Preserving our History; Our CNSA History

WE LOOK BACK to 2006  > 6 GOOD YEARS!! 

Most readers will not be surprised that Stan is desirous of ensuring that we have a record of what happened in the PAST, as well as what is happening in to-day’s world of shuffling.  The computer provides the opportunity to do just that and I am pleased to tell you that I have every article posted on The Shuffler during the 8 years that I was the editor. Alf Primeau was the most capable webmaster during that same period. At this time, in this article I have provided a brief summary of the Tremendously Successful Spring Fling events held at Blackstock, ON. I continue to believe the concept has no equal.  I say this because all participants are actively, competitively involved from beginning to end, unlike the traditional competition.  This factor permits planning of social activity for the entire group. Click Here for Slide Show c/w music: but do come back!  lol     The Pic above is of the 1st Place Team in 2006 > The Egrets:

This overview, this explanation, this background to the Scugog Spring Fling/Ritesco Cup has been written after Stan and Lois had completed their active involvement in the organizational aspect of the Spring Fling. Already the detail is slipping from my memory but the many files allow the recreation of many of the details >> at least for the 2005 and 2006 events.

During this period, 2005 and 2006, I was Club President and Lois was interested, willing and able to organize and do much of the work with regard to the Hall Arrangements, i.e. all aspects related to organizing Breakfast and Lunch, as well as the most successful Reception/Awards Presentation which took place immediately following the wind-up on Day 2 of the event. Lois was also the TD for the 2006 Event.  Club members brought the traditional food and some of the “goodies”; while we purchased some >> from funds either from the Shuffler, or from Ritesco Enterprises > e.g. punches >> alcoholic and non-alcoholic.   For the lunches, again Club members contributed >> but Lois was the maker of the delicious Hot Soup which went over so well.  For 2005 and 2006 (May 30 & May 31st) we rented the Hall adjacent the arena.  It was a terrific location, it was a terrific idea, and it was a terrific success!

As players came in for the commencement of the event, they were assigned to a round table in the Hall; all members of the pre-determined teams were seated at the same round table.  The Captain, also pre-determined, had an opportunity to explain some of the game details, while team members were getting to know each other.

Mayor Marilyn Pearce of the Township opened the event in 2005.  In 2006 we had Mayor Pearce at our President’s Hall of Fame Dinner ~~ also held in the Hall.  In 2005 the Banquet/Dinner as well as the CNSA AGM were held in a Blackstock Church.

In 2006 the CNSA AGM was held in the “Old Twp. Hall” (beside the cenotaph) >> worked well and the atmosphere of the Twp. Hall was excellent.  In each case, 2005 and 2006, we hosted a BEEF BBQ at our daughters, Michelle and Greg Snoddon’s.  This event was a part of the registration and only those who were not playing were asked to pay >> believe we asked for $5.00.  Ritesco covered the cost of the BBQ.  It was these “special events”; the BBQ; the provision of breakfast and lunch in the Hall; the Hall itself; the Banquet and the President’s Dinner culminating with the most popular Reception, that together made the Scugog Spring Flings the huge success acclaimed by all who participated.

Watch for the Origin of the CNSA Hall of Fame > to follow.

Stan 2006 10 22.  And Reposted on 2012 04 21.

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