When You Work On Your Game, You Work On Your Health!!

The Shuffler is in the business of promoting Shuffling!!  We believe that this activity promotes good health among the participants!  While “everyone knows this”, sometimes we need to be reminded of these “common sense” items of life.

“I’m just getting fitter and you know I guess some of the fat is turning to muscle but, I feel stronger,” says Joan Meyers. “My upper body strength was very, very poor as most women are as they get older and that’s building.  And I’m just firming up and feeling better.”

That statement is not from a “midlifer”, it is from a senior!!  An active lifestyle pays dividends!  Shuffling is a part of that lifestyle!

  • “If we don’t exercise as we get older,” says Jennifer Penhale of the Greater Toronto YMCA, “we start to lose our muscle function and our strength. Our mobility in things like our fingers and our hands, our wrists, our ankles which can lead to falls – we just lose it.” Not only do we lose our strength and mobility. We also run a greater risk of serious health problems including: Heart disease; Obesity; High blood pressure; Adult-onset diabetes; Osteoporosis; Stroke; Depression; Colon cancer and Premature death!!
  • Benefits from regular physical activity:
  • Continued independent living;  Better physical and mental health; Improved quality of life;  More energy; Move with fewer aches and pains; Better posture and balance; Improved self-esteem; Weight maintenance; Stronger muscles and bones, and Relaxation and reduced stress.
  • When you are Shuffling, you are making an investment; an investment in your continuing good health!!  Feel Good!
  • If you wish to read more on this subject, please go to: http://www.mhp.gov.on.ca/en/active-living/default.asp
  • Stan 2012 07 20
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