CNSA President Visits Chatham & Goderich! Happy Canada Day!!

NEWS FLASH: The CNSA President, Myrna Bilton, will visit Chatham Shuffleboard Club, 80 Tweedsmuir Ave in Chatham, TO-DAY!! 2012 06 27.  Following a family Canada Day Celebration in Port Albert, she will visit the Goderich Shuffleboard Club on Tuesday, July 03rd.  What a great way to celebrate Canada Day!!!

Hubert Van Eerd has just sent along this update on the Thames Horizon Shuffleboard Club of Chatham, ON.   The Thames Horizon Shuffle Club has 45 signed up members for 2012.  The building that we used for the last three years has been taken down, now we are playing in the Chatham Memorial Arena at the same address 80 Tweedsmuir Ave. Chatham. We still use the roll out courts, play one day a week and most days we have 8 courts in use.  We still have our league of 4 teams that compete against each other.  I shortened the games a little so that league play is done at noon, then after lunch we play Hoss Collar or some other games {people seem to like the set up}  The 2012 season is shorter than earlier seasons. We started May 3 it will end Aug 9.  Ice will be put in the arena on Aug 10.  For that reason we only scheduled 3 Mingles/Singles > first one on May 17;   2nd June 28, and 3rd on July 26th and our banquet at Aug 9 2012 which ends our season.    Hubert writing in June of 2012. 

As I have a particular interest in history we are now going to insert the story Hubert sent me when the Thames Horizon Club relocated to Chatham. Click: HV 1Thames Horizon Chatham Opener  HOWEVER; many readers will know that at one time the Thames Horizon Club was on the Mackness Farm, wonderfully situated on the bank of the Thames River.  I will now give you a link to a description of that site: Chatham Sun Room

Stan  McCormack. 2012 06 27.

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