More On The Joy and Happiness We Experience!

I have posted 2 pic ; I do hope that I can convey to you the atmosphere, the emotion, and yes, the excitement and sheer happiness, that filled the entire room when these pix were taken.

The scene takes place at Betmar, FL on the occasion of the ISA Singles Event in 2009. Each player, all 64 received a medal at The Awards Banquet.  As their name was called by TD Monroe, each moved quickly to the stage, received the medal from President Ball and then directed to his/her seat.  As each name and placement was announced, the crowd began their chant!!  The chant was led by >> you guessed it, the Brazilians.  Their joi de vie bubbled over as each player came forward!!!  Hands were slapped! Knuckles were rapped! And Yes, many hugs were exchanged!!  While the chant was led by the Brazilians, all joined in!!!  In fact as I check the very first pic, I see from left to right in the front row, a German, a Brazilian, a Japanese, a Canadian and an Ex Pat American living in Brazil, an American and finally a Brazilian!!  The 2nd row is almost exclusively Brazilian!!

See the 2nd pic: One would not expect Roy Norman to engage in such wildly and youthful behavior >> but indeed he did just that!!  Not only; Roy in Japanese fashion, gave the audience a courteous bow as he moved forward to accept his medal.  I have to say that this type of event, the “World Singles” generated an atmosphere somewhat different that the Team Event >> and perhaps more conducive to friendship between and among the player

s!!  As a group, by the time all 64 Players had been presented, the PLACE WAS A ROCKIN!!!  INDEED IT WAS A JOYOUS OCCASION!!

Get Ready Foor Seattle Folks!  DON’T FORGET!  click once on pic to enlarge

Stan of The Shuffler.  2012 07 18; repeated 2012 11 02.

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4 Responses to More On The Joy and Happiness We Experience!

  1. Glenn Monroe says:

    Great job depicting the joy and camaraderie of an ISA event, Stan.


  2. stanistheman says:

    Thanks Glenn!! Much Appreciated. Stan


  3. Rendall & Myrna says:

    Thanks Stan
    These photos sure bring back good memories


  4. stanistheman says:

    They are especially “memorable” when you click “once” on the pic!!! Blows it up “oh so nicely”. Stan


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