HOF 2; 2005 FSA HOF Cont’d

Bradenton HOF Banquet 05 01 17 029Rather than make a separate posting for each Inductee, there were 6 in all,  see pic; (Mary Button was inducted but was not present) I am going to provide a link to the story c/w pic of each induction.   In that way you can select those that have the greatest appeal to you.  They all look great!!

Can we agree to provide the links, from left to right, i.e. we will begin with Earl Ball; move to The Downings; then to Diana Morrison; then to Dave Minnich and finally Mary Button.  1 EARL BALL   2 Downings into HOF       3 Diana Morrison HOF The Shuffler     4 DAVE MINNICH   5 Mary Buton HOF The Shuffler  (Some of the above files have 2 pages; be sure and scroll down to ensure you do not miss part of story or pic) And now, just to let you know that other couples also attract a good deal of attention > we give you this 6 A Classy Couple Not Being Inducted     AND NOW, a link to the Slide Show of the Evening:   http://photopeach.com/album/13hscbn   More to come in this series.

Stan McCormack.  2012 12 27.

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1 Response to HOF 2; 2005 FSA HOF Cont’d

  1. Chuck Clausen says:

    Stan, this is Chuck Clausen an I’m the director of the 2013 Western NSA Shuffleboard Tournament
    I would like to forward you some info about the tournament if you can use it. Thanks, Chuck


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