“Run Up” to the 36th ISA in Brazil: Article 3. History + Hope You Enjoy!!

LOOK BACK!! Great Story About Michael Zellner!! Have a Read!!!

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2005 ISA in Niteroi, Brazil. All Shufflers. Michael and Joe in front.

Michael Zellner was exposed to the game of shuffleboard by his grandfather as a teenager while spending some time in the city.  When he retired from the US Military after 21 years of service, Michael headed for Brazil. Before beginning his adventure, he dropped into Allen R. Shuffleboard Company in Seminole, Florida, just to get some information.   After a 2-hour conversation with the Sam Allen himself, Michael left with 4 cues, a set of discs, a book titled “Those Capricious Discs”, a scoreboard, the FSA rules, a bag of plastic beads and a set of blueprints for building a cement court.

Brazil’s (Michael’s) first two Courts!!

Michael never saw it coming! He was in deep and didn’t realize it! Michael had been bitten by the bug and exposed to the disease. Immediately upon settling in Brazil, he constructed 2 courts on a…

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Hendersonville North Carolina Shuffleboard Club: 2017 07 03 and 04 

Look Back 3 Years to Hendersonville!!

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Hendersonville, North Carolina Shuffleboard Club

Club Championship Doubles M/L July 3 & 4, 2017

Men’s Division:  The Texas boys of summer did it again; Warren King and Stan Quinn won their third in a row doubles club championship.

1st Men; Warren King and Stan Quinn.

1.  Warren King – Stan Quinn
2.  Ray Lawson – Ed O’Neal
3.  Asa Lett – Dave Wenger
4.  Larry Lumsden – Wally Thyssen

1st Cons. Men Jay and Tom

1.  Tom Eastman – Jay Fitzpatrick
2.  John Klinger – Ed Parker
3.  Norm Willems – Jeff Luneau
4.  John Knapp – Charlie Gleason
Ladies Division

1st Ladies: Pat Knapp and Betty Loveland.

1.  Pat Knapp – Betty Loveland
2.  Linda King – Carol Lumsden
3.  Dorie Baker – Jeanne Wenger
4.  Gail Chase – Cathy Lawson

1st Cons. Joyce Radcliffe and Jan Thyssen

1.  Jan Thyssen – Joyce Radcliffe

Tournament Director:  Sandi…

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We Tell You More about our 2012 Adventure to Lithuania!! L1

It was an exciting/interesting/eventful time!! Stan

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We fly to Riga Latvia, and bus from there to Siauliai, Lithuania.

Being a reasonable person you may ask WHERE? WHY? WHO?

WHERE? first: Lithuania is on the Baltic Sea, about the same line of latitude as Moscow and Copenhagen. One often hears it mentioned in the same sentence as neighbours Latvia and Estonia. See the map at the top of the page. I should tell you that those flying from North and South America will in fact fly to Riga, Latvia. The event itself takes place in Siauliai, Lithuania. You can see it on the map > south and a little west of Riga.
WHY? We, our group, is going there to introduce ShuffleBoard to the world!! That is not really much of an exaggeration! In fact we have been invited to Siauliai Lithuania to demonstrate ShuffleBoard; AND, they are so vitally interested that the only cost we will…

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Happy “4th of July” to Each American!!!

Stay Safe; Stay Healthy; Do Enjoy Your Day!!

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Winning Tips by Earl Ball; Article 11 of the Series.


Some players try to steal a block every time they get a chance, even if it means the opponent gets two blocks.  Now I believe in stealing blocks, but if it will only get you into the 50’s and two blocks will get your opponent to 45 then I think that’s too much risk because if your partner at the foot makes a mistake and gives up two you’re in trouble.  I try to pay attention to the score, but differently than Wilbur does.  One point does make a difference!  I want to hold an opponent to 44 instead of 45; I’ll go into the seven to keep him off of 45.  I don’t want the opponent at 61 from the head, or 68 if I can make him chase a seven and only get to 67.  If you think about it there are a lot of places where one point does make a difference and that one point may be gained at 29 instead of 30.

Think of how often one missed hammer makes a big difference.  Pay attention to the order your opponent is shooting the blocks, also your partner.  A couple of years ago I was playing a non-walking tournament at Winter Haven and I was playing Jerry Pointer, clearly the class of the field on his home courts.  I discovered the #4 block was slow, so after he beat me up the first game and we changed colors I tested Jerry out by going on the open board with my last shot when he had the hammer and sure enough he would leave me on the board as he shot me for the kitchen; he never did catch on and I won and won the lag and he never caught on in the third game either.  The blocks are marked for a reason; don’t let the other guy be the only one that knows what is going on!  I don’t know if Jerry has a computer, but if he does we should hear from him now!

The last story reminds me of another point.  Home court players should always have a decided advantage.  Winter Haven used to have blocks they only used for tournaments; some other clubs do that too. However; if there’s a bad block they don’t know it until it’s too late and they lose their advantage.  It’s the same for rough court clubs; some of them wash the courts just before a tournament and that changes the speed of the courts negating the home-court advantage.  For the life of me, I don’t understand why a club would take the home-court advantage away from their own players!  Earl Ball 2006 07 24

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Wilbur Estes WE 02 DVD Article: Game Plan Part Three: You Are Behind > Opponent Has the Hammer.

Game plan –(part two) you are Ahead, Opponent’s Hammer.

Set a St. Pete (hope he sticks).

If he clears, set another (hope he sticks).

If he sticks, sneak if you are below 43.

If he ignores your St. Pete and goes on the board, clear it off. Limit him to one score on his Hammer, — if he can make it.

If he clears all three of your St. Petes, block with a High, Off-Point Block.

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Glen Peltier Shares “His Proudest Moment”

I was lucky enough to play in the International Tournament in Lindsay Ontario in 1990. I had told Frank Willson who was the Canadian president the year before that I would give the introduction to the Japanese, in Japanese, the following year. There was a Japanese couple living in New Port Richey that I spent every Thursday night with.  It was only a two-minute speech but you can say much in two minutes.

The Japanese main man back then was Kosai. We spent the night before the opening going over my speech. When Frank introduced me, all the hard work I had done for one year, learning the language, was worth it. When I finished, the Japanese people were so appreciative.

The only living person besides me I could find, who attended, was Nick Klym. He is in a home now but he remembers it well. I don,t remember much about the tournament but I will always remember the Japanese people.  There was a full slate of Japanese there,  Eight Men and Eight Women.  I keep the speech in Florida, both in English and Japanese.  It was my biggest thrill in shuffleboard. >> Glen Peltier.

Stan Speaks: I have some great pix of both Kosai and Frank. After working for about an hour, I GIVE UP. This programme is “the Pits”. You may wish to try my Facebook page; It Is: Stanley Roy McCormack.

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Happy Canada Day.

Canada Celebrates 153 Years of Progress. Stan

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“Secrets of Shuffleboard Strategy – 2nd Edition by Richard Ingram. The Villages. May of 2014.

I posted this article 6 years ago. Stan

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Richard Ingram Speaks:  Speaks about Shuffleboard!!  (And you thought I had abandoned Shuffleboard!!  lol)

When the score is approximately even stay off the scoring board. Wait for an opportunity to hide a disc or score with your hammer.

Do not let yourself become afflicted with bad habits like “kitchenettes” i.e. trying to put most all of your opponent’s discs in the kitchen.  If you do not need 10 off your opponents score just clear the board. 

Being seated while players on the opposite end of the court are shooting is a “courtesy of the court” to prevent distraction.  Being seated is also a requirement of the National Shuffleboard Rules.

Always sight down your cue with your eyes directly over the cue shaft to see if it is pointing straight at the point of impact on the target.

Do not push the cue w/a jerk or shove in your arm. 


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A Little More About Ray Buck. RAY BUCK FSA HALL OF FAME

Ray Buck came to the Florida Shuffleboard Association “Roll of Champions” Tournament needing only one more point to qualify for the Hall of Fame; It seems like he’s been chasing that last point for the longest time.

He showed up this morning with partner Jerry Holbrook to play the quarters and there stood Henry Strong and Earl Ball.  Can you imagine—nobody beats Henry and Earl and yet this could be the time.  They took the court and things didn’t go well in the 1st game; on to game 2 and things didn’t look good in the early going; but as the crowd built their game began to come around; Earl and Henry couldn’t get off the lines and they made it to game 3 and won the lag.  They got off to a good start and now the crowd has grown to over capacity, but Henry and Earl rally and go up 60-45.  Jerry and Ray hold tight stealing both hammers and move the game to 60-60 after their hammers.  Earl misses his 8 with the hammer but does get a 7 moving the score to 67-60 with Henry having the hammer.  And Henry does hammer Ray right into the kitchen and it’s covered by a block on the centerline and one on the 7/8 line.  Henry shoots to hold the 8 but comes up short but surely it’s all but over because the score is now 67-50.  Do you believe in miracles, maybe divine intervention!  Well maybe you should because by the time we got to Ray’s hammer he had all the pressure of 199 points squarely on his shoulders.  One last chance; he had to somehow get that disc to go down the court and stop in the scoring area, he even had a backstop.  Well just as cool as a cucumber (maybe not) he slid his disc out and the crowd went wild he’d done it, he made the shot and he did it against the Association leading team of this season; surely something to be proud of and Ray, we are all proud of you.  CONGRATULATIONS!

Earl Ball

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