Please Tell Me What You Know About Little River (Shuffleboard)

FSA_Logo[1]Please see the article to make sense of the title!

We have all lived long enough to know that it is sometimes strange how things happen!!  To-day was such a day as you will see as you read the linked story.

It is my sincere hope that the “Mystery Gentleman” accepts my 100th Anniversary Shirtinvitation and gets back.  The title of the article itself, is good advice.  Not only did the Anniversary T-Shirts catch the eye of the Mystery Gentleman, the checkout person at our grocery store also commented.    I think that in itself speaks well for the T-Shirts as a Promotional Item!!   Click: WEAR YOUR ANNIVERSARY Tshirt

Stan McCormack.   Chair, 100th Anniversary Committee.  2012 11 30.

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9 Responses to Please Tell Me What You Know About Little River (Shuffleboard)

  1. Kermit Russell says:

    I just sent you and email with the Little River story and ten photos that I found, all original. If you are still in Lakeland, call me and I will be glad to meet with you and give you the photos.


    • I am looking for any information on the Little River Shuffleboard club. I live in the Miami area and I am doing a research project on the Little River Shuffleboard club. If you know where I can find some information that would great. Thank you


      • KEN OFFENTHER says:



  2. ken offenther says:

    little river was a major club in miami thru the mid 1980s- the neighborhood where it was located changed radicaLLY into a haitian area and the players died predates my start but it was a regular tournament stop including state tournaments and the club produced a few state hall of famers including mark brasheres in the 1960s.—


    • Dorothy Wagasky says:

      Did you receive the information I sent to you about Mark Brashares, He was with this Little River Shuffleboard, now the trip to Cuba makes sense , and the travels that was mentioned about him in the Preview that had his picture on the cover, He was one of the first to start the Hall of Fame, I would like the e-mail of Kermt Russell


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  4. Dennis Gray says:

    I have many old photographs that were my Grandfathers of a tournament at Little River in the 1950’s. I also have many others from unknown places and clubs. He owned Dimco-Gray Company that made most of the equipment used at that time and was a big promoter. I have been digitizing many of the old photographs and slides that I have. I also have old 16mm movies he shot that will most likely contain shuffleboard playing around Florida.

    I’d be happy to share these with any interested.


    • says:

      the secd would be pleased if dennis is able to come to any upcoming tournament and bring some of the materials he has– im sure some of our players would enjoy them– to check our schedule please go to the website fsa-shuffleboard .org and find the secd info or call me at 9549990095 – ken offenther


  5. stanistheman says:

    Dennis and Ken: I do hope this works out well to the satisfaction of you both!!
    Ken has a great deal of interest and knowledge of our past!!
    May I ALSO suggest that you enter the words “Little River” into the search rectangle and hit search. (top right when the window of The Shuffler opens. Stan


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