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News From “DownUnder”!!

Bob Weber sends along this newspaper article from the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia!!  Many readers will remember the great time we had in September of 2008 while participating in the 27th ISA World Championship.  The official opening took place  in the … Continue reading

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Ken Offenther, Presenter of MVP Award

Ken Offenther has been playing a lead role in our 100th Anniversary Celebrations.  Ken not only suggested the idea of recognizing fellow shufflers who have done a great deal for shuffleboard but he is also organizing the MVP (Most Valuable … Continue reading

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We Add to Gary Pipher’s Travels!

Those of you who followed our recent travels in China, extensive though they were, will realize we spent most of our time in the major cities and major tourist attractions.  The articles by Gary offer a distinct contrast as he … Continue reading

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Be Among The First To Celebrate 100 Yrs!!

Florida Shufflers!!  If you have not already purchased these Once in a Lifetime Anniversary Items, support the 100th Anniversary and do it NOW!!  We have dedicated very special shufflers helping out in each District. Have a close look at the wonderful Calendar, created by … Continue reading

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An Inside Look of the St Petes Coliseum.

Remember we told you that the Banquet for the  32nd ISA World Championship will be held in the Coliseum which is right across from the St Petes courts.  The photo above is of an event taking place in the very ball room … Continue reading

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3rd Canadian “IP” (Inter Provincial)

In an earler posting we gave you extensive information as to how the Inter Provincial came about. The IP is to be held every other year; the 1st in 2009 in Coldwater, ON, the 2nd in Innisfail, AB in 2011 and we … Continue reading

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Did You Know? St Petes 9

Stan speaks: The period covered in this narrative is 1942 to 1944.  During this period Dr. Robert Stephenson was the Club President; click to see his photo and read the wonderful welcome speech beneath his photo.            Pres. Robert Stephenson  I  particularly … Continue reading

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Celebrate the Past; Plan for the Future!!

Stan speaks: On this our 100th Anniversary, I believe we should read this article carefully and reflect on what was achieved during the two year presidency of Gust Blair.  It would have been no easier for them than for us … Continue reading

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More of an Opportunity Than a Request!!

Remember the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club in New York City?? Remember those going to Norway this June are stopping in New York?? Remember they are going to the Royal Palms!!  And not just to visit!! Remember you can … Continue reading

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Did You Know? St Petes 8

George E. Gray was elected President in February 1937, and served two years.  During his first year, an addition was built on the cue house and office building and furnished with modern equipment as a cost of $756.00.  The locker … Continue reading

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