Some Personal Notes:

First:  If you have family or friends in that part of North America affected/damaged  by Hurricane SANDY, our thoughts are with you.  Jonathan Schnapp of Royal Palm Shuffleboard in New York comes immediately to mind.

Second: My computer is in for repair and a “Tune Up” and since I do not have access to “Documents”, I have not been able to make postings on the BLOG in the normal fashion.   Part of my “tune up” is the installation of Windows 8 >> so, it just may take me some time to get back to “norm”!!!  (Only partly lol)

Third: We hope to leave for Florida on November 01st.   However; two items may delay our departure.  The first is my computer; the second the weather.

Stan McCormack.  2012 10 30 {Happy Halloween}

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2 Responses to Some Personal Notes:

  1. wilmamc127 says:

    Happy Halloweeen! We are not leaving until Saturday or Sunday because the snow we got here is falling in North Carolina today. See you in Florida. Wilma


  2. says:

    Duly noted, Stan


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