We Move The CNSA Clock Ahead to 2008

Forgive me if I am somewhat out of sequence in this our Time Line for CNSA evolution.  We began in 2005-2007 (see Preserving our CNSA History AND What It Means To Be A Member of the CNSA Hall of Fame) and will, in this posting run it from 2008 to 2012.  I will return to our earlier period and provide a synopsis of that initial founding period.  Please understand this entire summary is just a synopsis.

This LINK WE MOVE THE CNSA BOARD TO COLDWATER speaks to the decision to relocate our AGMs from Blackstock, ON to Coldwater, ON.  We had experienced 3 good years in Blackstock and the Board of the day wished to build and expand on that success.  Attendance did increase and the Coldwater Curling Club provided an excellent venue for Shuffleboard.  The courts, painted on the concrete surface, are every bit as good as similar Florida courts; the PLUS comes with the Curling Club Lounge which overlooks the action on the Courts.  The lounge has round tables and comfortable chairs, both conducive to dialogue either during coffee or dinner!  The onsite bar is available for special events. Click to read the Launch Story written in 2006.   CANADIAN SHUFFLEBOARD PRESIDENT COMES TO COLDWATER FOR OPENING  Something that is not in the link is that Gary (Pipher) held the position of President from the launch until the fall of 2011.  I first ran into the Curling Rink concept in Athabasca AB and reported extensively on the merits thereof.

The Board of the CNSA was immensely pleased with the 2008 turnout for both events >> 29 Teams in the OPEN Division, almost double last year’s number of 16 Teams, and a noticeable increase in the AMATEUR Division, an increase from 22 Teams to 26 Teams.  We had reasonable geographic representation: from Nova Scotia we had Rose and Jim Irwin; from La Belle Province we had Doreen and Roy Norman and from Illinois we had Ruth and Larry Brown.  It was a great mix; we had a great event.

I am now going to give you the LINK to a SLIDE SHOW of some of the many pix taken at the 2008 AGM and CNSA Doubles > Amateur and Expert Divisions.  http://photopeach.com/album/loggai

Stan McCormack 2012 04 23.

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