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Vancouver Has A Great Deal To Offer!

Personal Stories Cont.d; actually the next couple of stories I will post deal directly with Vancouver and just may be of some interest to Shufflers participating in the Seattle 31st ISA event.  I have requested similar stories from the Organizing Group … Continue reading

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Showing Shuffleboard to the World!

The article to which I will provide you a link appears in the Renfrew Mercury of 2012 06 28; it is prominently displayed in the SPORTS section on p28.  You have read more than enough about the McCormacks going to … Continue reading

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A Mari Usque Ad Marie

I have created a new Category > Travel Personal.  Please remember it is not mandatory to read any of my postings!!  Conversley, if you think the article may appeal to you, please feel free to have “a boo”.  As always I … Continue reading

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Newspaper Comment on 1981 ISA

We give you a link to an extensive newspaper article at the time of the very first ISA in MI in 1981.  Remember my thoughts with regard to Newspaper Input; we attract more potential shufflers than from the Internet.  I … Continue reading

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How Many Times Have You Competed in the Masters??

From left to right we have Joan Cook; Jane O Bird; Mae Hall and Joan Wheeler.  Each distinguished themself by competing in the Florida Masters a significant number of times, in fact, more than any other female player!!  For those readers … Continue reading

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We Depart For Lithuania on July 3rd.

What Will We Be Doing In Siauliai, Lithuania?  A reasonable question sent to me by CNSA President Myrna Bilton. In the very broadest terms, our delegation of 10 shufflers will be demonstrating shuffleboard to a large audience, a very large … Continue reading

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CNSA President Visits Chatham & Goderich! Happy Canada Day!!

NEWS FLASH: The CNSA President, Myrna Bilton, will visit Chatham Shuffleboard Club, 80 Tweedsmuir Ave in Chatham, TO-DAY!! 2012 06 27.  Following a family Canada Day Celebration in Port Albert, she will visit the Goderich Shuffleboard Club on Tuesday, July … Continue reading

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Our Destination; Siauliai in Lithuania! General Info.

Lithuania: The name of Lithuania was first mentioned a thousand years ago (in 1009). Located on the crossroad between the west and east cultures, the country experienced a dramatic history of events for resettlement and independence. In the middle ages … Continue reading

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Shuffleboard > A Hip Hobby! A Must View!!

And to ensure you do not get the wrong meaning of “hip”, watch the wonderfully fascinating video I am about to link you to.  It has been sent along by Jim Allen who is  included in the video.   Many readers … Continue reading

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This Is A Quizz!!

We are having our first QUIZZ to see if anyone is paying attention??  The above 4 shufflers have one thing in common.  Can you please tell me what that is?  Not sure what the 1st person to respond will receive … Continue reading

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