Another Polk Senior Games; A Look Back

Norman  Roy & Doreen 2 (2)Roy and Doreen look back to 2003; folks, that is 10 years!! And they were looking back 25 years at that time!!  (2003) And they both continue to shuffle to-day!!  See Roy’s comment below:

Stan: “Your enthusiasm has become contagious for Doreen and I. You sure have a fund of articles that have prompted us to relive many fun experiences related to shuffleboard. Today’s history note given by Bob Pearson caused us to search our National Senior Games Association 2003 “Results Book” to remember our Polk, Florida and Virginia year which we participated in with Austin (Gus) Bondi and, Bruce Pulsifer. Results: Bruce – Gold ages 66-69 Gus – Gold ages70-74, Roy – Gold, ages 75-79, for singles and Bruce and Gus – Silver, Doreen and Roy – Bronze in doubles.

Gus BondiBruce_Pulsifer

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABut the smiling face of the Tournament Director, Bob (Pearson), instantly made me think of the way he said at the opening of the Shuffleboard Tournament (over 200 in attendance) in a very loud voice “Who the hell is this guy Edgar ?”.  You see Stan, the registration form requested first name and last name only, but not the middle name. Bob was a great guy as with so many other shuffleboard friends we have associated with in the past 25 years.”  Edgar Roy and Doreen Norman.

Folks, this is what shuffleboard is all about; friends experiencing enjoyment while competing!!  If you have not signed up for the Polk Senior Games, take a moment and do so!!

Stan McCormack, promoting the Polk Senior Games. 2013 01 27.

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