The Blog; Observations You May Like to Read.

I monitor the “hits” which the BLOG receives on a daily basis.  I am able to discern the Country of the “visitor”, but not his/her e-mail or name.

Yesterday, and infrequently before that, I  received three “hits” from Lithuania!!  I can only guess, but I believe they will be from our two male guides/helpers, and just possibly the young female who acted as our translator on our way to Riga, Latvis.  Whomever you may be, my thanks for following.

As of noon to-day, the Blog had 9  “hits” from Germany; 6 from Canada; 5 from the USA, and 2 from the Phillipines.  That is “not bad” given that I have not sent out a new posting to-day.

Some of you have difficulty in following the BLOG and I understand that.  However; the BLOG offers a great deal of ready access not found with a traditional website.  Try just logging on: and then review the Categories on the right hand side of the page.  Choose the Category that interests you and click on it.  Now just roll down the page to read the articles in that particular Category.  In some Categories, there are more articles than 1 page can hold.  When you get to the bottom, look for a message to take you to other posts.

If you have a question, for goodness sake ask.  If you have a SUGGESTION, I would be even more interested!!!

Please remember, for the short term I am operating with a Laptop that refuses to accept the letter “a”.  Thus you may see some spelling difficulties.  Waiting for a phone call to tell me that the circut board is in.

Want to see who is shuffling in Seattle??    By the w y, on our busiest day, we had 390 hits.

Stan 2012 07 30.  Good Shuffling

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