Shuffleboard Pix to Make You Smile AND Test Your Memory

I have just posted (2013 02 11) a new Slide Show.  It is pix of 75 Canadian Shuffling Couples.  I have as many more Canadian, and about as many American Couples.  Let’s have some fun, and while you are enjoying the MEMORIES, test your memory and please share with the VIEWERS, the number of couples you can identify.  Here is the link:   You can leave your answer right on the Slide Show, along with your comment or question.  Remember, you can explode the Slide Show Pix by clicking in the larger rectangle to the right of the speaker.  You may/will have to move your cursor over the bottom of the pic to bring up the Speaker and the two Rectangles.

UPDATE TO ORIGINAL POSTING!!  John Heron and Mary Beth were the very first couple to leave a comment at the Slide Show.  ACCORDINGLY, I looked up an article from my archives regarding BOTH OF THEM, and now I am going to share it with you.  Article written in January of 2005.  Mary Beth story to Scugog Club Members

Stan McCormack.  2013 02 11.

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1 Response to Shuffleboard Pix to Make You Smile AND Test Your Memory

  1. June & Court says:

    Great pictures Stan. Didn’t know too many. About 8 I think.


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