Interesting and Instructive ABOUT Earl Ball. A14 of 15.


Earl Ball made Canada a part of his Shuffling Tour this summer and we are glad that he did.  Earl and Vivian were guests of Grant Boshart and friend in the town of Goderich, ON where the two women “did the shops” while Earl and Grant competed in the Woodstock ANY DOUBLES OSA event.  In fact  they ended up in 1st Place of the Championship Event by beating their good friend Henry Strong and his partner Alfonse Persoon.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEarl’s celebrity status was evident beginning with registration where he was greeted by Bill Pollock who was sporting an “I BEAT EARL” sticker on his forehead!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANext stop was a “photo op” with team partner Grant Boshart, taken in front of the flags!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACanadian Team member Myrna Bilton had never met Earl although she had followed his articles on THE SHUFFLER, >> the two combined and earned her a photo shot with Earl.

Balls & Strongs (2)On Friday, 2008-07-18, Earl and Henry will team up to promote Shuffleboard in Belle River, ON, Henry’s home town.  The Balls and the Strongs have a strong relationship!! 

THE SHUFFLER hopes to receive the website of the newspaper which is scheduled to cover this event!  When/if we do, we will share the details with our readers.

From Belle River, ON Earl moves on to Lakeside, OH to participate in the US National Events taking place there.

Stan and Alf of THE SHUFFLER.  2008-07-19.  Stan speaking in 2013:  Five years have passed since I wrote this article.  It is as true to-day as it was in 2008.   Each of us SIMPLY  MUST  spend more time on the sport we love.  Click on pix to expand.  This article will be posted in the Category INSTRUCTION.  Stan McCormack.

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