TOC! Tournament of Champions!! We Mean It!!

Please remember; the very first thing to do is:  CLICK ON THE TITLE, in blue.   We have listed the Players in contention for the MASTERS.   The Top 8 Men and the Top 8 Women, following the TOC (Tournament of Champions) in Clearwater on Monday, March 25th, will be eligible to compete in the MASTERS, April 1st to April 4th at Palmetto.  COME TO CLEARWATER TO BE A PART OF THIS EXCITING EVENT.    (Nicole Huot has stated that she will not play.)

Last Name

First Name



Current Points

Lifetime Points

Taylor * Judy SWC Bradenton 85 462
Ball * Earl CTL Betmar 67 732
Andrews* Jeannie CEC Vero Beach 57 294
Miller * Jim L SWC Bradenton 53 316
Strong * Henry CTL ZSC 51 320
Adkins * Landy SOU Port Charlotte 47 370
Williamson * Stan NOR Quail Hollow 47 486
Huot Nicole WCD Town Shores 41 216
Biaggi Helen SOU Lee County 38 109
Erb * Mel SWC Bradenton 38 359
Marquis Joyce SWC Bradenton 37 186
Sclafani Nancy SWC Bradenton 36 80
Earle Glenna CTL ZSC 35 103
Ross Judy SOU Landmark 35 222
Offenther Ken SEC Park City 33 214
Austin Colleen SOU Lee County 32 129
Everett Jerry SWC Paradise Bay 31 158
Guerrini * Arlene WCD Clearwater 30 292
Wedel * Ann SWC Golf Lakes 30 561
Allen Dianna SOU Riverwoods Pltn 29 172
Earle David CTL ZSC 29 194
Insinga Sue NOR Hawthorne 29 68
Peltier * Glen WCD Clearwater 29 1279
Upson Sharon NOR Hawthorne 29 120
Everett Marilyn SWC Paradise Bay 28
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