31st ISA World Championship Hosts

All who attended the 31st ISA World Championships in Seattle, WA from August 06th to August 10th, 2012 will readily agree that the Planning, Organizing and Execution of the event left us in wonder.  From our arrival at the airport where one phone call brought driver and helper to our pick up point, to our departure where once again, we had personal first class service back to our assigned gate, nothing seemed to have been overlooked; nothing seemed to ever go wrong?

Yes, Seattle was Another World but that other world was made possible by the hard work of many, and the leadership of a few.  Our hotel while certainly not posh, offered good service and made adjustments to adequately accommodate us; transportation to and from the shuffleboard venues, could it have been any more convenient, could it have been any better; special transportation requests never a problem whether you had lost your Passport OR merely wanted to go back to your room; maintenance of the courts/boards, absolutely first class, need I continue?

And now we move on to Lunch and Two Dinners: How can I appropriately describe these essentials?  Deliciously prepared; I’m no cook but I am certain much of our lunch was prepared, at home, and in advance.  Jan (Crouse) and Margaret (Robinson) were everywhere at the same time, but never appeared to be rushing. Others helped of course.  I should mention that most often us men could select ice cream and cookies at the back while our wives chose the more healthy fruits!! Lol.  Jan, Margaret and their helpers also served during the two Banquets although I believe the Banquets were catered.

The Two Venues: The secondary venue was fully acceptable, both the playing surface and the facility.  The primary venue, the Granite Curling Club was first class in that the surface was great and sufficiently large that even with10 Courts/Boards down, there was adequate seating space on the main floor to seat all of us for the two Banquets and the formal Opening.   The entire Club was tastefully decorated with the flags of Rob and Margaret’s collection.

Those not shuffling could comfortably view the activity from the 2nd level of the Club.  This 2nd level was also a suitable location for Our MeetNGreet; an equally super setting for the City of St Petersburg’s representative, Mr. Kevin Smith, to demonstrate the hospitality we can expect during the 2013 32nd ISA World Championship in St Petersburg.

The entire event was a fine example of people working together, motivated only by their desire to ensure the enjoyment of fellow shuffler from around the world.  The one person we have not named in this expose is the one person, who just may have done more than any other to ensure success, that person is Rob Robinson.  

To expand the pic, click on it once!!

Stan McCormack.  2012 08 22.

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1 Response to 31st ISA World Championship Hosts

  1. Maureen Bryan says:

    Well said, couldn’t have been better. Treated in excellent fashion. The volleenters where awsome. Tournament went very smooth. Memories savored forever. Thank you Seattle.

    Bill & Maureen Bryan, Fergus Ontario.


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