A Great Slide Show!

I have posted a NEW Slide Show.  This show is primarily of the Wednesday evening activities, the evening that Kevin Smith of St Petersburg treated us to hospitality we are likey to experience during the 2013 32nd ISA World Championship in St Petes!!    We thank the city of St Petersburg; we thank the St Petersburg Shuffleboard Club for  ensuring they are “up to speed” as to what is needed to ensure success.  They did so by having their Club President, Christine Page present throughout the Seattle Event.  http://photopeach.com/album/g538et

However; there are also some excellent and revealling Player Shots, also of Wednesday’s activities.   To end the show we have some shots by Sebastian Runge, of the Board Meeting of Tuesday evening.  And this time, as I am now home, I have inserted names beneath the pix.  Do hope you will enjoy.  Remember, you can watch the Slide Show in Full Screen by clicking in the larger rectangle to the right of the speaker once the Slide Show opens.

Stan McCormack.  2012 08 23.

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