New York Update By Jim and Beth!

I spoke this week with Jonathan Schnappes, managing partner of the Royal  Palms Shuffleboard Parlor in Brooklyn, New York.  Many of you met Jonathan  in Seattle this past August at the ISA Team Championship.
Jonathan has a new concern regarding the construction of the Royal Palms  Shuffleboard Parlor.   There have been construction delays, and while  he is not saying they will not be open by June  — the odds still favor  they will — there is concern that this indeed is a possibility.  Beth and  I felt it was only fair that this information be shared immediately with all  travelers.
I have also relayed this information via phone call to Michael Zellner,  President of the International Shuffleboard Association.  Michael is  planning on attending the New York program as well as the Norway event, and his  plans have not changed.    Beth and I also plan on enjoying  the weekend in New York.
Jonathan’s main concern is that he tells us there is a chance the Royal  Palms is not open, and indeed it does open in time.  Beth and I do not feel  it is prudent to not let all travelers know that there is indeed a chance it  will not be open by June 23rd.
Here are the options as of now, but we will know more in the next couple of  months:
1.  Worse case scenario — the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Parlor is not  open by June 23rd.  In this case Jonathan will give us all a walk-through  of the nightclub, including the progress on the shuffleboard courts, nightclub  facilities and restaurant.  Jonathan will arrange a luncheon for us all at  a local establishment in Brooklyn near the Royal Palms after our walk  through.  We then would arrange a shuffle service to take us to JFK as that  is the evening we fly to Norway.
2.  Best case scenario – The nightclub does indeed open by June 23rd  and the original plans of a shuffleboard party the evening of June 23rd (Sunday  night) and a tournament at the Royal Palms on Monday morning/afternoon is still  on.
Michael Zellner is also willing to arrange a dinner cruise in New York on a  boat that he has been on before, which he swears is an awesome  experience.  This would be for Sunday evening.
We will keep everyone posted as time goes by.  I will say that  Hallvard and the Norwegian Players are getting very excited about our group  coming to play them in the Norwegian Open Shuffleboard Tournament!!
Anyone who has booked flights and reservations to the New York event   and have concerns please feel free to contact either Beth or myself at  1-800-260-3834.
We currently have 33 travelers going to Norway so if you have any friends  that would like to travel —- let them know we have openings!
Jim and Beth Allen   2013 01 28 22:00
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