Shuffleboard > A Hip Hobby! A Must View!!

And to ensure you do not get the wrong meaning of “hip”, watch the wonderfully fascinating video I am about to link you to.  It has been sent along by Jim Allen who is  included in the video.   Many readers will know that the 2013 ISA Event will be hosted by the St Petersburg Club; this video is all about St Petersburg; this video is all about Shuffleboard. It was shown on the TV Show My Generation on US Television.  Also included in the video are Dorothy Wagasky, member of our Anniversary Committee,  as well as Christine Page, the President of the St Petes Shuffleboard Club.   The real stars are the literally hundreds of citizens who participate every Friday evening at St Petes.  Please send this video to every shuffler you know!!  When the window opens, slide your cursor over the pic of the children and then click on the arrow:

Stan McCormack 2012 06 26.

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1 Response to Shuffleboard > A Hip Hobby! A Must View!!

  1. Max & Ruth Tate says:

    A great article for the promotion of shuffleboard. Thanks Stan.


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