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More About the 13th ISA, 1993 in Las Vegas, NV

“Shuffleboard Bob” gave us some interesting insight into the 13th, Las Vegas event so I thought you may like to see who won that particular event.  This information is taken from the BOOKLET > and they have not connected the names.  … Continue reading

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Very Special People!

I have identified 6 “very special” people who participated in the CNSA National Event in Coldwater.  All 6 have done a great deal for the CNSA and we are always glad to see them attend functions such as this. Click: Some … Continue reading

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CNSA Elected Officials as of May 22nd, 2012.

Past President Gary Pipher has sent along the Nomination List, as ammended at the AGM.  I have added photos where possible. SLATE OF OFFICERS NOMINATED AND ELECTED AT CNSA AGM OF 2012 05 22 Stan McCormack.  2012 05 25 16:32.

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More Pix From the CNSA Tournament

I have posted more pix of those at Coldwater.  You will be taken to a Slide Show, c/w music. Stan McCormack 2012 05 25.

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We Tell You About Coldwater and Its Citizens!

The Coldwater Shuffleboard Club hosted its 6th CNSA National Doubles Tournament in May of 2012.  The first 5 were under the leadership of Club President Gary Pipher; this event, the 6th under the leadership of George O’Reilly.  All have been … Continue reading

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Results of the CNSA National Any Doubles!

My thanks to Gary Pipher for sending along the RESULTS of the just completed National Tournament!!  We will give you the RESULTS in photo format, complete with music!!!  Make sure your speakers are turned on. It was a great Tournament!!  … Continue reading

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The CNSA Welcomes Its 11th National President!

It was an auspicious occasion as we celebrated the Inauguration of Myrna Bilton of Belwood, ON as our 11th National President.  To read about the event, click: Myrna Bilton, CNSA’s 11th President The ISA President also sent along his congratulatory message: ISA President … Continue reading

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Recognizing Our Hosts, Thanking Our Hosts!

Above we have Carol and George O’Reilly and Gary and Barb Pipher.  George is the current OSA President and also the Coldwater Club President.  Gary is the current CNSA President and former Coldwater Club President!! Both receive strong support from … Continue reading

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One Big Family; Not Metaphorically; Literally!!

Charles and Shirley Bryan are from Belwood, Ontario and have enjoyed playing shuffleboard recreationally for 30 years. They became serious shufflers after purchasing a winter home at North Fort Myers, Florida 2000.  I am going to insert a story by … Continue reading

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Halls of Fame: Where Are They Now? Were They Always There?

Shufflers are inducted into a Hall of Fame either for their playing skills or for their particular individual contribution to shuffleboard.  At the present time we have both Virtual Halls of Fame (on the computer only) as well as Real … Continue reading

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