Down Memory Lane!

EM 100th_Logo (2)The following letter from Karl Von Schuler was published in our 24th volume of the PREVIEW (1975-1976); yet the sentiments he expresses here apply just as well for today’s world – nearly thirty-five years later.

Fellow Shufflers: To those of us who live in our “shuffleboard world, “we owe special thanks for having this wonderful activity that gives to us so much pleasure and contentment.

In today’s troubled world, with its serious problems of every kind, we can be thankful that we may retreat into an atmosphere of carefree fellowship.., and leave our disturbing thoughts behind us.

To outsiders, our “world of shuffleboard” is not too well known, but to us it represents our realm, our place of solace, our haven where we can withdraw to a Shangri-La of our own making. In a sense, it is a return to our childhood days of carefree pleasures. The only difference is that now we are “older children” and we are to play in a game that fits our needs; but, nonetheless, we enjoy it every bit as much as we did those games of our younger years. Unlike our “other childhood, “we now fully appreciate the joys of this one, and we are grateful for this second chance to return to carefree activity with others who are searching for the same thing.

The only disturbing thought about it is that there are so many folks who as yet have not discovered this perfect sport, and are not sharing with us in its rewards. I feel, as I know we all do, that we owe our fellow man every opportunity to come into our “shuffleboard world” and to share our happiness with us. We should gather others to us, so that they also may spend their retirement years helped by the peace of mind that playing shuffleboard brings to those who have found it.

I think I speak for all appreciative shufflers when I say that when the time comes that I have to leave this world, I hope that I have a shuffleboard cue in my hand. And if I do, I am surely going to hold on to it very tightly, because I hope that they play shuffleboard where I am going.


Karl Von Schuler.  St. Petersburg Club   Taken from Dorothy Wagasky’s History of Florida Shuffleboard.  Available from Dorothy at  or from Jim at Allen R. Shuffleboard at 

Stan McCormack. Chair, Anniversary Committee.


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