Get Your’s Early!!

One of the greatest assets of the Association is the Florida Shuffleboard Preview. This is your book, a publication that has meant so much to the shufflers and to the State Association since its first publication in 1952 on the 25th Anniversary of the Florida Shuffleboard Association.

State President I. McKay Pinkney, 1952-53, along with Joseph M. Heiser and Dwight K. Hubbard developed this first book of 24 pages in hopes the shufflers would find the contents interesting and informative, and more, that they would retain and preserve it as a reference book.

Growing from a small handbook of 24 pages in 1952-1953 to a stunning volume of 156 pages in 2011-2012, edited by Ed O’Neal, this “brainchild” of I. McKay Pinkney is truly the “Reference Book” of shufflers.

The History of Florida Shuffleboard handbook is also a “brainchild”, this time of FSA Past President Clarence Wright. Clarence asked Dorothy Spillman Wagasky, retired teacher, shuffleboard professional and FSA Historian, to compile information of the past and present, information that would be both interesting and informative for the current shufflers who may not have read the past Previews.

The information in this history handbook is from many interesting and creative minds. The Previews have been the “reference books”, just as the publicity committee of 1952-1953 had hoped. Hats off to our family of shuffling friends now departed. Hats off to Dorothy Wagasky for giving us The History of Florida Shuffleboard.

Previews may be obtained from the seven FSA District Presidents. The History of Florida Shuffleboard may be obtained either at Allen R. Shuffleboard Co., 6595 Seminole Blvd. Seminole, FL,  or directly by e-mailing Dorothy at

Shufflers everywhere, but especially Florida, should not pass up the opportunity to acquire both of these excellent Anniversary Items!!  Each will become an historical item as we move forward into the next 100 years of this wonderful game.  Click to see the attractive and historical Preview Cover: 2012-2013 PREVIEW COVER

Stan McCormack.  Chair Anniversary Committee.  2012 10 25.

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    Hi Stan and Lois- please remember mine- I will pay for whatever costs may ensue- Thanks


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