 1st Shuffleboard facility, located on the strip right across the street from the Atlantic Ocean.

Ashish and Livia with the guidance of Joyce Smith and Jim Allen of Allen Shuffleboard have built the beautiful facility. Opened with 6 courts and 1 Bocce ball court. They have room to double the size in the future.

Sent by Bob Smith. 2018 06 23.

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On Tuesday four of Zephyrhills Shufflers will head to the West Coast Mingles/Singles Tournament to check out the Pinellas Park courts.

Earl Ball continues the quest to have Zephyrhills amateurs experience different venues. Three of the Central District’s Amateur “Masters” Players, Betty Russell, Cindy Wood and Diane Beaulier are all excited to make the trip to experience the courts and meet the players they don’t already know, and Earl is anxious for them to meet Mike Vassalotti, whom Earl considers the best Shuffleboard Player he has ever known.
Some of you know the story of Mike’s comeback and some of you don’t. I’ll tell you the story from my perspective; which means I might be right and I might not be right.

I call Mike each season and try to talk him into playing a tournament so other Players can see who he is after hearing so much about him form me. Mike Vassalotti Interview. 05 01 04   Sometimes he would say OK but then change his mind because he doesn’t want anyone to see him at less than his best. Well, Mike came to the Clearwater Courts to watch me play just after New Years last season. I played so poorly that he left and I’m sure he thought that if Earl can play so bad and yet win tournaments, then certainly he can too. He went home and started practicing. He called me in the Spring and said he was ready to play.

It just so happens that Mike Seyfer  had lost his Partner and was just thrilled to have the opportunity to play with a legend he’d heard so much about. Mike was right; he was back; they finished 2nd in the Tournament. Mike Seyfer was so excited, so thrilled and so thankful for the opportunity that I took a picture I’d taken of the two of them and had a poster made and presented it to Mike, he had it framed.
I haven’t played Pinellas Park since Bill McMillan Bill & Vivian McM. Great Story  passed away and that’s been a while now. It’ll be interesting to give the courts a try.

Sent along by Earl Ball WITH THANKS!!  2018 06 23


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Mingles/Singles Results from North Carolina. BY Jeffry Luneau.

It was nice day for Single Mingles with the temperature at the mid 70s mark. We had 16 players; started at 8:30 and finished by noon. Remember we play 4 games of 16 frames each and switch colors after 8 frames. We had two players with 4 wins; so we needed to use the points for the tie breaker. Here are the results:

1st Joyce Radcliff with 4 wins and 323 points
2nd Carol Lumsden with 4 wins and 273 points
3rd Dorie Baker with 3 wins and 274 points
4th John Knapp with 3 wins and 230 points

Reported by, Jeffry Luneau.  WITH THANKS!!  Stan McCormack, 2018 06 22.

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The Summer Rotational from the North at Leesburg. Thank You Allen!!

Allen Dronsfield Speaks: The Summer Rotational from the north at Leesburg was shortened today by mother nature. Yep while playing in the 4th of 5 games she said that’s all folks, and down it came. We had a low turnout but the games went on. 13 pro’s and 9 amateurs made it to Leesburg this morning.
Bee showed up this morning but had an easy morning of it as the donuts didn’t make.
The next two weeks are being held at Hawthorne to pick up the slack from Tavares.
We thank all that did show up and hope for better weather next week.
Scores were tallied only for 3 completed games of 5..


1st. Jack Wooten ———————————————————- Mid-Fl. Lakes
2nd. Vern Ivey ————————————————————— Inverness
3rd. George Fisher ——————————————————– Hawthorne
4th. Frank Cherill ———————————————————- Leesburg


1st. Richard Ingram ——————————————————- Leesburg
2nd. Wayne Carpenter —————————————————- Hawthorne
3rd. Dick Kanan ———————————————————— Parkwood Oaks
4th. Bob Newhaus ——————————————————— Hawthorne

That’s a rap folks, by Al Dronsfield 6/21/18

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Earl Ball & Lorraine Merrifield win Shuffleboard Championships

Earl Ball & Lorraine Merrifield win Shuffleboard Championships
On Thursday, June 21st, the Lakeland Shuffleboard Club hosted the Singles/Mingles Championships.

Earl Ball Swept the Pro Field and some questioned if he needed gas money because he cleared the board, he never does that. Last week he went into the last game needing victory to win it all; he lost and didn’t even score enough points to place. The same thing would have happen this week but he didn’t lose a match.
Lorraine Merrifield, Betmar, won five matches and added the Singles/Mingles Championship to her resume.

Thanks Earl. Posted on 2018 06 21.

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Shuffling is growing in small town Saskatchewan!! A Super Example of What Dedication, and Planning, Can Achieve!!!!

Shuffling is growing in small town Saskatchewan.

Two rural communities have found alternative use for great facilities that already exist and are being underused in their communities. The Villages of VANGUARD and ELBOW are now rolling out shuffleboard courts and introducing our game to their communities.

Jim Lawson (, Vanguard, has organized and brought in courts that are permanently placed in the communities underused curling rink. Jim reports that members meet 3 times a week and the games are on. Jim was introduced to Shuffling when he wintered in Yuma AZ and felt it would go over in Vanguard if people were introduced to it and had the opportunity to try it. He visited High River Alberta to see what they do and the rest is just hard work and dedication.

This is how you make use of a perfectly good curling rink in Vanguard.image1.JPG

Meryl Joel winters in Mesa AZ. She wasn’t satisfied with just summertime golf at the beautiful golf course on the shores of Lake Diefenbaker, so she convinced some friends to look at shuffling in Elbow SK.. They purchased rollout boards and other equipment – the games began. They have established a governing board to work with other volunteer organizations in the community. They are looking at reciprocal visits with other shuffling communities in Saskatchewan . Bob Nunweiler ( reports that they are gathering 3 times a week – all summer – and the interests continues to increase. image2.JPG

Four boards ‘rolled out’ in Elbow community hall.

Bob Lockwood
Saskatchewan Director
CNSA Board of Directors.  Stan Speaks: This is truly a SUPERIOR example of what can be achieved!!  Thank You so much  Bob for sharing this with us!!  Stan McCormack 2018 06 21

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Coldwater is a rather unique Shuffleboard Club. See Below

Coldwater is perhaps a rather unique Shuffleboard Club by offering shuffleboard to Special needs individuals.
Each Tuesday morning a group of 20 or more special needs individuals gather at the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club for games of fun but no doubt with competitive ideas in mind.
Members of the Coldwater Club; Shirley Monger and Rick Crouch oversee the group along with other volunteers. While the games may be for fun there is always a competitive nature that shows up by the scores as indicated in the photo.
Coldwater would also welcome wheelchair athletes to come out and try the game. The arena is wheelchair accessible and instructions on the game will be provided. (Click on pic to expand.)

Sent along by Gary Pipher with THANKS!!  Posted 2018 06 21

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