Peggy House is Expected to be in Coldwater!!

Peggy House is the only shuffleboard player in the history of International Competition (31 years) to have achieved “Two Perfect Records”!!  Her first came in Texas at the 4th ISA Event and her 2nd on the 10th Anniversary of the ISA in Lindsay, Ontario.   In total Peggy has competed in 7 ISA Events.  She is a member of the ISA Hall of Fame.  Photo above is of Peggy, her friends Blanche and Nick on the occasion of her induction into the ISA Hall of Fame.

Peggy’s career in Shuffleboard began in 1974 at Bay Indies in Venice, FL where she competed in Area Events playing against such notables as Mae Hall and Mary Eldridge.  Her success in FL is well documented.

Peggy was instrumental in the formation of the CNSA; became its very first Secretary and held that office in the formative years from 1981 to 1985.  She played for the Canadian Women’s Team at the very first ISA of 1981 in Muskegon, MI.  Peggy served on the Organizing Committee for the 1990 Lindsay ISA event making regular commutes from her residence as required.   Contributing to the camaraderie of International Shuffleboard, following the Lindsay event the House Family entertained the Allen Family, the Nidys and the entire Japanese Team at their home in Stoney Creek, ON.

More recently Peggy took part in the Inaugural to Hollland and Germany.  Some readers may ask: “What is an Inaugural”? Click Here to find out: SAM ALLEN: WHAT IS AN INAUGURAL?

I have provided a link to an article Peggy wrote, speaking of the 2nd ISA event in Laguna, CA > 1982.  PEGGY HOUSE LOOKS BACK TO LAGUNA CA ISA

Stan McCormack; 2012 04 30.

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