Interesting and Instructive by Earl Ball. A9 of 15

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SHOT IN SHUFFLEBOARD??  The Hammer.  I hear ya!  I hear ya!!  But I wonder if you think it over if you won’t come to the conclusion that the lag is the most important, at least in Florida where the competition is so keen.  How many times have we said if only we had won the lag!  Need proof; in the Central District we changed our “Masters” format to two games against each opponent.  One game on each color.  In the “Pro” Men’s division if you take out one player and his corresponding sweeps you wind up with only five sweeps in 48 games.  The Lady’s division is about the same.  So the “Pro” completion is very close and color does matter.  As you move to the State Am level, where ability varies quite a lot there are more sweeps and of course as you reach the District Am level, where the real “sandbaggers” reside there are even more sweeps.  The one shot we don’t practice, may be the most important.  Think I’ll practice it a bit!   Earl Ball  writing on June 13th, 2004.

NOTE: Click on pic to expand.  Know what the White Jackets are all about?? This article and others by Earl in this series can be found in  the Category INSTRUCTION.  Stan McCormack.  2013 03 17.

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