And the MVPerson Award goes to Ken Offenther!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMVP PINKen Offenther has been played a lead role in our 100th Anniversary Celebrations.  Ken not only suggested the idea of recognizing fellow shufflers who have done a great deal for shuffleboard but he is also organizing the MVP (Most Valuable Person) aspect of the Anniversary.  A good deal of time is spent researching his selected individuals. We believe the recognition of these deserving shufflers, current and past, enhances the Celebration.   Undoubtedly, Ken’s sense of humor has added to the effectiveness of the MVPerson program.

Ken’s has a distinguished shuffleboard career.  In 2011-2012 he earned a Gold Medal in the Roll of Champions and went on to compete in the FL State Masters.   In 2012-2013 Ken at the time of the TOC, was in 6th place in the State Men’s Division.

During the 28th ISA World Championship in Betmar FL, Ken demonstrated that he is indeed an elite player by placing 2nd in the 2009 Singles event.  Ken entered the event aiming to finish in the Top 8; and said he was absolutely thrilled with his 2nd place finish.

It is with a great deal of satisfaction that I present Ken Offenther the MVP Award here in Clearwater as the Tournament of Champions begins!!

Stan McCormack.  Chair 100th Anniversary Committee.  2013 03 25.

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2 Responses to And the MVPerson Award goes to Ken Offenther!!

  1. Dorothy says:

    Couldn’t be a more special person, and most valuable person and good looking too. dorothy


  2. Joyce Smith, Southern District says:

    Great that they were recognized. Ken and Colleen have worked so hard on this and it is so nice that they got an award too. It was well deserved.


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