The Run-up to the 2013 FSA Masters by Earl Ball; A3

Earl Ball has graciously presented his observations on the top rated 15 female and 15 male shufflers in contention for the MASTERS.  Read Earle’s observations and leave your comments.   We posted 5 Women on 2013 03 14; we posted 5 on 2013 03 15; and to-day, March 16th, we conclude.  Stan McCormack.

Earl speaks:  The players, of course, are the best in Florida as testified to by fact that they scored the most points across the entire season.  Let’s take a look at what I know about them!  Ladies first.   

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnn Wedel is also the complete package and has been for years.  She doesn’t play many tournaments any more but as you can tell by her appearance on this list she is still very successful when she does play.

Dianna Allen is more of a board clearer than a board player
but as Judy Ross’ partner I’m sure she finds it necessary to play the board
often.  Nice gal that you can’t help but like and wish well. (No pic available)

ArleneGuerenniGlennPeltier_1Arlene Guerrini is a good all-around player but doesn’t play all of the tournaments any more.  She could win it all if she makes it.

Sue Insinga is not only a good player but works hard for her club.  If she could get to more tournaments she would have a better chance.  She’s a good player.

Marilyn Everett would probably qualify if she had a chance to play more tournaments.  She plays well; smiles easily and always is friendly.

Observations by Earl Ball.  We will begin his obs. on the Male competitors on Sunday night.   (Stan McCormack)  2013 03 16. NOTE: These articles by Earl can be found in the Category FSA (All Districts)

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