Wilbur Estes 05 11 16 “Series; Article 4, HOW TO DEAL WITH AN OPPONENT’S SNUGGLE. Posted 2020 08 11.

Although you know Snuggles are not Percentage Play, and do not believe in Snuggling, most Players like Snuggles, therefore, you will have to deal with Snuggles.

Poor Snuggles are no problem — but what do you do about Good Snuggles?

Don’t fool around with a Good Snuggle. Clear it. Do not try to save your Good Disc. Hit Your Opponent’s Snuggle, Off-Center and hit it hard.

Any other Play is Trailer Park Shuffleboard, which simply allows “Too Many Discs on the Board.

When Your Opponent Snuggles your disc, your disc is vulnerable to the Kitchen.

If you then Snuggle Your Opponent’s Snuggle, three discs will be snuggled, two of yours and one of his, but yours is still vulnerable. In this situation he can hit your last disc, put your First Disc in the Kitchen and have two Good Discs. This Play happens often.

Therefore, much depends upon who has the Hammer, how many discs remain, and whose disc is nearest the Kitchen.

Obviously, when your disc is nearest to the Kitchen, if you really need a Score, your safest Play is to hit Your Opponent’s disc hard enough to put your disc through the Kitchen, and keep your Cue Disc Snuggled above Your Opponent’s disc. The problem is now his. His disc is nearest the Kitchen, and vulnerable.

If you are Baiting — it is because you need a Kitchen. Getting it this way is a good as any other.

An Opponent who believes Snuggling is Good Playing will Snuggle often, and because the Percentages assure Poor Snuggles, he will often Snuggle poorly.

These players love Snuggles — when they work. When you Clear successfully they quickly abandon the tactic for a different Play.

When you have the Hammer and Your Opponent risks a Snuggle with his Last Disc, you must decide how his Score affects the Module Relationship. It may be the mistake that allows you to Score a necessary Two Discs. The Modules tell you what you need to do.

A snuggled pigeon

When you have the Hammer, some players think it is a good Play to Snuggle your pigeon (your disc on the 7-10-Off Line) with their Last Disc.

They think you will be afraid to shoot at their Good Disc, and they will gain a Score.

This Play is only as good as you permit.

You may think you can shoot at Kitchen Speed, hit Your Opponent’s disc on the side, and make him 10-Off, and you 7. Two factors show that this is low Percentage Play.

In reality you are shooting at your own disc at Kitchen Speed — which is never a Smart Play.

The Speed and Distance make Drift hard to calculate. Slight inaccuracy may put you 20-Off. Obviously, a complete Miss at Kitchen Speed can only result in a Kitchen.

To counter this Play, with the least amount of risk, shoot at Clearing Speed and try to hit Your Opponent’s disc very slightly off center — on the side closest to the edge of the Court.

Your Cue Disc will be exposed to the shortest portion of the Kitchen.

Your Opponent’s disc will hit your Pigeon almost straight, and slide lengthwise along the longest part of the Kitchen. Your Pigeon will go beyond the Baseline with little chance of staying in the Kitchen.

Your Cue Disc will usually stay almost at the Point of Impact.

Because you are trying to hit his disc very slightly Off-Center you have a larger target than when shooting to “Cut” his disc away from yours. The greater Speed reduces the influence of Drift, and also reduces the chance you will “Nick” your “Pigeon” into the Kitchen. Your Cue Disc will not go into the Kitchen if you Miss completely.

The Shot will kill Your Opponent’s Snuggle and often allows you to Score Your Hammer — and sometimes puts him in the Kitchen.

Your Opponent tried a difficult Shot. Yours, although not easy, has a better chance of success.

It is always best to encourage Your Opponent to try the difficult Shots, while you try those less difficult.

When you need one disc to go out

When Your Opponent Baits, and you need one Score to get into a higher Module (or to go out), you may be tempted to Snuggle.

Don’t do it — even if you sincerely believe your record for perfect Snuggles is unblemished (How could you believe that?). Snuggling is still Poor Playing.

It is very possible an opponent will Bait when he is Ahead, however, when he is Baiting, the odds are that you are Ahead — there is “no way” that you need to Snuggle.

Clear — stay off the Board.

Play to Win.

    Several unusual, and productive, plays are available when you can afford to be Kitchened.

    At the Foot, you can afford a Kitchen when 10-Off will not put you into a lower Module.

    11, 27, 43, 59 are the Lower Limits of their Modules

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“What’s the Rule”? by State TD Glenn Monroe. 2020 08 10

The Shuffler has arranged with FSA State Tournament Director Glenn Monroe to answer your questions relative to The Rules!! Thus the title: “What’s The Rule?”

If You have a question you would like answered, send it to Glenn at: gamonroe@gmail.com

Unless otherwise stated, the most recent rules and regulations of the Florida Shuffleboard Association shall be used to answer all questions.

  1. My opponent would start talking to me every time I started to shoot; can he do


No, he cannot. Rule C.11 states, “Players must not talk or make remarks to disconcert the opponent’s play.” The next time it happens, remind your opponent of the rule and, if necessary, notify the tournament director.

  • I shot a disc and my opponent knocked it off before it stopped. Is he allowed to do that?

    Absolutely not! Shooting before an opponent’s disc comes to rest is a major violation: 10-Off plus any 10-Offs the offender has on the board.  The other good discs of the offender shall not count.  The opponent’s good discs on the court, prior to the offense, shall be credited to the opponent’s score, except any 10-Offs.  The half-round shall be played over unless the game point has been reached by the opponent. (Rule C.12)
    Note that it is not necessary for any disc to be hit by the illegal shot. The mere fact that the shot was taken before your disc came to a stop is sufficient to invoke the penalty.
    Also notice that the frame is not necessarily played over. If, because of the penalty, the game point has been reached by the non-offender, the game ends without replay of the end.
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Wilbur Estes 2006 05 WE New Beginning W5 > A Point To Remember!!

A point to remember is that “Good Shooters” execute “Good Shots”; but “Good Players” execute “Good Plays”.

There is a tremendous difference between a “Shot”, and a “Play”.

“Trailer Park Shufflers” make Shots. A “Shot” is simply pushing your Cue Disc down the Court. It is only that, — a “Shot”.

A “Play”, on the other hand, is a series of “Shots”. A “Play” is designed to accomplish a specific goal.

A “Play” is “Real Shuffleboard”. Learn the “Plays”, and use them.

Wilbur Estes, “The Guy That Wrote The Book” 2006 5-22

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Excellent Video!! If you are a Shuffler, You Will BE OH SO GLD you watched this video!

Video of the Lakeside National Women’s Singles Finals Dianna Allen vs. Grace Carpenter. Excellent Coverage; Excellent Reporting; Easy to Follow: Click: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybQsMmP4-6I&fbclid=IwAR2-XlkmqGCnYbpUvg-olP3C6bnStYR4_cmZcTDUPXEzrpOpbz9t-Z4M3Og

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Winning Tips by Earl Ball. Article 16 of the Series. 2020 08 07


Some times you do everything right clearing the board and then you miss your hammer because you can’t get the speed right, that’s why so many players play more on the board or clear more with a controlled speed.  It’s not unusual to hear someone say we were winning and changed our game and lost.  What happens so often is you get ahead and go to the clearing game and lose the hammer speed.

Have you ever run up against the player who always puts in something high when it’s your hammer, Nicole Archambault with her high 10’s or John Brown with his high 8‘s, all that hard work and you can’t score.  Paul Prescott told me Ken Worden used to say you’ll get my hammer once but that’s it!  Of course the way you keep that from happening is by shooting on the board with your 3rd shot so the opponent has to take you off, leaving the board open for your hammer or if they stay on the board, as Mel Erb would say, they are giving you a free kitchen shot.

Some courts have a very odd or bad spot in them and sometimes you can get the other players hammer over and over by going to that spot.  Sometimes you want to save that spot for just that critical moment when the games on the line, you know they exist so use them to your advantage.  Some courts are pretty straight down the middle but break out if you are out away from the centerline a little. On those courts your need to go down into the 7 to score your hammer, giving yourself more scoring space.  Little things make a big difference! Earl Ball 2006 08 03.

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Wilbur Estes: Article 3, Percentages; Posted 2020 08 06.

Percentages — their effect upon Strategy

Shuffleboard, in addition to psychology, is also a “Percentage Game” (Percentages control the Game). The various “Percentages” (the odds of success) make Missed Shots the major part of the Game.

Both you and Your Opponent will “Miss your Shot“(fail to do what you intended to do). However, because mathematics controls the outcome, a single Missed Shot will often change the direction of the Game.

In Tournament Play one Missed Shot in two successive Games can “Send You Home Early” (You lost!) Unfortunately, you may not know which Shot caused your Loss.

By tediously listing the possible results of an “Attempted Sneak” (trying to hide a Score behind a “St Pete”, or “Tampa)” the following provocative facts emerge.

• Trying to hide behind a properly placed “St. Pete” or Tampa (discs placed at a specific Spot to create a “Hide”) with no other disc on the Board, results in 11 possibilities. These range from success to dismal failure.

• When two “Live discs” (discs In Play, beyond the Lag Line and Above the Baseline) are on the “Board” (the Court) perhaps a St. Pete or Tampa, and one other; the number of possible results increase to 31.

• When three Live discs are on the Board, perhaps a St. Pete or Tampa, and two others, the number of possible results increase to 107. Obviously, these 107 possibilities make it impossible to accurately predict the result of any single Shot.

If the 11, 31, 107 progression continues through the seventh disc (and who can be certain it doesn’t?) the estimated number of possibilities resulting from the “Hammer” (the last disc in the Half-Round) is ten thousand five hundred and twenty-seven 10,527.

Shots become more difficult to “Make” (Execute successfully) as the number of discs accumulate on the Board; the Percentages change unfavorably, and results become more difficult to predict. The greater the accumulation of discs, the greater the probability that the Shot will not do as intended.

Hundreds (and probably thousands) of different results are possible in every “Half Round” (Play from one end of the Court).

Note: In a Frame Game a Half Round is one “Frame.

If the Percentages affecting Shuffleboard Plays were definite, you could discard the “Low Percentage Plays (the odds are against their success) and use only those that are 75%, or more, effective. However, even if a specific Play could be proved to have a 75% success rate, it would also prove to have a 25% failure rate.

The very Best Play for a specific situation may be effective only 50% to 60% of the time. If so, it will fail 40% to 50% of the time.

Even more confusing to the selection of the proper Play is that — the Percentages sometimes allow an illogical, Low Percentage Play to succeed. When a Low Percentage Play succeeds, it is often illogically regarded as a “Good Play” (a Play that “works” frequently).

Of course, it is not — it is still a Low Percentage Play that will fail 40% to 50% of the time.

The varying results of specific strategies create differences of opinion concerning their value. These differences of opinion are the reason some players Win consistently — and others Lose consistently.

Consistent Wins require the ability to accurately predict the result of every Shot. To do this you must reduce the need for Pin-Point Accuracy. You must reduce the number of discs in Play, as the 11, 31, 107 progression shows.

To reduce the number of discs On the Board you must “Clear the Board”(knock all discs off the Court, yours as well as Your Opponent’s).

Shuffleboard is much more than Clearing.

Shuffleboard  is:

• Accuracy — the ability to Shoot so as to do what you intend to do.

• Discipline — the determination to try to do only what you know you need to do.

• Geometry — governs the placement of discs, the shape of the Scoring Diagram, and the angle of deflection of Target Discs.

• Mathematics — maintains The Score on the Scoreboard and also determines what you need to do.

• Percentage — a nebulous factor that affects every Shot and Play.

• Psychology — influences Your Opponent’s thinking — and your own.

• The Scoreboard — which gives you the information necessary to allow you to correctly decide what you need to do.

This shows that Accuracy is only one element of a Winning Game; and for the average player, may be the least important.


Many players execute Shots with uncanny Accuracy, but these may be only Shots. A Shot is just a Shot. A Play is a series of Shots that is intended to produce a specific result. A Play is Strategy.

Learn to “Think Plays.”

Accurate Shooters make Good Shots — but not necessarily, Good Plays.

Players, who simply “Make Shots” ignore Strategy. They Shoot without purpose.

When these Players are first “Out”  (Plays the First disc of the Half Round) they try to set up a Hide, and plan no further than hoping to Sneak; or they set Bait, planning no further than hoping to Kitchen..

When their Opponent is Outthey react to whatever develops, planning no further than hoping to Sneak, or Kitchen.

These Players let Their Opponent control the Game. You, on the other hand, must take Control and lead Your Opponent toward your goal.

Although Accuracy is important, Strategy is the key to Winning.

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I just wish we knew more facts regarding the covid 19.  Most of the people want to comply if we thought it all made more sense.  I read that in Florida the Hispanics make up 44% of all the deaths.  That people from nursing homes and people of colour plus the front line workers  make up 45%.  I understand Hendersonville shuffleboard is doing great.  Michigan and Ohio are also doing well.  The one club that i know of in Ontario is doing well. I believe most shuffleboard people know what we have to do to stay safe. I have not heard of one shuffleboard person that has died over the summer from covid 19. Don,t get me wrong,  i take every precaution because i don,t intend on getting it..I feel like in Clearwater we have 52 courts. Lots of places in our sheltered courts, outdoor courts, entra large clubhouse,  mens washroom have three urinals, five sit down stalls, three sinks to wash hands, I believe more areas that are open gives us more opportunities to keep our distance. We are the older generation but we are much smarter and we know how to stay safe.  One other thing is we don,t have to attend a tournament if we chose not to.  I don,t feel in this case one rule fits all. I trust the fsa board and i think they will appreciate how we feel. After all we are all in this thing together.  And much can change in two months.

Glen Peltier. 2020 08 05

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The story begins on the evening of Sep 07th, 2004

We rest in our 5th Wheel watching and listening to warnings about our geographic area ~~ Hendersonville County NC. 

We have received from 6 to 8 inches of rain to-day; in the county just north of us, rain is falling at the rate of 2 inches per hour!  Our area is expecting 4 additional inches of rain tonight and rain is forecast for tomorrow.  

The stream behind our 5th Wheel is flooding into our area and water is now up to the lower step of our 5th Wheel Trailer. As a precaution I have already disconnected my sewer line and removed all of my stability jacks to facilitate a quick escape from our site. 

The area immediately behind us is flooded to a depth of at least one foot ~~ covering an area of perhaps 20 acres.  Tornado watch and tornado warnings are in effect in the adjoining counties. 

It is now 22:20 and we are watching TV coverage for our area while at the same time watching the water depth increase at our door step!!  Each time I take an outside “water check” I return soaked, running shoes on my feet for protection not from the water, but from anything submerged. 

I have established a bench mark for our removal; that being when the water exceeds a depth of 5 inches above our lower step at the side door. Prior to that, at about 3 inches, I will connect the truck to our 5th Wheel in final preparation.  At this time I feel more like a war correspondent than a Shuffleboard Reporter???  Alf told me that this trip would be a breeze ~~ LOL ~~ just wait until I next see him!!  Going to sign off for now.  Do hope that I can add a “happy” or at least a “safe ending” to this story tomorrow morning.

And now “Tomorrow morning”: Just after I signed off we began to see flashing lights at the entrance to the park property.  Next we have fire/rescue personnel in a rubber dingy and paddling no less, past our back windows, looking in at us!!  They proceed to the trailer just behind us and two people are rescued.  Time now: Just past midnight. 

Next the park manager and the rescue personnel come to our door and advise/recommend that we move our 5th Wheel to higher ground.  They inform us that the water is expected to rise an additional one to two feet.  Since this is in excess of my benchmark, we begin to execute our plan.  I disconnect the power, standing in about 12″ of water ~~ not easy but if done carefully, an acceptable operation.  The one remaining thing I could not do is access the water connection ~~ It was just too deep to reach the tap.  Left the water hose connected and closed off the “other end”!!

We complete the move to higher ground about 01:00 hrs on Wed, Sep 08th.  Looking at the spot where we were parked this morning, it is fortunate that we moved.  Rain continues but at a lesser rate.  In summary, we are safe and sound.  Not everyone in the park was as fortunate.  Flooding is extensive.   stanistheman_200@yahoo.com at 08:25 on Sep 08th. That is Sep 08th of 2004.

REPOSTED 2020 08 04.  Stan McCormack.      

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STAY SAFE!! Look Back to 2004!! (2020 08 04)


I thought I would give you two personal stories,
both about Shufflers, to remind you to take

MARGARET O’NEAL on August 26th, 2004!! Margaret has since
passed on. When you read her article below, I think all
will agree that she was a capable writer.
As I read Margaret’s story, it became increasingly
evident to me that “Charlie” was a Storm With a Difference!!
Why don’t I let Margaret tell it?? Margaret speaking in
Hi Stan and Lois: We’ve been through quite a week. I had got
used to thunderstorms but this was something else!! There
was no thunder or lightning just this loud wind blowing the rain sideways. Ed and I sat in our family room watching it
was like no other storm I had ever seen. We saw our fence
around the hot tub go down and then back up. Then I heard
this loud noise and I said to Ed “what was that?” He
answered: “we just lost our porch.” It went straight up and
over our roof. We found out Sat. that our neighbors across
the street had seen it coming towards them but it went over their roof also, and landed two blocks down in a ditch. Thank heavens no one or no building was hurt. About this time we lost electricity and telephone. We had no communication with the outside world for the next 48 hours except for the radio station in Orlando which never gave any highland county news. Saturday morning Ed went to Home Depot to see if he could buy us a generator there
was already a line around the store so he gave up. We
survived Saturday with no air conditioning, no stove etc. If
we’d only had the little motor home we’d have been fine but surly the electric would come on by tomorrow??? Sunday a.m., and still no electricity so we went to the local grocery store to buy a local paper so we could at least see what was going on. The grocery store was working on a generator but there were no gas stations open and of course no ATM’s to get cash. By Sunday evening when we heard it could be a week before we got electricity, we decided to leave!! We had a 1/2 tank of gas in the little truck and about 4 gallons in our lawnmower tank enough
we hoped, to get us to Lake county where they had gas. I
knew I had to throw out everything from the freezer so we
packed freezer contents into garbage bags and placed the
bags in the truck. Now the need to find a dumpster as we
head for GA!! We drove up Hwy 27, witnessing so much
destruction. As we drove by Camp Inn they were not letting
anyone in (everyone there had been ordered to evacuate.)
There were no traffic lights operating so highway patrol was
manning each intersection. We arrived at FL turnpike where
the gas stations were open. Still no dumpster!! Our
priority became a motel so we began our search. It was now
well after dark so we found a motel checked in had a most
welcome shower and good nights sleep, with air conditioning
yet!!! But we still had all our garbage in the truck!!!
Mon. a.m. up early and off to dump our garbage it had to really stink by now!! And then off to GA where hopefully our cell phone would work and we could let our family know we were okay…. Arrived at our daughter’s home and finally had communication but were still concerned about how things were at our FL residence. We still couldn’t get hold of anyone in the Avon Park-Sebring area. Funny thing!! We
finally got hold of Ralph Day on his cell phone and so
pleased ~~ only to discover he was in Detroit. We arrived
home in Sebring Sat to see all the damage at Avon Park
Shuffle Board courts. Our beautiful covered courts 6 were
not usable. Margaret (O’Neal)
THE SHUFFLER thanks Margaret for this great story!!

I apologize for the lines through some of the sentences. > Stan writing in 2020??????

Stan and Alf 2004 08 26.

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Wilbur Estes 2006 05 WE New Beginning. W4

A Shuffleboard book is a mystery, but is not a story.

It has no beginning.  It has no plot (except that which we use to defeat our opponent), and it has no ending.

A  Shuffleboard “How to …” book, is a series of thoughts, instructions, philosophies, psychologies, explanations and observations.  It has no ending.  Learning continues as long as we continue to play, — and perhaps, after we can play no longer.

We question.  “Which came first, the chicken, or the egg?”

The same question arises when assembling “The Facts of Shuffleboard Life”.

In this series of articles for “Wilbur’s Page, I can say that I started where I started, simply because what I wrote was the first thought that came to mind.

There will be no hierarchy of importance in subsequent articles (who can determine which is most important?).  These articles will be based upon what I see in tournament, and other, play.  Such observation will bring new thoughts to mind, or allow me to present old writings in different words.

The last article I write may be the most important, or an earlier one may hold that honor. Who knows? I don’t.

However, I believe it is important for the Future of Shuffleboard, to provide the information, regardless of the relative importance of single articles.

WILBUR ~~ THE GUY WHO WROTE THE BOOK!! (Written in 2006; Posted on 2020 08 04)

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