The Last Chance; The Tournament of Champions!!

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FSA_Logo[1]Earl Ball has sent along his analysis of the Situation, the situation with regard to the possibilities as to who will be playing in the FSA MASTERS.  Fascinating Possibilities.  Looking forward to seeing you in Clearwater tomorrow morning, 2013 03 25.

Earl Speaks:  It’s fitting that the last chance for the final few to make the “Masters” is at the Tournament of Champions hosted by the Clearwater Club!

Lets begin our analysis with the men.  Only Dave Kudro, 3 points back and Larry Mardis, 4 points back have a chance of cracking the top 8.  But that’s not the end of the story; in fact that is the beginning.   At least two and perhaps as many as four of the top 8 won’t play.  Glen Peltier has said he will be in Canada.  Glen and David Earle are tied for 8th.  That leaves one and maybe as many as three more spots open.  Either Dave or Larry is in,  and the fight is among the two of them.  The ironic thing and the part that always bugs me, is that at least one of them, I know for sure, and maybe both have taken lesser spots than they may have won had they come back for the 3rd day of a tournament.

I personally would hate to miss an opportunity to play in my 1st and maybe only “masters” because I wouldn’t play for the points I needed when I had the chance.  There are many reasons not to come back for the 3rd day.  Money being the principle reason; like everyone else, I don’t remember seeing an “appearance” check come in the mail; I just don’t want to have to live with “I wish I had” and some of these players are going to say that.

And now for the rest of the story; many of these players are going to say “I wish I had”.   Mike Marquis is tied with Paul Prescott for the next spot and Paul is out of the Country and I don’t think he’ll be back in time for the “Masters”.  Mike may very well get a chance to play and if not, he’ll say “I wish I had”.  Freeman “Fritz” Gingerich is next and he may say “I wish I had had a chance”.  I wish he had had a chance too.  Next back is Jerry Stannard, a very good singles player and he may have an outside chance to keep his string alive.  He currently has the longest streak of 6 “masters” appearances in a row for men.  There are 11 players with 19, 18 or 16 points that have a chance and they don’t even know it.  Win baby win, just win!  Who knows????

The women are far less complicated.  Only Coleen Austin has a chance to catch someone that is in.  Glenna Earle and Judy Ross are tied for 8th and Nicole Huot isn’t playing.  Coleen is three points back.  If she finishes 3rd she creates a three way playoff for two spots provided Glenna or Judy doesn’t win anything.  The Tournament of Champions is divided up between Walking and Non Walking so some could play in each event.  However; I don’t expect the women to have 16 walkers which means they will be lumped together in a non-walking tournament.  The men have more opportunity’s to play games between the two divisions.

Earl Ball; 2013 03 24.

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