Bluffton Any Doubles Brings End To Ohio State Shuffleboard Season

Bob Jones Jr passes along updates on the Ohio State Shuffleboard season

The Bluffton Any Doubles on Monday, August 12th concluded the 2019 Ohio State Shuffleboard Association season. It was sponsored by Baker Farms and P.E. Services. An unexpected morning  rain shower delayed the start of the tournament by about an hour. 17 teams were challenged by playing through alternating periods of drizzle, wind, and hot sun. Bluffton Club members worked hard all day long to keep the courts playing well during all the changing conditions. Larry Mardis and Bluffton Club President Steve Slaughterbeck were the best at adjusting to the changing speeds of the courts and won the final championship of the season.

There was much chatter during the day as players  were hoping to earn points to improve their position in the Roll of Champions standings. Congratulations to Bill Hoyer whose third place finish was enough to move from 2nd to 1st and win the men’s season point championship. Sam Allen’s second place finish vaulted him from 6th to 4th in the point standings. Wilma Rudolph is the women’s season point champion. The top 5 men and women earn automatic invitations to the Roll of Champions Singles tournament to be held next summer. The top 8 are presented with pins.

Check out the 2020 Ohio Schedule and start making plans now.

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bluffton results

OSSA points 2019


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Results from Battle Creek as passed along by Jerry Deren
“Thank you Battle Creek Club for hosting another great tournament.  Thank you also to our director, Ann Wedel It was a GREAT day and the rain held off. A BIG shout out & congrats to the winners. The Albion Club will be hosting the last tournament of the season Thursday, August 22 at 9:00. How quickly the summer goes.”
1 Gary McGaffey – Stu Hendricks
2 Sharon Olmstead – Dennis Anderson
3 Gene Tomlinson – Dwayne Cross
4 Max Munk – Adriana Cramton
1 Bob Kendall – Don Rood
2 Marcia Lojewski – Brenda Dawson
3 Don Hiar – Craig Garrison
4 Janet Casselman – Cindy Shidler
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Hendersonville Tournaments 12 & 13 Results

Tournament #12 Aug. 13 & 14 Any Doubles
Sponsored by: Al & Marilyn Buffum and
Carolina Ophthalmology

Main Event:
1. Lynda King & Warren King
2. Joe Cote & Jay Fitzpatrick
3. Carol Lumsden & Dorie Baker
4. Norm Willems & Wally Thyssen

1. Sandi Quinn & Bud Wilber
2. Cathy Lawson & Ray Lawson
3. Gail Chase & Al Buffum
4. Jan Thyssen & Betty Loveland

Tournament Director: Asa Lett

Tournament #12 Aug. 20 & 21 Draw Doubles
Sponsored by: Entegra Bank and Hot Dog World

Main Event:
1. Carol Lumsden & Al Buffum
2. Dorie Baker & Bud Wilber
3. Jan Thyssen & Warren King
4. Asa Lett & Larry Lumsden

1. Gail Chase & Norm Willems
2. Lynda King & Bruce Barnhart
3. Sam Chalton & Ray Lawson
4. John Klinger & Harold Thorne

Tournament Director: Jay Fitzpatrick

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Hendersonville Tournament 11 Results

Tournament #11 Aug. 6 & 7 Draw Doubles
Sponsored by: Dr. Das and Fireside Restaurant

Main Event:
1. Ray Lawson & Jay Fitzpatrick
2. Lynda King & Wally Thyssen
3. Stan Quinn & Larry Lumsden
4. Cathy Lawson & Asa Lett

1. Joe Cote & Wayne Rose
2. Dorie Baker & Jeff Luneau
3. Gail Chase & Harold Thorne
4. Jan Thyssen & Gene Monesi

Tournament Director: Sandi Quinn

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Michigan State Tournament Results

Below are the results of the Michigan State pro and amateur singles and doubles tournaments held last week, as well as inductees into the Michigan Shuffleboard Hall of Fame. All pictures and text sent along by Ron Nuremberger and Jerry Deren
PRO MEN’S SINGLES – 38 Players
    1st   Ron Nurnberger
    2nd  Carl Olmstead
    3rd   David Nitchie
    4th   Ron Dawson
    1st   Larry Roan
    2nd  Tom Putnam
    3rd   Stu Hendricks
    4th   Max Munk
PRO MEN’S DOUBLES – 18 Players
    1st   Gary McGaffey & Michael Seyfer
    2nd  David Nitchie & Ron Dawson
    3rd   Tom Putnam & Don Rood
    4th   Phil Rebholz & Gene Tomlinson
    1st   Karl Richter & Bob Kendall
    2nd  Karl Clark & Ken Klochack
    3rd   Joe Smetanka & Lloyd Schmidt
    4th   Ron Numberger & Clarence Gingerich
     1st   Cheryl Putnam
     2nd  Barbara Worden
     3rd   Sharon Olmstead
     4th   Adriana Cramton
     1st   Carol Healey
     2nd  Shirley McCullough
     3rd   Marilyn Rotman
     4th   Judy Cross
    1st   Allie Enos & Marsha Lojewski
    2nd  Nancee Ludwick & Barbara Worden
    3rd   Janet Casselman & Carol Healey
    4th   Marilyn Rotman & Brenda Dawson
    1st  Adriana Cramton & Sharon Olmstead
    2nd  Pam Nurnberger & Cheryl Putnam
    3rd   Shirley McCullough & Cindy Shidler
    4th   Marge Klochack & Jill Hathaway
Congratulations players. We had beautiful weather. Thank you to Ann who was assisted by Marcia for a job well done directing the tournaments.  We had a first happen this year. Cheryl Putnam took first place in the Pro Ladies’ Singles and her daughter, Marcia Clark, took first place in the Amateur Ladies’ Singles.
A big “Thank You” to the Battle Creek Club for hosting the State Tournaments this year.
The Caro Club is hosting two tournaments next week.  Wednesday is for Amateurs only and Thursday is the Pros only.  These are Draw Doubles.  The club address is 178 Park Dr., Caro.  If you have any questions regarding these tournaments call Tom Putnam at 989-710-1251.
It was a particularly good day and turnout for players from the Southwest Cost District in Florida. Not only did players from that district sweep the pro singles events, they annually have a large turnout of players in Michigan tournaments. Pictured below are the winners of the singles tournaments and the entire SWC contingent represented in Michigan.
IMG_0962unnamed (6)
Florida’s Central District also had a strong turnout. It’s great to see shufflers from other parts of the country supporting shuffleboard in different states.
Jerry Deren passed along a group picture of Michigan State Shuffle Hall of Fame representatives. Those included: Don Rood Larry Whalen, Janet Casselman, Shirley McCullough, Jerry Deren, Jo Miller & grandaughter Hope, Lloyd Schmidt, Sharon & Carl Olmstead.
The late Jim Miller, Hall of Fame Florida shuffler and even better person, was posthumously inducted into the Michigan Hall of Fame with his wife Jo and granddaughter Hope in attendance to accept the honor.

      AMATEUR MEN’S SINGLES – 20 players

1st   Tom Edwards
2nd   Richard Flahardy
3rd   Mike Swaim
4th   Bob Carr
1st   Roger Busscher
2nd  Steve Hathaway
3rd   David Smith
4th   Dick Hook


1st   Marcia Clark
2nd  Marsha Lojewski
3rd   Kathy Lenox
4th   Donelda Kimble
1st   Maureen Tomlinson
2nd   Jill Hathaway
3rd   Judy Richter
4th   Vicki Smetanka

1st   Marsha Lojewski & Joe Smetanka
2nd   Kathy Kendall & Marcia Clark
3rd   Tom Edwards & Nancee Ludwick
4th   Mike Swaim & Daniel Glick
1st   Bill Adams & Rick Yates
2nd  Phil Busscher & Roger Busscher
3rd   Bob Mason & Bob Hollenbeck
4th   Karl Richter & Judy Richter

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Thames Horizon Shuffle Club August Single Mingle Results

Thames Horizon Shuffle Club Mingles/Singles Tournament Results for Aug 1st/2019.
14 Pro’s
1 Bill LeMay
2 Moe Campeau
3 Hubert Van Eerd
4 Ross Kirkpatrick
5 Frank Reynen
6 Katie Starzacher
14 Amateurs
1 Carol Brosseau
2 Joe Lessard
3 Ken Lefaive
4 Peter Starzacher
5 Tony Vanden Hoven
6 Jerry Caza
Tournament Director Mary Button
& Teresa Vermeulen
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Moose Jaw July Singles Tournament Results

Below is a recap of the Moose Jaw July singles tournament results and HOF banquet sent along by Milly Schultz – SSA (Saskatchewan Shuffleboard Association) – Treasurer. Congrats, everyone!

The 25th Anniversary of the Moose Jaw singles tournament July 15-18, 2019 was a great success.  It started off with entertainment on on Sunday July 14 in Crescent Park, by three bands, Bonnie and the Jets, Alethia and the Alley Cats, and Just in Tyme.  The Mayor and SSA President were introduced by SSA Secretary Bob Cobbe. All were welcomed to Moose Jaw, hoped they would take some time to enjoy what Moose Jaw has to offer and wished the shufflers a good week of shuffling. People enjoyed the music and some dancing.  Monday started off with registration and opening ceremonies. President Earl Berard welcomed the shufflers, Aime Archer said the opening prayer and the sisters Milly, Shirley and Jane lead the singing of ‘Oh Canada’. The Drawmaster Bob Riddell read the rules and posted the start of the draws.  Gord Pollock from B.C. tossed the opening disk, and the games began.

A banquet of roast beef was held on  Tuesday July 16. The 25th celebration became emotional as eight long time shufflers were seated at the head table and were honoured for their many years of attending this shuffleboard tournament.  Bob Cobbe read a shuffleboard verse, Milly Schultz read a poem written by our last year’s winner, Don Swenson. The honourees were brought up and presented with a certificate for a life time membership.  Bill and Shirley Gould, Merrill and Muriel Miller, Pat and Al Rathgeber – HOF recipient, Larry Smith, Jane McWillie, and Stan Prime, Gordon Potter (absent). 

The Results:

“A” EVENT:  

1st – Bob Lockwood – SK

2nd – Brian Scott – AB

3rd – Alice Archer – SK

4th – Andy Nykolaishyn – AB


1st – Jerrold Delahey – SK

2nd – Bob Street – SK

3rd – Marlene Cowling – SK

4th – Earl Berard – SK


1st – Dale Crouch – MB

2nd – Howard Dugan – AB

3rd – Shirley Tucker – AB

4th – Chris Palmer – AB


1st – Gord Pollock – BC

2nd – Maddie Hall – BC

3rd – Don Krell – AB

4th – Shirley Wright – SK



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