And the MVP Award goes to Darden Nelms!

Nelms Jackie & DardenMVP PINThe actual remarks offered at the time of the awarding of the MVPerson Award to Darden have been misplaced.  I thought it fitting, to ensure the event remains a part of our 100th Anniversary History, to include it in our written records.  It is especially fitting that our former KOR, Website Mgr., and Preview Co-ordinator be recognized for both maintaining a record while also promoting Shuffleboard  as it happens.

Below is a letter from Darden Nelms on the occasion of his induction, and that of wife Jackie, into the FSA Hall of Fame.
I would like to thank everyone who has helped me throughout my years as FSA KOR and Webmaster. During these years we have installed a new KOR record keeping system, implementing new features and expanding on the data driven system begun by Wilbur Estes and continued by Ed Johnston and Ann Hersom, your former  KOR’s.
The FSA website has also been expanded to include new features, allowing shufflers to search our FSA data in many different ways and offering an entirely new medium for communications.
The cooperation I uniformly received from the District Presidents, Keeper of Records, Tournament Directors, and the shufflers themselves, has been outstanding.  I have learned a lot during my tenure and want to salute these unsung workers of the shuffleboard world.  Without them the job of FSA KOR and Webmaster would be impossible.
I have thoroughly enjoyed being of service to the FSA shuffleboard community as your KOR and Webmaster, an experience that has sometimes been frustrating, often challenging, occasionally exhilarating AND always rewarding.
I encourage each of you to extend the same effort and courtesy to Ed O’Neal, your new KOR and Webmaster and am confident you will give him the help he will need to get this job done.
Thank you for the opportunity to be your Keeper of Records and Webmaster.
Darden Nelms.  2008 04 01   (click on pic once to expand)

Want to read just a bit more about Jackie and Darden   Darden & Jackie at HOF Banquet Article 05 02 01       Congratulations. 

Stan McCormack, Chair 100th Anniversary Committee.  2012 12 01

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