In the Year 2006; No FSA Inductees!

FSA_Logo[1]When I determined that I did not have any information on my computer regarding the 2006 Banquet, I thought  just maybe I had deleted the material.  On checking the PREVIEW, I find that no one was inducted into the FSA Hall of Fame at the 2006 Banquet.  Accordingly I will add a bit of history vis-à-vis the HOF.

The Florida Shuffleboard Association ‘Hall of Fame’ was inaugurated in 1960 through the efforts of Jack McNulty, assisted by Mark Brashares, to reward those players whose long record of playing and whose outstanding record of winnings made their names synonymous with shuffleboard.  McNulty  was elected to the Hall of Fame by the committee at Kissimmee, Florida, October 29, 1960, and presented to the association at the banquet and State Meeting at Lake Wales on February 2, 1961.  At the Annual Banquet, held in Winter Haven on February 1, 1967,  a Hall of Fame plaque was awarded to  Mark G. Brashares.

The current FSA HOF is located in Sebring;  the next time you are shuffling in Sebring, why not enjoy some time in the HOF.   The 2013 Banquet in will be the 53rd and will be held in Bradenton, FL at the Courtyard by Marriott hotel !!

Stan McCormack, 100th Anniversary Chairperson.  2012 12 28.

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