Shuffleboard Was King > And She Was the Queen!


It is almost as though I had planned this article.  The previous articles re Messrs. Ball and Peltier and Madam House lead naturally to this article > in writing we call that a segue!  (You really did not need me to tell you that >> did you?)

The 3 players we have written about, all coming to Coldwater > Earl, Glen, and Peggy have had, and continue to have, an outstanding career in Shuffleboard.  I am going to provide a link in which you will read about another truly great female shuffler > a woman, who in her time, amassed twice as many points as Glen now has, and them some!!  A woman who attracted crowds unlike anything you and I can imagine for a shuffleboard event.  If you got up and left your seat, you lost it!!  It is incredible!

In the link, I have included a personal message from a player who partnered with my Mystery Shuffler for several years!! Her name too will be revealed in the link!  A bit of fun here > why not write down the name of the Mystery Shuffler and the name of the Shuffler who partnered with her??  If you get it correct, please leave a “comment” to that effect on the BLOG.

In closing, do not miss the observations of Peggy House who not only competed against the Mystery Shuffler, she came out on the winning side, at least once!!

Here is the link:     Mystery Shuffler finished with 2224 points

Stan McCormack. 2012 05 01.

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