Ball Highlights His 1st Shuffling Visit to Canada in 2005

Earl Ball’s 1st Shuffling Experience in Canada Was in 2005.  Earl Is Returning in May of 2012!!

Promotion: I believe that each of us is fully aware that “colour” in any sport is good for the sport!  Several years ago I wrote this about Earl Ball > “Love Him or Hate Him > He is Good for Shuffleboard

As many readers will know, Earl has written a good many articles for The Shuffler Website; articles about individual shufflers; articles about State, National and International Meetings, and of course articles about Earl.  HOWEVER; each performance, each article attracted attention to Shuffleboard.

I believe it was during Earl’s visit to London, ON in 2005 when we launched the “I Beat Earl Campaign” >> something carried on to this day.  I still have some in my computer bag > just checked!!

I am now going to link you to Two (2) such colourful articles by Earl. Earl tells in great style, his story about his 1st Shuffleboard experience north of the 49th!!  These stories were written and published in The Shuffler in 2005; date is shown at the ending of each.  WEEK TWO,part 1 by Earl (Strong visit)       WEEK TWO Part 2 by Earl Ball

With regard to the Shuffling “Get Together” at Strongs (told in one of the articles linked to this page) >> Earl does not exaggerate about it being “Party Time”!!   >> I was not present >> but I did hear some great stories.  Earl has identified the participants at the Party > He has described the attendees as “The Who’s Who of Shuffleboard”. To the extent possible I am now linking you to a Slide Show of the participants.  As I was not present, these are pix from my archives which has 23,705 photos of Shufflers.  Here is the link to the Slide Show: Do hope you enjoy.

Stan McCormack.  2012 04 28.

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