The Stars Play Shuffleboard in New York!

The Greater Your Knowledge Regarding the Past > the Greater Your  Ability To Ensure the Future Of This Great Game!

Here is an interesting “read” you will not want to miss!!  For those of you who are not shy about facebook, click here and now read the top article by Rick Kilby >> read it to the end and have a look at those great pix!!  You might wish to consider signing up to Save Our Shuffleboard!!  See facebook (above URL)

You can read the same article here:

I am now going to insert a pic which CONFIRMS > See the 4th para of the article regarding the Big Name Stars.  Here is a photo of Grace Kelly and two  nieces aboard the Ocean Liner Constitution; taken in 1956.  I fully recognize that only a very few of you are old enough to remember Grace Kelly.  I have also included a GREAT slide show of shots of shuffleboard clubs in early times in Florida.  Do enjoy!!

Stan McC.  2012 04 26

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