Norway Newsletter Number Two.

Hello Travelers,
Well, on a positive note, since our last newsletter we have  grown from 31 travelers to 35 now.  As we can accommodate 40 please give  your friends the opportunity to join us for a great chance to showcase  shuffleboard in Norway!
On a  more serious subject, we have recently  learned of the sudden illness of the Norwegian Shuffleboard Association  President – Mr. Hallvard Flatland.  Hallvard played in the ISA Singles  Tournament in 2011 (Dieppe) and also in the ISA Team Tournament in 2012  (Seattle).   We need all shufflers to keep Hallvard in their thoughts  and prayers during this time. We will keep you informed as we hear news of his  condition.
At this time, Vice-President Mats Graff-Wang will  be taking over Hallvard’s duties and the Norwegian Shuffleboard Association  looks forward to seeing us all in June.  Many of you know Mats as  he played in ISA events in Dieppe and Seattle, and is making  plans to play in the October Singles tournament in St Petersburg.
Photo: Presidenten og Visepresidenten tok ansvar i dagens siste match, der Australia var motstander. Da blir det en kveld med godt humør
Hallvard Flatland (left) with Mats Graff-Wang
In the last newsletter we saw some pictures of the Rica Havna  Hotel, where we will play the Norwegian Shuffleboard Open Tournament.  This  is the same hotel where the Germans visited last year and played a Friendly  Match with Norway.  Dieter Hussmann, President of the German Shuffleboard  Association posted a video on youtube — you can watch this by clicking on this  link:
So lets all keep our thoughts, prayers and positive energy with  Hallvard and his family during this difficult time.
Sincerely, Jim and Beth Allen
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