Early CNSA History


Glen Peltier, President of the CNSA from 1985 to 1987, sent this information along on 2010 05 05.   

Alphonse “Alfee” and Phebea Marchand had 4 courts where the first Canadian Open was played in July of 1981.  The Marchand farm was at Tilbury East and it was Marchand who started shuffleboard in Canada. Both Alphy and Pheabie Marchand have passed on, years ago. They were aged at the time of their tournaments on the farm. They always served a great meal and good prizes at the end of the day. They had regulation courts and a roof over and a large clubhouse. They were miracle workers. Marchand had 4 courts and should be recognized as having the first tournament courts in Canada.  Glen.

Glen Peltier served as President of the Marchand Club and when it closed he became the very first President of the Thames Horizon Club. The Thames Horizon (Indoor) Club was just east of Chatham, ON > a first class facility with a first class setting overlooking the Thames River.

Glen Peltier. 2010 05 05.

To read an informative article on this same period by Peggy House, 1st CNSA Secretary, click:  EARLY EXPERIENCES IN CANADA 

Harold Mackness opened a shuffling facility after Marchand’s closed.  The Facility at the Mackness Farm was known as Thames Horizon! This facility was financed in part by grants from the Ontario Govt. When Mr. Mackness closed the facility on his farm, 2008-09-20, Hubert Van Eerd, Henry Strong and Ed Coyne were instrumental in opening 2 New Shuffleboard Facilities, one at The Old Public School in Puce and one in Chatham in the Kinsmen Auditorium, 80 Tweedsmuir Ave.


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2 Responses to Early CNSA History

  1. Very good Stan. Is there a history of shuffling in the United States? Wilma


    • stanistheman says:

      Hi Wilma! The “history” in both Nations is sketchy > BUT the US has done a better job at putting the record together, recording it, and following up. A number of Shufflers have worked dilligently to “put the history together; Dorothy Wagasky has led the way in recording the History. Dorothy has written a book > “The History of Florida Shuffleboard” which is available from Dorothy, wagasky@verizon.net should you or any reader wish to purchase same. You may also purchase a copy at Allen R Shuffleboard Co., Inc 6595 Seminole Blvd, Seminole, Florida 33772 mrshuffle1@aol.com.
      With regard to the History of Florida Shuffleboard, may I suggest you open the BLOG and look to the right hand side of the page >> AND click on the Category Historical. As we approach and move get into the 2012 2013 Shuffleboard Season, you will be able to read a good deal more about Florida’s contribution ON THIS BLOG!! A portion of the 2012-2013 PREVIEW will be devoted to the Anniversary Celebrations of 100 Years of Shuffleboard in Florida!!
      Stan 2012 04 25


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