Did You Know That…

Shuffleboard was first played in England in 1399?

• Shuffleboard was first played in America on a sidewalk at Daytona Beach in 1913?

The courts were all different sizes in the early 1920’s? The first discs were made of wood?

  • A set of eight discs and four cues could be bought for $5.00?
  • • The oldest shuffleboard club was formed in 1924, Mirror Lake in St. Petersburg, FL;
  • • Winter Haven in 1926; Orlando and Clearwater in 1927; St. Cloud, Hollywood, Lakeland and Lake Wales in 1929?
  • • The Florida Shuffleboard Association was formed December 28, 1928 at Mirror Lake Club in St. Petersburg?
  • • The first statewide tournament was the Orange Blossom Doubles at Winter Haven in March of 1931?
  • • All rules were what the majority of the clubs voted on – 1930’s?
  • • There were 24 clubs in the Florida Shuffleboard Association in 1932?
  • • Unsportsmanlike-like conduct on the courts was a 20-off penalty in 1932?
  • • Touching a live disc added 20 points to your opponents score in 1932?
  • • They tossed a coin instead of shooting to dead line for color choice in 1932.
  • Drawing for line numbers and courts was done in the early 1930’s
  • • The first book on Shuffleboard was written by Mr. Donovan, How to play the game of Shuffleboard?
  • The Central District was called the Ridge District?
  • • The first statewide tournament held before January 1 was the Yuletide at Mirror Lake, St. Petersburg, on December 29, 1949?
  • The first Preview was printed for the 1952-53 season?
  • • Statewide tournaments were held in May and September in the 1950’s? (Hunt Bro’s and Gold Coast.)
  • Amateur tournaments started in 1956?
  • • The Southwest Coast District was formed in 1959 and the Central East Coast District in 1961?
  • The State Hall of Fame was formed in 1960?
  • • Glen Peltier, was the 22nd State President of the Florida Shuffleboard Association, and the very first Canadian to hold this office.
  • • The International Hall of Fame in Clearwater has been upgraded with a new look, thanks to the Allen R. Shuffleboard Co., Inc., of Seminole, Florida, and that Pam Hill, Clearwater, is the present Curator?* Historical Research – Chairperson: Willie E. Wolf – 1978-1979

Dorothy Wagasky

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