Davis Memorial Makes Headline News!!

The good news is that we did make the Tampa Tribune; the bad news is that they sure botched the spelling of my name 🙂 🙂 🙂   As some of you will know, I originally had a link to the article.  However; the newspaper must have a way of blocking access as you, and I, are being asked for a pass word.  I expect the article will be in the hard copy of Highlands Today.  I am now going to give you a link, my link, to the actual article I sent to them.  The Davis Memorial of 2012 11 23   Sorry for the confusion!!

RELATED: This morning, 2012 11 27, Paul Sauerwine, Lakeland Club President, and I spent in excess of one hour with Lisa Coffee of the Lakeland Ledger.  Lisa has been “good for shuffleboard” over the years.  She will be leaving the Ledger on Friday, 2012 11 30 to take employment elsewhere.  She came to the Lakeland Courts and we discussed the 100th Anniversary with special emphasis on State Tournament P10,  Roll of Champions taking place at the L/L Courts on Monday Dec 03. Lisa will have a photographer here on Monday AND as soon as she received the Tournament Results, she will publish The Story and the Results.

Remember Shufflers, the 100th Anniversary IS OF INTEREST to the general public!!  Tell your story to the newspaper in your area.   Shuffleboard is as interesting as you make it!!!

Stan McCormack, Chair 100th Anniversary Committee. 2012 11 27.

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1 Response to Davis Memorial Makes Headline News!!

  1. Dear Mr. McDonald,
    We regret to inform you that after numerous readings we are unable to detect the error of which you are refering.
    Editorial staff


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