This Is A Quizz!!

We are having our first QUIZZ to see if anyone is paying attention??  The above 4 shufflers have one thing in common.  Can you please tell me what that is?  Not sure what the 1st person to respond will receive >> but I will think of something!!!   Why not add as much info as you can >> like where and when the pic was taken.

Stan 2012 06 25.

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10 Responses to This Is A Quizz!!

  1. All 4 shufflers are older than I am… :-)))


  2. Pamela Hill says:

    4 Stans ??


  3. stanistheman says:

    Jim Allen has a most creative response: HAHAHAHA
    Could it be the first names????? Was this picture taken in Paki STAN? or Afghani STAN? Uzbeki STAN?
    Of could it be that they speak I – STAN – BULL?


  4. just know McCormack and Williamson…


  5. Sandi Quinn says:

    Stan McCormack, Stan Kowalewski,Stan Williamson & Stan Quinn . . Hendersonville Shuffleboard Club, Sept., 2009, I believe. Four great guys . . especially the one who’s mine!!!


  6. Bill B says:

    A delayed response Stan. So to answer the “who is listening” question, one more who gets to FB only occasionally. Good luck in Lithuania.


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