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Explanation of Proceeds Re Mugs and Pins

As I believe many shufflers are aware, 2013 marks the 100th Year of Shuffleboard in Florida!  A Committee is working to raise money to enrich the Celebration, to make others aware of the wonderful activity each of us enjoys so … Continue reading

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The Blog; Observations You May Like to Read.

I monitor the “hits” which the BLOG receives on a daily basis.  I am able to discern the Country of the “visitor”, but not his/her e-mail or name. Yesterday, and infrequently before that, I  received three “hits” from Lithuania!!  I can … Continue reading

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Wonderful Experience; Do Enjoy

I believe that many of you know that Lois and I live in our son’s ski chalet in Calabogie, Ontario during the summer and in Wordbook Estates in Lakeland, FL during the winter.  Our summer home, although super comfortable is … Continue reading

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Great Shuffleboard Ads From the Past!! upd ted.

Chuck Moulton who operates the Zephyrhills Website does a super job.  In particular, he has put together an excellent 100 Years Celebratory Article.  Click on the link to be taken to the article. Stan McCormack 2012 07 29.

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A Look Back; Back 8 Years to be Precise!

How long will it take YOU to identify the author??  I’ve been fortunate to travel the world and to live in many parts of this country and out of this country and traveling with Shuffleboard ranks right up there near … Continue reading

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A Follow Up Article on Good Health!

How many time have you heard a Shuffler comment to the effect that he/she has as many “good friends” in FL/TX/AZ or CA as they do in their home town??  Apparently this is a very normal and very positive phenomenon and … Continue reading

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When You Work On Your Game, You Work On Your Health!!

The Shuffler is in the business of promoting Shuffling!!  We believe that this activity promotes good health among the participants!  While “everyone knows this”, sometimes we need to be reminded of these “common sense” items of life. “I’m just getting … Continue reading

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A Lithuania Report I Misssed!!!

As explained earlier, things moved quickly on some days in Lithuania!  Here is the report of the afternoon we marched to the Arena and observed the Opening Performance.   This was our busiest day except of course for our Demonstration Day.  … Continue reading

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More On The Joy and Happiness We Experience!

I have posted 2 pic ; I do hope that I can convey to you the atmosphere, the emotion, and yes, the excitement and sheer happiness, that filled the entire room when these pix were taken. The scene takes place … Continue reading

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If You Are Not, You Should Be!! “lol”

You should be getting excited about gathering with friends from across the globe who share a common interest!!  I thought the best way to stimulate your enthusiasm by bringing back memories would be to post a Slide Show: To begin … Continue reading

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