Wonderful Experience; Do Enjoy

I believe that many of you know that Lois and I live in our son’s ski chalet in Calabogie, Ontario during the summer and in Wordbook Estates in Lakeland, FL during the winter.  Our summer home, although super comfortable is shrouded by trees >> one might say one becomes bush whacked if you stay at home too long!!  lol   Accordingly when we woke up this morning we asked ourselves if there was something we could do SIMILAR to driving into Disney World from our FL residence.  We decided that indeed there was; and as the day turned out there was a very real similarity >> the significant difference being that to-day we experienced real people in the real world!! 
We drove to our Nation’s Capital, Ottawa, which is just under a one hour drive.  As we lived in Ottawa on two different periods of our marriage, we knew where we wanted to go.  We elected to go directly to the Market Area, to park, and to enjoy the scenery and especially the people.  We had a wonderful lunch and while we lunched, we watched a million tourist pass by.  I cannot remember a time when I became engaged in conversation with so many different interesting people in one single day.  One example is the couple shown in the last pic of the Slide Show.  Most shots are taken in the Market Area; some in the Rideau Shopping Mall, and others at our War Memorial.  In the restaurant where we had coffee prior to our drive back to Calabogie, you will see “Obama Cookies” and Mr. President.  He visited this area on his first official visit to Canada as President. 
As many of you have experienced Ottawa, you will recognize the Chateau Laurier Hotel and the Parliament Buildings, as well of course, those pix of the Rideau Canal.  As you can tell we had a wonderful day, and of course took plenty of pix!! 
You can see the Slide Show Here:        http://photopeach.com/album/n6maop               Do Enjoy.  SRM  & LCM
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