Link to the Past; Look to the Future!!

 To-day, 2012 11 23, the Davis Memorial Shuffleboard annual event was held at the Avon Park Shuffleboard Club at 109 East Main Street in Avon Park, FL.  The photo above is of George and Clara, both now deceased.  We believe the picture was taken in the 1950s.

Both George and Clara were active Avon Park Members when the Club had a membership of 649 very active members who participated primarily in shuffleboard.  However; it is clear that the Clubhouse was also used for dances, both round and square, cards & games, potluck dinners, bingos, teaching crafts, & picture slide shows.

Although club membership is down, all 22 Courts were utilized to-day  as the crowd of about 95 gathered to pay respect to the Davis Family of an earlier period, and to look forward with enthusiasm for the future.  Those in attendance were reminded that the Florida Shuffleboard Association, (FSA) is celebrating 100 years of shuffleboard in the State.   It began on the east coast of Florida when the Ball Family returned from a cruise and painted courts on the sidewalk in front of their Lyndhurst Hotel, Daytona, for the enjoyment of their patrons.   By the 1920s Shuffleboard had spread throughout many parts of FL, with the establishment of Clubs at St Petersburg and we believe Lake Wales.

Richard (Dick) Davis, son of George and Clara, was present to-day for the Memorial Event.  He has sponsored this event for the past several years.  The Davis Family is from Maine.

((I have sent this article, c/w pic, along to the Avon Park Newspaper.  Not yet sure if it was published??))    Click once on pic to expand.

Article by Stan McCormack, Chair, FSA 100th Anniversary Committee.  2012 11 23.

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