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zzz glennzzxy Glenn (2)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Glenn Monroe will AGAIN be On Duty as the Event Manager of the Polk Senior Games beginning Monday, February, 25th, 2013. No big deal you might say, that is unless you stop and think of the personal commitment required to fulfill the responsibilities of the position of Event Manager for the Polk Senior Games!! No big deal unless you realize that Glenn has been carrying this Role, every year since 2006 along with his significant related responsibilities in the World of Shuffleboard.  

Event Manager is indeed an appropriate title for the photo, top left, but as you will see, Glenn’s life has been, and continues to be one of Continuous Service to his fellow Man!!  The next pic is of Glenn serving at the International Level, this time playing his role as Tournament Director at the 30th ISA World Championship in Dieppe, New Brunswick.  Glenn began his service to the ISA Membership during the 2009 28th ISA World Championship in Betmar, FL where the next pic was taken at the Official Opening.  His 2nd tour of duty was in Hohenroda (Hesse) Germany on the occasion of the 2010 29th ISA World Championship. He has agreed to serve as the TD for the prestigious 32nd ISA World Championship to be held in St Petersburg, FL in October of 2013.

Glenn is a retired Detroit Police Department command officer and former commander with the University of Detroit-Mercy Department of Public Safety.  He moved to Florida in 1998 where he took up the sport of shuffleboard and soon earned “Pro” status.  He served four terms as the president of the Lakeland Shuffleboard Club and two terms as president of the Florida Shuffleboard Association’s Central District.  Glenn is currently the State Tournament Director for the Florida Shuffleboard Assn., possibly not a coveted position, but a most respected position which offers the opportunity for the incumbent to demonstrate his diplomatic skills as he is compelled to “make a call”, not only on the Courts, but in the Board Room. Glenn’s knowledge and willingness to serve has seen the “Chief TD Role” morph into a combination of Parliamentarian and Rule Interpreter!!

Each Shuffler in the Polk Senior Games, each Shuffler in the ISA and each Shuffler in the FSA should join with me in expressing appreciation to Glenn Monroe for the professional service he provides to each of us.  Don’t forget; click on pic to expand!!

Thank You Glenn!!! Stan McCormack.  2013 02 01

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2 Responses to Event Manager Glenn Monroe > Polk Senior Games

  1. ISA President says:

    Glenn Monroe is one of the most valuable and treasured assets the ISA has. As the size of the ISA is ever increasing with new member nations joining and others on the horizon so too increases the responsibilities of directing championships of this size and Glenn fortunately posesses the leadership skills to accomplish this to perfection. Where would we be without him? I dare not say!

    Regards, Michael Robert Zellner ISA President


  2. Glen Peltier says:

    I believe that no one knows just how important Glenn has been to the fsa. I know as i was president for two years. Common sense, integrity, knowledge all make up the description of Glenn Monroe. Stan my friend, you done yourself proud by your comments regarding Glenn Monroe. You as usual are right on the money. Glen Peltier.


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