And the MVPerson Award goes to Buzz and Betty Downing.

Downing - MVPMVP PINEM 100th_LogoI am here to present the MVP pins to this special couple filling in for Ken Offenther.  Although I cannot fill his shoes; he has done such a tremendous job presenting all of these pins and preparing all of the back grounds for the recipients.

Buzz and Betty Downing is the couple receiving the pins today.  They are from a little town of Akron MI in the thumb.  They will be leaving March 15 to go back home permanently. They will be missed by the shuffleboard family.  They have been married over 60 years and have been coming to Fl since about l970.  Buzz and Betty were inducted into the FSA Hall of Fame in 2005 and in the USA National Hall of Fame 2007 in the special awards category.   Well deserved.

Buzz played shuffleboard for many years, but Betty did not play.  She went along when they traveled the circuit and I am sure she made great lunches and was a good equipment manager.

Buzz was a referee for many years at the FL state masters as well as the SWC district open and amateur masters.  He also ran a referee school several years.    After Buzz retired from playing he would go to the tournaments, enjoyed watching and visiting with the players.  He may even give a little advice on do’s and don’ts of shuffleboard along the way.

Betty going to the tournaments with Buzz was asked by Tournament Director Dick Roby to help and she graciously accepted the challenge.   After some time as helper she became a Director herself and has done so for 25 years. She was a director of SWC district tournaments along with Nationals here in Bradenton and Lakeside OH.  She helped out St Pete and Clearwater when they were in need of directors.  Betty ran TD schools here in our district several times.   Buzz and Betty were a team; Betty running the tournament and Buzz her main helper on the courts, making 3rd calls and any decisions or penalties.  Everything always seemed to run smoothly.   I don’t believe anyone in the state knew the rules any better then these 2 people.

If Buzz and Betty would come up I would like to present them with the FL 100th Year Anniversary MVP pins.  Congratulations to these very special people.

Remarks offered by Ann Wedel on 2013 02 17.

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