Promoting Our Sport!! Only You Can Do It!!

This article, by yours truly, appeared to-day in the Renfrew, ON newspaper, The Renfrew Mercury.  I have included it the BLOG to remind every participant, in fact every Shuffler, to take the opportunity to tell others what a Great Game we have!   Let’s remember that 2013, the One Hundreth Anniversary of Shuffleboard in Florida, gives each of us an opportunity that we will not have for another 100!  Stan 2012 08 23. 

And you thought   shuffle­board was only played in Ren­frew County. In fact,   players from seven countries just wound up the 31st International Shuffle­board Association World Championships in Seattle, Wash., on Aug. 10.

The very first such event was held in Muskegon, Mich,. in 1981 with only Canada, Japan and the United States represented.

Participants in Seattle included Renfrew Shuffle­board Club members Stan and Lois McCormack of Calabogie. Each captained United Nations teams   which consist­ed of players from different countries.

The competing   countries were Australia, Brazil, Cana­da, Germany, Japan, Norway and the   U.S. In addition we had a mixed youth team made up of representatives from   those countries.

The five full days of competition were supplemented with plenty of social events, as men and women competed independently of each other.

At the awards banquet it was announced Canada East women and Canada East men had finished first. Most of their team players were from South Western Ontario.  As the gold medals were presented, the audience responded with applause, handshakes and hugs.

The international event is a fine example of the promotion of harmony among nations through sport.

Shuffleboard takes place every Tuesday at 1 p.m. in the Air Force Association of Canada (AFAC) building, 164 Argyle St., Renfrew. For more details, call 613-752-1311

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