Can Modern Day Board Clearers Top This???

Shuffleboard—once banned in New England in the 1840s because there was too much betting on it—is a somewhat less active sport than Indian leg wrestling, but at the tournament level it requires a sound sense of tactics, extreme accuracy in placing the disks and on occasion a good deal of explosive energy.

The game, believe it or not, can be dangerous. “Board-cleaners,” the Mickey Mantles of the sport, shoot so hard in clearing opponents’ disks that the disks sometimes break into pieces and go hurtling all over the place. The leg of one scorekeeper was cracked by a board-cleaner’s disk in a recent St Petersburg  tournament, and players have been whacked in the ankle by a wild disk from a nearby court.

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Stan McCormack.  2012 10 25.

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1 Response to Can Modern Day Board Clearers Top This???

  1. Mary Mueller says:

    We had an instance of visitors on our courts in Lakeland who insisted on shooting far too hard in spite of being asked politely to “cool it”. This went on until one little lady of near 100years was hit on the ankle. Sorry to say, I lost my cool at that point and said some uncomplimentary words at the offenders. I really think there should be rules against this type of shot.


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