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Some Interesting Information!!

To-day we often take for granted the marvellous North South Highways, leading to Florida, Texas and Arizona!!  It may not be a coincidince that Shuffleboard began about the same time as the highways.  I think that many of you just … Continue reading

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Legitimate Needs For Funds Cont’d!

This article follows on the original article with the same title, also posted in the General category.  While the “tips” are unique to the Ontario Trillium Foundation, OTF, I rather expect that similar requirements will exist for other Provinces. Click … Continue reading

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Our TAFISA Uniforms Have Arrived!!!

8 Lucky shufflers will depart July 3rd for Frankfurt, Germany where we will meet up with 2 German Shufflers.   4 of the 8 are from North America, 2 from the USA, 2 from Canada; 4 from South America, all from Brazil.   … Continue reading

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Shuffleboard is as much about creating good friends and fellowship as it is about winning the game. Both have their importance but the order may change for each individual. The Coldwater Shuffleboard Club has always ranked the good friends and … Continue reading

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Did You Know That…

Shuffleboard was first played in England in 1399? • Shuffleboard was first played in America on a sidewalk at Daytona Beach in 1913? The courts were all different sizes in the early 1920’s? The first discs were made of wood? … Continue reading

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Halls of Fame Cont’d! This Time We Go Virtual!!

This article is in the Historical Category as well as CNSA HISTORY.  The preceeding article  “Halls of Fame: Where Are They Now? Were They Always There?”   contains 3 independent articles dealing with the start of the FSA HOF, the US … Continue reading

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Does Your Club Have a Legitimate Need For Funds?

Gary Pipher has sent along the history of the purchase of the Coldwater Floor Cleaner.  The article includes a link to the Slide Show of the New Unit being demonstrated.  HOWEVER; there is a message here, over and above the … Continue reading

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