Vancouver Has A Great Deal To Offer!

Personal Stories Cont.d; actually the next couple of stories I will post deal directly with Vancouver and just may be of some interest to Shufflers participating in the Seattle 31st ISA event.  I have requested similar stories from the Organizing Group for the 31st, and have thus far received nothing.  Still  time folks; pls. send along.

Both Vancouver and Victoria, just north of the US/Canada border, have a tremendous appeal to tourist:  click: 3 Vancouver Has A Good Deal To Offer up   Next posting we will visit Gastown in downtown Vancouver.

Stan McCormack 2012 06 30.

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2 Responses to Vancouver Has A Great Deal To Offer!

  1. Rendall & Myrna says:

    Another great story!!
    We were in Vancouver at the 1986 Expo and rode
    the same train.


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