We Depart For Lithuania on July 3rd.

What Will We Be Doing In Siauliai, Lithuania?  A reasonable question sent to me by CNSA President Myrna Bilton.

In the very broadest terms, our delegation of 10 shufflers will be demonstrating shuffleboard to a large audience, a very large audience. The expectation is that our demonstration will motivate others to the extent that someone, some group, will carry their enthusiasm to their home State and just possibly a Shuffleboard Club will result >> and later a National Organization.  Our demonstration at the 5th TAFISA GAMES provides us with a wonderful opportunity in support of Article III of our ISA Const., below: ARTICLE III of the ISA Constitution – OBJECTIVES AND PURPOSES reads:

“The general nature of the objective of the Association is to stimulate the formation of National Shuffleboard Associations throughout the world; to provide information on the game of shuffleboard; to promote construction and development of playing equipment, improvement of the rules of play and to stimulate interest in Shuffleboard by promoting world championship games between nations.”

In more specific terms this is our schedule: 3rd July > Depart Ottawa in the early evening; 4th Arrive Riga by Plane via Frankfurt; Bus to Siauliai; Check In; 5th Setup Our Display; 6th Opening Ceremonies; Folk Art Fair; Sports Competitions; Participants Procession; International Jazz & Big Band Festival; & Architecture Exhibition.  7th, 8th, 9th, & 10th National Demonstrations are programmed on these days.  However; Nations may also arrange to demonstrate during the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, as well as during the day of July 6th.

Providing we have easy access to the internet, I will do my best to have daily reports to you the reading audience.



The ISA Delegation will all be wearing Uniforms provided by the ISA. President Michael has worked out a work schedule which will, if all goes as planned, allow each of us some free time to take advantage of an Organized Tour.

This TAFISA event is held every 4 years, somewhere in the World.  Hopefully we can all learn a great deal as well as enthusiastically convey to others the many positive aspects of Shuffleboard!!

Stan McCormack.  2012 06 28.

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3 Responses to We Depart For Lithuania on July 3rd.

  1. Rosemarie ElRite says:

    Stan, Have a safe and enjoyable trip. I have enjoyed other Inaugurals in the past and will be with you in spirit! Rosi ElRite CA


    • stanistheman says:

      Rosemarie: Thank you so very much for the kind “sendoff remark”. As you will understand by reading the TAFISA Category postings, this is a more formal, a more structured format that the traditional INAUGURAL!! I see in the latest information with regard to our activity, we will actually be ON STAGE at the formal opening, demonstrating Shuffleboard. We have a Golden Opportunity, and will do our best. Again Rosemarie, many many thanks for you thoughts!! Stan and the entire group.


      • Phil Hill says:

        What a wonderful opportunity you folks have to demonstate our game. And what a great team to do it….the world awaits, and you are “on stage”. Break a leg guys.


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