They Served Us With Distinction!


I indicated at the end of the posting of the article Preserving our History; Our CNSA History that I would give some views on our CNSA Hall of Fame.

Our primary HOF category is the Special Award.  All but 3 of our HOF Members have been inducted into this category.  An individual so honoured must have served the Canadian Shuffleboard Community with distinction, donating endless hours of his/her time, in many cases spending their own money as they travel to various meetings or events in support of the CNSA.  Induction into the Virtual Hall of Fame is a fitting way to ensure that their contribution will not be forgotten.

You may wish to click on this link to pay tribute to the Members >  (When the window opens, why not listen to the Audio file, top left > “History of the CNSA Hall of Fame.”

The very first inductions took place in Blackstock, ON in 2006.  At that time all previous CNSA Presidents were inducted. All were present except for Jack House, our 1st President and our 2nd President, Glen Peltier.  Both were unable to attend.  I am now going to provide you the link to the Slide Show of the “PRESIDENT’S DINNER” held that evening > 2006 05 31.

It was a wonderful evening complete with Banquet and made just that much more memorable by reason of the presence of Her Worship Marilyn Pearce.

At this juncture I thought it would be interesting and informative to insert a posting I had on The Shuffler in August of 2005.  The enthusiasm and anticipation is oh so evident!!    Click on the url to view.  PRESIDENTS DINNER OF 2006

Since that initial gala evening we have added Shufflers from Western Canada in recognition of their very significant contribution.  We have a proud tradition thanks to our Membership and our Leaders.

Stan McCormack.  2012 04 22.

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2 Responses to They Served Us With Distinction!

  1. Gary Pipher says:

    Those involved in Shuffleboard are so very fortunate to have a person with the vast knowledge of “Shuffleboard History” in Canada and Internationally devote so much of his retired life to publishing information for our enjoyment. Congratulations Stan Keep up your great work.


    • stanistheman says:

      GARY: Thank you so much for that very kind and generous comment. The computer has made the keeping of records, the recording of history, so much easier >> although I must acknowledge it does take time bringing up the pertinent files for the item you are posting. Thank goodness I decided to store/file all the articles I wrote during the 8 years of The Shuffler. It goes without saying that I enjoy every minute of it!!!
      Stan 2012 04 22 10:56


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